Rainbow 6 Siege Tier List [R6 Best And Worst Operators Revealed]

Operator Tier List For Rainbow 6 Siege
An up-to-date operator tier list for Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 Season 4.2

There are a total of seventy operators in Rainbow Six Siege and to the devs’ credit, they’re able to balance them out that this tier list was actually pretty hard to make because all of the operators are really good. But ultimately, there are ones that are just more useful in most situations.

That’s why I divided the operators in terms of their usefulness in most situations in Siege. Obviously, the ones at the S Tier are the ones that work best in all kinds of situations, while the ones at the bottom should not be mistaken as bad operators, but their usefulness is very situational.


S Tier – As mentioned above, the operators in this tier work well in all kinds of situations and maps in Siege. They’re basically the operators that you can’t go wrong with in picking, because their usefulness does not depend on the situation. They may not be operators that you will always need when it comes to performing certain strategies, but it certainly never hurts to have them because you just know that their capabilities will not be hindered by certain situations.

Lion: 98/100

Finka: 99/100

Dokkaebi: 97/100

Osa: 95/100

Grim: 94/100

Ying: 96/100

Brava: 98/100

Capitao: 99/100

Fenrir: 99/100

Solis: 97/100

Wamai: 98/100

Rook: 96/100

Tachanka: 93/100

Azami: 95/100

Kapkan: 94/100


A Tier – The operators in this tier are really powerful ones but they’re a step below S Tier because they’re a bit more situational. There’s just simply more situations or maps in Siege where they’ll be less effective than the ones at S Tier. But for situations where they excel, they can be very hard to stop because they’re just that powerful. They are also very useful in many situations and certain strategies such as pushing or breach prevention just to name a few.

Brava: 89/100

Sens: 87/100

Flores: 89/100

Ash: 86/100

Fuze: 87/100

IQ: 88/100

Buck: 86/100

Hibana: 88/100

Maverick: 88/100

Zofia: 89/100

Nomad: 85/100

Iana: 89/100

Thunderbird: 87/100

Smoke: 89/100

Maestro: 87/100

Alibi: 89/100

Melusi: 87/100

Valkyrie: 89/100

Kaid: 89/100

Tubarao: 86/100

Mute: 87/100

Bandit: 87/100


B Tier – These operators may be two tiers below the best but they really shouldn’t be mistaken for weak operators. They’re actually very powerful ones, but they’re a lot more situational than the ones at S and A tier. Glaz is a really good example of that. He’s one of the two dedicated snipers in the game, and for maps with long angles where he can really excel at his sniping capabilities, he probably reaches S tier, however, if the map is small and most angles are short, he’d be in a great disadvantage.

Ace: 85/100

Zero: 84/100

Blitz: 82/100

Glaz: 84/100

Sledge: 85/100

Thatcher: 85/100

Jackal: 85/100

Kali: 83/100

Montage: 82/100

Gridlock: 85/100

Lesion: 84/100

Twitch: 85/100

Thermite: 84/100

Castle: 83/100

Warden: 82/100

Goyo: 83/100

Oryx: 84/100

Vigil: 82/100

Echo: 81/100

Pulse: 83/100

Frost: 83/100

Aruni: 84/100


C Tier – Like the B Tier operators above, these operators are also very powerful, but certain situations put them in great disadvantage. Worse, they might even become liabilities to the team depending on the situation. Mira for example is an S Tier operator in certain maps and locations, but same can be said in reverse, because in some areas of the maps, if she puts up her Black Mirrors, it can even be a liability to the defending team because they’ll get easily disabled by the attackers and that in turn will provide them with more lines of sight for fragging the defending team.

Ela: 78/100

Caveira: 77/100

Blackbeard: 78/100

Jager: 76/100

Thorn: 77/100

Doc: 79/100

Clash: 76/100

Mira: 79/100

Amaru: 75/100

Mozie: 77/100

Nokk: 76/100


Lion (S Tier Map Control, Intel)

Lion is one of those operators that you just can’t go wrong with. That’s because he excels in any kind of situation or map. If you’re on the attacking side and having a hard time choosing your operator, Lion should be one of the operators to consider. His versatility comes from the fact that his special gadget’s effects are global, so no matter where he is in the map, when he activates it, it’ll have an effect on the match. He’s also one of the few operators that has three choices for his primary weapon, secondary weapon, and generic gadget. 

