Rainbow 6 Siege Attacker Tier List [R6 Best And Worst Attackers Revealed]

Attacker Tier List For Rainbow 6 Siege
An updated look on the best and worst Attackers during Operation Vector Glare

S Tier – They’re on the top of the tier list because they provide the best special gadgets for attacking, and they’re very versatile attackers. That means they work well on most maps, most objective spots, and when they're present on the attacking team, you just know that the Defenders will really have a hard time defending. Their roles and special gadgets also contribute so much in most situations, one example is the hard breaching capabilities of Thatcher and Ace working hand in hand. 

Sens: 95/100 Attacker

Finka: 97/100 Attacker

Dokkaebi: 93/100 Attacker

Ace: 95/100 Attacker

Sledge: 92/100 Attacker

Fuze: 92/100 Attacker

Zofia: 94/100 Attacker

Flores: 91/100 Attacker

Capitao: 93/100 Attacker

Thatcher: 95/100 Attacker


A Tier – They're on a lower tier but make no mistake, these are really great operators as well. The only reason that they didn’t make it to S-Tier is because they’re not as necessary when it comes to attacking compared to the ones who made it to S-Tier. They’re also easier to counter than the S-Tier operators. With that said, these operators also possess great weapons and gadgets that can give Defenders a lot of problems. They’re also really fun and quite easy to use, except probably for Twitch and Jackal, so even beginners will be quite powerful in the game when using them.

Thermite: 85/100 Attacker

Iana: 84/100 Attacker

Jackal: 86/100 Attacker

Gridlock: 85/100 Defender

Ying: 83/100 Attacker

Twitch: 82/100 Attacker

Lion: 87/100 Attacker

Nomad: 85/100 Attacker

Maverick: 83/100 Attacker

Buck: 84/100 Attacker


B Tier – The operators in the B-Tier are also really fun to use, and also powerful in their own right, but there are a lot of ways to counter them. A lot of them, like Osa, Amaru, or Nokk, work really well during the first round, but smart Defenders will be able to adjust to their gameplay well and chances are, they’ll be easily countered on the next round. So, while they’re also really powerful operators, I don’t recommend using them again and again for every round. Especially when the players on the Defender side are really competent.

Osa: 75/100 Attacker

Blitz: 73/100 Attacker 

Hibana: 77/100 Attacker

Amaru: 71/100 Attacker

Zero: 77/100 Attacker

Kali: 78/100 Attacker

Nokk: 75/100 Attacker


C Tier – Let me be blunt, the attacking team will be just fine even without them, and that is mainly why they’re in the last tier. And just like the B-Tier operators, the ones in C-Tier are quite easy to counter, even during the first round. While there are some situations where they excel really well, those situations are few and far between in the current state of Siege. The most versatile operator here is Ash, but even her can be easily replaced by Zofia, and Zofia will provide the attacking team with a lot more firepower.

Glaz: 68/100 Attacker

Blackbeard: 64/100 Attacker

IQ: 68/100 Attacker

Ash: 67/100 Attacker

Montagne: 65/100 Attacker


Sens (S-Tier Covering Fire, Crowd Control, Area Denial)

Having a visual on your enemies is very important in any first-person multiplayer game, and it’s even more so in Siege because it’s highly tactical and competitive. Sens specializes in making sure that the Defenders won’t have a clear visual on the Attackers, and they do so with their R.O.U. Projector Systems which covers a large area in huge walls of blue-green light. These walls of light from Sens’ projector systems will provide good cover for the attacking team’s advance, especially for planting the defuser.

Sens also has the right tools and weapons to complement her ability to provide a lot of cover for her and her teammates. She has the newest gun in Siege which is the POF-9 assault rifle. It inflicts a good amount of damage, and what’s really great about it is its huge magazine capacity. Perfect for Sens’ role of providing cover fire. And if the player prefers it, Sens also have a marksman rifle in the 417 which has a very tight hip fire, which means it can be used effectively at close range as well, especially when equipped with a laser.

