[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Glaz Loadouts: From Worst to Best

top glaz loadouts updated 2021
Nerfed. And Still The Best R6 Sniper.

Glaz is easily one of the most underrated operators in Rainbow Six Siege, especially after the nerfs which removed his claymore and his thermal vision while moving. Almost nobody uses him in ranked games anymore. But when used effectively and in a creative way, which is how r6 is designed to play anyway, the Russian sniper can still make a big difference.

1. OTs-03 Marksman Rifle with Muzzle Brake & Reflex Sight + Gonne-6 Hand Cannon + Frag grenades

Go all out with maximum damage and destruction with this loadout.

You will probably only be able to use it effectively for one round, in ranked at least, because if you do it well, the enemies will come prepared the next round. 

This loadout works best with a surprise advantage. Aim for a rush. Get in position as quickly as you can. Use the hand cannon to destroy the barricaded door or window. Throw your twin frag grenades on the corners where the defenders might be hiding. Switch quickly to your primary and aim at the enemies who will be running away from the grenades.

Excels in:

  • Surprising the enemy
  • Rushing and pushing
  • Damage and destruction
  • Distraction while your teammates flank from another direction

2. OTs-03 Marksman Rifle with Suppressor & Reflex Sight + Gonne-6 Hand Cannon + Smoke Grenades

Be as stealthy as a real sniper with a suppressor.

This works best when there is a Castle on the enemy team. Operation Grim Sky in late 2018 saw to it that Glaz’s primary cannot destroy Castle barricades anymore. With a hand cannon, you can easily destroy one obstructing your view and you can strafe away from a distance.

With the suppressed primary, you can shoot cameras without giving away your position and you can shoot at enemies without them receiving a threat indicator. 

Excels in:

  • Barricades and soft wall destruction
  • Stealth

3. OTs-03 Marksman Rifle with Muzzle Brake & Reflex Sight + PMM Handgun with Muzzle Brake + Smoke Grenades

The handgun will be your savior.

This is probably the most basic Glaz loadout and what you will see most people use. And because it is simple, it is effective. With this loadout, you’re favoring damage more than stealth. Remember that Glaz’s OTs-03 is very loud and the enemies will instantly know that there is a Glaz out and about once you fire it. But with a muzzle brake attached instead of a suppressor, the OTs-03's damage is very high and the recoil very low. That means you can fire it faster without losing much control.

Secondly, with an unsuppressed PMM handgun, you’ll be able to kill your enemies faster and more effectively in case your OTs-03's  magazine runs out of bullets during a crossfire.

Excels in:

  • Damage and destruction
  • Distracting enemies

4. OTs-03 Marksman Rifle with Muzzle Brake & Reflex Sight + Suppressed PMM Handgun + Smoke Grenades

"Balanced. As all things should be." -A certain Space Tyrant probably

This loadout works best in the first round when your enemies still have no idea that there is a Glaz. A semi-rush would usually do the trick. This is a more balanced version of #1. Use the suppressed handgun to destroy cameras. Do not fire your primary until you pop your first smoke because the enemies will know from the sound that there is a Glaz. Once you get in position for a push. Pop the smoke and strafe away at the unsuspecting defenders.

Excels in:

  • Surprise advantage
  • Damage and destruction
  • Distracting enemies
  • Rushing and pushing

5. Suppressed OTs-03 Marksman Rifle with Reflex Sight + Suppressed PMM Handgun + Smoke Grenades

The things that hurt the most are the ones you don't see coming.

This is my personal favorite. And as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve only been mentioning reflex sights. There is a reason for that. A lot of players shun the reflex sight for the red dot, but the reflex sight gives you a more obstruction-free view of the reticle (front view), allowing you to see the enemies much more clearly.


Red dot


As you can see, the red dot sight has a big box that can obstruct your view especially when you’re engaged in a close ranged gun fight. The holographic sight is just out of the question. It’s horrible.

The suppressor is another loadout item in Siege that is usually shunned by players, because not only does it not add any recoil control, it even reduces the gun’s damage. But the suppressor has many great advantages. The biggest of which is that the suppressor hides the muzzle flash and it also prevents the enemy from getting a directional threat indicator when you hit or miss them. 

The suppressed pistol is for shooting cameras and enemy gadgets without alerting the enemies to your whereabouts. Of course, the biggest advantage of Glaz is that his primary weapon has a thermal scope. That is where the smoke grenade comes in. And what better way to strafe your enemies while they have no idea where the hits are coming from.  

Excels in:

  •  Stealth 
  •  Reconnaissance 
  •  Long range support

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