[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Operators to Unlock First (2022 Edition)

Top 10 R6 Best Operators to Unlock First
Ela is not in the list. She’s pretty tricky to use after all. But because she’s pretty, she’s guaranteed to catch attention.

10. Thermite

He only costs 1k renown to unlock, but he’s one of the most picked operators in ranked matches, because his hard breaching capabilities helps the team a lot. So, Thermite is a really good operator to practice early on. It will allow you to learn the places where you need to breach. That means more map knowledge. And his 556xi is very easy to control despite its high stopping power. Beginners will definitely enjoy playing the role of this hard breacher.

Excels in:

  • Powerful entry fragger
  • Major role for teamplay
  • Creating entry points

Best loadouts for Thermite:



9. Finka

The more life you have, the more chances you have to acquire experience. And acquiring experience goes a long way in Siege. With Finka, the player can contribute a lot to the team because of her healing ability, reload speed boost, as well as other buffs. With the most recent update, Finka can also now revive herself, and for a beginner, that’s a really nice perk to have. Finka’s guns are easy to use, and her frag grenades will allow you to get more kills.

What makes Finka great:

  •  Healing herself and her allies
  • Overwhelming the enemies with firepower
  • Supporting her teammates by buffing them

Best loadout for Finka:



8. Zofia

Zofia is a very solid and balanced operator to have, and it’ll be a good foundation for a starting player to practice her. Her special gadget can fire concussion and impact grenades and is quite straight-forward to use. Though, if you’re a beginner, I don’t recommend using her M762 because its recoil is very hard to control. Go for the LMG-E instead because it's easy to control, has a lot of fire power, and it has a huge bullet capacity.

What makes Zofia great:

  • Entry fragging
  • Rushing
  • Flanking

Best loadouts for Zofia:



7. Thatcher

Contributing to the team is a very big part of Siege, and using Thatcher will allow beginners to contribute to their team in a big way. It’ll also let them be more familiar with enemy gadgets and where they’re usually being placed. The availability of the claymore is also great for beginners because it will allow them to cover their behind and just focus on what’s in front of them. His main guns are also quite easy to use and their recoil easy to control.

What makes Thatcher great:

  • Team contribution
  • Defender gadget familiarity
  • Easy to control guns

Best loadouts for Thatcher:



6. Ash

Ash is a great first operator to have because her gadget is very easy to use. Aim it on the soft wall, trigger it, and it will create a huge entry point for you and your teammates. It’s very straight forward and Ash’s guns are easy to use as well because of the attachments available to them. Her 3-speed rating will also allow the starting player to move around easier. And her firepower will surely allow the player to get kills, whether the player is a beginner or not.

What makes Ash great:

  • Rushing
  • Entry fragging
  • Breaching unreinforced walls and barricades

Best loadouts for Ash:



5. Vigil

Vigil is a very straight forward operator to use, one click and you’ve already activated his special gadget which will allow you to confuse the hell out of your opponents. His main role is roaming too, and that’s important for beginners because roaming is the best way to acquire map familiarity. Using Vigil will let the player acquire a lot of experience and learn about angles in the maps as well as using Vigil’s impact grenades to make rotation or escape holes.

What makes Vigil great:

  • Excellent roamer
  • Easy to use special gadget
  • Easy to control gun

Best loadouts for Vigil:



4. Lesion

Lesion is definitely one of the operators that you should aim to unlock as soon as you get 10k renown or 240 R6 credits. He is a very versatile operator equipped with tools that can help you learn a lot as well. His guns and special gadget are easy to use, and an experienced teammate could teach you where to make a rotation hole using your impact grenade. 

What makes Lesion great:

  • Intel gathering
  • Disrupting the attackers’ rhythm
  • Anti-rush
  • Contributing to the team even when player is dead

Best loadouts for Lesion:



3. Rook

Rook is one of the best operators to unlock first, not only because of the cheap renown or r6 credits price, but also because of what he brings to the player and the whole team. Even if it’s the player’s first game, he or she is already contributing a lot to the team just by picking rook because his armor plates give a really nice armor buff to everyone in the team. That, and his 3-armor rating will also make it tougher for him to get killed, allowing the starting player to have more chances to get experience in the match.

What makes Rook great:

  • Ease of use
  • Tough armor so even beginners won’t die easily.
  • His guns have low recoil

Best loadouts for Rook:



2. Kapkan

The best operators to unlock first are those who are like Kapkan who, even after they’re killed, can still contribute greatly to the team. New players will be able to know more about the maps as well and memorize some angles while placing Kapkan’s EDDs. Of course, the best thing is that even if they get killed, there’s a high chance that they’ll still get a kill from the EDDs, and that’s always a nice morale booster for those who are starting with the game.

What makes Kapkan great:

  • Disrupting enemy rhythm
  • Preventing enemies from pushing
  • Enemy presence alarm
  • Contributing to the team even when player is dead

Best loadouts for Kapkan:



1. Frost

Frost is always my first recommendation when beginners ask me who to unlock first. As soon as they have enough renown or r6 credits of course. What makes Frost one of the best operators for a beginner is that her guns are very easy to use. Their recoil isn’t rough, and the game sense required to shoot them well is pretty basic. Frost’s gadget also allows new players to know more about the maps as well, and every bit of additional knowledge on the maps goes a long way when it comes to playing Siege.

What makes Frost Great:

  • Disabling enemies
  • Contributing to the team even when player is dead
  • More map familiarity for beginners

Best loadouts for Frost:



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