Rainbow 6 Siege Glaz Guide: How To Play Glaz Like A Pro [25 Useful Glaz Tips You Should Know]

Glaz Guide For R6 Siege: 25 Useful Tips Glaz Players Should Know
The top twenty-five tips that you should know for playing the best sniper in Siege effectively

25. The Bearing 9 is his Best Secondary


Glaz may be the most reworked operator in the game, but with all the changes that happened to him, he remains to be first and foremost a sniper. He excels at medium to long-range with his Ots-03 designated marksman rifle and it’s basically his special gadget as well because it has a flip sight that can provide Glaz with a 4.0x thermal scope which will automatically highlight enemies in a bright yellow hue.

And that’s also why I described Glaz in the image caption above as the best sniper in the game. But like most snipers in any game out there, Glaz’s weakness would be close range. Yes, he’s still weak at close range even though the Ots- 03 can easily switch to 1.0x sight in a single click, and that’s because of the weapon’s slow rate of fire. However, the addition of the Bearing 9 in Glaz’s arsenal remedies this weakness because the Bearing 9 is an absolute beast at close range.


24. Know When to Use the Gonne-6


The Gonne-6 is the second best alternative secondary weapon for Glaz, and that’s because it can be used for disabling pesky bulletproof gadgets that can counter Glaz like Maestro’s Evil Eyes or Castle’s Armor Panels. Maestro’s Evil Eyes are bad news for Glaz because they can see through Glaz’s smoke grenades which he usually uses to trick and frag opponents because his thermal scope can see through the smoke as well.

However, Maestro, through his Evil Eyes, can warn his teammates that there’s a Glaz on the enemy team. Castle’s Armor Panels can also block Glaz’s sniping angles, like the large window on the billiards area in Coastline. The same thing goes for the door leading to the hookah area in the same map. But with the Gonne-6, Glaz can easily bring down a Castle Armor Panel from the ruins and he could proceed on sniping defenders from afar.


23. Don’t Sleep on his Frag Grenades


The frag grenades are probably the most loved secondary gadget by attackers. Those who have it in their arsenal usually opt with them rather than the alternatives. As long as they don’t get neutralized by Jager’s ADS or Wamai’s Mag-Nets, it’s actually kind of easy-to-get kills with them. That’s because you can “cook” them before throwing them over to an enemy position. As long as you time the throw well, the frag grenade will explode the moment it hits the target spot.

The only problem with Glaz going with frag grenades is that he won’t be able to use the combo of his smoke grenades and his thermal sights. So, I only really recommend going with the frag grenades when you’re playing Glaz when some of your teammates have smoke grenades. That way, you can do the smoke and thermal sight combo using your teammates’ smoke grenades, while you can get some kills or destroy defender utilities with your frag grenades.


22. Remember to Change your 1.0x scope


A lot of players, especially new ones, do not realize that they can change the 1.0x scope of Glaz’s OTs-3 designated marksman rifle. This is very important to remember because the OTs-03's default 1.0x sight which is the reflex B, while good, isn’t really for everyone. Especially because most players have gotten used to one particular 1.0x sight that they use for most of their guns.

So, what I recommend you to use is the 1.0x sight you’re most familiar with. For me, it’s the red dot A, and if you don’t have anything else in mind, I recommend this 1.0x sight. That’s because the simple red reticle in the middle of the sight really provides a clear view of your opponent. The sight’s structure also has a wide radius so you’ll be able to see enemies clearly, even when they’re at a low angle.


21. Use a Drone Hole on Villa


The trophy and statue areas on the second floor are one of the most common objective spots when the map is on Villa. That’s because it’s quite easy to defend and its angles easy to hold. One of the most common spots when it comes to defending the trophy and statue area is astronomy. That’s because it can hold the bathroom area as well as the connector angle. Because of the angle in the astronomy area, it’s very dangerous for attackers to use the bathroom area as a path of attack.

