Rainbow 6 Siege Best Ways To Get Kills [Top 5 Ways]

Best ways to get Kills in Rainbow Six Siege!
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Rainbow Six Siege being one of the most highly regarded 5v5 PvP games in history, mainly revolves around two important factors, Strategy & Teamwork. These two factors are used in coordination to execute round winning plays. It's quite often we see these strategies not going as planned, at that second, only one's fragging capability matters. Even a single kill in these situations could turn the tides immediately. Hence getting kills in a game like R6S is a big contributor to one's victory.


5) Trying out Shotguns

It's quite common to see new players often running operators like Ash & Jäger only with their primary rifles. In no shape or form are they bad, but I believe they should try out the shotguns at least once. Many would say it's literal suicide, but in areas such as Kanal Basement, they are way too overpowered. Mainly due to the bad map design, they are good in some areas but that doesn't mean they are good everywhere. I would personally only suggest running them on the defenders and not the attackers.

How it works:

  • Decide b/w the pump and semi-auto shotguns
  • Select an operator with your desired shotgun 
  • Give it a try!


4) Anchoring

Many new players often become impatient and mindlessly roam around the map in the hopes of getting kills. Unfortunately, there's much more to the game than that. Hence I highly recommend anchoring and holding down the site, instead of roaming as it’s useless without knowing the map itself. Before finding out about the role of 'roaming' as a whole, anchoring is the number one way to get frags on defence for starters.

How it works:

  • Select operators such as Rook, Doc, Maestro, etc (1/2 speed with good utility)
  • After placing down the utility and reinforcements, preferably watch cams to help the roamers
  • After some time, attackers will be close to the site but you can hold good angles and most likely win the firefights due to the better armour


3) Seizing the Right Opportunity 

Timing is one of the biggest factors in a game of R6S, even the slightest delay in action could drastically change the result of a firefight. The smallest of the mistakes have even taken place in R6 Invitationals which turned a team's victory into mere dust. All it took was a second worth of change of action. A new player needs to get the grasp of picking the right opportunities at the right time. A simple change in one’s thinking could either give them an epic 3k clip or a literal suicide play.

How it works:

  • Pick an operator you're comfortable with
  • Practise Practise Practise
  • Watch Pro League, High Lobby Games and more to improve


2) Finding The Right Sensitivity 

One of the most basic yet overlooked things in Siege would be one's sensitivity. People tend to copy a good player's sensitivity which is a really bad choice in my opinion. Each human is built differently to some extent, it's really unlikely that you'll do your best by matching with someone else's sensitivity which is best combined with their muscle memory and not yours without any practise. A better choice would be playing a lot of Quick Matches & Training Ground missions at different sensitivities altogether to find out the best one which suits you.

How it works:

  • Start out from a low sensitivity and keep increasing it slightly after every round or training grounds mission
  • Note down the most comfortable ones for you
  • After reaching one hundred, select one from your notes and practise more on them and do the same with the ADS sensitivity.


1) Operator & Role Choice

On a competitive basis, obviously, this had to take the crown. Though some tend to take the operators mainly due to their guns in the start. It wouldn't be such a good call once one is planning to become competitive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYJtkzRkcWkat the game. Rather than an Ash running in and getting a trade, a Nomad with Air Jabs would be appreciated a lot more. One's operator choice also tends to decide their role in a team as a whole. From support to frag, one should always keep switching rather than being stuck to one of them. As it would only enable a player to find the perfect suit for himself. Also, kills aren't only for the fraggers, even good support players tends to frag out when the right opportunity comes up. It really matters with the player and what he's the most comfortable with. Frags go hand to hand once the player's skill is perfectly combined with an operator suitable to him.

How it works:

  • Understand all the roles and the operators' capabilities and abilities
  • Don't get stuck to a single operator
  • Practise a ton


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