[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Flores Loadouts

R6 best Flores Loadouts
He gives me Lupin the Third vibes

Team Rainbow’s Robin Hood. Kinda unusual for someone with a criminal background to be working hand in hand with law enforcement agents, but considering that we already have Smoke who uses a chemical weapon, this is actually wholesome. Seriously though, his exploding drones are very effective at flushing out enemies from their hiding places, making them vulnerable from other angles. And of course, Flores has a mix of effective loadout choices in order to take advantage of those instances.


5. AR33 with 1.5x Scope, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip + GSH-18 with Muzzle Brake + Claymore

Flores can’t be a proper burglar without utilizing stealth

You’ll keep your enemies guessing with this loadout. The suppressor will prevent them from getting the directional threat indicator that tells them where the shots are coming from. Wouldn’t it be fun to make them run from your exploding drone and strafing at them, all while they have no clear idea where the shots are coming from? Using stealth will also allow you to move into strategic positions safer.

Always shoot defender cameras with your suppressed AR33 so that you won’t alert your enemies. And since you already have a suppressor on your primary, you can go all out with damage and recoil benefits on your secondary gun. 

Excels in:

  • Stealth
  • Close to medium range


4. SR-25 with 3.0x Scope, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip + GSH-18 with Muzzle Brake + Claymore

Suppressors are perfect for marksman rifles

Even with the damage reduction penalty from the suppressor, the SR-25 still does 51 damage, and that’s still very high, considering the benefits that you’ll receive from the suppressor. As explained above, it prevents enemies from immediately knowing where you’re shooting them from. It also doesn’t just muffle the sound of your gunshots; it also robs your enemies of visual intel on where you’re shooting them from because it also hides the muzzle flash. 

It's just an added bonus that it won’t nearly deafen you with each shot because unsuppressed marksman rifles are terribly loud and can prevent you from hearing flanking enemy footsteps. Deploy the claymore on runout spots or above stairs where its lasers won’t easily be seen. It will be your protection while you’re sniping enemies who are running away from your exploding drones.

Excels in:

  • Medium to long range


3. SR-25 with 3.0x Scope, Muzzle Brake, and Vertical Grip + GSH-18 with Suppressor + Claymore

Each shot that hits the mark will make a big difference

Without a suppressor, the SR-25 has 61 damage. Even one hit with it will shave a lot of hp from the enemy. While you won’t be stealthy at all with this primary, it will serve other purposes other than being an hp drain to whoever gets hit by it. Due to its loud noise, it will be instantly clear to defenders that there’s a sniper out there. And that will make them extra wary of windows. That will hamper their mobility and the loud gunshot noises can serve as a distraction for your teammates.

When it is available, always choose the 3.0x scope rather than the 2.5x. Not only does the 3.0x have better zoom. It also doesn’t obstruct your view as much as the 2.5x scope does with its thick edges.

Excels in:

  • Medium to Long-range


2. AR33 with 1.5x Scope, Compensator, and Angled Grip + GSH-18 with Suppressor + Claymore

Accuracy for sustained firing

The compensator will reduce random recoil and the overall recoil in all directions. This will provide you with a more stable feeling when it comes to long sustained firing. Which you’ll do a lot with Flores, since you’ll be strafing at enemies fleeing your exploding drones. And since you’d mostly be shooting after monitoring your drone, speed is important. The angled grip will provide that. It will allow you to go into aim-down-sights (ads) position a lot quicker.

Make it a habit to always shoot defender cameras with your suppressed handgun when the area is clear. This will prevent enemies from being alerted to your position.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


1. AR33 with 1.5x Scope, Flash Hider, and Angled Grip + GSH-18 with Suppressor + Claymore

They won’t even know what hit them

The flash hider is great for guns like the AR33 that has an inherent low recoil and small recoil diamond. It’s great for reducing the vertical weapon kick, and for guns that have a strong muzzle flash, it's an overall good idea to eliminate it, because the muzzle flash can blur your screen while you’re shooting. Eliminating the muzzle flash also prevents enemies from immediately noticing where you’re shooting them from, preventing them from returning fire immediately.

This is the most balanced Flores loadout, combining the recoil benefits of the flash hider and the speed of the angled grip which is always important for operators like Flores who constantly have to switch between his loadouts and special gadget.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


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