[Top 10] Rainbow Six Siege Best Attacker Gadgets

R6 Siege Top 10 Best Attacker Gadgets
The best gadgets on the attacker side that can really increase their chances of winning the match

10. Exothermic Charge


The exothermic charge is one of the best attacker gadgets because when it’s successfully used, it has a very big impact in the round and the damage it does can really be felt by the defenders. That’s because the exothermic charge can destroy a reinforced wall completely. As Thermite’s voice line says, it’s a really big effin’ hole. That’s very convenient for the attackers because that means they won’t need to vault or crouch to enter the breach that Thermite made. That’s really important because a lot of times, crouching or vaulting can leave you vulnerable.

The exothermic charge is not only the strongest hard breach charge in the game, it is also the fastest. With a three-second breach time, the Exothermic Charge doesn’t give enemies a lot of time to reach, and that’s why it’s still the best hard breach utilities that attackers have for countering a “Bandit trick”. Of course, it’s not limited to breaching reinforced walls. It can be used to destroy reinforced hatches as well. And since its breaching blast completely destroys walls, it only makes sense that anyone near the blast gets killed as well.

What makes the Exothermic Charge great:

  • Its breach time of only three seconds is the fastest among all the hard breach devices that attackers have, giving much less time for the defenders to react
  • It completely destroys the wall that it breaches, making it much easier for the attacking team to attack because they won’t have to vault or crouch to enter the breach
  • It has an explosion radius of four meters and it’s capable of killing operators within a 3-4 meter range regardless of their armor rating
  • Since it has a breach time of only 3 seconds, it’s also the best hard breach device when it comes to countering “Bandit trick”

Exothermic Charge Stats:

  • Sets an exothermic charge that destroys reinforced walls
  • Thermite has two Exothermic Charges
  • Its deployment time is around 3 seconds
  • Its breach action is around 3 seconds as well
  • It has an explosion radius of 4 meters


9. Trax Stingers


Gridlock’s Trax Stingers are one of the most troublesome attacker gadgets to deal with for the defenders because it’s literally a pain in the ass. Each of Gridlock’s four Trax Stingers releases multiple barbed mats from its center, and can really fill a large area full of them. Each of these barbed mats will deal damage and slow down defenders who step on them, making the Trax Stingers a great area-denial utility.. With Gridlock’s Trax Stingers, it's much more convenient for the attackers to push, because they won’t have to worry much about the flanking spots.

That’s because Gridlock can easily deploy her Trax Stinger on flanking spots, and it’ll be much harder for the defenders to rotate using those spots. If they want to get rid of the barbed mats, they will have to shoot them one by one, and that could take a lot of time, not to mention compromising their position. That makes the Trax Stingers a really effective utility for countering roamers, because for the roamers to use flanking spots riddled with barbed mats, they would most likely be compromising their position. 

What makes the Trax Stingers great:

  • Each Trax Stinger can fill a large area full of barbed mats, making it one of the best area-denial devices in the hands of the attackers
  • The Trax Stingers can be used by Gridlock to prevent attackers from rotating or getting them from behind through flanking spots
  • To get rid of the Trax Stingers’ barbed mats, defenders will have to shoot them, and that will take a lot of their time and also compromise their positions
  • The deployment of the barbed mats from the Trax Stingers causes a lot of noise which also makes it a great utility for causing distraction and panic

Trax Stingers Stats:

  • Thrown gadget that deploys barbed mats capable of slowing down and hurting enemies who traverses them
  • Gridlock has 4 Trax Stingers
  • Can deploy a total of up to 19 barbed mats
  • It takes 8 seconds for a Trax Stinger to fully deploy its barbed mats
  • Causes 10 damage to a defender who steps on its barbed mats


8. X-Kairos


We discussed how great Thermite’s Exothermic Charge is when it comes to hard breaching, but when it comes to versatility, Hibana’s X-Kairos takes the cake. That’s because with the X-Kairos, Hibana can breach a lot of surfaces, unlike Thermite who only has two Exothermic Charges. The X-Kairos can fire a total of 18 X-Kairos pellets, and the neat thing is that Hibana has great control when it comes to the number of pellets that she wants to deploy. The X-Kairos pellet deployment is divided into three; two pellets, four pellets, and six pellets.