Because of that, the player can really adjust Lion's loadout to fit the map, situation, or their own playstyle. With that said, most players will probably go for the V308 assault rifle as their primary weapon. The V308 is Lion’s unique weapon and until now is probably the best weapon in Siege. That’s because of its high firepower, massive magazine capacity, low recoil, and compatibility with a wide variety of attachments. Because of all of these, Lion is one of the best and most convenient operators you could use in the game.

Lion’s Stats:

  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 2

Best Weapon Loadout:

  • Primary weapon - V308 with Scope 2.5x A, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip
  • Secondary weapon - LFP586 with Laser
  • Generic gadget - Stun Grenade

Lion’s Strengths:

  • His EE-ONE-D will ping an enemy that will keep on moving while the scan is on-going, making it one of the best intel gathering special gadgets in the game.
  • Most enemies will decide to stop moving when an EE-ONE-D scan is on-going, and that disrupts their momentum and attackers can gain ground without much resistance
  • Lion’s unique weapon, the V308 assault rifle, is a weapon that is close to perfect due to its high firepower, low recoil, compatibility with high-powered scopes, and huge magazine capacity

Lion’s Weaknesses:

  • His EE-ONE-D scans are quite loud and it can be heard by both the attacking and defending team, so there’s a chance that it’ll negatively affect his teammates’ hearing as well
  • His default skin is bright yellow, making it one of the worst default skins in the game because it makes him easily visible to enemies

Best Loadouts for Operator Name:



Finka (S Tier Front Line, Support)

Like Lion above, Finka’s special gadget has a global effect, and that can really make her a convenient operator to use, especially when the player is flanking. That way, the player can just watch the outline of his teammates, and when they notice that they’re in a gunfight, they can just quickly activate the Adrenal Surge with just one press of the special gadget button. Once the Adrenal Surge is activated, the whole attacking team will be tougher because each of its three activations add health points to all attackers.

That’s one of the reasons to activate it during or before a gunfight. Another reason is that each activation provides a lot of buffs for the whole attacking team. The Adrenal Surge will also revive attackers, including Finka, from a down-but-not-out state no matter where they are on the map. Because of all that, Finka is a top tier support, but the reason she’s an S Tier operator is because on top of all her support capabilities, she’s also an offensive powerhouse because of the weapon and utility choices available to her.

Finka's Stats:

  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 2

Best Weapon Loadout:

  • Primary weapon - Spear .308 with Scope 2.0x, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip
  • Secondary weapon - PMM with Muzzle Brake and Laser
  • Generic gadget - Frag Grenade

Finka's Strengths:

  • Each activation of her Adrenal Surge adds twenty health points to all attackers, making them tougher or healing them, and she can activate it three times.
  • Her Adrenal Surge will also revive any attacker who’s in a down-but-not-out state including Finka, and since its effects are global, Finka can revive a teammate who’s far from her
  • Each activation of her Adrenal Surge also provides all attackers with plenty of buffs such as faster walking through barbed wires, more resistance to tinnitus and blind effects, as well as many others

Finka's Weaknesses:

  • While active, her Adrenal Surge will create a strong heartbeat sound for all the attackers, and that can negatively affect their hearing when trying to detect enemies
  • Her Adrenal Surge will also create a blue vignette effect for all attackers which can be quite distracting and, in some situations, might even make them miss enemies

Best Loadouts for Finka:



Dokkaebi (S Tier Intel, Map Control)

If you read Lion and Finka’s entry above, you might be noticing a pattern here. Yes, the operators whose special gadget has a global effect has a high chance of being included in S Tier. When Dokkaebi activates her special, no matter where she is on the map, it’ll forcefully turn on the mobile devices of the defenders and have them ring loudly. This is an extremely useful device for intel gathering and support, and a good example of that would be with an Amaru rush.

