R6 Frost Guide: How To Play Frost Like A Pro [25 Useful Frost Tips You Should Know]

Frost Guide For R6 Siege: 25 Useful Tips Frost Players Should Know
In this article, we are going to discuss twenty five very important things that players should do and remember when playing this excellent trapper operator

25. Deploy Your Welcome Mat on an Unexpected Spot


When going against experienced players, you shouldn’t really place your Welcome Mats below windows that aren’t high pressure points, or near where you’re anchoring. That’s because they will likely look down while vaulting through a window to see if there’s a Welcome Mat, and if they see it, they’ll just shoot it and your Welcome Mat will be wasted. Unless of course you’re near and you’re using the Welcome Mat as a distraction to frag the Attacker.

Remember that when you’re using Frost, you have three Welcome Mats available to you, and they’re actually quite versatile. Like mentioned above, you can use one or two of them on high pressure points in order to distract your enemies, and you can use the remaining ones as traps on unexpected spots like the one that the video above shows. That spot is not a common area for Welcome Mats so it’s unlikely that an enemy would expect one there.


24. Don't Underestimate the Super 90


While I would recommend Frost players to generally go with her 9mm C1 because it’s a lot easier to use and more versatile, her Super 90 shotgun isn’t something to sleep on either. The Super 90 is a highly destructive shotgun and can take down an enemy with just one shot at its optimal range. Because of its high destruction profile per shot, it’s very useful as a utility tool, and is a great weapon for close quarters combat.

So, when you’re only planning on anchoring and the objective spot has a lot of choke points. Opting for the Super 90 instead of the 9mm C1 is not a bad idea. Because at close range, the Super 90 will definitely have the superiority, and is great for players who are experienced in using shotguns. It’s also a great partner with Frost’s deployable shield wherein you can just crouch behind it and when you see an enemy appear at close range through its slits, you can just stand really quickly and hit him with a heavy shot from the Super 90.


23. Use This Deadly Combo with Azami


Like mentioned above, even though Frost isn’t really part of the meta right now, she’s a very powerful operator and her Welcome Mats are actually quite versatile. There are many tricks to hiding them. Some are outright glitch in the game like the one where Frost Mats becomes almost invisible when placed on the blue carpet on the top white area in Kafe’s third floor.

This one is the most recently discovered Welcome Mat trick. It’s been uploaded in the Jager Himself Too channel, a Siege channel that has become popular for uploading very sneaky tricks in the game, and since it’s uploaded days after the new season came out, it’s safe to say that it still works. All you have to do is destroy parts of a wooden floor, place a Welcome Mat on top of the destroyed part, and have Azami cover it. 


22. The Frost and Clash Combo


When you’re playing as Frost and you have a Clash on the team, communicate with her and tell her to guard an entrance for a preferably small room, like the hookah in Coastline’s second floor. You can place your Welcome Mat on the side of the entrance so that the Attackers won’t see it. And with Clash blocking the entrance, there’s a high chance that Attackers will rush her.

That’s where the magic happens. Because it’s very tempting to rush Clash since her shield sways widely when hit with a melee attack, it is highly likely that one or two attackers will do it. All Clash has to do is back away a bit when Attackers rush her, and one of them will fall and get trapped by the Welcome Mat you’ve placed on the side of the entrance. This is one of the trickiest ways to use Frost in coordination with another teammate.


21. Bring an Extra Welcome Mat When Roaming


The Welcome Mats are really valuable in the defense of the objective spot, especially when placed on high pressure points like mentioned in one of the earliest entries. That’s because their mere presence will force Attackers to be more careful when pushing, and most importantly, the Attackers will also be forced to look down while vaulting, leaving them vulnerable to Defender fire for one second. So, it’s highly recommended to leave at least two Welcome Mats around the objective spot or near it.

Of course, when you’re only planning on anchoring the objective spot, you should place all three of them around the area. But if you’re going to roam, bring one with you, because that one Welcome Mat will be really handy when enemies begin hunting you. Like what was shown in the video, the player used a Welcome Mat while roaming and the Attacker didn’t expect it because they’re in an area far away from the objective spot.


