[Top 10] Rainbow Six Siege Best Weapons for Suppressor

Top 10 Best Weapons for Suppressor in Rainbow Six Siege
Official Nomad concept art from Ubisoft. Wish we can have a marksman rifle for her soon.

Suppressors are the most underrated muzzle attachments in Siege. The most obvious reason is that it lessens the weapon’s damage and it doesn’t add any recoil benefit. But for some situations and some guns, the benefits that suppressor provides outweighs its drawbacks. And in this article, we will discuss what those guns are and why they can greatly benefit from suppressors.


10. SC3000K

The SC3000K is Zero’s unique gun. And operator Zero is Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell. We all know him as a stealth master. And his role in Siege is perfect for stealth. He can use his argus cams to hunt down roamers, and for hunting roamers, fighting stealth with stealth is one of the best ways to go. And even with the damage reduction from the suppressor, the SC3000K still does a very decent 38 damage, and its recoil goes pretty much on a straight line with a relatively small recoil diamond. That makes this gun easy to control even without muzzle attachments that provide recoil benefits.


9. P229

Hibana, Echo, and Goyo’s handgun. The P229 is one of the best handguns in the game. Despite its high damage, its recoil is still pretty low, and while its recoil pattern may look scary from the image, its real recoil is actually pretty tame. It’s one of the best handguns to equip a suppressor with because of its easy to control recoil and high damage even with a suppressor. With a suppressor, Hibana can shoot defender cameras and other gadgets without alerting enemies, and Echo and Goyo can do the same for attacker drones.


8. SR-25

Blackbeard and Flores’ marksman rifle. As you can see from its stats, even with a suppressor, the SR-25 still does a huge damage at 51, and its recoil pattern is very controllable. This makes the SR-25 a very good weapon for sniping, especially when you’re playing Blackbeard. Which sadly is really only good for sniping nowadays because his rifle shields are now too fragile for close to medium range encounters. So might as well use Blackbeard for long-range sniping and avoid headshots from counter strikes with your rifle shield.


7. K1A

The K1A is Vigil’s unique gun. And operator Vigil is known for roaming and using stealth to harass attackers. So, it just makes sense to use a suppressor on his primary gun. The suppressor removes the white directional threat indicator that tells enemies where the shots are coming from, so a suppressed K1A will be a very effective weapon for Vigil who can use it for hit and run tactics. He can shoot at enemies from a distance, and disappear from drones using his special gadget. 


6. T-95 LSW

The T-95 LSW is Ying’s unique gun, and while Ying isn’t really known for stealth, it makes sense to attach a suppressor to her primary gun, because her main gameplay is blinding enemies with her special gadget and clearing the room of blinded enemies. A suppressor will prevent blinded enemies from effectively counter firing at the direction of your gunshots because it’ll be harder for them to guess where your shots are coming from with a suppressor dampening the sound of your T-95 LSW.


5. M4

The M4 is one of Maverick’s unique guns, and as you can see from the image above, its suppressor is probably the most aesthetically pleasing suppressor in the game. But looking cool isn’t the only reason why you should equip a suppressor to the M4. It also goes well with Maverick’s gameplay of creating murder holes through reinforced walls. Keeping the enemies guessing as to which murder hole you’re shooting them from is going to be a big advantage for you.


4. AR-15.50

Another Maverick unique gun. The AR-15.50 is a marksman rifle, and as marksman rifles go, it packs a heavy damage at 52. Like what was said above with the M4, a Maverick player would greatly benefit from attaching a suppressor to the AR-15.50 because it will greatly dampen the sound of its gunshots and remove the directional threat indicator that will tell enemies where your shots are coming from. So, with a suppressor, the enemies will have to exert more effort into finding out where you’re shooting them from.


3. Mk 14 EBR

Dokkaebi and Aruni’s marksman rifle. Especially when playing Dokkaebi, the player will benefit the most with a suppressor rather than any other muzzle attachment, because playing Dokkaebi involves entering the objective area and not just sniping from a distance. With that in mind, the player would want to keep his location uncompromised by his gunshots, while at the same time, compromising enemy locations instead with Dokkaebi’s logic bomb. With a suppressor on the Mk 14 EBR, you’ll be able to hear enemy phones better, allowing you to hunt them down better.


2. TCSG12

The TCSG12 is one of the primary guns for Kaid and Goyo and is technically a shotgun but is used really more as a marksman rifle. It has one of the best-looking suppressors in the game, and as defenders, when using the TCSG12, Goyo and Kaid will benefit more with a suppressor because it will allow them to hear flanking attackers better, and the attackers will have to exert more effort into finding out where you’re shooting them from. And for attackers, finding out where a defender is sniping them from is hard because there’s usually more hiding spots readily available for defenders.


1. OTs-03

Glaz’s unique gun and one of the best marksman rifles in the game. Even with the damage reduction penalty of the suppressor, it still packs a whopping 60 damage. And as you can see from its recoil pattern, even without the recoil benefits from the muzzle brake, its recoil will still be easily controlled as long as you pace your shooting well. The main reason why a suppressor is perfect for this gun is because it prevents enemies from instantly realizing that there’s a Glaz sniping them from a distance. Because once they know of Glaz’s presence, they’ll be more careful of windows. The suppressor will also prevent them from immediately knowing where you’re shooting them from, making you safer from a counter strike.


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