[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Lion Loadouts

Rainbow Six Siege Lion Best Loadouts
Putting Fear And Panic Into Enemies' Hearts Since 2018

The CBRN specialist joined Team Rainbow in 2018 and since then has been one of the most picked operators in the game. His EE-ONE-D drone detects enemy movement while active, so it isn’t just useful for reconnaissance, it is also useful for rendering them immobile.

1. V308 Assault Rifle with 2.5x Scope, Compensator, and Vertical Grip + Gonne-6 Hand Cannon + Stun Grenades

The 2.5x scope, formerly known as ACOG, is probably the most loved attachment in r6

It is this author’s top pick, because it is the most balanced of the five and allows Lion to be a more flexible operator. With this loadout, Lion can be an entry fragger as well as support. The 2.5x scope is the most balanced sight. It can be used effectively for long range as well as short range. The compensator and vertical grip will give you the maximum recoil benefit you can get. And with some good cursor placement, this gun is perfect for getting headshots.

The Gonne-6 hand cannon gives Lion the ability to destroy unreinforced hatches and bulletproof gadgets. You’ll find it very handy especially when there’s a Maestro or Melusi in the enemy team. The stun grenades will play a major role when you’re entering the defenders’ objective area. It’s an excellent tool, not only for blinding the enemies, but for taking away their hearing. Stun grenades plus Lion’s EE-ONE-D is a very deadly combination.

Excels in:

  • Flexibility
  • Any range
  • Unreinforced hatch and bullet proof gadget destruction

2. 417 Marksman Rifle with 3.0x Scope, Suppresor, and Vertical Grip + LFP586 Handgun with Laser + Claymore

Support your teammates and inflict heavy damage to your enemies from long range with this loadout

With a 3.0x scope on your marksman rifle and a suppressor. You can keep shooting enemies from long range without them knowing where they’re being shot at. This loadout specializes in long-range so try it on maps like Bank or Coastline where there are sniping spots. The claymore is for enemies who would attempt to kill you by running out.

But knowing R6, in most cases at least, sooner or later you would have to get inside the building and engage the enemy in close quarters. That’s where the .357 LFP586 comes in handy. It has high stopping power, and combined with a laser under barrel, flick shots with it are lethal.

Excels in:

  • Long range
  • Runout and roamer defense
  • Reconnaissance

3. SG-CQB Shotgun with Vertical Grip and Laser + LFP586 handgun + Stun Grenades

Be the action star you've always wanted, and make your inner five year old proud.

Majority of R6 players would choose an assault or marksman rifle over a shotgun. The latter’s inability to kill from long range is just a major turn off. But for some daredevils, Lion’s SG-CQB is the weapon of choice. It’s one of the most powerful shotguns in the game. One hit from the SG-CQB in short range will usually mean a kill, and it’s also very effective at medium range. Combine it with a laser and turn your flicks into fatalities.

Dealing high damage is not the only forte of the SG-CQB. It can also be used to create entry holes and destroy unreinforced hatches which is very important in the game. You can also use it to punch holes above reinforced walls  for you and your teammates to rain down grenades on your enemies.

Be mindful that the SG-CQB only has 7 rounds per clip, and that is why it’s important to partner it with the very handy LFP586 in case of close encounters and you have to reload. With this loadout, this author recommends removing the laser on your LFP586 since it gives away your position. This way, you can also treat your handgun as your primary weapon as you enter buildings and only switch to your shotgun when there are enemies in close proximity.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range
  • Rushing
  • Soft wall destruction
  • Unreinforced hatch destruction

4. V308 Assault Rifle with Holographic Sights, Flash Hider, and Angled Grip + Gonne-6 Hand Cannon + Stun Grenades

Speed kills

Lion is one of the operators in R6 that is adept at rushing. Especially when Dokkaebi is on your team. An effective rush would be easy to pull off. And when it comes to rushing. This Lion loadout is the best. 

During a rush, a fast entry is important. With a Gonne-6 hand cannon at your disposal, you can destroy barricades obstructing your team’s entry. It’ll also come in handy when there is a Melusi and you have to destroy her banshee. 

A wide field of view is crucial during a rush because you will be watching out for defenders on every corner. For that, this author recommends the use of holographic sight instead of the 2.5x scope. Destroy the barricaded entrance using the Gonne-6. Pop your stun grenades. Scan with the EE-ONE-D and go all out.

Excels in:

  • Rushing
  • Entry frags
  • Defender gadget destruction

5. 417 Marksman Rifle with 2.5x Scope, Muzzle Brake, and Vertical Grip + Gonne-6 Hand Cannon + Claymore

Sometimes, variants are more deadly.

This loadout is a more balanced version of #2. With the 2.5x scope, you’ll still be effective in close range, as well as in long range. When meeting enemies at close range, you’d want to kill them as quickly as you can, and with a muzzle brake instead of a suppressor, you will.

With that said, you’d still want to maintain at least a medium range distance between your enemies with this loadout. Rushing would be a bad idea. So, setting up a claymore to cover your six will let you concentrate on the enemies ahead as you push with controlled aggression.

The Gonne-6 hand cannon is for bullet proof defender gadgets. Do not use it for unreinforced hatches in this loadout, because the 417 can destroy them.

Excels in:

  • Medium to long range
  • Gadget destruction
  • Roamer and runout defense

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