But there’s one way to make the bathroom a very viable path of attack, especially for taking control of the astronomy spot. With Glaz, you just need to go into a prone position on the bathroom balcony and aim at the drone hole. Destroy the case that’s on the way, and deploy one of your smoke grenades into it. That will cut off the line of sight of defenders in the astronomy area so you can safely vault through the window of the bathroom and frag the defenders on astronomy.


20. Always Go for Headshots


Glaz’s OTs-03 has a scope 4.0x which is one of the highest zoom levels in the game, even with designated marksman rifles. With higher zoom levels, the enemies will appear bigger, and that’s why most experienced players who are used to using high zoom levels even in close range would always prefer it rather than the wider peripheral view that scopes with lower zoom levels provide. That is of course because it’s easier to hit enemies when they appear bigger on your screen.

The 4.0x zoom level of the OTs-03 alone makes going for headshots much easier, but it is also of course supplemented heavily by the scope’s thermal sight which highlights enemies in a bright yellow hue. This makes Glaz a headshot machine so when you’re playing him, always try to go for the head and do not settle for body shots because chances are, once enemies get hit below the neck, they’ll hide and it’ll be harder to kill them.


19. Be the Defuser Carrier


A lot of Glaz players shy away from being the defuser carrier of the team because in their mind they are the sniper and that they will have to stay at long range. There’s some truth to that, however, Siege wasn’t really meant to be played at long-range for long periods of time, so even a sniper like Glaz or Kali will have to go inside the mission building and engage enemies at close to medium range. And Glaz is one of the best attackers for carrying out a defuser plant attempt.

That’s because he has two smoke grenades and he can clear enemies out with his OTs-03's thermal scope which allows him to see through smoke. Even though the thermal effects on the scope gets depleted the more Glaz moves, it will never be reduced to zero. So, no matter what, Glaz will be able to see enemies behind the smoke, and that’s why he’s one of the best defuser carriers around, because he’ll always have a good idea when it comes to enemy positioning.


18. Go for the Red Dot


Changing the OTs-03's 1.0x scope is important, not only because it will help you deal with enemies at close range when you switch to the 1.0x sight, but also because the 1.0x sight that you have on the OTs-03 will reflect on the reticle that you have when you’re using the OTs-03's 4.0x thermal scope. And for this, I really recommend either the red dot A or the red dot B.

That’s because the red dot sights will provide the user with pinpoint accuracy due to its very simple single dot on the center reticle. A lot of other sights have huge reticles that only obstruct the user’s vision as to where exactly his shots are going. Some reticles even block the body parts of enemies, making it harder for the player to score headshots. With the red dot sight supplemented by the OTs-03's 4.0x thermal scope, it’ll be much easier to go for headshots.


17. When You Should Go for the Muzzle Brake

I don’t really recommend the muzzle brake when using Glaz’s OTs-03 because without the suppressor, the enemies will immediately know that there’s a Glaz on the attacker side through your gunshot sounds alone, and they’ll be wary of the windows and smoke grenades. Aside from the recoil benefit of reducing the weapon’s vertical weapon kick, the suppressor just trumps the muzzle brake when it comes to providing Glaz with advantages.

However, the recoil of the OTs-03 might not be easy to control for beginners. So, the only time I would recommend the muzzle brake for Glaz’s OTs-03 is when you’re still new to using Glaz and are still in the process of getting used to his primary weapon. Once you’ve gotten used to Glaz, I really recommend switching to the suppressor and learning how to pace your shots with the OTs-03 so that its recoil wouldn’t bother you that much.


16. The Gonne-6 Plus Frag Combo


One of the main problems when it comes to using frag grenades for getting kills is that there would usually be Jager ADS or Wamai Mag-NETS inside the objective spot or the common angles for defenders to hold. And that makes it hard for attackers to get kills with frag grenades, especially in ranks gold and up. That’s why it’s always better to make sure first that there’s no anti-grenade gadgets first before throwing your frag grenades.

