Rainbow Six Siege Best Ways to Level Up Fast [Top 5 Ways]

Top 5 Ways to Level Up in R6 Siege
Sledge about to rappel and perform a nasty rush as usual

5. Terrorist Hunt – Conventional

Set your matchmaking preference to elimination only. Form a squad for Terrorist Hunt, or if you don’t have a squad, queue in multiplayer co-op, and set the difficulty to normal. Harder difficulties do add more experience points, but it's only minimal. If the goal is to acquire experience points fast, normal is the way to go because you or your team will be able to finish each match faster and easier. With a good squad, you can clear the map of terrorists within a few minutes and receive a substantial amount of experience points.

Each run even at solo can last only around 3 minutes and will get you around 1,800xp

How it works:

  • Go to settings
  • Click matchmaking preferences
  • Turn off every game mode preferences except Elimination
  • Go to Terrorist Hunt (Training Grounds) and select normal difficulty


4. Terrorist Hunt – Trick

This you can do solo so it’s a lot more accessible and easier to do. First, you need to go back to matchmaking preferences, set it to Protect Hostage only, turn off all the maps except for house. Choose Basement, and pick Caveira and set her secondary gadget to proximity alarms. You’d want to deploy as many proximity alarms as possible during the prep phase. The proximity alarm will get you more points. Another thing to note is that you should also try to make all your kills headshots for added points. 

I personally tried it and I got 4,100xp from my run. (Note that Ubisoft has since set a daily xp limit, so you’d want to try this method as the first thing you do whenever you fire up the game)

How it works:

  • Go to settings
  • Click matchmaking preferences
  • Turn off every game mode preference except Protect Hostage
  • Turn off every map except house
  • Fire up Terrorist Hunt (Training Grounds) in normal difficulty
  • Select Caveira and proximity alarm for secondary gadget
  • Select basement


3. Unranked

Unranked doesn’t just get you more experience points than Quick Match. It also can give you more renown. If you can, try to get a 5-stack team composed of good players. You’ll want to aim to finish the match as soon as possible, because if most of your matches in Unranked reach round 9, then it defeats the purpose of racking up experience points “quick”. So, for this, you’d want a good and consistent team that can make most matches 4-0 in your favor as much as possible.

My personal test got me 5,750xp with one Unranked win.

How it works:

  • Get to level 10 fast using the other methods in this list
  • Queue in unranked match once you hit level 10
  • Win


2. Ranked

The great thing about playing Ranked is that its intensity will make you feel like time is going by so fast, even if your main goal is to farm experience points. Chances are, you’ll not feel the time at all when playing ranked. Plus, it’s the best way really to train yourself. Well, for Ranked. But in the process, you’ll become a much better player, especially once you hop in again on Unranked or Quick match/Casual.

Same with unranked, the experience points that I got on my test with one win on Ranked is 5,750xp.

How it works:

  • Get to level 50 fast using the other methods in this list
  • Queue in unranked match once you hit level 50
  • Win


1. Quick Match

Formerly known as Casual. Still the best and fastest way to get experience points in R6. One full match that can get you around 3.5k experience points can just be 13 minutes of your time; just like in the match above, and in the process, you can hone your skills. There are even times that it can be done in just a few minutes- if you’re lucky enough to join an on-going game, it’s match point, and your team wins.

My personal test got me 3,515xp in one Quick Match/Casual game.

How it works:

  • If it’s your first time firing up the game, be sure to try out Situations first to learn the basics
  • Set up your loadouts in the operators page
  • Queue in Quick Match


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