Sens’ Strengths:

  • Provides a lot of cover for pushing and defuser planting
  • Great at area denial as well because Defenders would be uncomfortable near the Sens’ projector lights
  • Heavy armor rating makes Sens hard to take down

Best builds for Sens:



Finka (S-Tier Buffer, Back Line Support)

There is no question that Finka is the most powerful attacker in this season and even something like two seasons ago. Ever since the update that made her capable of reviving herself, her spot-on Siege’s food chain just rose into crazy levels. But it’s not only her ability to revive herself that makes her an S-Tier attacker. Overall, what makes Finka such a dreaded attacker is because she can make herself, and her whole team tougher, with a lot of other useful buffs. And that makes the attacking team really hard to stop when they begin their push.

Those buffs include the removal of concussion effects upon activation of Finka’s Adrenal rush, more resistance to the ear-ringing effects of explosions, more tolerance to the effects of stun grenades, being able to walk over barbed wires faster, and of course, added health points, which makes the whole team tougher to take down. Upon activation, the Adrenal Surge will also revive any Attackers, including Finka, from a down-but-not-out state, and another thing that makes Finka such an oppressive operator is that her Adrenal Surge can make reload times faster, and that’s perfect for her 6P41 LMG which only has one weakness; its slow reload time.

Finka’s strengths:

  • Has a very powerful and oppressive weapon in the 6P41 LMG
  • Can provide a lot of buffs to the whole Attacker team
  • Can self-revive and revive any downed teammates from any distance
  • Can provide healing for the whole team

Best builds for Finka:



Dokkaebi (S-Tier Intel Gatherer, Intel Denial, Anti-Roamer, Flanker)

In a very tactical first-person multiplayer shooter like Siege, where tactics and team coordination plays a very crucial role in gameplay, having intel on the enemies’ positions is the first step to winning. And when it comes to handling intel, Dokkaebi is the best in the Attacker side. Not only is she very effective at gathering intel on enemies, she’s also great at denying them intel. And that is because when her Logic Bomb is going off, the Defenders wouldn’t be able to access their cameras, and the loud ringing from their phones could prevent them from hearing the sound cues that Attackers make.

Of course, that loud ringing on their mobile devices will compromise their current locations to the Attackers. This makes Dokkaebi such a great operator, because her Logic Bomb can be effectively used in a straight up push or rush, or it can also be used for hunting and neutralizing roamers. Dokkaebi can also hack a dead Defender’s mobile device and that will grant her and her whole team access to all Defender cameras including Valkyrie’s Black Eyes and Maestro’s Evil Eyes. In many cases, the Defenders would be forced to shoot their own cameras just so the attackers won’t get a handle on their positions.

Dokkaebi’s strengths:

  • Can compromise current enemy locations by making their mobile devices ring
  • Can prevent enemies from hearing sound cues from the Attacker team
  • Can hack a dead Defender’s phone and have access to all Defender cameras

Best builds for Dokkaebi:



Ace (S-Tier Hard Breacher, Front Liner)

Just like intel, hard breaching is very important for attackers. There are very few Defender objective spots where hard breaching isn’t that important, so it’s always good to have a hard breacher in your team when you’re on attack, and Ace is the best hard breacher in the game right now. Mainly because he has three hard breach devices called the S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breachers. And each one of them can make larger holes than Hibana’s X-Kairos.

As for comparing them to Thermite’s Exothermic Charges, the holes that they make aren’t that effin’ big, but since Ace has three and Thermite only has two hard breach devices, Ace is still the better one. And that’s why he’s on a higher tier than them. His special gadget is just more versatile than the other two hard breachers, plus, he has two claymores which can protect him and the whole attacking team from roamers and flankers that will attempt to counter the Attackers that are attempting to perform a hard breach.

Ace’s strengths:

  • Has three special hard breaching devices
  • Primary gun deals high damage, has a 2.0x scope, and has a manageable recoil.
  • Has two claymores to cover his and his teammates’ backs

Best builds for Ace:



Sledge (S-Tier Flanker, Soft Breacher)

Sledge is a top tier operator because he’s one of the most effective vertical attackers in the game, and when he starts doing his vertical attack, he can make life very difficult for the Defenders below. And all that is possible because of his Tactical Breaching Hammer which doesn’t run out of uses, so he can keep breaking wooden floors above the objective spot and keep exposing the Defenders below to Attacker fire. And even when a Defender finds a good hiding spot that is safe from the Attackers above, Sledge has two frag grenades that can flush out that Defender from his hiding spot or just straight up kill him.