That’s because if you do and there’s an anti-grenade gadget on the spot where you threw it, you’d just ended up wasting a very powerful utility. If you do, however, detect that there’s a Jager ADS in the area but have no way of disabling it. You can do what Macie Jay did in the video above and shoot a gonne-6 projectile inside. That will trigger the Jager ADS and its cooldown. That’ll be enough for you to cook your frag grenade and score a kill on the defender who’s holding the angle.


15. Use the Muzzle Brake for the Bearing 9

The Bearing 9 is a real blessing for Glaz fans because it makes Glaz very viable again despite the huge nerf on his OTs-03's thermal scope. The Bearing 9 is the best secondary weapon for Glaz in most situations because it allows Glaz to finish his enemies off quickly when the OTs-03 needs to reload in the middle of a gunfight. It has a huge weakness however, and that is its very strong vertical weapon kick.

And many players usually equip the flash hider to the Bearing 9 in order to reduce its vertical recoil, and reducing the vertical recoil of weapons is indeed the flash hider’s specialty. For the Bearing 9, however, the best attachment for managing its recoil is the muzzle brake. The muzzle brake will greatly lower its first shot recoil, and that will stabilize the weapon’s next shots. You won’t be spraying with this weapon for a long time anyway due to its very fast rate of fire and low magazine capacity. So, it’s better to focus on reducing its short burst recoil.


14. Don’t Sleep on his Claymores

That’s right, Glaz’s Claymores are back and it’s the best time to play Glaz right now because he has a lot of choices when it comes to the secondary weapon and secondary gadgets that he will bring into the round. And Glaz players should really not sleep on his claymores. Sure, it won’t enable the player to perform his own smoke plus thermal sight combo, and he won’t be able to use his frag grenades to score some easy kills, flush out enemies, or to take out utilities.

But the claymore is such a powerful secondary gadget for Glaz because there are spots in some maps where he has to rappel in order to reach his best sniping spots. And the worst enemy of a rappelling attacker is a defender that’s running out. The good thing is, with two claymores in his arsenal, Glaz can use them to counter run outs while he focuses on sniping the defenders inside the objective spot.


13. Use the Holo A for the Bearing 9

As discussed above, Glaz would only really be using the Bearing 9 machine pistol during emergency situations, and those emergency situations would normally be when his OTs-03 needs to reload in the middle of an encounter with an enemy. And for those situations, the Glaz player would have to aim and take down the enemy fast with short bursts using the bearing 9.

And for quick aiming and short bursts, the best 1.0x sight would be the holo A. It may not be as pinpoint than the red dot A, but for close range encounters, its reticle will really provide the player with more sense of control on where his shots will be going. You won’t really be needing pinpoint accuracy with the bearing 9 anyway, because you’ll mostly be using it for close quarters combat.


12. The Best Sniping Spot in Coastline


Whenever I use Glaz on Coastline and the objective spot is at the penthouse and the theater, the sniping spot that I always use is by the big window on penthouse. As you can see from the video above, it’s near the entrance to the delivery stock, and what you have to do is just break a small piece of the window on its most bottom-right corner. This will provide you with a really good view of the entryway between penthouse and theater which defenders usually swing. 

This position is also near the bathroom hatch, so when you need to switch positions and go to the bathroom, you’ll be able to do it fast, and of course, you can destroy the bathroom hatch with your OTs-03. The only downside to this is that you’ll be vulnerable to run outs from the delivery stock or main entrance, but now that Glaz’s claymores are back, you’ll be able to counter those run outs.


11. Remember that he is a 3-speed Operator Now

Like I said in one of the entries above, Glaz is probably the most reworked operator in the game. He has gone through so many changes throughout the years that it is actually hard to remember him as he was a few years ago. One of those big changes would be his speed and armor rating. Many players, including me, who started the game before 2020, have gotten used to Glaz’s 2-speed 2-armor rating.