The key to not waste pellets is knowing how many pellets it takes to breach each kind of surface. For unreinforced hatches, Castle’s Armor Panels, barricaded doors and windows, it only takes two pellets. As for reinforced hatches, it will have to take four pellets. For breaches on reinforced walls that are big enough to pass through, four and six will be required. Knowing how many pellets you’ll need will allow you to reserve more pellets for breaching more surfaces. All in all, this makes Hibana the best when it comes to vertical attacks, because she’ll be able to destroy more reinforced hatches.

What makes the X-Kairos great:

  • The X-Kairos can deploy its breaching pellets from a distance, making hard breaching safer for Hibana as she won’t have to get close to the surface that she wants to breach
  • Its pellet deployment can be divided into three; two pellets, four pellets, and six pellets. So Hibana has great control over how many pellets she wants to use
  • Since the X-Kairos has a lot of breaching pellets and it only takes four of them to destroy a reinforced hatch, Hibana is the best hard breacher when it comes to vertical attacks
  • When used wisely, it’s highly likely that Hibana will still have pellets left after breaching the hatches or walls that needs to be breached, and she can use the remaining pellets to make more – tinier holes

X-Kairos Stats:

  • A 40mm grenade launcher firing explosive pellets that can be detonated from a distance
  • Hibana has a total of 18 X-Kairos pellets
  • Can deploy two pellets which will attach to a surface as a 2x1 rectangle
  • Can deploy four pellets which will attach to a surface as a 2x2 square
  • Can deploy six pellets which will attach to a surface as a 2x3 rectangle
  • Each pellet has a breach time of 5 seconds
  • It takes only 2 pellets to breach soft hatches, barricaded doors, and windows
  • It takes 4 pellets to open a reinforced hatch


7. RCE-Ratero Charge


Flores’ RCE-Ratero Charge is basically an exploding drone, so for the sake of brevity, we’ll be calling it that. Flores has four of these exploding drones, and they’re definitely one of the most powerful attacker gadgets in the game. Literally. Because their individual explosion power is similar to that of a nitro cell. That means that it can take out devices and operators that are within its blast radius. For that reason, Flores’ RCE-Ratero Charge is one of the best utilities in the game when it comes to disabling defender utilities, and as we all know, utilities play a huge role in Siege’s gameplay.

So to be able to neutralize a lot of your enemies’ gadgets really is a powerful ability. Of course, the RCE-Ratero Charge doesn’t only have its exploding power. It also has a very troublesome mechanism to deal with for the defenders. If left alone, the exploding drone will automatically go forward after being deployed and it will run for ten seconds. After which, it will enter its bulletproof state and begin its explosion countdown. Flores can also control it with his observation tool before its ten second timer runs out, and if he wants to, he can start the explosion timer early or have the exploding drone attached to a surface.

What makes the RCE-Ratero Charge great:

  • It has an explosion power similar to that of a nitro cell, so they can be used effectively for destroying a lot of enemy gadgets
  • Since operators that are caught within its explosion radius are going to die, it’s also an excellent utility for forcing defenders out of their entrenched positions
  • Like regular drones, it can also jump, and with that function, Flores can attach it to a breakable surface, and that makes it a good utility for creating entry spots
  • Once deployed and left alone, it will automatically go forward for ten seconds, and with that, Flores can use it as a bait or distraction

RCE-Ratero Charge Stats:

  • Remote control charge that anchors to a surface, becomes bulletproof, then detonates after a set time period
  • Flores has access to 4 RCE-Ratero Charge
  • Has a run time of 10 seconds, after which it will anchor itself, become bulletproof, and detonate after 3 seconds
  • Its detonation countdown can be activated manually and it will follow the process described above
  • Has an explosion radius of 3 meters


6. Cluster Charge


Fuze’s Cluster Charge is similar to the RCE-Ratero Charge above in that they’re both great at forcing defenders out of their entrenched positions and destroying a lot of their gadgets. While it could be argued that the player has less control over the Cluster Charges as opposed to the RCE-Ratero Charge, it cannot be denied that if we’re speaking of destruction alone, Fuze’s Cluster Charges takes the cake. That’s because Fuze has four Cluster Charges and each one of them can release up to five sub-grenades, and on their own, they can cause a lot of destruction.