But Sledge isn’t only a vertical attacker. He performs a horizontal attack with his team really well too, especially because he can do a soft breach relatively silently with his Tactical Breaching Hammer. This gives the whole Attacker team the surprise advantage, especially when they’re rushing. Sledge also practically makes Castle useless because he can take down Castle’s Armor Panels with just one hit of his Tactical Breacher hammer, which is another great way to surprise the Defenders. Bring down a Castle Armor Panel, and rush the Defenders inside.

Sledge’s strengths:

  • Can keep harassing enemies with his vertical attack
  • His special gadget doesn’t run out of uses
  • His primary weapon, secondary weapon, as well as his secondary gadget, all pack heavy firepower.
  • Can perform soft breaching relatively silent

Best builds for Sledge:



Fuze (S-Tier Area Denial, Flanker, Disabler)

Fuze is the best attacker when it comes to making Defenders panic and, in the process, destroy a lot of their gadgets. With his Cluster Charges, Fuze basically bombards the Defender’s objective area, instilling a lot of panic on them. And when players panic, they can make a lot of mistakes. That’s why a lot of Defenders who are fleeing from Fuze’s Cluster Charges fall prey to his teammate’s gunfire. And that’s really what makes Fuze an S-Tier attacker. He doesn’t only destroy Defender gadgets en masse, he can also flush them out from their entrenched positions.

In many cases, Fuze’s Cluster Charges are also great alternatives to Thatcher’s EMP grenades when he’s banned, because when the floor above the objective spot is made of wood, chances are, Fuze will also be able to destroy the gadgets preventing hard breaching. And when the time comes that Fuze has to engage enemies himself, he has the very powerful 6P41 LMG which has a huge magazine capacity. He can also opt for the rapid firing AK-12 assault rifle. Finally, the Fuze player can also pick the Ballistic Shield instead, giving him a lot of protection from the front angle while still possessing the ability to frag his enemies with his pistol.

Fuze’s strengths:

  • Very effective at making enemies panic
  • Can destroy a lot of Defender gadgets with his Cluster Charges
  • Great at flushing out enemies from their hiding spots or entrenched positions
  • Makes it hard for Defenders to hear sound cues from Attackers

Best builds for Fuze:



Zofia (S-Tier Crowd Control, Anti Roamer, Flanker, Soft Breacher, Disabler)

Zofia is in S-Tier because she’s such a heavy hitter. Probably the strongest in the S-Tier class if we’re just talking about firepower alone. These days, everybody is afraid of Finka’s 6P41 LMG, but Zofia’s LMG-E is even more oppressive. It has around the same damage as the 6P41, has a faster rate of fire, and a much higher magazine capacity. If the 6P41 LMG can fire 100 bullets before reloading, Zofia’s LMG-E can fire 150. A lot can also be said about Zofia’s secondary weapon, the RG15, which is a handgun that can also excel at long range because of its magnificent red dot sight.

A lot of great Zofia and Ela players love to use the RG15 to disrespect their enemies by one tapping them with it, which again is very possible because its red dot sight, named the Romeo1 Reflex, is really great for accuracy. And of course, Zofia’s special gadget, the KS79 Lifeline really adds to what makes her a top tier operator, because its impact grenades can perform soft breaching, as well as destroy bulletproof gadgets. Its concussion grenades are also really great at concussing enemies because they can bounce on surfaces, allowing Zofia to hit enemies with them even though they're behind a hiding spot.

Zofia’s strengths:

  • Has a really powerful and oppressive weapon in the LMG-E
  • Has a great handgun with a great stock red dot sight
  • Has two claymores that can protect her and her teammates from roamers and flankers
  • Has a special gadget that can fire concussion grenades as well as impact grenades

Best builds for Zofia:



Flores (S-Tier Area Denial, Soft Breacher, Back Line Support, Disabler)

Flores is not that easy to use, but to those who can switch really well from operator view to drone view and then back again, Flores is not just S-Tier levels, but actually on OP levels. He can soften up the Defenders’ objective spot by destroying a lot of their gadgets, and he does it more methodically than Fuze. And that is because of his exploding drones which have the same explosion power as nitro cells. These drones can also jump and latch itself on barricades and soft walls before exploding, making them excellent soft breaching devices as well.

