Rainbow Six Siege How to Get Better [Top 15 Ways]

Top 15 Ways to Get Better in R6
Finka hyping Alibi up to get good

15. Aimlab

Even trained military and police personnel spend a lot of time honing and maintaining their shooting skills at the shooting range. And when it comes to a very competitive and tactical shooter like Siege, improving and maintaining your shooting skills are very important. Aimlab is the best shooting range that a Siege player can have right now. With it, you can really sharpen your aim and improve your reaction time.

How it works:

  • Download it for free on Steam
  • Play through its shooting programs
  • Improve your reaction time


14. Good Headset

Sound in Siege plays a huge role. It’s literally a matter of life and death in the game. And having a good headset like the Hyper X Cloud II on the thumbnail, along with others, will give you a lot of advantage. Hearing enemy footsteps, and the other sounds that they make, such as reloading, crouching, or changing stances will give you a good idea where they are, so that you can react accordingly, and win.

How it works:

  • Try out any of the headsets recommended in the video above
  • Partner it with DTS Headphone X
  • Take advantage of more detailed sounds


13. Mechanical Keyboard

I used to be one of those people who thought that skills are all that matters and you’ll be good even if you have old school hardware as long as you keep practicing and improving your skills. That changed when I won my first mechanical keyboard in a gaming event. There’s no denying that mechanical keyboards will allow you to move faster than an old school membrane keyboard because its keys are much faster and will go down faster when you press them. This will ensure that you’ll be able to move as fast as you want, and reaction time is very important in Siege.

How it works:

  • Try any of the mechanical keyboards recommended above
  • Download its driver so you can customize your keyboard to suit your style more
  • Take advantage of faster response times


12. Gaming Mouse

Much like the mechanical keyboard, a good gaming mouse will give you a big advantage in Siege. Especially if you have a good gaming mousepad to partner it with. Not only will your aim feel smoother and faster, you will also be able to assign key binds to the additional buttons of the gaming mouse. For example, I assigned my grenade key to the side button of the mouse that is nearest to my thumb. That way I can easily reach for it when I want a grenade thrown and I can control its accuracy better with the mouse. Experiment more on assigning buttons to your gaming mouse and see what settings are best for you.

How it works:

  • Get a good gaming mouse
  • Partner it with a good gaming mousepad
  • Take advantage of the extra buttons
  • Take advantage of faster response times


11. Watch How Great Players Do It

Watching great players play the game is like watching NBA players play ball, noticing some moves and tricks from them, and then applying them when you play basketball yourself. Popular Siege pro players and Youtubers earned their reputation because of how good they are at the game and how much people can learn from them. So, don’t shy away from getting tips and tricks from YouTube. Siege has a steep learning curve and players should do whatever it takes if they really want to be good at the game. I personally recommend Macie Jay, Coconutbrah, Pengu, and the old R6 vids of Basically Homeless. 

How it works:

  • Try out some of the most popular Siege youtubers mentioned above
  • Learn tips and tricks from them
  • Apply those tips and tricks the next you play


10. Analog Stick Extenders (for console players)

Aiming using a gamepad sure is hard. I personally suck at it. But surprisingly, a lot of console players still don’t use analog stick extenders. Many aren’t even aware of them. But analog stick extenders can really help in console fps games when it comes to aiming. You’ll be able to control your aim better, and faster as well.

How it works:

  • Buy analog stick extenders from any online shops like Amazon
  • They’re cheap and easy to find
  • Apply them on to your keypad and benefit from the more comfortable aiming experience


9. Get Good R6 Buddies

Not only will it make the game more fun, having a constant team of good players will improve your Siege gameplay a lot as well. You’ll be able to learn to coordinate well, share tactics with each other, and use the gadgets, especially intel gathering ones, the way that it was meant to be by the devs. And not just gadgets, but operators well. An Amaru rush for example, more often than not, fails, every time it’s tried by a solo queuer in ranked mode. But when played in coordination with teammates, an Amaru rush partnered with Dokkaebi’s logic bomb and Lion’s scan is very hard to stop.

How it works:

  • Join R6 communities in Discord or Facebook Groups
  • Find some chill people to play R6 with
  • Build a comfortable relationship with them and keep playing together


8. Play in Unranked as Soon as You’re Eligible

Can you imagine jumping to Ranked matches when all that prepared you for it were Casual/Quick Match games? It was like that for old school players, but thankfully Unranked matches were introduced in Operation Ember Rise back in 2019. Unranked matches are basically ranked matches without the rank that will be promoted or demoted whether you win a match or not. Unranked features the same mechanics as Ranked matches, so it can really prepare you for the atmosphere in Ranked games.