The Cluster Charges can be deployed on breakable surfaces such as unreinforced walls, hatches, wooden floors, and barricaded windows and doors. They can also now be deployed on reinforced walls and hatches, and the only difference is that it could take several seconds for their sub-grenades to be released when they’re deployed on reinforced walls and hatches. Each sub-grenade can kill or badly damage an operator within its explosion radius, so it’s not hard to imagine how much destruction and panic four Cluster Charges can cause when they’re used for a vertical attack on a wooden floor above the objective spot.

What makes the Cluster Charge great:

  • Fuze has four Cluster Charges and each of them can release up to five sub-grenades, and each of those sub-grenades have an explosion power that can kill or badly damage operators
  • Since having four Cluster Charges basically amounts to twenty sub-grenades, when used for a vertical play, they can really cause a lot of panic to the defenders
  • Since the Cluster Charges can be deployed on so many surfaces, they’re great for disabling defender gadgets, especially when deployed from above
  • The Cluster Charge is one of the best utilities that attackers have when it comes to forcing defenders out of their hiding spots

Cluster Charge Stats:

  • Charge that’s deployed on soft or reinforced surfaces to clear operators and devices on their side
  • Fuze has a total of 4 Cluster Charges
  • Each Cluster Charge releases 5 sub-grenades
  • Deployment time is 2 seconds
  • Each sub-grenade has an explosion radius of 4.2 meters
  • 3 and 2 health rating operators will get killed within 1.2 meters
  • 1 heath rating operators will get killed within 2 meters


5. Logic Bomb


The Logic Bomb is Dokkaebi’s special gadget and it allows her to hack into the defenders’ mobile devices and force them to turn on and ring. The loud ringing caused by the Logic Bomb is usually enough to compromise the defenders’ locations, and so it’s a really great utility for attackers all around, be it for pushing or roamer hunting. Obviously, for clearing out roamers, the Logic Bomb will make it easier for attackers to hunt them as the loud ringing on their mobile phones will give away their location. Of course, it’s great for pushing and rushing as well.

Another benefit of the Logic Bomb that is seldomly talked about is that the loud ringing on their mobile devices could prevent defenders from clearly hearing incoming attackers. That’s why Dokkaebi is a great partner to Amaru, because with the Logic Bomb going off, there’s less chance for the defenders to hear Amaru’s Garra Hook. Conversely, the Logic Bomb would also tell Amaru where the defenders are. This same principle can be applied for when the attackers are rushing in a more conventional way. The Logic Bomb would give them an educated guess of the current locations of the defenders, and the defenders won’t hear them coming properly.

What makes the Logic Bomb great:

  • When activated by Dokkaebi, it will force defenders’ mobile devices to switch on and ring loudly, effectively compromising their positions
  • The loud ringing from their mobile devices could prevent defenders from properly hearing the sound cues that attackers are making when they’re pushing or rushing
  • The Logic Bomb is a great utility for hunting down roamers because the loud ringing from the roamers’ mobile devices will tell the attackers where they are
  • The Logic Bomb is a really good combo to Amaru’s Garra Hook as well as IQ’s Electronics Detector because while the Logic Bomb is active, IQ would be able to detect the defenders’ mobile devices

Logic Bomb Stats:

  • Calls defender phones to compromise their locations and interrupt the use of observation tools
  • Dokkaebi can use the Logic bomb two times per round
  • When left alone, the Logic bomb will ring a phone for 12 seconds
  • Activation time is 4 seconds during which Dokkaebi won’t be able to do anything
  • When deactivating a Logic Bomb, the defender won’t be able to do anything for 5 seconds


4. Candela


When it comes to blinding enemies, there’s no better utility in the game than Ying’s Candela. Ying has access to four Candelas per round, and each of them has a surprisingly far reach when it comes to their blinding effect. Although there’s no exact measure as to how far they can reach, it is estimated that their blinding effects can reach a distance of over ten meters. That means it’s very hard to avoid being blinded by the Candela, even if you turn your back against them, and that’s why the best way to counter them is to have Jager or Wamai.