20. When to Use the MK1 9mm

Of course, it’s generally better to use Frost’s shotgun as her secondary weapon because it’s a great utility tool for destroying portions of the soft walls, creating rotation holes, or murder holes. But Frost’s MK1 9mm handgun is also great, especially when you already have the Super 90 shotgun as your primary. And like I said in one of the entries above, the Super 90 shotgun is not something to be slept on because it’s also great in certain areas.

With the Super 90 shotgun as your primary, you won’t really be needing the ITA12S shotgun as your secondary because the Super 90 can take care of its utility uses. What I would recommend is, if you already have a shotgun as your primary, use the MK 9mm as your secondary weapon and equip it with a suppressor. That way you can shoot Attacker drones in silence, and you can frag enemies with it at medium range without giving them a directional threat indicator of where your shots are coming from.


19. The Flash Hider on the 9mm C1

Operation Brutal Swarm came in with a lot of changes in the operator loadouts as well as the recoil progression of guns across the board. Frost players would be glad to know that her 9mm C1 now has a lot more attachments available to it. Before this season, Frost’s 9mm C1 only had two options for its barrel attachment, and those were the suppressor and the extended barrel. Now, all barrel attachments are available to it.

And when it comes to barrel attachments, a lot of players would benefit from the flash hider on the 9mm C1. Especially if they’ll choose to stick with the angled grip for its grip attachment. The flash hider will greatly lower the 9mm C1’s already low recoil, so it will provide the player pinpoint accuracy. And of course, as its name implies, it will hide the weapon’s muzzle flash, reducing the visual cues that your enemies could react to.


18. Don't Sleep on the Bulletproof Camera


While it is generally better for Frost to opt with the Deployable Shield as her secondary gadget, there are situations when choosing the Bulletproof Camera instead could prove more useful. That’s especially the case when some of your teammates already have Deployable Shields, and it would benefit your team more if you have more options for gathering intel.

The Bulletproof Camera is very underrated but is actually one of the peskiest Defender gadgets in the game, because as its name implies, it's bulletproof so it’s hard to destroy from a distance unless the Attackers use their Gonne-6 or other explosive gadgets for destroying it. It also shoots an emp blast which can neutralize drones and prevent Attackers from using their special gadgets.


17. Put Two Frost Mats Below a Window


While it’s also good to spread out your Welcome Mat deployments as they could potentially trap more Attackers, when playing against experienced players who are unlikely to be trapped in common spots, you gotta get creative with your Welcome Mat placements. And a very effective method when it comes to trapping experienced players who always look down when vaulting through windows is putting two Welcome Mats under them.

That’s because an Attacker might be able to easily shoot one Welcome Mat when he’s vaulting over a window, but there’s a high chance that he wouldn’t be able to shoot the other one. So, he’ll still get trapped even though he did his due diligence and looked down and shot a Welcome Mat. Even though with this method, you’ll have less spots to trap with, when playing in the higher ranks especially, this is the best thing to do if you want to trap at least one Attacker.


16. Use the Bulletproof Camera as Bait


This is one of the cheekiest tricks when it comes to playing Frost and is guaranteed to annoy your opponent a lot. As shown in the video, this trap was done outside, but there are also places in some maps that have vegetation that can cover a Welcome Mat, just like the statue right beneath the spiral stairs in Consulate. All you have to do is find a spot that will hide your Welcome Mat and place your Bulletproof Camera above it.

Chances are, Attackers will try to melee the Bulletproof Camera instead of wasting their Gonne-6 shot or other explosives to destroy it. The probability of this trapping an Attacker is quite high, especially since Frost’s pick rate in Ranked is on the low end, so most players aren’t used to frost tricks. You can also do this with the Azami + Frost combo that I mentioned above, and the Attackers will have no idea that there’s a Welcome Mat underneath Azami’s Kiba Barrier.


