R6 Maestro Guide: How To Play Maestro Like A Pro [25 Useful Maestro Tips You Should Know]

Maestro Guide For R6 Siege: 25 Useful Tips Maestro Players Should Know
The best tips you can get for upping your game when playing one of the best intel-gatherers in Siege

25. Keep Them Out of Range


The biggest rework on Maestro so far is the nerf on his Evil Eyes that made them vulnerable to melee attacks. Now, when an operator attacks a Maestro Evil Eye with melee, its camera will break, making it completely opaque and unable to gather visuals on the enemies. This nerf, however, only made Maestro players more creative, and they’ve discovered that you simply need to deploy the Maestro Evil Eyes on places that attackers won’t be able to reach with a melee attack.

But you might be thinking, how can Maestro deploy his Evil Eyes on surfaces that attackers won’t be able to reach? Surely if the attackers can’t reach it, Maestro also shouldn’t be able to reach it by attaching his Evil Eyes. Well, as I said, Maestro players became creative, and they discovered a lot of places where Maestro can vault onto and attach his Evil Eyes on higher places in the map. Places that Attackers won’t normally reach.


24. Strong Evil Eye Placement in Oregon


This is a bit tricky to do but when you’re defending the second-floor of Oregon, one of the best Evil Eye spots you can have can be attained by destroying the drawer in the main hall that is just behind the half-wall of the game room. Destroy it with your Bailiff 410 along with any item on top of it, and then aim at the top middle part of the drawer while crouching and get as close as you can get to it. From there, look up at the corner of the room until you get the vault command.

Once you’ve managed to vault onto the drawer, face the door to the trophy room and very carefully go to your left until you drop an inch. Once that happens, you should be able to fully stand up on top of the drawer and you’ll be able to attach your Evil Eye on the highest part of the wall. You’d want to place it as high as you can get so that it will also have a line of sight on the double window. With this Evil Eye placement, your Evil Eye will be able to guard the default plant behind the table soccer, as well as the entrance from the trophy room.


23. Maestro is Really Strong in Chalet


This is another fine example of using some cheeky vaulting action to place a Maestro Evil Eye on an inconspicuous spot as masterfully demonstrated by Siege youtuber alyttleton. When you’re in Chalet and you’re defending the CEO office and bedroom on the second-floor, what you’ll want is to go to the table in the CEO office with the coffee machines and melee those coffee machines. That will allow you to vault onto the table.

Once you’re up on the table, go to the end in front of the wine cooler and deploy your Maestro Evil Eye as high as you can behind the wooden beam. Note that you shouldn’t destroy the hanging plant beside you because that will hide the Evil Eye from Defenders who are pushing the half-wall. The Evil Eye deployed there will guard the default plant spot and it will be really hard for attackers to reach it with a melee attack.


22. How to Excel in Clubhouse with Maestro


When you’re defending the CCTV room and the cash room area in the second-floor of Clubhouse, you’ll notice a table in the CCTV area with a noisy radio on it. Destroy the radio as well as the thing behind it and that should allow you to vault onto the table. Once you’re on top of the table, walk towards the end of it to the window’s direction until you can vault onto that gray radio machine. Once you’ve vaulted on top of that machine, move very carefully to the right until you drop by a pixel.

Once you feel that you’ve lowered down an inch, you should be able to stand up and deploy your Evil Eye on the highest part of the wall. That should give you a good view of the outside of the walls if it’s breached, the window beside it, the window from the garage area, and most importantly, the default plant site. That’s the best Evil Eye spot when you’re defending the CCTV room and it will always give you intel on the most important spots.


21. Powerful Evil Eye Spot in Bank


The Evil Eye placements in Bank are pretty basic and don't really require any fancy vaulting tricks on objects, but they’re just as important and powerful. First off, when you’re defending the second-floor area and you’re in the CEO office, what you’d want to do is place your Evil Eye on the cement part between the lounge walls and the entryway to the connector. That will give you a really good view of the two walls that are the standard breach areas for attackers.

The second spot where you’d want your Evil Eye is by the corner of the ninety, almost beside the elevator. Just place it so that the trash bin won’t block your view of the hallway. And Evil Eye on this spot will give you a really good view of the hallway as well as the top lobby and some parts of the banana area. This is a really important Evil Eye placement because it’ll cover practically all the paths of attack except the janitor door and top square.


20. Evil Eyes on Kafe Dostoyevsky


Kafe Dostoyevsky has a lot of tight angles and that’s perfect for Maestro’s Evil Eyes because they’re great at holding choke points. And when you’re defending its third floor, the area with the most traffic will be the cigar lounge because the attackers would want to take control of it so that they can push the objective area much easier. And one of the best ways to prevent them from taking control of the cigar lounge is by placing one of your Evil Eyes there.

