[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Pistols

Top 5 Best Pistols in Rainbow Six Siege
Ash was like John Wick in this scene

Killing with a pistol is one of the biggest flex in Siege. Because let’s face it, even though a lot of the pistols in the game packs heavy firepower, because of the lack of sights, it’s still easier to get kills with your primary gun. But there are times when your primary runs out of bullets or needs to reload that you’d be thankful that you have one of the pistols in this article as your secondary.


5. M45 Meusoc

The handgun issued for the FBI operators Ash, Thermite, and Pulse. This is one of the most balanced pistols in the game, inflicting heavy damage at 58, with an easy to control recoil. Its downside is the low bullet capacity per magazine, but its strengths more than make up for its weakness. Even when equipped with a suppressor, this handgun will still do a lot of damage.


4. Keratos .357

This is one of the most damaging and destructive guns in Siege. At 78 damage, it’ll only take a few shots before an enemy goes down from this gun. It can also easily create murder holes on soft walls and wooden floors with its destructive power. Its weakness is its low bullet capacity per magazine and strong recoil, so the player must pace his shots well when using this high-powered pistol. The Keratos .357 is available for Maestro, Alibi, and Wamai.


3. P229

The P229 is my personal favorite handgun, and is available to Echo, Hibana, and Goyo. It’s one of the most balanced pistols in the game, with a very decent damage at 51, medium bullet capacity per magazine, and a relatively easy recoil control. The sound that it makes when equipped with a suppressor is music to the ears while making kills.  


2. D-50

One of the most badass looking pistols in the game. It’s also one of the most damaging one, packing a damage rating of 71, and having low recoil to complement it. A suppressed D-50 is a perfect weapon for the stealthy Nokk, and a great secondary gun for Blackbeard and Valkyrie when their primaries need to reload. Its only downside is its low bullet capacity, but with damage like that, 7 bullets per magazine is more than enough to get a kill.


1. Luison

Caveira’s unique pistol, and is basically part of her unique skill. It’s designed to injure first rather than kill, allowing Cav to perform her dreaded interrogation ability. But even when Cav doesn’t perform an interrogation, the luison by itself is already terrifying. Its gunshots are very silent while also providing a whopping 65 damage. That kind of damage reaches marksman rifle territory. On top of that, it has 12 bullets. That’s a lot, compared to most pistols, and its recoil is also relatively low. This is why Cav is such a dangerous defender, she can take down an attacker with just a few shots of her luison.


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