15. Stick with the Angled Grip

Since Frost’s 9mm C1’s have an inherently low stock recoil, you don’t really need a vertical grip for it. Though it’s good that we have that option now after the release of Operation Brutal Swarm. The angled grip is just going to be better for your gameplay overall because it will allow you to go into aim-down-sights position faster and you won’t have to worry so much about the weapon’s recoil.

Especially if you choose to opt with the flash hider as its barrel attachment, there wouldn’t really be any need for a vertical grip, because the flash hider would be more than enough to lower the weapon’s vertical weapon kick. And since they’ve updated the game to favor short burst firing more, the angled grip has become more valuable, because with the angled grip, flick shots will be easier to perform.


14. Play Frost with Thorn


It used to be that when a Lesion Gu Mine is put on or near Frost’s Welcome Mats, it will instantly kill any Attacker that gets trapped with it, but now that’s gone. The good news is, it’s been replaced by Thorn’s Razorbloom Shells. That’s why if there’s a Thorn in your team, it would be a great idea to play Frost, because they have a really strong combo. All Thorn has to do is put her Razorbloom Shells near your Welcome Mats, and it will kill Attackers that step on them.

But it’s not just because of that that this combo is really strong. As mentioned in the entries above, experienced players will shoot the Welcome Mats while vaulting. But with this combo, even if they shoot the Welcome Mat, chances are, they won’t have enough time anymore to avoid the Razorbloom Shell’s explosion. And that goes vice versa, because a lot of times, Attackers are going to panic once they see the Razorbloom Shell’s countdown and they will choose to shoot it first instead of your Welcome Mat.


13. Use Her Combo with Goyo

Another combo with Frost that can cause instant death is her combo with Goyo. Welcome Mats behind Deployable Shields have always been one of the strongest combinations of gadgets in the game, but with Goyo’s Vulcan Canisters, it can be even deadlier. All you have to do is put a Welcome Mat behind your Deployable Shield and have Goyo deploy one of his Vulcan Canisters near it and then wait for an Attacker to get trapped.

Once an Attacker gets caught on the Welcome Mat, anyone from the Defender team can shoot the Vulcan Canister if it's more convenient to shoot it instead of the trapped Attacker. That will cover the area in fire and will also prevent Attackers from pushing said area for 20 seconds. Of course, you can also use the trapped Attacker as bait, and when another Attacker comes to try and revive him, you can get two kills instead of one using the same tactic.


12. Don't Be Seen by Drones During Prep Phase

This is just like with Caveira. If Attackers see her during prep phase, then they would be ready for her and probably even use Attacker repick to choose operators that can counter her. With Frost, when she’s scanned by Attacker drones during prep phase, then the likelihood of Attackers shooting down when they vault on windows or deployable shields increases by a lot, because they would just simply expect the Welcome Mats.

So, what I recommend Frost players to do is to find a good spot or angle in the objective area to hide from Attacker drones. Don’t go too far away from the objective spot just to hide from them because you’ll need to put some of your Welcome Mats around the objective spot. Once the prep phase is over or when your teammates have destroyed most of the drones, that’s when you start deploying your Welcome Mats. Of course, this will depend on the situation. When the Attackers tend to rush and attack fast, it’s better to deploy your Welcome Mats early on.


11. Deploy Welcome Mats on Top of Stairs


Top of the stairs are one of the most common spots for Frost’s Welcome Mats, but despite being common, it works well, even against experienced players. That is because when climbing stairs, most enemies will be looking out for the threats above, and so there’s a big chance that they won’t be noticing the Welcome Mat that lies ahead.

This will also work better if there’s a Melusi Banshee near the stairs or one of Thorn’s Razorbloom Shells, because more often than not, the Attacker will focus on shooting the Banshee or the Razorbloom Shell instead of focusing on what’s below his line of sight. So, he may be successful in getting rid of the Razorbloom Shell that could kill him, or the Banshee Sonic Defense that would greatly slow him and compromise his location, but he would be caught in Frost’s trap.


