[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Best New Operators That Are Great (2022 Edition)

Top 10 New Operators in Rainbow 6 Siege
Operator Thorn. The newest member of Team Rainbow.

Siege has featured a lot of new operators throughout the years, and the newest season, Operation Calibre adds a new member to the best CTU in the gaming world, Thorn. But for now, we’re not gonna include her in the list because she’s only a few days old and Ubisoft can issue changes on her in a few weeks. For now, let’s take a look at the newest operators that are great to use.


10. Kali

One hit from her marksman rifle is enough to cause death or at the very least, a down-but-not-out (dbno state). Granted that her rifle has a slow fire rate, it’s still pretty OP that she can basically disable an opponent with one shot. On top of that, her LV Explosive Lance can disable defender gadgets, making her a great Thatcher alternative. Especially now that Thatcher is always banned in ranked games.

Excels in:

  • Defender gadget destruction
  • Enemy neutralization
  • Long range support and recon

Best loadouts for Kali:



9. Wamai

Kali brought Wamai with her when she joined Team Rainbow, and has since been one of the most picked operators in ranked mode. He’s a great alternative to Jager, and in some ways, better, because his Mag-NETs can pull enemy grenades back at them and this can create panic which Wamai and his team can capitalize on.

Excels in:

  • Enemy rhythm disruption
  • Creating panic
  • Anti-grenade

Best loadouts for Wamai:



8. Ace

Speaking of alternatives, Ace is a great alternative breacher to Thermite and Hibana. In many ways as well, he’s better than them. Like Hibana, he can deploy his breach charges from a distance, and like Thermite, each of Ace’s breach charges create very big effing holes on walls. 

Excels in:

  • Creating entry points
  • Distracting enemies
  • Long range support

Best loadouts for Ace:



7. Iana

Iana currently enjoys the highest pick rate among attackers in Siege. There’s really no surprise there. Not only is she a very effective intel gatherer and entry fragger, she is also simply very fun to use. She sends a holographic copy of herself to scout ahead and once she knows the general location of her enemies; she can effectively throw frag grenades at them and keep strafing in their direction.

Excels in:

  • Intel gathering
  • Distracting enemies
  • Entry fragging 

Best loadouts for Iana:



6. Zero

One of the best crossovers in gaming. The legendary Sam Fisher joined Team Rainbow a year ago and since then have always been a great pick, be it for quick match games or ranked. His intel gathering skills through his Argus Cams which can also destroy enemy gadgets with laser, is one of the best among attacker operators.

Excels in:

  • Intel gathering
  • Enemy gadget destruction
  • Callouts

Best loadouts for Zero:



5. Aruni

Thermite’s former partner in an op in Thailand. It seems like her injuries from that op even made her a better, stronger operator. She can use her Surya Laser Gates to create choke points or hinder an enemy rush. Her lasers are also a very effective way to reduce the number of enemy grenades, because the only way to disable her lasers is by throwing grenades at them, sacrificing attacker drones, or passing through it, which will inflict 30 damage. 

Excels in:

  • Creating choke points
  • Disrupting enemy rhythm 
  • Reducing enemy projectiles

Best loadouts for Aruni:



4. Melusi

One of the best, if not the best, when it comes to disrupting the rhythm of attackers. As soon as the attackers see her Banshees, I’m sure that they’re thinking “ahh.. This is gonna be troublesome”, even now that Ubi nerfed her Banshees, they’re still troublesome especially when placed on an awkward angle. It can really slow down enemies, and expose them to defender fire when they try to disable them by shooting at them.

Excels in:

  • Slowing down enemies
  • Alarming the team to enemy presence
  • Loadout mixes
  • Anchoring

Best loadouts for Melusi:



3. Thunderbird

Probably providing more healing than Doc now. She’s a great addition to the defender roster. Her Kona Stations placed on strategic locations allows her and her teammates to get 30 additional health every time they’re not on cool down. She also has a powerful and easy to handle gun, the Spear .308, and impact grenades are available to her, which she can use to create rotation holes and use her 3-speed rating to quickly flank on attacking enemies.

Excels in:

  • Support through healing and reviving
  • Flanking
  • Speed
  • Firepower

Best loadouts for Thunderbird:



2. Osa

The “Attacker Mira”. Her Talon-8 Clear Shield really allows her to perform the same strat with a Mira mirror, but this time on the attacker side. Just don’t be overconfident because her Clear Shield can easily be countered by an impact grenade, so the best approach when playing Osa is to be careful and remember Siege’s tactical roots.

Excels in:

  • Providing cover to herself and teammates
  • Creating tactical advantages
  • Distracting enemies

Best loadouts for Osa:



1. Flores

Granted that his pick rate is quite high. I still think that Flores is severely overrated. It can be challenging to use him because the player will have to multitask and quickly switch from his drones to his loadouts or vice versa, but when executed well, a push initiated by Flores’ exploding drones will be really hard to stop. Each exploding drone has the same power as a nitro cell so it can really force defenders out of their hiding spots and strong angles. That’s a really OP ability if I’ve ever seen one.

Excels in:

  • Pushing
  • Intel gathering
  • Gadget destruction

Best loadouts for Flores:



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