If you’re playing Dokkaebi, all you have to do is watch out for Amaru after you spawn and time your Logic Bomb to just before she uses her Garra Hook to rush. When timed well, the loud ringing from their phones will prevent defenders from hearing Amaru’s Garra Hook so there’s more likelihood that they’ll be caught off-guard. On the other hand, Amaru will also know where the defenders are due to the sound of their mobile devices. This is just an example of how powerful Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb is, and she’s capable of even more than just the effects of her special gadget.

Dokkaebi's Stats:

  • Speed: 3
  • Health: 1

Best Weapon Loadout:

  • Primary weapon - Mk 14 EBR with Scope 3.0x, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip
  • Secondary weapon - C75 Auto with Suppressor
  • Generic gadget - Stun Grenade

Dokkaebi's Strengths:

  • Her Logic Bomb special gadget forcefully turns on defenders’ mobile devices and have them ring loudly, effectively compromising their current position
  • The loud ringing from the defenfenders’ mobile devices due to the Logic Bomb is also good for masking the sound cues that the attacking team makes while they’re pushing
  • Dokkaebi can also hack a dead defender’s mobile device, and once the hack is successful, all attacking team members will have access to all the defenders’ cameras

Dokkaebi's Weaknesses:

  • It takes four seconds for Dokkaebi to activate her Logic Bomb and six seconds for her to hack a dead defender’s mobile device, during which she’ll be completely vulnerable.
  • She lacks a fully automatic weapon as one of her choices for primary weapon which can be daunting for players who are new to the game

Best Loadouts for Dokkaebi:



Osa (S Tier Intel, Support)

Osa being included in the list of S Tier operators might surprise many, and that’s because she’s still quite an underrated operator. But if you think about it, she’s the only attacker that is capable of creating map setups. That’s something that was only reserved to defenders before she was added to the game. That’s an S Tier ability because it helps the attacking team a lot. That’s possible because of her special gadget, the Talon-8 Clear Shield. These shields are bulletproof and can be held by Osa in front of her as she’s moving, or be deployed to the ground or be attached on entryways.

While she’s holding her Talon-8 Clear Shield, it would be indestructible. That’s because it’s still in its compact state. Once deployed, however, the shield expands and becomes thinner. Making it susceptible to being destroyed by explosions such as from impact grenades. Aside from that weakness though, the setups that are possible because of them are great because they offer more cover for the attackers. Just think about it, a post-defuser plant play with the attackers watching the defuser site through Osa’s Clear Shields, will be really hard to counter.

Osa's Stats:

  • Speed: 1
  • Health: 3

Best Weapon Loadout:

  • Primary weapon - 556XI with Scope 2.5x A, Flash Hider, and Angled Grip
  • Secondary weapon - PMM with Suppresor and Laser
  • Generic gadget - Frag Grenade

Osa's Strengths:

  • She’s the only attacker that is capable of creating map setups due to her Talon-8 Clear Shield which is bulletproof and can be deployed to the ground or attached to entryways
  • Even when she’s not using her Talon-8 Clear Shield, she’s a strong operator with good offensive capabilities due to her weapon and utility choices
  • There are a lot of creative and tactical ways to use her Talon-8 Clear Shield. It can even be used to block out a window that’s commonly used by defenders for peaking.

Osa's Weaknesses:

  • She now has a 3-health rating which makes her tougher but also slower, and that lessens her versatility. So now, most of the time, Osa will really have to stick to the team’s main push.
  • Her Talon-8 Clear Shield can easily be destroyed by impact grenades once deployed to the ground or attached to windows or doorways

Best Loadouts for Osa:



Grim (S Tier Front Line, Map Control)

Grim is one of the few operators that started out very unpopular due to the community perceiving them as weak. But as time went on with the devs taking into account the feedback from the community, Grim started receiving buffs after buffs, and now is actually an S Tier operator. His special gadget, the Kawan Hive Launcher, deploys Kawan Hives which populate a large area with nanobots that resemble bees, and when a defender touches any one of them, they’ll get pinged in real time for several seconds.

That means Grim is a great intel-gatherer as well as an area-denial operator because defenders will try their best to avoid stepping into the radius of his Kawan Hives. The thing is that he can deploy five Kawan Hives and the devs have made their radius larger. They also gave Grim more versatility in the deployment of his Kawan Hives. Nowadays, he has a choice between deploying them normally, which means having them stick to the surface that they hit, or be bouncy, which allows Grim to deploy them even from behind cover.

