[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Highest Win Rate Operators (And why)

Top 10 Highest Win Rate Operators in Rainbow 6 Siege
Finka having the best win rate shouldn’t really surprise anyone

10. Dokkaebi

It comes as no surprise that Dokkaebi is among the operators with the highest win rate. What’s really surprising to me is that she’s only at #10. As a Dokkaebi main, I’m kinda salty, but her win rate of 51.2% isn’t really far from the win rate of #1, so Dokkaebi fans, let’s settle down. Now let’s go to why Dokkaebi’s win rate is among the best in the game.

She’s one of the most versatile operators out there. She’s great for both solo queueing and coordinated team plays. As a mostly solo queuer myself, playing Dokkaebi gives me a lot of comfort when penetrating the area and playing the role of a flanker, because I can make sure that an area is clear using the Logic Bomb, while also helping my teammates with it by timing when I will activate the Logic Bomb while watching their outlines.

For coordinated teamplay, Dokkaebi plays an integral part in room cleaning or starting a rush. A rush with a coordinated team that is initiated by Dokkaebi’s logic bomb is very hard to stop. Not only does it compromise the enemies’ locations, it can also muffle the sound cues that the Defenders can hear. And of course, it will leave the poor Defenders that are trying to deactivate the Logic Bomb completely vulnerable.

What Makes Dokkaebi Great for Winning More Games:

  • Can compromise enemy locations
  • Can hack Defender cameras
  • Excels at any range
  • Great at disrupting enemy rhythm


9. Lion

Lion being on this list is kind of surprising because it’s not really that hard to defend against him or beat him especially after the nerfs. But now that I think about it, I do have a good kda rating and win rate with Lion, and he’s a really versatile operator to use. He also has more tools now for getting kills from the additional claymore in his loadout.

Lion also has some of the best guns in the game. His V308 is one of the best assault rifles available. It features high damage at 44 unsuppressed. Its recoil is so easy to control that it doesn’t really matter that much even if you choose to attach a suppressor with it instead of other muzzle attachments that provide recoil benefits.

He also has the 417 designated marksman rifle and the powerful SG-SQB available to him. This ability to switch roles depending on which gun he chooses, as well as the availability of the Gonne-6 hand cannon as one of his secondaries, makes Lion one of the player-favorites and I shouldn’t have been surprised at all that his win rate is high, because players really benefit from his versatility.

What Makes Lion Great for Winning More Games:

  • Can compromise enemy locations
  • Can halt enemy movements
  • Has great guns and secondary gadgets
  • Great at disrupting enemy rhythm


8. Alibi

Now this one didn’t surprise me at all. Honestly, Alibi is such a pain to deal with as an Attacker, and such a joy to play as a Defender. With her 3-speed rating and Prisma holographic clones, she’s one of the best roamers in the game. She can confuse enemies with her Prismas and in the process, gain intel on them because the Prismas, for a few seconds, will keep pinging enemies who shot them.

Her 3-speed rating allows her to quickly escape from enemies or flank them. That is supplemented by the tools at her disposal. Mainly, her impact grenades and Bailiff 410 pistol-shotgun which she can use to create rotation holes or destroy hatches for outmaneuvering enemies. She also excels at any range because for medium to long range strafing, she can use her ACS12 shotgun as a semi-auto sniper rifle, and for close to medium range, she has her Mx4 Storm submachine gun.

What Makes Alibi Great for Winning More Games:

  • One of the best roamers around
  • Can compromise enemy locations
  • Provides intel to her whole team
  • Great at disrupting enemy rhythm


7. Ace

Ace being part of this list without Thermite and Hibana makes me feel a bit sad for the two OG hard breachers, but there’s no denying that Ace is pretty much the best hard breach operator right now. The only thing that I don’t like about him is that you’ll still have to crouch or vault in order to enter the hard breaches that he made, and that can leave you vulnerable for a split second. Regardless, there’s no denying that Ace offers many advantages over Thermite and Hibana.

With Ace, you’ll have three hard breach charges instead of just two with Thermite. Hibana can fire three sets of X-Kairos pellets in order to destroy three hatches, but Ace can do that as well with his three Selmas. What’s more is that Thermite and Hibana don't have claymores, while Ace now has two. This makes Ace the perfect hard breach + backline support as he can counter run outs and roamers with his two claymores. 

With all of that said, it’s really no wonder why Ace is used by players more nowadays and with that, of course, he’ll have higher win rates than the old school hard breachers. 

What Makes Ace Great for Winning More Games:

  • Has three hard breaching devices
  • Able to deploy hard breaching devices from a distance
  • Great secondary gadgets


6. Melusi

Melusi’s only weakness really is that none of her guns have scopes that provide higher levels of zoom. But despite that weakness, her win rate is among the best and that is mainly because of her special gadget, the Banshee Sonic Defense, which remains very troublesome for Attackers despite the nerf that made its top part non-bulletproof when activated.

Her win rate is so high because her Banshees can greatly slow enemies down and emit a distinct sound that practically serves as an alarm for Defenders. And she has three of these banshees. The Melusi player can also place the banshees on an awkward angle so that it’ll be hard for Attackers to shoot them while they’re activated. Not only will that keep slowing down the enemies, but it’ll also make the enemies vulnerable to Defender fire while they’re trying to shoot down a Banshee.

And despite not having any scope that provides higher zoom levels, Melusi isn’t bad at long range shooting at all, because her MP5 has low recoil, and her RG15 handgun has a nice reflex sight for precision shooting. 