And the best spot to place it is high up on a wall so that it can have a view of the rest of the area and it won’t be reached by a melee attack. To do that, what you’ll want to do is to vault onto the half-wall thing on the stage of the piano and walk up to its end that is between the stereo speaker and the Christmas tree. Once you’re there, simply attach your Evil Eye to the highest part of the wall that you can attach it to and that shouldn’t easily be reached by the attackers.


19. Excel with Maestro on Villa


Siege youtuber alyttleton might be right in saying that he’s the first or only one that has done it, at least at the point when he made this video. I also personally haven’t seen anyone do this, so if you follow this advice, you’d be one of the rare Maestro players that have this knowledge. What you’d want to do is hop onto the bar table of the games room when you’re defending the aviator and games room in the second-floor of Villa.

From there, go to the post to the east and attach your Evil Eye right on its middle. Note that you may have to do some wiggling on your aim in order to get the deployment action. From there, you should also make a line of sight on the unreinforced wall of the aviator room. That way, once successfully attached to the post, your Evil Eye will have a view of the zombie door, the entrance to the games room, and the default plant site behind the bar.


18. Themepark Evil Eye Spot


When you’re defending the throne room and armory in the first floor of Theme Park, what you’d wanna do is with the use of Maestro’s Bailiff 410, you should make foot holes on the left wall of the entrance to the throne room from the armory. That way, you’ll be able to know if an attacker passed through the entrance of the throne room from the dragon area.

After making foot holes, you’d want to go to the fireplace area in the armory and vault onto the platform that is adjacent to the wall. Now, you’d want to attach your Evil Eye to the wall right above the platform you just vaulted onto and be sure that it will have a line of sight on the connector area and it won't be hidden by the fireplace. This Evil Eye placement should also give you visuals on attackers that are pushing the throne room from the dragon area 


17. Use the Vertical Grip on his ALDA 5.56

The ALDA 5.56 is a light machine gun that is unique to Maestro, and like all light machine guns in the game, it has been heavily affected by the recoil overhaul that came with Operation Brutal Swarm. The across the board recoil overhaul was aimed at lowering the effectiveness of long sprays with light machine guns which has become the meta in the game before Operation Brutal Swarm.

And since it has become more difficult to control the recoil of weapons especially for longer sprays, the grip attachment that is best for the ALDA 5.56 has become the vertical grip. With the vertical grip, the user will be able to hold down its recoil quite well and it will even allow the Maestro player to equip a suppressor for the ALDA’s barrel attachment.


16. Go for the Kill


When you’re able to place one of your Evil Eyes on a high angle, far from the reach of a melee attack and the attackers can’t destroy it with any of their utilities, then you’ll be free to shoot lasers at them as long as they’re not able to counter by shooting your Evil Eye while it’s shooting its lasers. Because of this, a lot of attackers choose to ignore the Evil Eye and focus more on the defenders. However, the Evil Eye actually can damage enemies and drain their health points fast, so whenever you’re a Maestro and the opportunity presents itself, keep peppering your enemies with lasers from your Evil Eyes.


15. Don’t Sleep on His Keratos


While the Bailiff 410 is the most popular secondary weapon for Maestro because it’s a great utility tool that he can use to open up rotation holes and create more lines of sight, it doesn’t mean that players should just blindly go with the Bailiff 410 all the time. There are many players who prefer the ACS12 as Maestro’s primary weapon and when you’re using the ACS12 is one of the times that you should run with the Keratos handgun.

That’s because the ACS12 can basically do whatever the Bailiff 410 could do, so choosing it when you already have the ACS12 as your primary would be redundant. In that case, you should go with the Keratos .357, and unlike the Bailiff 410, the Keratos 3.57 would be able to heavily damage enemies even at long range. It’s one of the most damaging handguns in the game and has a great iron sight that will allow you to target enemies with good accuracy.


14. When to Run with the Impacts

The barbed wire is the go-to secondary gadget of most players when using Maestro and that’s very understandable because Maestro already has a lot of things that he can use for opening up rotation holes and creating lines of sight. For his primary, he has the ACS12 that can do that, and for his secondary weapon, he has the bailiff 410.

However, if many in your team have already brought barbed wires, it would be better for you to go with the impact grenades. With the impact grenades, you can play Maestro a bit more aggressively. For example, if you saw through your Evil Eye that there’s an enemy behind a soft wall, you can use your impact grenade to suddenly destroy that wall and frag said enemy.


13. Ask Teammates to Support Your Evil Eyes

Aside from melee attacks, the biggest threat to Maestro’s Evil Eyes are explosives, be it from Ash’s breaching rounds, impacts from Zofia’s KS79 Lifeline, frag grenades, gonne-6 projectile, and so on. And that is why it’s important to support each Evil Eyes with anti-projectile gadgets such as Jager's ADS or Wamai’s Mag-NETS. Maestro’s Evil Eyes are one of the peskiest defender special gadgets, and as long as Maestro and they survive throughout the round, it will be really hard for the attackers to win, so it would be in the best interest of the whole defending team to protect them.