10. Do Not Sleep on the Suppressor


The suppressor has always been great, even before the recent update that removed its damage penalty to guns. I’ve always loved attaching it to many of my operators’ weapons. That is because the suppressor comes with tremendous benefits like the removal of the weapon’s muzzle flash, effectively reducing the visual cues that your enemies could react to, and dampening the weapon’s gunshot sounds.

But the best thing about the suppressor is that it hides the directional threat indicator that gunshots would normally make. So, with a suppressor, especially at medium to long range, you could be landing three or more shots to your enemies and he would still not know exactly where he’s being shot from. So, for Frost’s 9mm C1 which is also great for medium to long-range shooting due to its low stock recoil, the suppressor is a great barrel attachment.


9. Use Frost When Enemies Are Aggressive


Got rushed and painfully lost a round? Well, it’s time to pick Frost in the next round then. And it’ll be better if your team assigns one or two members for drone clearing, or if you have a Mute that can block paths to the objective area with his Signal Jammers, that’s even better. Because if the Attackers aren’t aware that the defending team has a Frost, the chances of you trapping some Attackers with your Welcome Mats will increase.

Frost is a really powerful operator because she possesses the ability to stop a rush with her Welcome Mats. Even just one Attacker getting trapped is a huge loss to the attacking team and it will ruin their momentum and lose some of their confidence. And when Attackers are rushing, chances are they would be more careless about traps, so as long as you’re able to avoid them from noticing that you’re playing Frost during prep phase, the likelihood that you’ll be able to stop their rush is pretty good.


8. Go with the Deployable Shield


While I did mention that you shouldn’t sleep on the bulletproof camera, and it’s true that it works really well in certain situations, in general, it’s better for Frost to go with her deployable shield as her secondary gadget. Especially since they’ve improved the deployable shields and put slits on them that allows you to see the other side while crouching. Just be careful not to let enemies get close to it because those slits can be used against the defending team as well.

Overall, the deployable shield adds a lot of defensive capabilities to the defending team because it adds cover and unless they’re able to bring it down with explosives or a Gonne-6, they would have to vault over it before entering an area controlled by the defending team. And that vault action can lead to their demise, especially when Frost is around, and because she can put a Welcome Mat behind the deployable shield, and Attackers leave themselves vulnerable for a second when they’re vaulting over something.


7. Don't Be Afraid to Roam


Like the player in the video says, nothing in the game says that Frost shouldn’t be used for roaming. Her 2-speed 2-armor rating makes her a solid and balanced operator, and she won’t lack the speed for effective roaming. In fact, since her 9mm C1 can be equipped with a suppressor as its barrel attachment and its recoil would still be very manageable, Frost can perform hit and run tactics and pick off enemies one by one while roaming.

And of course, during the course of roaming with her, there will come a time that the Attackers will hunt you. That’s when an extra Welcome Mat on your inventory will come in handy, because you can lure them in an area where you can get them trapped and get another easy kill with the help of your Welcome Mat. Though I wouldn’t recommend going too far from the areas where you deployed your other traps.


6. The ITA12S Shotgun as Your Secondary


The ITA12S shotgun is the best secondary weapon for Frost in most cases, especially if you already have a fully automatic weapon as your primary in the 9mm C1. The ITA12S shotgun will be really useful as a utility tool for creating rotation holes or murder holes inside the objective area. You can also use it to destroy upper portions of unreinforced walls so that your teammates can use it for throwing over their nitro cells at the Attackers.

This shotgun is also very useful for Frost when she is playing the role of a roamer, because with the ITA12S shotgun, Frost can easily destroy hatches and go down to a lower level when she’s being hunted and running from the Attackers. Conversely, she can also use it to create murder holes around the area where she’s going to roam so that she’ll have good visual on the enemies and she can pick them off one by one easier.


