[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Nomad Loadouts

R6 best Nomad Loadouts
The best anti-roamer and anti-runouts in Team Rainbow

Operator Nomad is one of the reasons why defenders should try to scan the operators in the opposing team early on. Because if you do not know that there’s a nomad and you attempt a runout. You’ll most likely end up dead. Big plus for the Nomad user. Her Airjab Launcher protects her and her teammates from roamers and runouts, and her loadout choices are there to quickly finish off the unsuspecting roamers who fell prey to her airjabs.


5. ARX200 with 2.5x Scope and Suppressor + .44 Mag Semi-Auto with Laser + Stun Grenades

Some measure of stealth will always come in handy. It’s a specops game after all.

The ARX200’s downsides are its pretty rough recoil and low bullet capacity per magazine. But it compensates with the availability of the 2.5x scope andits high damage. Even with the damage reduction penalty from the suppressor, the ARX200 deals 39 damage. That’s a lot, considering the added stealth benefits from the suppressor like reduction of gunshot sound and the elimination of the directional threat indicator which tells enemies where your shots are coming from.

Because of the ARX200’s high recoil and low bullet per magazine capacity, it’s recommended to stick to short burst firing and controlled aggression.

Excels in:

  • Stealth
  • Close to medium range


4. ARX200 with 2.5x Scope and Flash Hider + .44 Mag Semi-Auto with Laser + Stun Grenades

With better recoil control comes better accuracy

The ARX200’s recoil diamond isn’t very big, and that’s why it’s better to attach a flash hider on it instead of a compensator. With the flash hider, the ARX200’s vertical recoil will greatly be reduced, and at times prevent enemies from immediately returning fire. Without the muzzle flash on your gunshots, it’ll be harder for them to see where exactly you’re shooting them from.

And when using the ARX200 as your Nomad’s primary, it’s generally better to come with the .44 Mag as your secondary gun. Because of the ARX200’s low bullet capacity per magazine, there will be times when you’ll need to reload it in the middle of gunfire exchanges with the enemy. And during those kinds of situations where a high damage gun like the .44 Mag will come in handy for finishing off your enemies.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


3. AK-74M with 2.5x Scope and Compensator + PRB92 with Suppressor + Stun Grenades

Compensator offers a smoother recoil

For guns like the AK-74M that have big recoil diamonds, the compensator offers great recoil benefit, especially when it comes to long sustained firing. And with the AK-74M's 40 bullets per magazine, sustained firing won’t be a problem. Especially with the Airjabs protecting you from run outs or roamers, you can keep harassing your enemies with long sustained fire. 

The compensator basically reduces recoil from all directions, allowing for smoother recoil on guns like the AK-74M. 

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


2. AK-74M with 1.5x Scope and Flash Hider + PRB92 with Suppressor + Stun Grenades

No disadvantages in close range

Both the AK-74M and ARX200 have a pretty rough recoil, reducing Nomad’s effectiveness in long range. But with their high damage, Nomad is a force to reckon with in close to medium range. And that is why players shouldn’t sleep on the 1.5x Scope when playing Nomad. The 1.5x Scope offers enough zoom to see your targets clearly even in medium to long range, and with it, you won’t be at a disadvantage at close range because it will still provide you with a wide field of view while in aim-down-sights (ads) position.

Always use your suppressed handgun for shooting defender cameras and other gadgets. Keeping the enemy guessing about where you’ll come from often makes a big difference in a match.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


1. AK-74M with 2.5x Scope and Flash hider + PRB92 with Suppressor + Stun Grenades

The elimination of the muzzle flash is a great perk

This loadout is a variant of #2 and is for experienced players who know how to effectively use the 2.5x scope even in close range. While it won’t provide a wide field of view in ads position like the 1.5x does. The 2.5x scope is highly effective at spotting enemies hiding in corners or tables. And that is why if you’re used to using the 2.5x scope even in close range, you should go with it. Seeing your targets more clearly is always important, especially in Siege where, despite recent changes, operator skins can blend to the environment.

Stun grenades are also more generally useful than the breach charge. With your Airjabs protecting you from roamers or runouts, you’ll be able to use your drone more freely to determine enemy positions. And once you get a good handle on your enemies’ positions, throwing stun grenades at them offer great assault benefits. Even if you don’t successfully rob them of their vision, you’ll definitely be able to rob them of their hearing, and them not hearing your footsteps or gunshots will prevent them from quickly reacting.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


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