[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Oryx Loadouts

R6 Siege Best Oryx Loadouts
Definitely faster than he looks. And hard to catch.

Oryx's ability to keep breaching through soft walls and climb hatches make him one of the most terrifying roamers in the game. I was actually debating whether to use the word effective instead of terrifying, but I stuck with the latter because Oryx’s Remah Dash can also knock anyone down, including the heavy shield wielder, Montagne. The fact that he can just suddenly burst through a wall and wreak havoc can unsettle any attacking team. But what makes him a truly great operator is the weapon and attachment choices he has available to him for finishing off his enemies after knocking them down with his dash.


5. SPAS-12 + USP40 with Suppressor + Barbed Wire

The aesthetics on the default skins of Oryx’s guns fits his character model so well

The SPAS-12, only available to operators Valkyrie and Oryx, is probably one of the most underrated shotguns in Siege. Its pellet spread is inherently tight especially for flick shots, it does high damage even at relatively medium range, and since it’s a semi-automatic shotgun, its fire rate is fast. This is a shotgun that can truly be a menace especially when used in conjunction with Oryx’s charge. 

With this loadout, always shoot attacker drones and claymores with your suppressed handgun. That way, your enemies won’t be alerted to your presence as you try to get as close as you can before surprising them with the Remah Dash + SPAS-12 combo. 

Excels in:

  • Close Range


4. T-5 SMG with 1.5x Scope and Suppressor + Bailiff 410 with Laser + Barbed Wire

Stealth will always be a major factor in Siege

As Oryx, you’ll be able to use your abilities more through roaming. And when it comes to roaming, stealth plays a major role. With a suppressor on your T-5 SMG, you can pick off your enemies one by one in silence and escape through walls with your Remah Dash to find another position for restarting your hit and run tactics against the enemy team. The suppressor doesn’t just silence your gunshots. It also removes the directional threat indicator that your enemies would normally get when you’re shooting at them. It also hides the muzzle flash of the gun.

Without the directional threat indicator, sound of gunshots, and muzzle flash from your gun, it’ll take some time for your enemies to figure out where they’re being shot from. Putting you at a great tactical advantage.

Excels in:

  • Any range
  • Stealth


3. T-5 SMG with 1.5x Scope and Compensator + Bailiff 410 with Laser + Barbed Wire

A more stable sustained fire

Compensators lessens the recoil diamond of guns, making it a great muzzle attachment for reducing the recoil of long sustained firing. With the compensator and the 1.5x on your T-5 SMG which has an inherent low recoil and straight vertical recoil pattern, you’ll excel even from long range. With this, you can also be an effective spawn killer.

The bailiff 410, despite how it looks, is a shotgun, and can therefore be used to destroy hatches. Use it when you need to escape through hatches, and remember, with Oryx, you can even escape through an open hatch above you.

Excels in:

  • Any range


2. SPAS-12 with Laser + USP40 with Suppressor + Barbed Wire

A serious shotgun for a serious operator

The laser may compromise your position, but only if you don’t hide it well. With this loadout, you’ll have to be mindful to aim your shotgun down and hide the laser sight while you’re not close enough to the enemy for the SPAS-12 to flex its close range superiority. The great thing about attaching a laser sight to your shotgun is it tightens the pellet spread of hip fires. Making the already deadly flick shots with the SPAS-12 even deadlier.

Since you already have a shotgun in your primary which can be used to destroy hatches. You can add some stealth factor into your game play by going with the suppressed USP40. Use it to destroy attacker drones and claymores so as to not alert the enemies to your presence.

Excels in:

  • Close range


1. T-5 SMG with 1.5x Scope and Flash Hider + Bailiff 410 with Laser + Barbed Wire

Reap the recoil benefits

As mentioned above, the T-5 SMG has an inherent low recoil and its vertical kick only goes on a straight pattern, making the flash hider its best muzzle attachment. The flash hider isn’t only great for lowering the vertical weapon kick, but it also hides the muzzle flash of your gunshots. And in many cases, that can cause some delay for your enemies to see where you’re shooting them from. Preventing them from immediately returning fire. One of my favorite benefits from the flash hider is that it keeps the screen clear while you’re shooting. Allowing you to see your targets more clearly as you shoot them.

The barbed wire is an overall better secondary gadget for Oryx than the proximity alarm. There are other ways to detect the enemies’ position through sound, but there are only a few ways you can slow them down like a barbed wire does. It also makes a lot of noise when they try to destroy it, and that can serve as an alarm as well.

Excels in:

  • Any range


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