Perhaps the most important use of Flores’ exploding drones is for flushing enemies out of their entrenched positions. In doing so, Flores can make those Defenders who are running away from his exploding drones exposed, and therefore, vulnerable to Attacker fire. This is also an excellent way for Flores to deny area to enemies and make them go away from the bomb site where the Attackers are attempting to plant the defuser. On top of that, Flores also has two claymores which he can use to protect himself from run outs or roamers while he’s operating his exploding drones. If that is not an S-Tier operator, then I don’t know what is.

Flores’ strengths:

  • Excellent at making Defenders panic with his exploding drones
  • Can play the role of a soft breacher very easily
  • Can destroy a lot of Defender gadgets with his exploding drones
  • Can push back Defenders and deny them area

Best builds for Flores:



Capitao (S-Tier Area Denial, Front Liner, Flanker)

As mentioned in Sens’ entry, being able to provide cover for your team’s push and defuser plant attempt is a powerful ability in Siege, and in Capitao’s case, he doesn’t just provide cover for his teammates, he can also deny area to Defenders. And that’s all because of his special gadget, the Tactical Crossbow, which can shoot two smoke grenades that can immediately cover a spot in smoke, and two asphyxiating bolts that can cover a large area in fire for several seconds, effectively denying area to the enemies.

Those two things that Capitao can shoot with his Tactical Crossbow are very important when it comes to pushing and planting the defuser. Of course, those aren’t the only reasons why Capitao is a top tier operator. He also has very powerful weapons in his arsenal, like the Para-308 assault rifle which deals a good amount of damage per shot, has low recoil, good magazine capacity, and has a wide variety of attachments available to it. Capitao also has the M249 LMG that specializes in laying down suppressive fire to the enemies with its huge magazine capacity.

Capitao’s strengths:

  • Excellent at denying area to enemies with his asphyxiating bolts
  • Great at providing cover for a push or defuser plant attempt with his micro smoke grenades
  • Can also protect the team’s back with his two claymores
  • Has two very powerful weapons as his choices for his primary guns

Best builds for Capitao:



Thatcher (S-Tier Gadget Disabler, Back Line Support)

Thatcher’s only drawback right now really is that he’s almost unusable in Ranked, because he’s always banned. But of course, that’s not his fault. If we’re just going to analyze this operator in its entirety, he’s definitely an S-Tier operator, and that’s kind of why he’s always banned anyway. Because when Thatcher is around, it would be very hard to stop Attackers from hard breaching. And in certain areas in the maps, when Attackers are able to hard breach, they’re already one step ahead to victory.

And all of that is because of his EMP grenades, which not only quickly enable hard breaching by neutralizing Defender gadgets that prevent it, but it can also disable any electronic gadgets within 5.2 meters of its radius. The thing is, most Defender gadgets have some electronics in them. The EMP grenade also disables the reticles of weapons, so it’s a nasty way to negatively affect the Defenders’ aim. Thatcher also has two claymores that can score him some easy kills against Defenders who will try a runout while Attackers are hard breaching.

Thatcher’s strengths:

  • Can easily enable hard breaching with his EMP grenades
  • Can disable enemy gadgets en masse, not just the hard breach preventing ones.
  • Can also disable Defenders’ reticles which will hamper their ability to aim
  • Has two claymores for protecting him and and his teammates from roamers and run outs

Best builds for Thatcher:



Maverick (A-Tier Gadget Disabler, Back Line Support, Hard Breacher)

Maverick is an S-Tier attacker, especially when Thatcher is banned, because there’s practically no way to stop him from performing his role, unless of course the Defenders manage to kill him before he does it. And that role is to melt portions of unreinforced walls using his special gadget, the Breaching Torch, in order for him or his teammates to have some view inside and either kill some Defenders or destroy their gadgets. Of course, the latter is easier to do, and that’s why he’s one of the best hard-breach enablers in the game right now.