Grim’s Stats:

  • Speed: 3
  • Health: 1

Best Weapon Loadout:

  • Primary weapon - 552 Commando with Scope 2.0x, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip
  • Secondary weapon - Bailiff 410 with Laser
  • Generic gadget - Claymore

Grim’s Strengths:

  • His Kawan Hives have large radiuses and enemies who enter them will be pinged in real time for several seconds for all the attacking team members to see
  • Defenders will do their best to avoid entering the radius of a Kawan Hive and that makes it a great area-denial device as much as an intel-gathering one
  • Grim can now deploy his Kawan Hives in two ways, one’s the standard mode which is basically a sticky mode, and the other is the bouncy mode, which allows him to deploy his Kawan Hives from behind cover

Grim’s Weaknesses:

  • He can leave himself completely vulnerable while trying to launch his Kawan Hives, especially while deciding which mode to use
  • His Kawan Hives can be deployed from a distance, but for them to be effective, Grim has to get close to the area where he wants to deploy them and that could leave him vulnerable

Best Loadouts for Grim:



Ying (S Tier Front Line, Map Control)

Out of all the attackers, Ying probably has the most offensive capability. That’s because of her special gadget, the Candela Device, as well as the weapon and utility choices that she has access to. Her Candela Device is easily one of the most dreaded special gadgets in the game. That’s because each of her four Candelas can blind operators much more effectively than normal stun grenades. And because she has four Candelas, Ying is one of the few operators in the game that can easily wipe out multiple enemies in a room.

The way her Candelas work is that they release several micro stun grenades when they go off and each of the micro stun grenades have a wide range. That’s why it’s very hard to avoid getting blinded by them. On top of that, Ying also has her unique weapon, the T-95 LSW which is a light machine gun that is actually more akin to an assault rifle. It has high stopping power, very manageable recoil, compatibility with high-powered scopes, and as an LMG, it has a huge magazine capacity. All of that makes Ying a one-woman army and definitely an S Tier operator.

Ying's Stats:

  • Speed: 3
  • Health: 1

Best Weapon Loadout:

  • Primary weapon - T-95 LSW with Scope 2.0x, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip
  • Secondary weapon - Q-929 with Muzzle Brake and Laser
  • Generic gadget - Hard Breach Charge

Ying's Strengths:

  • She has four Candela Devices and each of them are great for blinding opponents because they release micro stun grenades, and their range is deceivingly far
  • She has the T-95 LSW which has high stopping power, very manageable recoil, compatibility with high-powered scopes, and a massive magazine capacity.
  • Because of her Candela Devices as well as her weaponry and other utilities, Ying is one of the few operators in the game that can easily wipe out a room with multiple enemies

Ying's Weaknesses:

  • If the Ying player doesn’t coordinate well with her teammates, she can end up blinding them because the Candela Device affects both allies and foes
  • Unlike ordinary stun grenades, the Candelas do not inflict a tinnitus effect, so even when blinded, enemies might be able to counter through sound cues.

Best Loadouts for Ying:



Brava (S Tier Intel, Anti-Gadget)

Siege is one of the first, if not the first multiplayer shooter that introduced the concept of special gadgets or abilities for each operator in the game. These special gadgets, and even the generic gadgets in Siege play a huge role in its gameplay, so to have the power to convert enemy gadgets to your side is definitely S Tier. That’s precisely what Brava’s Kludge Drones can do. Take note, however, that the Kludge Drones can only convert electronic gadgets, and there are a few of them that they can’t convert.

With that said, the enemy electronic gadgets that the Kludge Drones can’t convert will instead be disabled, which really makes Brava a really powerful gadget disabler. She has two Kludge Drones and each of them can shoot three lasers that would either convert or disable defender electronic gadgets. That means Brava can take away six gadgets from her enemies and that’s a lot. Also, a lot of the electronic gadgets that she can convert can deal damage like Maestro’s Evil Eyes or Kapkan’s EDDs, so she can make it so that the defenders can get injured or killed with their own gadgets.