But it’s important for old players who are returning to the game to remember that Glaz is now a 3-speed operator. This means he’ll go down from shots much easier than before, and his 1-armor rating is one of the biggest nerfs he’s suffered because Glaz players won’t be using his 3-speed a lot anyway, because big movements will deplete the OTs-03's thermal effects.


10. Use Glaz on Plane


The Presidential Plane is one of the best maps for Glaz because Glaz’s OTs-03 designated marksman rifle is one of the only two guns in the game that can penetrate the plane’s windows. On this map, the best sniping area for Glaz would be on top of the plane’s left wing. With that spot, Glaz will be able to see through most of the windows in the map and even though the view will be very far, the OTs-03's 4.0x thermal scope will allow Glaz to easily see enemies inside.

Another great spot for Glaz would be the platform on top of the long stairs by the main entrance. The windows on that platform will give Glaz a good view of the entrance to the meeting room, so he’ll be able to frag defenders who will swing or peek by that entrance. In this platform, Glaz will also have a view of the executive room and he’ll be able to frag a defender that is holding the desk angle.


9. Is the PMM Handgun still Viable?

Well, the PMM is one of the best handguns in the game. It has very high damage per shot and its recoil is quite easy to control even with a suppressor. But it is true that it’s probably the weakest Glaz secondary weapon right now, especially since Glaz can just go for the bearing 9 when it comes to an alternative weapon for finishing off enemies.

So, when should you use the PMM handgun? I would say that you should use the PMM handgun if you’re really not used to the strong recoil of the bearing 9. The PMM handgun doesn’t have the very fast rate of fire of the bearing 9 but it can also make quick work of enemies due to its high damage per shot. A suppressed PMM would also be great for penetrating the mission building and you need to shoot defender cameras without giving away your position.


8. Use the OTs-03's Destructive Shots

Glaz’s unique designated marksman rifle, the OTs-03, has a very high destruction profile per shot. It can destroy unreinforced hatches and puncture huge holes on unreinforced walls with just a few shots. This means it has high penetration power as well, which makes it very effective for wall banging. But the OTs-03’s high destruction profile per shot has a great tactical use, because it allows Glaz to create more lines of sight for him and his teammates.

In many cases, Glaz can use this to further expose defenders inside the objective spot, and it can also even be used for a vertical attack because the OTs-03 can easily puncture huge holes on wooden floors as well. This makes Glaz really versatile because from above, he’ll be able to force defenders out of their entrenched positions which supplements his ability to destroy unreinforced hatches.


7. Use the Vertical Grip


Glaz’s OTs-03 is best used with a suppressor, just like what Macie Jay shows in the video above, and suppressors are even better now because of the removal of its damage reduction penalty. The only remaining drawback of the suppressor is that it doesn’t provide any recoil control benefit for the OTs-03, and this weapon does have a pretty strong vertical weapon kick if you do not pace your shots well.

This is why I recommend going for the vertical grip for this weapon instead of the angled grip which is now available to it as well. There’s really not much difference between the aim-down-sights speed of the vertical grip and the angled grip nowadays, so it’s much better to stick with the vertical grip for Glaz’s OTs-03 because it will make it much easier for the player to control his shots.


6. Rappel Upside Down


A lot of Glaz players, especially newer ones, would be content on rappelling and sniping on windows in an upright position, and I get it, it’s kind of easier to do and going upside down might just ruin your orientation. However, if you’re not used to sniping with Glaz in an upside-down position, you should start practicing now, because it’s the best way to snipe defenders while rappelling outside a window.

That’s because it’s always harder to aim higher than aiming down. So, when you’re playing Glaz and you’re on the lower part of the window, the head of your enemies will be higher, therefore, harder to hit. This goes for the defenders as well, because it will be harder for them to go for your head if it’s the only thing peeking on the upper part of the window. Rappelling will also allow you to strafe at defenders who are running out much easier.


