Rainbow 6 Siege Zero Guide: How To Play Zero Like A Pro [25 Useful Zero Tips You Should Know]

Zero Guide For R6 Siege: 25 Useful Tips Zero Players Should Know
The best tips and tricks for playing one of the most effective intel gathering operators in Siege

25. Know What the Arrows Mean


A lot of players may have been using Zero for a while now but haven’t really noticed that the arrow on the crosshair of his special gadget, the Argus Launcher, actually changes, depending on the surface you’re aiming it on. As you can see from the video, when the player aims the Argus Launcher on a concrete wall, the upper arrow doesn’t appear on the crosshair, but when it’s aimed on the barricaded door, it does.

What this basically means is that when the upper arrow on the crosshair of the Argus Launcher appears, the camera that it will shoot will be able to provide the player with a 360-degree view of the surroundings. That’s because the camera will be able to look at each side of the surface. For example, if it’s shot on a wooden floor, it will be able to provide the player with a view of what’s under the floor, and also a view of what’s above it. 


24. Don’t Play Him as a Hard Breach Enabler


While the cameras that the Argus launcher deploys can shoot lasers that can neutralize or disable defender gadgets, your primary concern as the Zero player should really be intel gathering and not being a hard breach enabler like Twitch. That’s primarily because defenders will usually be guarding the spots that they need to protect from hard breaching, and they would instantly notice it when Zero deploys his camera there.

That will just lead to Zero’s camera being instantly destroyed. That’s because when the Argus Launcher shoots its cameras, it creates a very distinct sound and the camera itself will have a bright yellow light, so it will be easy for defenders to notice it. That is why unless there is no one else in your team that can destroy defender gadgets that prevent hard breaching, it’ll be wiser to use Zero’s cameras for intel gathering.


23. Make Sure to Deploy All Your Cameras

Like what I mentioned above, the player should treat this operator as an intel gatherer more than anything, even though each one of the argus cameras can shoot a laser that can disable a gadget. It’s better to treat that laser as just a bonus ability, but the main thing the player should focus on is intel gathering. And the great thing about Zero is that his Argus Launcher can shoot four of these cameras that are even better than Valkyrie’s Black Eyes when it comes to gathering intel.

So, the best thing for you to do as the Zero player is to deploy all four of your cameras at angles that are going to be really beneficial to your team. Instead of deploying them inside the objective area where they can just be shot by the defenders inside, I recommend deploying them on surfaces where they could detect enemy roamers or flankers. That way, your team will be more protected when you’re starting to push.


22. Deploy Your Cameras Vertically


Because the Argus Launcher can shoot its camera through a reinforced wall, it can be quite tempting for some players to deploy the cameras on the reinforced walls of the objective area. However, that is not a really good idea because the cameras from the Argus Launcher can be seen quite easily, especially when they’re being used, because it will emit a powerful yellow light. Because of that, defenders can easily notice cameras from the Argus Launcher on reinforced walls. 

That’s why when you do want eyes inside the objective spot, it will be better if you deploy your cameras on the wooden floors above it. With that, there will be less chance for defenders to spot your cameras, especially if you’re able to deploy them at awkward angles. I don’t recommend, however, to put more than two cameras inside the objective spot, because even when they’re above, there’s still a high chance of them being noticed.


21. Use Zero to Counter Spawn Peeks


Just as BikiniBodhi demonstrated in the video above, Zero’s special gadget is one of the best ways to counter a spawn peek. That’s because the Argus Launcher can shoot its cameras into many angles. It’s very versatile, so during the start of the round, the player can shoot his camera first into an angle where he can view a window that is commonly used as a spawn peek spot.

And with that, when you know that the enemy is planning to spawn peek you in a particular window, you’ll be able to counter effectively, because you’ll be able to pre-fire the spawn peeker, armed with the intel that you’ve gathered with your special gadget. Be sure to shoot it to where it would provide a wide angle so you’ll be able to see as many windows as you can.


20. When to Use Him as a Hard Breach Enabler


While I did say that you should use Zero primarily as an intel gatherer, and that is true, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use his cameras for enabling a hard breach at all, especially when no one else in your team can destroy defender gadgets that are preventing a hard breach. Ubisoft strengthened Zero’s cams since his release by making their laser limited only though a cool down.