Brava's Stats:

  • Speed: 3
  • Health: 1

Best Weapon Loadout:

  • Primary weapon - Para-308 with Scope 1.5x, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip
  • Secondary weapon - Super Shorty with Reflex B and Laser
  • Generic gadget - Claymore

Brava's Strengths:

  • She’s the only operator in the game that is capable of converting her enemies’ gadgets to their side, and that’s a very unique and powerful ability in Siege
  • The enemy electronic gadgets that her Kludge Drones can’t convert will instead be disabled, so either way, Brava will be taking away those gadgets from her enemies
  • She also has excellent offensive and defensive capabilities with her Para-308 assault rifle and her claymores which can protect her from run outs and roamers

Brava's Weaknesses:

  • She can leave herself vulnerable to enemy attacks while she’s controlling her Kludge Drones so she better place her claymores well or ask a teammate to protect her
  • She has a 3-speed rating which allows her to move fast and catch up to teammates well, but that also means that she can only endure a few shots before being taken out

Best Loadouts for Brava:



Capitao (S Tier Front Line, Map Control)

Capitao might be the most underrated operator out there because there’s not much talk about him in the Siege community being OP, and sometimes, I would get a comment that I’m ranking him too high, however, I stand by it when I say that he’s actually OP as hell and he deserves to be in the S Tier. He’s practically the perfect attacker to have. First, he has great offensive capabilities with his Para-308 assault rifle inflicting high damage per shot with low recoil and being compatible to the scope 1.5x.

Secondly, he possesses the capability to create cover for the attacking team’s push with the two micro smoke grenades that he can shoot from his Tactical Crossbow. He also has the capability to perform area denial to his enemies with the two asphyxiating bolts that he can also fire from his Tactical Crossbow, as each of them can cover a large area in fire for several seconds. His generic gadget choices are also great since the claymore is useful for countering roamers, and the hard breach charges are great for pushing. Seriously, Capitao is a very versatile operator and the Siege community should give him more love.

Capitao's Stats:

  • Speed: 3
  • Health: 1

Best Weapon Loadout:

  • Primary weapon - Para-308 with Scope 2.0x, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip
  • Secondary weapon - Gonne-6
  • Generic gadget - Claymore

Capitao's Strengths:

  • He can shoot two micro smoke grenades from his Tactical Crossbow which is great for providing cover for the attacking team’s push and defuser plant attempt
  • He can also shoot two asphyxiating bolts from his Tactical Crossbow and each of them can cover a large area in fire, making them great area-denial devices
  • Capitao has the Para-308 assault rifle which is great offensively, and he can also bring claymores which are great for defense against run outs and roamers

Capitao's Weaknesses:

  • He can leave himself vulnerable when trying to use his Tactical Crossbow, so it’s quite risk to use when he’s alone
  • The asphyxiating bolts from his Tactical Crossbow can be dangerous if not shot well because the fire from them can also damage teammates

Best Loadouts for Capitao:



Fenrir (S Tier Trapper, Crowd Control)

Fenrir is the third newest operator in Siege, and right from the get go, players knew that he’s quite overpowered and that’s why he now has the highest ban rate in consoles and the second highest ban rate on PC, which is honestly almost just a tie with Kapkan. Obviously, that translates to him being an S Tier operator. All of that is because of his special gadget, the Dread Mine, and how he has so much control over them. He has five Dread Mines and once they’re deployed, they start off in a closed state, which means they’re bulletproof.

They only lose that bulletproof state when Fenrir makes them active because that opens their outer covering. However, when a Dread Mine is active, it will severely limit the vision range of any attacker that’s inside its radius. Making them very susceptible to being fragged by a defender. Fenrir can only have three Dread Mines active at a time, but another thing that makes him very powerful is that he can deactivate or activate a Dread Mine even from the otherside of a concrete wall. That means he has great control over them and he can easily activate the Dread Mines in the direction from which the attackers are pushing.