5. Take Advantage of a Drone Hole in Consulate


This applies when the objective area is in the kitchen and garage of the basement in the Consulate. Now for this, I would do things a little differently than alyttleton. I would open the barricaded door leading to the visa area and also destroy the hatch leading to the archives corridor. Then I would go back out and head to the east front yard and deploy my smoke grenade on the drone hole. Another thing I would do differently is to equip my OTs-03 with a suppressor.

That way, the defenders won’t be so alerted about my presence. Yes, they will hear the hatch breaking, but you won’t be inviting them too much with the loud sound of an unsuppressed OTs-03. After the smoke grenade has been deployed, go back to the visa area and drop down from the hatch. That will give you a really good view of the kitchen area and the fridge would usually have someone holding it. And because of the smoke, you’ll likely take down the defender holding that angle.


4. Utilize a Drone Hole in Clubhouse


When the objective spot that you need to attack is on the cctv and cash room, the walls leading to the cash room from the eastern sub-roof will almost always be reinforced and definitely be protected by anti-hard breach gadgets. However, if the attacking team successfully breach those walls, the next challenge for them is to take out all the enemies or just enough so that they can plant the defuser.

As for taking out the enemies, the common spots that they’ll be holding once the cctv walls have been breached would most likely be the cash room itself, 2nd floor garage, and top red stairs. The attack would be much easier once you’ve taken out the defender on the 2nd floor garage, and as for taking out the defender on the top red stair, as demonstrated in the video, you can use the drone hole for deploying one of your smoke grenades, and that will give you the cover that you’ll need to frag the defender on the top red stair.


3. Take Advantage of his Great Combo with Sens


Every player knows that one of Glaz’s strengths is being able to see through smoke with the use of his thermal scope, and it’s a really strong ability even though they nerfed it by putting a thermal gauge on it which runs out when Glaz moves. The thing is, even if it reaches its lowest point, the thermal effects won’t completely disappear. They will just appear much weaker than how they are when the gauge is full.

And that brings us to Sens. While Glaz’s special gadget, the thermal scope on his OTs-03, is really strong behind the cover of smoke grenades, it’ll even be stronger behind the light curtains that Sens’ R.O.U. Projector Systems provide. Just like with smoke grenades, the thermal scope on Glaz’s OTs-03 can see through the light curtains of Sens’ R.O.U. Projector Systems and highlight enemies in a bright yellow hue.


2. The Suppressor is the Best for Glaz


A lot of players have shunned using the suppressor when playing Glaz, and that’s mostly because of its damage reduction penalty. However, with the coming of the latest season, Operation Brutal Swarm, the damage penalty from using a suppressor has been removed. But I still notice a lot of Glaz players aren’t using a suppressor for Glaz’s OTs-03. It’s understandable because they also want the recoil benefits from the muzzle brake.

However, now that there’s no more damage reduction penalty from using a suppressor, the benefits from this barrel attachment simply outweighs the drawback of not having any recoil benefits. That’s because with a suppressor, when you’re shooting through the smoke or behind Sens’ special gadget, the enemies will not not know that there’s a Glaz in the attacking team through the OTs-03's gunfire sound. Glaz’s suppressed OTs-03 also wouldn’t provide enemies with the directional threat indicator of where his shots are coming from, and that will greatly lessen their chances of effectively counter firing.


1. The Smoke Grenade is Still the Best


While the frag grenades and the claymores are great for Glaz in many situations, for the most part, the smoke grenades are still the best secondary gadget for Glaz, and that’s because the thermal sight on his Ots-03 designated marksman rifle can see through the smoke that they produce when they pop off. Sure, Glaz can just ask one of his teammates to pop off a smoke for him, but even when playing with a coordinated team, it’s still more convenient for the Glaz player to carry his own smoke grenades.

The smoke grenades are just a lot more versatile, unlike the frag grenades or claymores which are mostly situational. Glaz with smoke grenades is just deadly even in a non-coordinated team, because he can support a defuser plant attempt with the cover of the smoke grenades and he can frag opponents that are attempting to counter the defuser plant attempt through the smoke.


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