That makes it more viable for disabling defender gadgets, much like Twitch’s Shock Drones are. But if you’re going to use one of Zero’s cams for disabling defender gadgets, make sure to attach them on an angle where they won’t be easily spotted by enemies, just like what BikiniBodhi did in the video above. That’ll make sure that you’ll still be able to do the job of disabling hard breach preventing gadgets, and you would still have an extra camera for gathering intel.


19. Use the Suppressor on the SC3000K


The SC3000K is Sam Fisher’s unique weapon, and we all know Sam Fisher from the stealth game, Splinter Cell. So, it’s only appropriate for him to go with a stealthy approach and equip a suppressor on his primary gun. But that’s not the only reason to use the suppressor on the SC3000K assault rifle. This assault rifle inflicts high damage and has a pretty decent rate of fire while also having a very manageable recoil.

That means that as long as you attach a vertical grip to it, you’d be able to control its recoil well even if you don’t have a barrel attachment that provides more recoil benefits. So, you as the Zero player can freely go with the suppressor which doesn’t have a damage penalty on weapons anymore, and will provide you with great stealth benefits such as the removal of your SC3000K’s muzzle flash, dampening of its gunshot sounds, and most importantly, the removal of its directional threat indicator.


18. Use the Scope 2.0x on the SC3000K


While the scope 1.5x is also available for the SC3000K and it’s one of the best scopes in the game, especially when it comes to close quarters combat, the scope that I would recommend for operator Zero is the 2.0x. That’s because the 2.0x scope is also very balanced and works well for both long range and close quarters. It provides a really clear frontal view because of its thin frame, except of course for the large gear-like structure on its upper left portion.

Because of the very manageable recoil of the SC3000K, you could be strafing opponents at medium to long range with Zero, so it would just be overall handy for you as the Zero player to have the 2.0x scope. And because Zero’s main role is for intel gathering, medium range is actually the safest spot for him to be, and for that range, the scope 2.0x just trumps the 1.5x one.


17. Be Careful of the Argus Launcher’s Laser

While this may seem to be a very small issue, it would still be better to be aware of it. The Argus Launcher has a default laser, similar to the laser attachment that most guns have available to them. Only, the laser on the Argus Launcher is green. I’m pointing this out because this is one of the reasons why you don’t want to have your Argus Launcher at the ready unless you’re already about to deploy one of its cameras.

That’s because you might invertedly compromise your location to the enemy because of that laser, and unlike the normal laser that we see on most weapons’ attachments, the green laser on the Argus Launcher won’t really benefit you in any way. So, it’s better to be mindful of this and be sure not to have the Argus Launcher at the ready when you’re not ready to use it yet.


16. Don’t Sleep on the Claymores

Most Zero players go for the hard breach charges instead of the claymores, which is totally understandable. The hard breach charges give Zero a lot of benefits, especially when Zero is performing a vertical attack. But as mentioned above, Zero is really mainly an intel gathering operator and that means he’d be spending a lot of his time in observation tool view.

Being in observation tool view can leave you completely vulnerable to enemy roamers or flankers, and the best way to prevent that from happening is through claymores. Especially now that Zero can carry two claymores, this alternative to the hard breach charges becomes a lot more viable, especially on maps like the Consulate or Clubhouse that are prone to run outs.


15. Go with the Gonne-6


The Gonne-6 is the best secondary gadget for Zero, because it will provide him with the ability to destroy pesky bulletproof defender gadgets such as deployable shields, Maestro Evil Eyes, Melusi Banshee Sonic Defense, and it can also be used to destroy unreinforced hatches. Even though it only has one shot, the gonne-6 adds a lot of versatility to operator Zero. For shooting CCTV cameras without giving away your position, you can just use the suppressed SC3000K if you followed one of the tips above. So, don’t worry too much about not having a handgun.


14. Remember that You Cannot Pick Em’ Up


A lot of players, especially those who are new to using Zero do not know or forget that the cameras from the Argus launches cannot be picked up once they’re launched. So, this is a reminder to be careful and not rush deploying your cameras when playing Zero and to watch the Argus Launcher’s crosshair. Just like what I mentioned in one of the tips above, if the upper arrow on its crosshair appears, you’re good to go.

What probably happened to BikiniBodhi in the video above is that he launched the Argus cam and it hit one of the metal beams of the wooden floor, so that’s why the camera could only show the upper part. So, make sure to watch out of the Argus Launcher’s crosshair when trying to attach a camera on the floor. If the upper arrow doesn’t show up, then just try to keep hovering the crosshair until you find a spot where the upper arrow shows.