Fenrir's Stats:

  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 2

Best Weapon Loadout:

  • Primary weapon - MP7 with Red Dot A and Suppressor
  • Secondary weapon - Bailiff 410 with Laser
  • Generic gadget - Barbed Wire

Fenrir's Strengths:

  • His active Dread Mines will severely limit the vision range of enemies within their radius, essentially making them sitting ducks for the defenders
  • He has five Dread Mines and can have three of them active at the same time. He also has great control over them since he can activate or deactivate them through walls
  • His Dread Mines are quite overpowered especially when used in conjunction with other defenders’ special gadgets that slow enemies down like Melusi’s Banshees or Lesion’s Gu Mines

Fenrir's Weaknesses:

  • With his weapon and utility choices, Fenrir lacks offensive power, at least for medium to long-range shooting, because he does have the powerful SASG-12 shotgun
  • He can be quite difficult to use, especially for newer players, because it involves multitasking between dealing with opponents and managing his Dread Mines

Best Loadouts for Fenrir:



Solis (S Tier Intel, Support)

Solis is one of the newest operators in Siege but she’s been propelled to the S Tier class almost immediately after her release because her special gadget really changed the dynamics of the game as well as how intel on enemies can be gathered. With her SPEC-IO Electro Sensor special gadget, she can detect in real time the position of attacker electronic gadgets. It’s sort of like how IQ’s Electronics Detector works, but Solis’ only works when it has a charge which depletes whenever she’s using it.

That doesn’t mean that it’s any weaker than IQ’s Electronics Detector, however, because the SPEC-IO Electro Sensor can be charged back up quite quickly just by not using it, and it has a special function that IQ’s Electronics Detector can’t do. That is providing Solis with the ability to perform cluster scans which will tag attacker electronic devices that she’s detected for the whole defending team to see. That’s a really fast and convenient way of sharing intel, which is really useful, especially on many servers that have a lot of language barriers.

Solis' Stats:

  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 2

Best Weapon Loadout:

  • Primary weapon - P90 with Red Dot A and Suppressor
  • Secondary weapon - SMG-11 with Red Dot A, Flash Hider, and Vertical Grip
  • Generic gadget - Impact Grenade

Solis' Strengths:

  • With her SPEC-IO Electro Sensor, she can detect enemy electronics in real-time, and that allows her to destroy them effectively, making it difficult for attackers to leave drones behind for surveillance
  • Her being able to detect enemy electronics in real time also gives her a good idea of where the opponents are and where they plan on pushing
  • She can also perform cluster scans which will tag the enemy electronic devices she’s detected for all of her teammates to see

Solis' Weaknesses:

  • Her SPEC-IO Electro Sensor has a charge which depletes while she’s actively using it, so she has to time her usage of it for it to be effective during crucial times
  • She can’t use any weapons while her SPEC-IO Electro Sensor is active, and that could leave her vulnerable during sudden engagements with enemies

Best Loadouts for Solis:



Wamai (S Tier Anti-Gadget, Trapper)

Wamai is in the S Tier class because he’s almost a requirement to have for every defending team in competitive matches. That’s because right now, he’s the best defender to have in order for the attacking team’s grenades to not work. With his Mag-NETs, he can render the attacking team’s grenades useless, and that’s a great thing to have when defending because frag grenades, stun grenades, and smoke grenades, can really cause a lot of trouble to the defenders, even after the frag grenades have been nerfed.

The great thing is that Wamai’s Mag-NETs can pull more than just grenades. They can also render most enemy projectiles useless like the ones from special gadgets. For his offensive capabilities, Wamai has a really reliable weapon in the MP5K submachine gun which he can equip with a scope 1.5x, making it easier for the user to target their enemies. He also has impact grenades which makes it very easy for the user to rework the map with rotation holes. And speaking of reworking the map, Wamai also has the Kerators .357 which has a very high destruction rate per shot.

Wamai's Stats:

  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 2

Best Weapon Loadout:

  • Primary weapon - MP5K with Scope 1.5x and Suppressor
  • Secondary weapon - Keratos .357 with Muzzle Brake and Laser
  • Generic gadget - Impact Grenade

Wamai's Strengths:

  • With his Mag-NETs, he’s able to render enemy projectiles, especially grenades, completely useless, and he can deploy six of them per round
  • He has a very reliable submachine gun in the MP5K which he can equip with a scope 1.5x, allowing him to target enemies well regardless of the distance
  • He has access to impact grenades which allows him to quickly make rotation holes or counter Osa, and he also has the Keratos .357 handgun which has high destruction rate per shot