12. Just Stay on Site


Well, his side comment on Maestro not having a cool tactical outfit is really true. All of his outfits are loud and can be easily seen against most backdrops in the game, and being a 3-armor operator, his footsteps would also be loud, and that’s why it’s just really not good for him to play aggressively and roam. He wasn’t meant for that.

Maestro players should resist the urge to play aggressively, and just stay in a safe spot in the objective area and gather intel through their Evil Eyes. From time to time, they can shoot lasers at enemies and shave away their health points as well. And of course, the longer that Maestro is alive, the more troublesome it is for the enemies, and the percentage of being killed and hunted is high when roaming, and that’s why Maestro really shouldn’t roam.


11. Use the Suppressor on the ALDA 5.56

The suppressor has become a very powerful barrel attachment since the removal of its damage reduction penalty. A suppressor on a weapon would hide its muzzle flash, silence its gunshots, and more importantly, remove its shot’s directional threat indicator that would normally tell enemies where your shots are coming from. Even with the damage reduction penalty, I’ve always believed that the suppressor is a very underrated weapon attachment.

But now that they removed its main drawback, it really has become the meta. Its only drawback now really is that it doesn’t provide the user with any recoil control benefits. But with guns like the ALDA 5.56 LMG which has a very manageable recoil, especially when equipped with a vertical grip, the suppressor is a really great barrel attachment that will prevent your enemies from immediately and effectively counter firing.


10. Run with the Barbed Wires


As mentioned before, when you’re playing Maestro, it would be rare for you to need the impact grenades. That’s because you can make rotation holes and lines of sight with either the ACS12 or the Bailiff 410. So, an impact grenade on your arsenal, although helpful for surprising enemies when you’re playing aggressively, will most of the time be redundant, especially when you’re playing Maestro as how he should be played, which is by playing his role as an intel gatherer and intel denier.

When you’re playing Maestro, you’d generally benefit more with the barbed wires. The barbed wires, although very simple, are also very troublesome and are great for slowing down opponents as well as acting as early warning devices. When they’re slowing down opponents, you’ll be able to shoot those opponents with lasers from your Evil Eyes. And when opponents try to destroy them with melee attacks instead of walking over them, those melee attacks will produce a large sound that will basically give away their position.


9. Deny Hard Breaching


Now, the method on the video above will not work anymore since the nerf on Maestro’s Evil Eye made them vulnerable to melee attacks. So, if you place one of your Evil Eyes outside of the mission building, the attackers would just have to melee it and you’ll end up having wasted one of your valuable Evil Eyes. However, you can perform something similar to this inside the mission building because there maps where the hard breaching happens inside.

A prime example of one of those maps is Villa. When you’re defending the aviator and games room on the second-floor, a popular breach area is the wall on the vault. It’s also exposed from the window on the 90, so a Hibana or Ace can breach it while rappelling on the window. However, if you place an Evil eye on the wall beside that window, you will be able to shoot down Hibana or Ace’s special gadget and prevent them from breaching the vault.


8. Be Quick to Turn Around


Basically, there are three ways to counter Maestro’s Evil Eyes. That is to melee them, shoot projectiles at them, or shoot them while they’re shooting their lasers. And in this entry, we’re going to discuss the third way. And it’s possible because when Maestro’s Evil Eyes shoots their lasers, the bulletproof glass that protects its camera and laser shooting mechanism opens up.

Hence the title of this entry. A Maestro player should not only be quick in turning around. He should also be good at timing his shots and knowing when to stop. Stopping with the laser shooting will make the bulletproof glass close again, and turning the Evil Eye around will obviously hide its vulnerable part. So, when playing Maestro, only shoot the Evil Eye’s laser when the opponents are busy with something else.


7. Deny a Defuser Plant

This is one of the most effective ways to use Maestro’s Evil Eye and one of the reasons why you’d want at least one Evil Eye guarding the default defuser plant site on the objective area. That’s because one Evil Eye can really prevent a successful defuser plant, especially since the Evil Eyes has a thermal sight and can see through smoke and even through Sens’ R.O.U. projector systems.

I’ve seen it countless times. An attacker trying to plant the defuser while under the cover of a smoke grenade, only to be repeatedly hit by an Evil Eye’s laser. Wise attackers cancel the defuser plant and do not attempt it again until they’ve disabled the Evil Eye, but I’ve also seen a lot of attackers try to ignore the Evil Eye’s laser and continue the plant attempt, only to be put in a down-but-not-out status because they’ve underestimated the damage that the Evil Eye can do.


