[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Operators For Terrorist Hunt

Top 10 Best Operators For Terrorist Hunt in R6 Siege
T-Hunt, especially in realistic difficulty, is still the best way to warm up in Siege. It’s also a great way to get more experience points. In this article, we will discuss the best operators for going against the white mask terrorist group in Siege.

10. Rook

Whether you’re going into terrorist hunt, now known as training grounds, solo or with teammates, Rook would be a great pick. Not only can he buff his whole team’s armor up, he also has some great guns when it comes to dealing with the white mask terrorists. His MP5 can be equipped with a 2.0x scope, allowing him to effectively target enemies from a distance. His SG-CQB shotgun is also really powerful in close range, which is perfect for the terrorists because they push in groups.

The great thing about Rook in Terrorist Hunt is that he can win even when he’s solo and it’s in the realistic difficulty setting. That is because of his added armor rating and his impact grenades which allows him to create rotation holes. The rotation holes will allow him to flank the terrorists and hit them from behind. And if the user opts for the shotgun instead of the MP5, he can choose the proximity alarms instead of the impact grenades as his secondary gadget. That will allow Rook to immediate know where the terrorists are and he would be able to respond accordingly.

What Makes Rook Great For Terrorist Hunt:

  • High armor rating allows Rook to tank more damage
  • Great utility tools for creating rotation holes which could allow him and his teammates to get behind the terrorists
  • Great weapons such as the SG-CQB shotgun which will allow Rook to take out multiple enemies in close range

Best Loadout for Rook:



9. Castle

Castle’s Armor Panels are great for terrorist hunt because they’ll be able to fortify the entrances of the objective area. That will effectively halt their push, and because Castle can equip a shotgun as his secondary weapon, he can create rotation holes that will allow him to outmaneuver the poor AIs while they’re trying to breach the walls or destroy Castle’s Armor Panels. And when he’s able to get behind them, Castle’s UMP45 which has good damage and very low recoil would be an excellent weapon for finishing them off.

Another great thing about Castle in Terrorist Hunt is that he can go with the proximity alarms as his secondary gadget. The proximity alarms will be able to tell him or his whole team where the terrorists are attacking. With the proximity alarms, Castle or his teammates won't ever be caught off-guard. Plus, killing the terrorists while the proximity alarms are going off will give you bonus points, and that could mean higher experience points.

What Makes Castle Great For Terrorist Hunt:

  • Has Armor Panels which can fortify entrances. This will greatly slow down the terrorists.
  • Can equip a shotgun as his secondary, allowing him to create rotation holes which are important for flanking the enemies.
  • Has proximity alarms in his arsenal which are great early warning devices. They can also provide bonus experience points.

Best Loadout for Castle:



8. Goyo

Goyo is one of those operators that can definitely solo Terrorist Hunt even in realistic difficulty. For the most part, it’s because of his Volcan Canisters. His Volcan Canisters could be attached to most surfaces, so Goyo could place them in awkward angles so that the terrorists won’t be able to shoot them. And when they’re detonated, they’ll cover a large area with fire for 20 seconds. That will wipe out the group of terrorists in that particular area.

On top of that, Goyo has the TCSG12 shotgun which inflicts huge damage and has great penetrating power. I don’t really recommend the Vector .45 ACP for this mode if you’re going solo because of its magazine capacity which would feel very small due to its very fast rate of fire. Like the operators above, Goyo also has proximity alarms which will make sure that he won’t be caught off guard. The proximity alarms’ effects will also give bonus experience points to Goyo.

What Makes Goyo Great For Terrorist Hunt:

  • Can cover a large area with fire which can take out multiple enemies
  • Has the TCSG12 shotgun which is a single slug firing shotgun, basically making it a sniper rifle.
  • Has proximity alarms in his arsenal making it almost impossible for him to be caught off-guard. Proximity alarms could also provide more experience points.

Best Loadout for Goyo:



7. Ying

Realistic difficulty in terrorist hunt is actually quite hard, even for experienced good players. The terrorists are just more accurate, and aggressive. But even in realistic difficulty, they are very susceptible to the effects of stun grenades. That is because they don’t really turn around like what real players do in order to avoid being blinded by stun grenades or Ying’s Candelas. With that said, Ying is the best when it comes to robbing enemies of their vision.