Perhaps the only weakness of the Candela is that unlike ordinary stun grenades, it doesn’t cause tinnitus or the ear ringing effect that you’d normally experience from stun grenades or explosions. So theoretically, blinded enemies could still counter using their hearing, but that’s easier said than done. Another thing that separates Ying’s Candelas from ordinary stun grenades is that the Candelas can be deployed Cluster Charge-style on breakable surfaces. The Candelas can also be “cooked” so the user will have some control over when they want their Candela’s flash charges or pop off.

What makes the Candela great:

  • The blinding effect of the Candelas can reach to over ten meters, so it’s really hard to avoid being blinded by them, especially if you’re not far away from them
  • The Candelas can be “cooked” so Ying has some control on whether she wants her flash charges to pop off immediately or after a few seconds of being tossed
  • They can also be deployed Cluster Charge-style wherein Ying can attach them to breakable surfaces and the flash charges will be released to the other side
  • Ying has four Candelas and each of them have multiple flash charges, so it’s very hard to avoid being blinded by them if the defending team doesn’t have Jager or Wamai

Candela Stats:

  • Cluster of flash charges that can either be anchored on surfaces or rolled out as a grenade
  • Ying has 4 Candelas
  • Can be thrown or deployed on a breakable surface Cluster Charge-style
  • Can be thrown like a regular grenade or “cooked” to hasten its flash charges dispersion
  • Has three lights which will help the player determine its “cook time”
  • 0 light means a 3 second delay before the flash charges pop off
  • 1 light means a 2 second delay before the flash charges pop off
  • 2 light means a 1 second delay before the flash charges pop off
  • 3 light means there would be no delay before the flash charges pop off
  • Its blind effects have a very large reach of over 10 meters
  • Its flash effect lasts for 1.4 seconds


3. Adrenal Surge


Finka’s Adrenal Surge is one of the most powerful gadgets on the attacking team’s side because it affects the whole attacking team in so many ways. On top of that, the effect is global, meaning that no matter where Finka is on the map, once she activates the Adrenal Surge, the whole team will be affected. The most obvious effect from the Adrenal Surge is the added health points that all the attackers receive, effectively making them tougher and increasing their likelihood of winning gunfights. Each activation of the Adrenal Surge adds twenty health points to all attackers.

The second most obvious effect from the Adrenal Surge is its ability to revive attackers who are in a down-but-not-out state, including Finka herself. That’s really helpful in giving the attacking team members a second chance and could surprise enemies that will come to finish them off. The other effects from the Adrenal Surge are faster reload speed, ability to walk over barbed wires faster, more resistance to blindness, more resistance to tinnitus, removal of concussion effects upon activation of the Adrenal Surge, as well as more resistance to the effects of Fenrir’s Dread Mines.

What makes the Adrenal Surge great:

  • Finka can activate it three times and each activation add twenty health points to all the attacking team members, effectively making them tougher or healing them
  • Upon activation of the Adrenal Surge, all attacker who are in a down-but-not-out state will be revived, including Finka herself, effectively giving attackers a second chance
  • Each activation of the Adrenal Surge provides the attacking team a variety of buffs like being able to walk over barbed wires faster, resistance to tinnitus and blind effects, and many others
  • The newest gadget in the game, Fenrir’s Dread Mines, will have a weaker effect on the attackers when the Adrenal Surge is active

Adrenal Surge Stats:

  • Activates nanobots to give allies an HP boost and revive those who are downed, including herself
  • Finka can activate it 3 times
  • Its effects last for 10 seconds
  • Its cooldown is also 10 seconds
  • Each activation provides 20 health to all attackers
  • Revives attackers from a down-but-not-out state with 30 health