6. Deny Intel


The Evil Eyes’ lasers must have a pretty wide area of effect because they’re surprisingly accurate when it comes to hitting drones. It’s honestly easier to hit drones with Maestro’s Evil Eyes sometimes than with a regular gun. This really makes Maestro not just a valuable intel gatherer for the defending team, but a very powerful intel denial operator as well. 

By placing the Evil Eyes on inconspicuous angles during prep phase, Maestro will be able to shoot down the regular attacker drones, Twitch’s shock drones, Zero’s argus cams, and other attacker utilities. So, it’s not only important to deploy the Evil Eyes on angles that will usually be on the attackers’ blind side, it’ll also come in handy if they’re placed on angles where they could easily target attacker utilities


5. The ACS12 is a Monster


It’s honestly hard to choose between the ACS12 and the ALDA 5.56 as the best Maestro primary, and if it wasn’t for being a unique weapon to Maestro, I don’t think the ALDA 5.56 has the edge over the ACS12. The ACS12 is simply one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and I can confidently say that it’s the best shotgun in Siege. That’s because it doesn’t really have a weakness besides its relatively slow rate of fire.

But for a shotgun, its rate of fire is actually pretty fast, add that to the fact that it’s fully automatic. It’s also a single-slug firing shotgun like the BOSG.12.2 so it’s capable of headshots, but unlike the BOSG.12.2, the ACS12 has a sizable magazine capacity and low recoil. It also packs a heavy punch per shot, and its recoil is so manageable that you can equip an angled grip to it and it would still be very easy to control its weapon kick.


4. Stress Your Enemies with Lasers


Each shot of a laser from Maestro’s Evil Eye doesn’t do a huge amount of damage, but the Evil Eyes can shoot these lasers surprisingly fast and a lot of times, attackers underestimate its damage, but when allowed to accumulate, it can really do a lot of damage to an attacker’s health points. If an Evil Eye lands twenty shots on an operator, it can put that operator on a down-but-not-out status before it overheats.

The damage and sound from the laser hitting the enemy's body, as well as the operator’s voice line reacting to it can really distract the enemy and make him panic. That’s why whenever you’re playing Maestro, be sure to shoot enemies with the Evil Eye’s laser whenever you have the chance. Of course, you should be really mindful of when they’re trying to shoot it while it’s shooting its laser because that’s when the Evil Eye is most vulnerable.


3. Chill and Gather Intel


When you’re playing Maestro, your main job is to gather intel for your team and deny intel to your enemies. That means that most of the time, you should be on the observation tool view mode, watching your Evil Eyes and shooting attacker drones or other utilities with it. Especially if it’s early on in the round when the attackers are typically still trying to gather more intel before penetrating the mission building.

When the attackers begin pushing the objective area, that’s when things will get really busy for you on the intel gathering part. Since you’ll most likely have a good visual on enemy positions, it’s going to be your job to issue call outs for your teammates. And since the Evil Eyes are armed with a laser, you should shoot the enemies from time to time as well, only stopping to cool it down or to avoid it being destroyed by the enemy.


2. Go with the Bailiff 410


As much as I like the Keratos .357 and I really do recommend it to Maestro players who prefer to carry the ACS12 shotgun as their primary weapon, it cannot be denied that the majority of players prefer the ALDA 5.56 for Maestro. And when running with Maestro’s unique light machine gun, the best secondary weapon would be the Bailiff 410. That is because this shotgun in the form of a revolver is a great utility tool and brings a lot to the table.

Maestro can use the Bailiff 410 to create rotation holes so that the defenders can defend the objective spot much easier by getting to positions much quicker. He can also use it to open up hatches or make more lines of sight for fragging enemies using unexpected angles. And as shown in the clip above, it can also be used to kill enemies as long as it’s in close quarters. Overall, the Bailiff 410 is a great secondary weapon and gives a lot of versatility to Maestro.


1. The ALDA 5.56 is His Best Primary


It’s really very hard to pick between the ALDA 5.56 light machine gun and the ACS12 shotgun. Both are very powerful guns. But at the end of the day, it is the ALDA 5.56 LMG that I recommend Maestro players to run with when playing him. That’s because this weapon is unique to him so it will offer an experience that you won’t have with other operators. Plus, as I’ve said, it is a really powerful gun. It packs heavy fire power per shot, and it has a really fast rate of fire.

Its recoil is also very manageable so the user could even attach a suppressor to its barrel instead of a recoil-benefit providing one and the user will still be able to hold it down well even when shooting in long sprays. Having the suppressor as one of its attachment options is a great advantage of the ALDA 5.56 over the ACS12, especially now that the suppressor has become the best barrel attachment due to the removal of its damage reduction penalty.


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