Wamai's Weaknesses:

  • Unlike Jager’s ADS, Wamai’s Mag-NETs do not completely destroy the projectile that they intercept. They just pull them towards them, away from their original trajectory.
  • Since he can only deploy six Mag-NETs per round, he can only intercept six enemy projectiles, unlike Jager’s ADS which can intercept any enemy projectile as long as they’re not in cooldown

Best Loadouts for Wamai:



Rook (S Tier Support)

The cool thing is that they featured Rook in the latest cinematic trailer for Siege’s Operation Deadly Omen, and in that trailer, we can see Rook show off his ability to pick himself up after being put in a down-but-not-out state. That’s because the relatively recent rework on his character made it so that his Armor Plates now gives the wearer the ability to revive themselves from a down-but-not-out state, and Rook, as soon as he deploys the Armor Pack that contains his Armor Plates, automatically wears one.

That’s of course not the only reason why Rook is an S Tier operator. Since there’s five Armor Plates in his Armor Pack, all five of the defending team members can have extra armor and the ability to revive themselves from a down-but-not-out state. That means Rook has a great positive effect on his whole team, and that makes him worthy of being in the S Tier class, because Siege, after all, is a team-based game. He’s also one of the very few defenders that has access to a high-powered scope like the scope 2.0x.

Rook’s Stats:

  • Speed: 1
  • Health: 3

Best Weapon Loadout:

  • Primary weapon - MP5 with Scope 2.0x, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip
  • Secondary weapon - LFP586 with Laser
  • Generic gadget - Impact Grenade

Rook’s Strengths:

  • Through his Armor Plates, he’s able to give a huge armor buff to himself and all of his teammates, effectively making the whole defending team tougher to take down
  • His Armor Plates also give the wearer the ability to self-revive from a down-but-not-out state, which provides the whole defending team a second chance from a dbno state.
  • He’s one of the very few defenders that has access to the scope 2.0x which allows him to effectively trade fire with attackers from medium to long range

Rook’s Weaknesses:

  • The fully automatic weapons available to him doesn’t have high firepower and that’s to balance out all of his great defensive capabilities
  • His 3-armor rating makes him very hard to take down but also makes him one of the slowest and noisiest operators around

Best Loadouts for Rook:



Tachanka (S Tier Anti-Entry, Crowd Control)

If you’ve been playing Siege since the old school days, like from release up to just a few years ago, you’d know that Tachanka used to be just a meme operator. Though I actually liked his old special gadget. The Siege meme community was full of Tachanka memes sarcastically calling him Lord Tachanka. However, the overall rework on his character as well as the subsequent changes to his loadouts has propelled him into S Tier status and is now actually a very viable operator to use in competitive matches.

That’s because with his Shumikha Launcher special gadget, he can deny area to attackers for long periods of time. The recent buffs also made it so that he can now attach the scopes 1.5x or 2.0x to his 9x19VSN submachine gun, making him one of the very few defenders that has access to the scope 2.0x. His DP27 light machine gun was also recently buffed and now inflicts more damage as a result. That’s on top of it being one of the most useful utilities in the game because of its high destruction rate per shot which is really useful for setting up the map to the defending team’s advantage.

Tachanka's Stats:

  • Speed: 1
  • Health: 3

Best Weapon Loadout:

  • Primary weapon - DP27 with Red Dot A
  • Secondary weapon - Bearing 9 with Red Dot A and Flash Hider
  • Generic gadget - Deployable Shield

Tachanka's Strengths:

  • With his Shumikha Launcher which can fire several fire grenades, Tachanka can deny area to his enemies for a very long time
  • His DP27 have been recently buffed and now inflicts more damage per shot, and his 9x19VSN submachine gun can now be equipped with a scope 2.0x
  • Since the fire grenades from his Shumikha Launcher bounces off surfaces, he can deploy them from behind cover, effectively giving him more versatility as a defender

Tachanka's Weaknesses:

  • His DP27 unique weapon has great firepower and can be used as a utility for reworking the map, but it can’t be equipped with a high-powered scope and its reload is very slow
  • His 3-health rating makes him one of the slowest defenders in the game, and that limits his versatility because with that health rating, it can be difficult for him to roam or even flank

Best Loadouts for Tachanka:



Kapkan (S Tier Anti-Entry, Trapper)

Kapkan has suffered a lot of nerfs in recent times, and that’s because he truly was overpowered before those nerfs. It used to be that he can attach a scope 1.5x to his 9x19VSN submachine gun but that’s gone now, and his choices for his secondary gadget used to be impact grenades and nitro cell. However, the scope 1.5x and the impact grenades are gone from his arsenal now, and that doesn’t really change the fact that he’s still an S Tier operator. That’s because of the high impact he has in the match whenever he’s around.