How it works:

  • Hop in to Unranked as soon as you hit level 10
  • Listen to your teammates well because operator roles become much more important in Ranked or Unranked
  • Take advantage of learning Ranked mechanics without actually deranking even if you lose a match


7. Terrorist Hunt - Headshots Only

This and Aimlab in #15 are some of the best ways to improve and maintain your aim. Just as the name implies, you’ll only be able to kill the terrorists in T-Hunt/Training Grounds if you perform a headshot. This will really train you into improving your crosshair placement. This is great for players who have the bad habit of aiming low. 

How it works:

  • Go to settings
  • Click Match Making settings
  • Set the Training Grounds to Headshots-only
  • Learn crosshair placement from this mode


6. Roam

Roaming in Siege can be quite unnerving, but the more experience in roaming that you get, the less nervous you’ll be. It’ll also benefit you in a lot of ways, other than of course, distracting your enemies and therefore helping your team. If you’re a beginner in the game, roaming is the best way to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the maps, as well as the usual angles and pathways that enemies use. That’s why my tip for every beginner is to roam when they’re defenders. Just keep roaming until you’re confident that you’ve already mastered the map.

How it works:

  • Start roaming whenever you’re playing as a defender
  • Choose 2-speed operators for roaming. Preferable those like Vigil and Cav because they have the gadgets to destroy walls and quickly make escape holes.
  • Keep familiarizing yourself to the maps as you roam


5. Ranked

If you become really good in Ranked, imagine how strong you’ll be once you play in Casual/Quick Match or Unranked again. Unless you manage to get into Pro-league, Ranked is the most competitive game mode that you can experience in Siege. The current system does a good job of determining a player’s rank based on skill, so the higher your rank goes, the better your adversaries you’ll become. And that’s really the best way you can improve. By facing enemies who are better than you and learning from them. 

How it works:

  • Hop in to Ranked as soon as you hit level 50
  • Just keep playing even when you’re not doing good at the start
  • Ranked will help you become the best player you can be, because it’s the most competitive among all the game modes.


4. Sound familiarity

Now we talked about the importance of sound and a good headset in #14. But sound familiarity is different, although a great headset can really help with this. Sound familiarity is knowing what kind of sound you are hearing. For example, if you hear an explosion that was started off by a very short drilling sound, it was probably caused by Ash’s special gadget. Therefore, you can expect to encounter Ash soon. And with good sound familiarity, you’ll also be able to have a good guess about where that explosion happened, and the general direction of her approach. 

How it works:

  • Apply #14 and familiarize yourself on the sounds of Siege
  • Once you’re more familiar, you’ll be able to do a lot of tricks such as run outs better.


3. Map familiarity

I always tell beginners who are struggling in Siege that it’ll get much easier once they’re familiar with the map outlines. Map familiarity goes a long way when it comes to your quality of life in the game. You’ll be able to know where to make kill holes. Where to break the floors in order to perform a vertical attack. Where to make escape holes or rotation holes. And a lot of other things. The fastest ways to acquire map familiarity is to roam whenever you’re a defender, or in Terrorist Hunt/Training Grounds, where you’ll be able to explore the maps on your own time, and you can even set which map you’d want to focus on memorizing at a particular time.

How it works:

  • Try to roam as much as possible when you’re a defender
  • Try out elimination mode in Terrorist Hunt/ Training Grounds and keep exploring maps
  • You can also try focusing on mastering one map at a time in Terrorist Hunt/Training grounds by turning off other maps in Match Making settings


2. Crosshair placement

When most of your shots are straight to the head of your enemies, you’ll win most of your gun fights. Because of course, it only takes one headshot to take down an enemy. And because of that, crosshair placement is very important. It’s better for a beginner to know this early on, because a lot of people tend to have the bad habit of looking down most of the time because it gives them a clearer front view and they believe that it’ll help them if the opponent is crouching. The thing is, this habit will affect your reaction time a lot. By always placing your crosshair around shoulder height, you’ll be able to get kills with just one flick. Putting down your aim is also much easier than putting it up, so don’t worry too much about crouching enemies.

How it works:

  • Practice more on Terrorist Hunt/Training Grounds headshots-only
  • Remember what you practiced when you’re in real matches
  • Keep your aim around shoulder height


1. Pre-firing

Now, once you’ve applied all the tips above, you’ll be able to pre-fire effectively. Of course, you’ll only be able to do this if you have sufficient knowledge of the map, crosshair placement, and familiarity of the sounds in Siege. Pre-firing is always being first. Shooting before you even see your enemy, because you know that he’s there in that corner. This is one of the most effective ways to win gunfights, especially in the higher ranks where the reaction times of players are insane. 

How it works:

  • Apply all the other tips from above
  • Internalize them, especially crosshair placement
  • Start shooting as soon as you lean over to a corner where you think the enemy might be hiding

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