Because even an electrocuted reinforced wall can’t stop him from melting portions of it, and when he does, he’ll usually be able to destroy the gadgets that are preventing hard breaching, especially Bandit or Mute’s special gadgets. Kaid’s Rtila can be trickier to destroy, but Maverick has frag grenades which he can use especially for the Rtila. With that said, Maverick isn’t just all about enabling hard breaching. He can also use his Breaching Torch to create kill holes on reinforced walls, and those kill holes can usually get him some easy kills, and they can really make the Defenders inside uncomfortable.

Maverick's strengths:

  • His special gadget will be able to melt portions of reinforced walls no matter what Defender gadget is on there.
  • His two choices for his primary weapons are unique guns to him and they’re both very powerful
  • Has two claymores that can protect him while he’s performing his role

Best builds for Maverick:



Buck (A-Tier Vertical Attacker, Soft Breacher, Flanker)

We talked about vertical attacks in the Sledge and Fuze entry, but there’s a special thing about Buck that makes him an S-tier attacker, and that’s because he can perform a vertical attack from below as well. That’s possible because his special gadget, the Skeleton Key, allows him to switch his firing mode into an under-barrel shotgun, and it just so happens that that under-barrel shotgun is the most destructive shotgun in the game. It allows Buck to destroy wooden floors above or below the objective spot, exposing the Defenders inside.

Performing a vertical attack from below is also a very effective way to instill panic on the Defenders, because they won’t be able to anchor their favorite angles anymore, and they’d be forced to run away, and often, while they’re running, they leave themselves vulnerable to Attacker fire. Buck also has two unique weapons as choices for his primary weapon. The C8-SFW, which is a really powerful assault rifle, and whose fast rate of fire is its main strength, and the CAMRS marksman rifle, which is of course effective at medium to long range, but has a special quality as well, its tight hip fire, which makes it effective at close range.

Buck's Strengths:

  • Can perform a vertical attack whether it’s from above or from below
  • Has two unique weapons as his primary weapon choices, and both of them are really powerful.
  • Has the most destructive shotgun in the game and it can perform soft breaching really fast
  • Can excel at any range depending on the player’s choice of primary weapon

Best builds for Buck:



Nomad (A-Tier Anti-Roamer, Trapper, Crowd Control)

Nomad is one of the best operators to use in Ranked, and that’s why she’s in A-Tier. Her Airjabs are just nasty when it comes to countering roamers and Defenders who would attempt a runout. More often than not, when they get knocked down by Nomad’s Airjab, they’re going to die, because the Airjab will produce a loud explosion sound that will alert the Attackers that are in the vicinity. And even if the roamer manages to survive, the Attackers have already been alerted to the roamer’s presence.

That’s why it gives me a lot of peace of mind whenever Nomad is on the team and we’re on maps like the Consulate where runouts are prevalent. And of course, because of her Airjabs, Nomad and his team can focus well on pushing the objective spot and fragging the anchoring operators. For that, she has three stun grenades which are really great for essentially disabling a Defender that is securing a particular area. 

Nomad's Strengths:

  • Excellent at neutralizing roamers and Defenders who will attempt a runout
  • Can make her whole team comfortable and only focused on pushing the objective spot
  • Has a very powerful unique weapon in the AK-74 which has high damage, low recoil, and high magazine capacity

Best builds for Nomad:



Thermite (A-Tier Hard Breacher, Back Line Support)

There’s no doubt that Thermite is still a great hard breacher, and that is why he’s on the A-Tier. The great thing about the huge effin’ holes that Thermite creates is that they’re perfect, meaning you won’t need to vault over it or crouch just to enter. And a lot of times, that time that you have to vault or crouch can leave you vulnerable, so it’s really great for the Attacking team when Thermite successfully breaches a reinforced wall.

Another great thing about Thermite’s Exothermic Charges is that they breach a lot faster than Ace’s or Hibana’s hard breach special gadgets. That leaves the enemies with much less time to react, especially for Bandit to perform his ‘Bandit Trick’. Thermite also excels providing cover fire to his teammates after performing a hard breach, and that’s because of his secondary gadgets that are made for pushing. With Thermite, the player has a choice between the stun grenades and the smoke grenades, and both are really powerful tools for robbing enemies of their vision.