Obviously, that’s because of his special gadget, the Entry Denial Device or EDD for short. He has five EDDs in total and each one of them deals huge damage. Two of them are usually enough to kill or at least put an operator in a down-but-not-out state, and three of them will surely inflict a fatality. Since he can now put more than one of them in one entryway, it forces attackers to go slower in their attack in order to check every entryway, and those who aren’t careful enough oftentimes get killed. In other words, despite the nerfs, just his presence alone has a huge impact in the dynamics of the match, and that’s worthy of being put in the S Tier class.

Kapkan’s Stats:

  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 2

Best Weapon Loadout:

  • Primary weapon - 9x19VSN with Scope 1.5x, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip
  • Secondary weapon - PMM with Muzzle Brake and Laser
  • Generic gadget - Impact Grenade

Kapkan’s Strengths:

  • His presence alone makes attackers uneasy and slower because they’ll have to check every entryway they’re going through if they don’t want to get badly damaged or killed
  • He can deploy multiple EDDs in one entryway which makes it so that an attacker that goes through that entryway without checking first will surely get killed
  • Despite losing its compatibility with the scope 1.5x, Kapkan’s 9x19VSN is still a great weapon for close to medium range, not to mention the fact that he can also run with the SASG-12 shotgun

Kapkan’s Weaknesses:

  • Kapkan has recently lost his impact grenades, so he now doesn’t have the capability to create rotation holes unless he’s using the SASG-12 shotgun or his nitro cell
  • While the 9x19VSN is still a good weapon, losing its scope 1.5x is a huge blow to Kapkan players, because now, it’ll be harder to target enemies at medium to long range

Best Loadouts for Kapkan:



Azami (S Tier

Azami might be due to a nerf next season, but even then, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s clearly an S Tier operator even with the nerf on her Kiba Barriers. That’s because she’s the only defender that can create more cover for the defending team’s protection, and the covers that she can make can be put in many angles or spots. That’s of course much better than deployable shields, because those can only be deployed on the ground, but with Azamis Kiba Barriers, the user can be really creative.

Right now, her Kiba Barriers are still bulletproof and the only way to destroy them is through explosives or three melee hits. The next season will change that, and the Kiba Barriers will be destroyable through gunshots. However, it can take a lot of bullets to destroy a Kiba Barrier. For example, the 556xi assault rifle will take 36 bullets in order to destroy a Kiba Barrier. That’s a lot and that means most attackers will have to reload once after or while destroying a Kiba Barrier, so I reckon that even next season, Azami will still be an S Tier operator.

Azami’s Stats:

  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 2

Best Weapon Loadout:

  • Primary weapon - ACS12 with Scope 1.5x and Angled Grip
  • Secondary weapon - D-50 with Suppressor and Laser
  • Generic gadget – Barbed Wire

Azami’s Strengths:

  • With her Kiba Barriers, she’s able to provide more cover for her and her teammates, as well as being able to create more setups in the objective spot
  • She has access to the great ACS12 slug shotgun which is fully automatic and is capable of headshots. She can also equip it with a scope 1.5x.
  • She can also use her Kiba Barriers for creating quick fixes on breached walls, and they can also be used to block drone holes, making it harder for attackers to gather intel.

Azami’s Weaknesses:

  • She can only deploy five Kiba Barriers per round and once deployed, they can’t be retrieved and deployed somewhere else, so she has to use them wisely each time.
  • Her Kiba Barriers can be destroyed with three melee attacks, explosions, and in the upcoming season, they’ll also be destroyed when they get hit a lot by bullets.

Best Loadouts for Azami:



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