13. Best Camera Placement on Villa


When you’re on the side road, you can place one of Zero’s cameras on the astronomy area guarding the stairs. That’s very important because the stairway of the astronomy area is a common flanking spot for defenders. After deploying that camera for the astronomy area, another area that is very important to guard is the 90. That’s another spot of the map that is frequented by roamers and flankers, and a camera there will be able to guard a wide spot.

For deploying a camera on the 90, you don’t actually have to rappel and enter the mission building. You can just go to the EXT roundabout, open the window leading to the toilet, and from there you’d be able to see the hatch. Attach a camera there, hit space on the observation tool view, and you’ll have eyes on the important 90 angle of Villa. This will also allow you to destroy the defender camera at 90 very early in the round.


12. Coastline Argus Cam Placements


When you’re around the northeast area of the rooftop in Coastline, you’ll be able to see a vent. That vent is usually used by players who have frag grenades, because there’s usually a defender guarding the stairs beneath it. It just so happens that those stairs are also very important to watch with a camera because it’s one of the only two stairs in the map, so it’s an important flanking spot. All you have to do is shoot an Argus cam inside that vent and your team will have eyes on the stairs.

That will also allow you to disable defender gadgets in said stairs. On the southeast area of the rooftop, there’s another vent that is just above the other stairs in the map. With the same principle that was said above, shoot one of your Argus cams inside that vent, and your team will have intel when an enemy is using that particular stairway to flank. That’s particularly important when the objective spot is on the penthouse.


11. Cheeky Kanal Cam Placements


When you’re in Kanal and you’re in the quay containers area, you can shoot an Argus cam on the upper corner of the far-right window leading to the control area. A cam on that corner of the window will usually go unnoticed because of the surface’s dark color, and this will provide the attacking team a really good view of almost the whole objective spot when it’s on the second floor.

Another really cheeky spot would be the drone hole on the forklift alley leading to the diving room. That spot is actually a popular spot for leaving your drone in because it can provide a good visual on the diving room. However, a drone there could easily be seen by a defender, whereas an Argus cam can really go unnoticed due to its small size.


10. Best Camera Placements for Bank


The top square area is one of the areas used by defenders for flanking when the objective spot is on the second floor, so it’s very important to have eyes there. So, the best thing to do is place a camera on the pot that is facing the objective area. A camera there will be able to provide the attacking team with intel when there are enemies using the top square stairs for flanking, or when there are enemies on the archives.

On the garage ramp outside the objective building, just beside the police car, you’ll be able to have a good look of the only remaining half-circle window in the map. You can simply shoot a camera through there so that it would attach to the ceiling of the map. That camera will provide the attacking team with a really good view of the lobby and the banana area, and that’s very important because those areas are frequented by the defenders when defending the second floor.


9. Kafe Camera Placements


From the main street, open the large window leading to the chandelier area on the second floor. Once that window is open, you’ll be able to attach a camera using the Argus Launcher on the wooden floor below the new hatch area. This will give you a good view of the cigar and piano area, as well as the heaven spot. And when you hit space, the camera will go under and you’ll have eyes on the brown stairs.

From the roof, and when the hatch leading to the red stairs has been destroyed, deploy one of your Argus cams on the corner of the red stairs area. The red stairway is one of the only two stairs leading to the 3rd floor, so when the objective spot is there, those stairs will definitely be used by flankers. So, having eyes on that spot will be very important


8. Go with the Hard Breach Charge


While the claymore has a lot of uses and could protect Zero a lot from roamers and flankers, ultimately, the hard breach charges are the best secondary gadgets for Zero. That’s because it adds a lot of versatility to his gameplay. With the hard breach charge, he can destroy reinforced hatches, which is important when Zero is performing a vertical attack with his cameras. He can also use the hard breach charges to destroy portions of wooden floors.

That will allow Zero to expose defenders below and compromise strong defender entrenched positions, so that tactic is also effective in flushing defenders out of their hiding spots. Zero can also use the explosion sound from the hard breach charges to mask the sound that his Argus Launcher makes when he’s burrowing his cameras into wooden floors or walls. That will make it less likely for defenders to notice and destroy the cameras from the Argus Launcher.


7. Use the Vertical Grip on the SC3000K

The good thing about the recoil pattern of the SC3000K is that it just mostly goes into a straight vertical path. But that vertical weapon kick is quite strong. That is why for this weapon, it is best to equip it with a vertical grip, because the vertical grip will greatly lower its vertical recoil and will allow the user to equip non-recoil benefit providing attachments for it barrel, such as the suppressor which will provide the weapon with great stealth benefits, or the extended barrel which will greatly lessen its range damage drop-off.