Ying’s Candelas are the best gadgets when it comes to blinding enemies. Even real players find it hard to avoid being blinded by them. And the effect’s radius is quite wide, so they’re perfect for clearing a room full of enemies. And speaking of clearing enemies, once her Candelas goes off, she'll be able to make quick work of the terrorists inside with her T-95 LSW LMG, which doesn’t only have high damage and low recoil, it also has a high magazine capacity, and that is perfect for dealing with multiple enemies.

What Makes Ying Great For Terrorist Hunt:

  • Perfect special gadget for this game mode because the terrorists are very weak against blind effects
  • Has a light machine gun that has a huge magazine capacity, high damage, low recoil, and most importantly, reloads fast. Which is great for dealing with multiple terrorists.
  • Has smoke grenades which can add more confusion to the terrorists.

Best Loadout for Ying:



6. Smoke

Like Goyo above, Smoke is capable of taking out multiple terrorists all on his own with his gas grenades. What sets apart Smokes’ gas grenades from most area denial devices in the game is that Smoke can go inside its effects and not get affected. That will allow Smoke to outmaneuver the terrorists or quickly flank the other group that is attacking another entrance of the objective area. Another great thing about Smoke is that he has a deployable shield in his arsenal. 

That deployable shield would be a lot of help in stopping the terrorists from pushing one side of the objective area, and it’ll help hold them in one angle, perfect for the effects of Smokes’ gas grenade. On top of that, Smoke has a powerful shotgun in the M590A1, allowing him to have close range superiority over the terrorists who are pushing, and when he does need to shoot from medium range, Smoke has an SMG-11 pistol which does high damage with very fast rate of fire.

What Makes Smoke Great For Terrorist Hunt:

  • Can take out multiple terrorists with his gas grenade
  • Able to go inside the effects of his gas grenades without getting damaged. This may allow him to outmaneuver his enemies and perform an effective counter attack.
  • Has close range superiority because of his shotgun. This is perfect for this game mode because the terrorists have the tendency to get really close.
  • Can also shoot at mid-range with his SMG-11.

Best Loadout for Smoke:



5. Tachanka

With his DP27 light machine gun, he can take down terrorists very quickly because of its heavy stopping power and high damage. It also has a huge magazine capacity, making it great for dealing with multiple enemies because it’ll take a lot of shots before Tachanka needs to reload. And when he does need to reload, the user doesn’t really need to worry, because Tachanka now has the Bearing 9 machine pistol which is one of the most powerful secondaries in the game.

The Bearing 9 machine pistol has a really good damage, decent magazine capacity, and low recoil despite its very fast rate of fire. And of course, Tachanka has the Shumikha Grenade Launcher which can fire a total of fourteen fire grenades, each of them covering a large area in fire for 7 seconds. With all these, Tachanka basically can keep taking out terrorists after terrorists until the wave is over. He can also use the DP27 as a utility tool for creating rotation holes.

What Makes Tachanka Great For Terrorist Hunt:

  • Can take out multiple enemies with his Shumikha Grenade Launcher which can cover large areas in fire for several seconds
  • Main weapon has great stopping power and damage, allowing him to quickly kill the terrorists that are coming for him.
  • Now has the Bearing 9 machine pistol which by itself can be considered a primary gun. This will allow Tachanka to keep shooting his enemies when his DP27 needs to reload.

Best Loadout for Tachanka:



4. Caveira

Caveira is one of the best terrorist hunt/training grounds operators because she can get from one place to another very quickly through her impact grenades and SPAS-15 shotgun, both of which she can use to create rotation holes. Those rotation holes are great for flanking the terrorists, especially as they are mostly just programmed to push the entrances. Also, her SPAS-15 has a high destructive profile per pellet, and that will allow her to take out enemies in close range very quickly.

But it’s not just her SPAS-15 that gives her superiority in close quarters. Her unique gun, the Luison also has very high damage at close range, and is perfect for ambushes in corners, allowing Cav to easily score headshots after headshots. And headshots will result in extra points, which translates into more experience points. And speaking of extra experience points, Cav also has proximity alarms, and whenever she kills a terrorist that is triggering a proximity alarm, she will receive more bonus points.

