[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Optic Colors

Top 5 R6 Siege Best Optic Colors
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Year 5 season 3 finally brought Siege players the option to change their optics color. While the default is by no means a bad one, many players, myself included, really appreciate the ability to customize the game more into our own preferences. And this update came side by side with the legendary Sam Fisher. It may have taken years, but the timing was great. 


5. Light Orange

First off, we’re going to start with the color orange. Orange is a color that really stands out, therefore, it is a great reticle color to have, especially when your match is in a map that is mostly made of cement or metal, because it won’t have a lot of colors that can blend with your orange reticle. There’s also not a lot of player skins that are colored orange, so this will make sure that you can target your opponents very well. Now I do not recommend this reticle color on maps like Villa or Oregon which has a lot of wooden parts because the light orange color may not stand out too much against the wood’s color, luckily you can change the reticle color in the options easily without having to restart the game, and you can change it to any of the colors recommended below.


4. Default

The default color which is red is still one of the best optics colors in the game, especially for old school players. Ubisoft only let the players have the option to change their optics color fairly recently, so a lot of players who have been playing for many years are still used to the red one. Red is a great color for a reticle because it stands out a lot, therefore you won’t easily lose sight of it while aiming because there’s really not a lot of red colors in R6 maps.


3. Purple

Now unless your target is wearing those goofy pink skins, the purple optics is a great reticle color to have. Its color is in contrast with most surrounding colors and player skins, so it’ll help you aim better where you really want to. The purple color is very vibrant, so this will make sure that you can aim well at any range.


2. Yellow

Yellow is another great optics color to have because this color will not blend to most surroundings, and this will prevent you from randomly losing your aim just because your reticle wasn’t clear. Most skin colors in the game, including the bright ones, also don’t have much Yellow, except Finka’s or Lion’s, which most players immediately replace anyway. This color is also great for targeting opponents that are hiding in dark corners.


1. Light Green

This is #1 because it’s the easiest to see on most maps. Green is just a very rare color in any of the maps and this will make sure that your reticle won’t blend to any of the surroundings. And the easier your optics can be seen, the easier it is for you to aim it on your opponents’ heads. Light green is in contrast with most surface colors in the game so this optics color will make sure that you will always have a clear view of your reticle and where it’s going.


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