6. Compromise Enemy Locations Even Without Using the Cameras


When defenders notice the cameras from the Argus Launcher, their tendency is to shoot them. They kind of have no choice anyway, because if they don’t shoot the Argus cams, their positions will be compromised by the one monitoring them. The problem for defenders is that shooting the Argus cams without a suppressor will also compromise their location through the sound of their gunshots.

This is one of the reasons why suppressors are very important in the game and shouldn’t be slept on, especially now that their damage reduction penalty has been removed. Anyway, as the Zero player, when hunting down the remaining enemy inside the objective spot, all you have to do is launch the Argus cams on the wooden floor on top of the objective area and that will definitely distract the remaining defender and chances are, he’ll compromise his location by shooting them.


5. On Top of The Ruins


This tip goes for when you’re playing in the Coastline map. Basically, what you’re going to do is shoot one of your cameras right beside the window of the highest part of the ruins. This will ensure that your team will have good visuals on the billiard area, as well as the blue bar area on the first floor. This camera placement will be extremely helpful when the objective spot is on billiards and hookah.

For this to work, it will be better if you choose the ruins as your spawn area. Just make sure that before you deploy one of your Argus cameras, you check the windows first, because this area is a hotspot for spawn peeking. Once you're sure that the area is secure, deploy one of the Argus cams on the spot that I described or shown in the video. It will have a good view of the hookah spot as well.


4. Deploy a Camera on the Clubhouse Arc


If your spawn area is on the main gate or on the shipping dock, you’ll easily be able to spot the huge red-brown arc right above the main gate. And when the defenders are defending the bedroom and gym area, it would be great for you as the Zero player to place one of your cameras on that arc. As shown in the video above, this will give you a clear view of the bedroom and gym area, as well as the construction area.

This is one of the best spots for Zero to attach his camera into because it’s very unlikely for the defenders to notice it from that distance, and all the while, that particular camera from Zero will be able to provide the attackers with a good view of three spots inside the mission area. Be sure to place it around the middle of the arc and as high as you can to ensure that it will provide the best view possible for intel gathering.


3. Shoot a Camera on the Chimneys


Again, this goes for the Clubhouse map. When your spawn point is at the Shipping Dock, you’ll be able to easily set up an Argus Launcher camera on top of the chimneys in Clubhouse. This will provide you with a very good view of the window leading to the CCTV area, as well as the bedroom and gym area. With this camera set up, you’ll be able to know if the defenders have set up to spawn peek in any of the windows that was mentioned.

And once your team is safe from spawn peeks. You and your team will be able to use this camera to call out runouts as well as monitor the inside of the CCTV area. This camera can also be used to monitor the walls of the garage area which are also frequently used by defenders to kill attackers who are on the roof of the bedroom area as well as outside of the cctv area.


2. Ask One of your Teammates to Create a Loud Sound


The reason why it’s so risky to deploy your Argus cams into a wall or a wooden floor leading to the objective area is that the defenders might just shoot it and you’d have wasted a very valuable utility tool for gathering intel, and that’s really bad since Siege is a game that is heavily intel oriented. It’s likely to happen because when the cameras are shot through the Argus cams, a loud thud sound will accompany it.

But if you’re playing in a coordinated team, you can remedy this by asking them to create a loud sound, like a explosion, so that when you deploy your Argus cams into the objective spot, they’d have a higher chance of survival, because chances are, the enemy wouldn’t have heard their deployment. This will be a really good thing to do while Fuze is performing his vertical attack with his cluster charges.


1. Use The Hard Breach Charge as a Distraction


The main weakness of the Argus Launcher is that when you deploy one of its cameras to a floor or a wall leading to the objective area, the defenders will most likely hear its loud sound. That’s why it’s good to have one of your teammates create a loud sound as a distraction so that when you deploy your Argus cam at the same time, chances are, the enemies wouldn’t be able to hear it. The problem though is when your teammates aren't near you.

Luckily, Zero has a hard breach charge available to him as one of the choices for his secondary gadget. When deployed, the hard breach charge will have a deployment counter, so you will be able to know when it will create its explosion. This way, you’ll be able to effectively time launching one of your Argus cams. Of course, it would be much better if you’re able to do this on a reinforced hatch, but the hard breach charges will work on wooden floors as well.


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