What Makes Caveira Great For Terrorist Hunt:

  • She’s able to go from one point to another very quickly because she can keep making rotation holes with her shotgun and impact grenades
  • Her SPAS-15 will give her close range superiority and it has high damage per pellet, so it’ll allow Cav to take out multiple enemies at close range.
  • Her Luison has very high damage at close range. Player also receives bonus points for headshots and killing enemies while her Silent Step is active.
  • Her proximity alarms will allow her to not get caught off-guard. They will also provide bonus experience points to the player.

Best Loadout for Caveira:



3. Glaz

Ever miss the old Glaz before all the nerfs? Well, in terrorist hunt, you’ll get to experience that again, because the thermal on his OTs-03 doesn’t run out in this mode even when he’s moving a lot. That makes him one of the best Attackers for terrorist hunt. Having full thermal sight all the time will allow Glaz to pinpoint enemies and frag them with great accuracy, even when they’re in hiding spots which have a lot of other items.

Actually, in terrorist hunt, he’s even better than before. Because now, he can equip the Bearing 9 machine pistol as his secondary firearm. That essentially eliminates the weakness of the OTs-03 which is its low magazine capacity. The Bearing 9 itself is worthy of being a primary weapon, so to have it as Glaz’s secondary firearm means he’ll be able to take out multiple enemies coming out at once, which happens a lot in terrorist hunt, especially in realistic difficulty.

What Makes Glaz Great For Terrorist Hunt:

  • His marksman rifle’s thermal scope will not disappear in Terrorist Hunt even if you keep moving
  • Able to inflict high damage and stopping power with each shot from his OTs-03
  • Will be able to keep dealing with multiple enemies because of his Bearing 9 machine pistol which has good magazine capacity, low recoil, and good damage.
  • Has smoke grenades which will add confusion to the terrorists. Plus, his thermal scope can see them through smoke.

Best Loadout for Glaz:



2. Lion

They may be AIs, but those damn terrorists are actually quite good at hiding. It doesn’t help that their uniform allows them to blend to most surroundings in Siege’s maps. Luckily, with Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans, you’ll be able to have a good idea of where they are. Unlike in multiplayer game modes, the EE-ONE-D scans in terrorist hunt can ping a lot of enemies, even when they aren’t really moving. And with that intel, Lion and his team can proceed with clearing the room effectively, because they would know what to expect.

Aside from his EE-ONE-D scans, Lion also has great guns for dealing with terrorists. His V308 assault rifle is very unique in that it has high damage, low recoil, has a wide variety of attachments, and has a huge magazine capacity. That huge magazine capacity is important in Terrorist Hunt, especially when going solo, because chances are, multiple enemies would be coming at you. Lion also has three stun grenades, and that’s really great for this game mode because the terrorists are very weak from the effects of stun grenades.

What Makes Lion Great For Terrorist Hunt:

  • Many terrorists will get pinged by his EE-ONE-D drone. This will allow Lion to penetrate the objective area with good intel on enemy positions.
  • His V308 assault rifle has great magazine capacity, and that magazine capacity will allow him to deal with multiple enemies that are usually present in one area in Terrorist Hunt.
  • His three stun grenades will be of great help for room clearing because terrorists are very susceptible to their blind effects

Best Loadout for Lion:



1. Finka

Finka would be the best Attacker you can pick in Terrorist Hunt, she has the best chance of winning even when going solo and in realistic mode, and that is because she can keep healing herself with her Adrenal Surge. She can also self-revive with it, so in case she gets into a down-but-not-out (dbno) state, it wouldn’t be a problem for her. The Adrenal Surge would also lessen the effects of stun grenades, which the terrorists are fond of throwing.

The main problem with going solo in Terrorist Hunt is when the terrorists come at you with numbers. But with Finka’s 6P41 light machine gun, that wouldn’t be a problem. It has high damage, low recoil, and a huge magazine capacity. It’s really one of the most oppressive weapons in the game right now. Finka can also come in equipped with three stun grenades, which will really aid her in clearing rooms, because as mentioned above, the terrorists are very susceptible to the effects of stun grenades.

What Makes Finka Great For Terrorist Hunt:

  • With her Adrenal Surge she can heal herself three times
  • Finka is able to self-revive with her Adrenal Surge. Giving her a second chance in case she gets dbno’d.
  • Her 6P41 LMG is perfect for dealing with multiple terrorists that are all coming in at one because of its high damage and high magazine capacity.
  • Can also equip stun grenades which are perfect for this game mode because it’s very easy to blind terrorists.

Best Loadout for Finka:



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