What Makes Melusi Great for Winning More Games:

  • Very troublesome special gadget
  • Low recoil submachine gun
  • Has great secondary gadgets like the Impact Grenades
  • Handgun is great for precision shooting


5. Ela

Her 3-speed rating, combined with her special gadget, the Grzmot Mine, is of course the main contributing factor to her high win rate. Enemies that are caught in the effects of the Grzmot Mines will be concussed for several seconds. And in my experience, the concussion from Ela’s Grzmot Mines are the strongest concussion effects in the game. It lasts long, and it’ll really disorient your vision.

Ela can use these Grzmot mines to lay traps for enemies when roaming or anchoring. When playing Ela, I usually put two Grzmot Mines on common enemy paths near the objective spot in order to help my teammates, because the mines can also act as an alarm for enemy presence, and I bring one with me for roaming because it can also be used offensively.

Both of Ela’s guns are unique to her, and her FO-12 shotgun is one of the most powerful in the game. It has a fast fire rate, fast reload speed, low damage drop-off, and more attachment choices compared to most shotguns. It’s usually the favorite choice of primary for Ela players. For long range shooting, she has the same handgun as Melui, and as said above, the RG15 is great for precision shooting because of its Romeo1 reflex sight.

What Makes Ela Great for Winning More Games:

  • Special gadget is great for slowing down enemies
  • Special gadget is also great as an early warning device
  • Has one of the most powerful shotguns in the game


4. Iana

Her ability to safely scout ahead in the objective area using her Gemini Replicator, which basically sends a holographic copy of her that can mimic all her movements except shooting and rappelling, is one of the best abilities in a tactical shooter like Siege where intel plays a very crucial role. With her holographic clone, she can compromise enemy locations in two ways, one is by having a visual on where the enemies are, and the other is by letting enemies shoot it.

And when you’re a Defender, the best choice most of the time is to shoot it, because if you don’t, it will keep scouting ahead for more intel, and shooting it will impose a longer cooldown on it for Iana. The problem with shooting it though is that enemies could hear your gunshots and that’s basically as good as giving away your position. Not to mention that Iana has frag grenades which she can effectively throw using the intel that she gathered. 

What Makes Iana Great for Winning More Games:

  • Can gather intel safely
  • Can confuse enemies and induce panic
  • Great guns and secondary gadgets that can be used in conjunction to her special gadget


3. Mira

Of course, the Defender with the highest pick rate in platinum and above will have one of the best win rates as well. But the main factor why Mira’s win rate is so high is because during rounds where Defenders have to defend certain objective spots where Mira is strong, e.g., the basement in Oregon, Games Room & Aviator Room in Villa, and the second floor in Border, there’s a high probability that Defenders will win, because Mira can basically make certain angles almost impossible to push.

Of course, that is because of her special gadget, the Black Mirror. With these Black Mirrors, she can have visual on the enemies from the other side and quick lean to get some easy kills. And she comes in equipped to do that job. Her Vector .45 ACP has a very fast rate of fire at 1,200, and that’s just perfect for a quick lean + kill from her Black Mirror.

She can also use the ITA12S shotgun as her secondary to create rotation holes, or destroy the upper part of unreinforced walls above her Black Mirror so that she can throw her nitro cell over to the enemies. Mira’s pick rate and win rate became even higher with Operation Demon Veil because of the synergy with her Black Mirror and Azami’s Kiba Barrier.

What Makes Mira Great for Winning More Games:

  • Able to make an angle almost impossible to attack
  • Great synergy with Azami’s Kiba barrier
  • Able to provide intel to her whole team
  • Nasty quick lean kills


2. Oryx

Like the video thumbnail above says, Oryx is the best flanker that Defenders have right now. And it’s really hard to penetrate the objective area as an Attacker when Oryx is lurking around. Even when Attackers know that the Defenders have an Oryx and they’re being careful, the uncomfortable feeling and always having to watch your surroundings can make Attackers slower and jumpy. 

Oryx has a high win rate because he can stop the Attackers’ push by effectively flanking using his Remah Dash, which he uses to destroy and get through unreinforced walls. He can also use his Remah Dash to slam his body toward shield operators and knock them down. On top of that, Oryx is the only Defender that can climb through hatches. His ability to outmaneuver enemies is unmatched.

What Makes Oryx Great for Winning More Games:

  • The best flanker in the game
  • Able to outmaneuver enemies by climbing up hatches
  • Best counter to shield operators


1. Finka

The update that enabled Finka to activate her Adrenal Surge even when she’s down really changed everything for her. Now she’s able to revive herself and she retained all the other bonuses from the Adrenal Surge except the recoil control benefits. But even without the recoil control buff from the Adrenal Surge, Finka being able to revive herself from a down-but-not-out (dbno) state made her pick rate and win rate higher.

A team with a Finka is really hard to beat, because with her Adrenal Surge, she heals and buffs her whole team with more hp. As mentioned above, it revives any dbno’d Attacker. On top of those already great abilities, the Adrenal Surge lessens the concussion effects of Defender gadgets like Echo’s Yokai and Ela’s Grzmot Mines. It also lessens the slow effects of barbed wires, and lessens the blinding effects of stun grenades, as well as the ear ringing effects of explosions.

And that’s really why she has the best win rate among all the operators. Even before the update that made her able to activate her Adrenal Surge from a downed position, she was already a great operator that is able to make her whole team much more solid because of the buffs that she can provide.

What Makes Finka Great for Winning More Games:

  • Provides great buffs to her whole team
  • Able to revive herself and teammates from any distance
  • The only Attacker that can provide healing to teammates
  • Great guns and secondary gadgets


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