Rainbow 6 Siege Best Ways To Learn Maps [Top 5 Ways]

Best ways to learn maps in Rainbow Six Siege [Top 5 Ways]
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As a wise man once said "learning is the key to success", those words were as heavy as they sound today, even applicable in a video game such as R6S today. Having the same ideology in Rainbow Six Siege could help anyone looking for a competitive start to the game. Over the years maps have been coming every now and then and mastering them could be a problem many times. Today I've shortlisted the best ways which I had personally used to improve my map knowledge which led to me getting that sweet diamond rank.


5) Checking Out Map Breakdowns

Playlist with all the Maps (https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjH2XtZFBAN-ernCbuvm1U55FoDYA4GLp)

Being the most convenient method out of the list, surfing through YouTube for map breakdowns isn't a bad choice at all. Most are produced by really experienced players too. They are seen and learnt from the worst to the best of players. Watching them and finding those pesky crossfires could be the reason for your next victory in-game.

How it works:

  • Open the link provided above
  • Surf through all of the videos or the specific map you want to learn
  • Watch and try to apply them in a live scenario 


4) Custom Game with a Friend

One could access the maps through a custom game too, though this might be bland for some. It could still greatly benefit someone who's struggling in some specific area of a map for instance. They could attempt 1v1's in that area only to become more comfortable with the map's environment and possibly improve at firefights too.

How it works:

  • Get a friend
  • Start a custom game with the preferred settings and a map
  • Explore!


3) Quick Matches

The most reliable and common way of gaining knowledge would be Quick Matches. Easily the most used method would be this. As it's the easiest way to understand a map in a 5v5 scenario with all the players actually actively playing unlike the case in training grounds/custom games. Spectating other players after dying could be greatly beneficial too. 

How it works:

  • Friends would be preferred to improve communication but solo is fine for a start too
  • Search up for Quick Matches
  • Explore, spectate, fight and learn


2) Practise in Training Grounds

An everyday dose of training grounds on a tricky map could be greatly beneficial too. Simply by "Matchmaking Preferences", one could enjoy T-Hunts on their preferred map and could learn to give better firefights next time. Also, training grounds help a lot with improving one’s aim and recoil control too..

How it works:

  • Press 'Options'
  • Choose 'Settings'
  • Further, choose 'Matchmaking Preferences'
  • Choose your desired map & mode.


1) Full Map Breakdowns 

After clearing out all the terrorists in a 'Disarm Bomb' mission, one could get an unlimited supply of ammo. No terrorists respawn, as long as the bombs aren't diffused. One could create and see all the possible angles due to the infinite ammo and time one has in this type of mission. Buck would be highly preferred if one is actually attempting to do this. 

How it works:

  • Press 'Options'
  • Choose 'Settings'
  • Further, choose 'Matchmaking Preferences'
  • Choose 'Disarm Bomb' & preferably ‘House’
  • Further, play and clear out all the terrorists
  • Experiment!

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