2. EMP Grenade


As mentioned before, utilities play a huge part in Siege’s gameplay, and it just so happens that most of them are made of electronics. And, as Thatcher says in his legendary cinematic trailer, the more crutches you have, the more it hurts when they’re kicked out from under you. That’s basically what Thatcher’s three EMP Grenades do. Their EMP disables enemy electronic gadgets, making it the best utility on the attacking team’s side when it comes to enabling hard breaching. Because without the effects of hard-breach preventing devices, the hard breachers can freely perform their role.

That’s why when Thatcher is not banned in ranked and the objective is on a place that has a wall that leads to the outside, the push will be easier for the attackers, because the EMP grenades will almost always ensure that the attackers will be able to perform hard breaching. And it’s not just in hard breaching that the EMP Grenades excel. They’re great for disabling defender gadgets in general, especially pesky ones like Maestro’s Evil Eyes, Valkyrie’s Black Eyes, or Melusi’s Banshees. Enemies who were caught in the EMP blast will also have their reticles temporarily removed, making it harder for them to aim.

What makes the EMP Grenade great:

  • They’re still the best utilities in the game when it comes to enabling hard breaching because their EMP blast radius is very wide and it’s hard to avoid them
  • They’re also great for disabling other pesky defender gadgets such as Maestro’s Evil Eyes, Melusi’s Banshees, Echo’s Yokai Drone, and many others
  • Since Thatcher has access to three of them per round, it can be quite hard for Bandit to “Bandit trick” when Thatcher mixes up his timing
  • The EMP blast can also negatively affect the defenders’ aims because those who are caught within its EMP blast will have their weapon’s reticle temporarily disabled

EMP Grenade Stats:

  • Uses EMP grenades to disable any electronics in range
  • Thatcher has 3 EMP Grenades per round
  • After it’s thrown, it will release an EMP blast after 3 seconds
  • Its EMP effects has a radius of 5.2 meters
  • The EMP effect goes through surfaces, even unbreakable ones


1. Kludge Drone


Brava’s Kludge Drone is one of the newest gadgets in Siege and they’re already one of the most powerful as well. That's because with Brava’s Kludge Drones, the attacking team can either disable or convert six defender electronic gadgets. Brava’s Kludge Drones are kind of like Twitch Shock Drones, but instead of straight up disabling defender electronic gadgets, Brava’s Kludge Drone’s lasers will attempt to convert them first, and if they cannot be converted to the attacking team’s side, they will be disabled instead.

Brava has access to two Kludge Drones per round and each of them can disable or convert three enemy electronic gadgets. So in total, as long as they’re not shot by the enemies, they can convert or disable six enemy electronic gadgets. That’s a lot of impact in the round, because as mentioned before, gadgets play a huge role in Siege’s gameplay. The impact of Brava’s Kludge Drones can even be more felt when they’re able to convert defender electronic gadgets that deal damage like Kapkan’s EDDs or Maestro’s Evil Eyes. With Brava’s Klude Drones present in the match, the defenders will also have to look out for their own gadgets.

What makes the Kludge Drone great:

  • Brava’s Kludge Drones can convert enemy electronic gadgets that deal damage like Kapkan’s EDDS or Maestro’s Evil Eyes and use them to kill or damage the defenders
  • The Kludge Drones can convert or disable a total of six defender electronic gadgets if nothing wrong happens to them, making them one of the best gadget disablers in the game
  • The Kludge Drones can act as normal drones since they can also jump and gather intel on the enemies, so they have multiple functions
  • Even when there are no more enemy gadgets to disable or convert, Brava can also use the Kludge Drones for distracting enemies

Kludge Drone Stats:

  • Deployable drone that either takes control of electronic devices or destroys them after a short delay
  • Brava can bring 2 Kludge Drones per round
  • Each Kludge Drones can destroy or convert 3 defender gadgets
  • Its lasers will only run out if they’re used to disable or convert enemy electronic gadgets


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