Thermite's Strengths:

  • Can make large breaches on the reinforced walls, big enough so that Attackers won’t need to vault or crouch when entering.
  • Excels at being a back line support, providing cover fire for his team after performing a hard breach.
  • Has excellent choices for his secondary gadget between the stun grenades or smoke grenades, both great for pushing.

Best builds for Thermite:



Iana (A-Tier Intel Gatherer, Intel Denier)

Droning is a very important part of Siege’s gameplay. The drones allow you to scout an area to see if there are enemies ahead, and if there are, you can plan your mode of attack really well, because you’d be armed with that important information. The problem is, operators in the game only have two drones, and if you’re not careful during prep phase and get your initial drone destroyed, then you’d only have one. Unless you’re using Iana, that is.

With Iana’s Gemini Replicator, you essentially have an unlimited drone, because it can make an exact holographic copy of Iana that can perform all of her actions except for shooting her weapons or rappelling. And that holographic clone basically acts as a drone for Iana, scouting ahead and gathering intel on enemy positions. In a lot of cases, it also creates panic and confusion to enemies. Another thing that makes Iana so dangerous is that she has two frag grenades, and those frag grenades can hit their target more accurately compared to other attackers because they’ll be thrown with the intel from her own holographic copy.

Iana's Strengths:

  • Can gather intel on enemy positions really well while also confusing them or making them panic
  • Has two frag grenades that can score easy kills for her because they’ll be thrown with the intel that she’s gathered.
  • Has an excellent utility tool in the Gonne-6 hand cannon which she can use for destroying hatches or bulletproof gadgets

Best builds for Iana:



Jackal (A-Tier Intel Gatherer, Anti-Roamer)

Another operator whose biggest weakness is that he’s always banned. But when he’s not, this operator is one of the most OP in the game when it comes to gathering intel. With his special gadget, the Eyenox Model III, he can highlight the footprints of the Defenders. Each Defender will have a different footprint color on Jackal’s Eyenox Model III, and Jackal can also scan them. And once that scan is successful, it will keep producing a ping on that tracked Defender’s position and it will last for twenty seconds. 

Jackal is an A-Tier operator because he can compromise Defenders’ locations very easily. To perform the scan on a Defender’s footprints, he doesn’t even need to get near them. He can scan them from up to eight meters away. And the ping that Jackal’s tracking generates will be visible to the whole Attacking team, so really, the tracked Defender’s only choice is to fight or flee. Most of them run once they’re alerted by the system that Jackal is tracking them. That’s not the only way he can counter roamers though. He also has two claymores that are excellent in scoring easy kills from roamers, especially when placed on top of stairs.

Jackal's Strengths:

  • Can track a Defender’s footprints and produce a ping that will stay with that Defender for 20 seconds
  • Can scan a Defender’s footprints from a distance of 8 meters, meaning he can be in the safety of a cover while doing it
  • Has two claymores for scoring easy kills on roamers that will attempt to counter him
  • Has a great secondary weapon in the ITA12S shotgun which he can use as a utility tool

Best builds for Jackal:



Gridlock (A-Tier Area Denial, Anti-Roamer, Crowd Control)

Speaking of countering roamers, one of the best in doing that is this big girl right here, Gridlock. That is because of her special gadget, her Trax Stingers, which litter a large area full of metal spikes. And she has four of these special gadgets. She can leave two of her Trax Stingers in areas where roamers usually take to hit the Attackers from the back, and roamers will surely have a hard time, because to walk over them, they’ll get massively damaged, and the only way to clear them is by destroying them, but when a roamer does that, they could alert the Attackers.

So, basically, roamers are greatly hindered from doing their jobs, and Gridlock can use the remaining two to deny area to the Defenders inside by deploying one on their rotation hole and the other in an area where they could flank. That way, the Attackers can focus on just one or two angles for strafing and fragging the Defenders, and it will be easier for them to plant. And that’s why Gridlock is a really great operator. Positioning plays a major role in Siege, and to take that away from your enemies is a great step towards victory.

Gridlock's Strengths:

  • Can block roamers’ paths of attack, effectively neutralizing them from doing their roles.
  • Her Trax Stingers are very effective at denying area to Defenders, so Gridlock can basically rework enemy movements.
  • Has a very powerful weapon in the M249 SAW LMG which is unlike most LMGs, because it can reload fast.

Best builds for Gridlock:



Ying (A-Tier Crowd Control, Front Liner)

Stun grenades are great special gadgets because with them, you could rob your enemies of their sight and hearing. The problem is, it’s quite easy to avoid being blinded by stun grenades. All you have to do most of the time is turn around in time before it pops off. Ying’s special gadgets, the Candelas, however, don't have that kind of weakness. If they pop off near you, even if you turn around, you’d probably become blinded, and that’s what makes Ying a very powerful Attacker.

Her Candelas has one weakness though. Unlike the stun grenades, they don’t produce the ear ringing effect that stun grenades do, so even when an enemy is blinded by the Candela, he would still be able to hear his surroundings well. The great thing is, Ying’s special weapon, the T-95 LSW, can be equipped with a suppressor, and because of its inherent high damage, it won’t be so negatively affected by the damage penalty from the suppressor. Ying can use this weapon to finish off her blinded enemies without giving them a lot of sound cues to react to.

Ying's Strengths:

  • Very effective at blinding her enemies, even when they turn around from the Candela.
  • Her Candelas can be cooked, making them faster to pop off when thrown.
  • The Candelas, just like Fuze’s Cluster Charges, can be deployed from the other side of unreinforced walls or wooden floors, and they will release their charges on the other side.

Best builds for Ying:



Twitch (A-Tier Gadget Disabler, Intel Gatherer, Back Line Support)

Twitch is on the A-Tier list because she’s very effective at making one of the important things for Attackers to do, possible. And that’s hard breaching. With her Shock Drones, she can destroy Defender Gadgets that are preventing hard breaching. The only weakness that Twitch’s Shock Drones have is that the Defenders can shoot them. But great Twitch players can avoid getting their Shock Drones destroyed with good timing. They can also jump and they run silently, so it’s not always easy to spot them.

Of course, because they’re ultimately still drones with a camera, they’re also excellent at gathering intel while they’re neutralizing Defender gadgets. And they’re not only for enabling hard breaching. They’re also great to have for neutralizing pesky Defender gadgets such as Melusi’s Banshees and Maestro’s Evil Eyes. Twitch also has two claymores which she can use to protect herself from roamers and runouts while she’s controlling her drones. This makes Twitch one of the most versatile operators in the game, and truly an A-Tier one.

Twitch 's Strengths:

  • Excellent at neutralizing Defender gadgets, especially hard-breach preventing ones.
  • Has two claymores to protect herself from roamers or runouts while she’s operating her Shock Drones
  • Has a very powerful marksman rifle in the 417, which has a very tight hip fire, so it can be effective at close range as well.
  • Can gather intel on enemy positions while in the process of neutralizing their gadgets

Best builds for Twitch:



Lion (A-Tier Crowd Control, Intel Gatherer, Anti-Roamer)

With his EE-ONE-D scans, Lion effectively halts the movement of his enemies. That, or they’ll get pinged for several seconds if they move during the scan. This ability of Lion to mess up his enemies’ rhythm is one of the most powerful abilities in the game where movement, positioning, and intel are very important. The EE-ONE-D scans are quite loud as well, so during the few seconds that the scan is happening, it’ll be hard for Defenders to hear the sound cues that Attackers make, and that can greatly unsettle them.

But it’s not just his EE-ONE-D that makes Lion an A-Tier operator. Lion is a very versatile Attacker that can excel at any range depending on the weapon choice of the player. And the player will have great choices, because he or she can choose between an assault rifle, a shotgun, and a marksman rifle as Lion’s primary weapon. So, Lion can be played well by any player, regardless of their play style. His assault rifle though, is a unique weapon for him, and it’s one of the most perfect weapons in the game, because it has high damage, low recoil, huge magazine capacity, and it has a wide variety of attachments available to it.

Lion 's Strengths:

  • His EE-ONE-D scans can stop enemies from moving, and those who do not stop will get pinged.
  • Has a very powerful assault rifle which has high damage, low recoil, high magazine capacity, and a wide variety of attachments
  • Also has the 417-marksman rifle which of course is effective at close range, but also in close range because of its very tight hip fire, especially with a laser.

Best builds for Lion:



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