5. Stick with the Extended Barrel


There are some situations that the suppressor would be better as the 9mm C1’s barrel attachment, as I mentioned in one of the above entries. But in general, the extended barrel is the 9mm C1’s best barrel attachment. Yes, even when Frost is roaming. That is because it greatly lowers the damage drop-off of the 9mm C1, allowing you to inflict more damage at medium to long-range than usual. So, whatever the distance is, you’ll know that you’ll be hurting your enemies a lot.

The biggest weakness of the 9mm C1 is its slow rate of fire, so the extended barrel greatly reducing its range damage drop-off kind of mitigates its drawback by inflicting more damage to enemies regardless of range. Plus, even if you’re not equipping the flash hider, compensator, or the muzzle brake on your barrel, the 9mm C1’s recoil will be very manageable. So, when it comes to controlling the recoil of this weapon, you shouldn’t worry too much.


4. Familiarize Yourself with the Maps

You wouldn’t be able to place your Welcome Mats on spots where you’d like to trap enemies if you do not know the maps very well. Without map familiarity, you also wouldn’t know the usual paths of attack that your enemies will take, so you’ll end up placing your Welcome Mats on spots where they’ll remain ineffective. You might end up deploying them on spots where they’ll be very easily seen and you’d just end up being embarrassed by your teammates.

So, one of the first steps in becoming a good Frost player is knowing the maps really well. That way you’ll be able to know the most effective spots for deploying your Welcome Mats. And as I mentioned above, Frost is also a very effective roamer. But that will not be possible if you’re not familiar with the maps. If you receive the alert that someone got caught in one of your Welcome Mats but you do not know the maps very well, you might just end up getting lost or wasting a lot of time trying to find your way back to that particular trap.


3. Do Not Get Greedy

Now, there are a lot of Frost players who fail because as soon as they get the alert that one of their Welcome Mats trapped an enemy, they sprint straight towards it because they’re hungry to get the kill. But when facing experienced enemies, you gotta be more careful, because a lot of them will actually use their trapped teammate as bait. That’s because they know that Frost will be coming to finish off her prey.

What you can do instead as a Frost player is to be more patient. Exercise aggression but with discipline. Because you can use the trapped Attacker as a bait instead. Once an Attacker gets trapped on a Welcome Mat, he or she wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway until he or she gets revived by a teammate. And what you can do is wait for another Attacker to attempt to revive the one who’s trapped and when that happens, you can get two kills instead of just one.


2. Old Tricks Still Work


While it’s best to be tricky with your Welcome Mats and not use the usual spots for deploying them, there are some old tricks that still work. For example, the deployable shield and Welcome Mat combo still works well, especially when the Attackers do not know that there’s a frost in the defending team. That’s why applying and mixing all the tips above is important.

Putting the Welcome Mats on the side of entrances also still works, and perhaps is still the best way to deploy them. Because even if they don’t trap anyone, when enemies try to destroy or avoid them, they could leave themselves vulnerable to Defender fire. This tip applies for the high-pressure points inside the objective spot as well, because even if the Attackers know that there’s a Frost Trap under an obstacle that they’re going to vault in. The fact that they will need to look down and shoot it first can leave them vulnerable.


1. Be Creative on Your Welcome Mats


The moment shown in the video above is one of the best examples I can give you, because most Attackers wouldn’t really expect Welcome Mats on rotation holes deep inside the objective area. Frost may not be part of the meta right now, but her win rate is actually exceptionally high. That’s in part to her special gadget being one of the most versatile special gadgets in the game. It’s simple, but because of that, it’s highly effective.

You can deploy it in so many unexpected spots, leaving your enemies annoyed and down on their morale. Because once an Attacker gets trapped, he or she is basically neutralized. All they can do is wait for their teammates to revive them, and that’s very difficult to do especially when they’re near the objective spot. So, be sure to apply and mix all the tips that were mentioned above, especially map familiarity, and you’ll be able to be more creative in your Welcome Mat deployment.


Attention operator, please be advised. There is a new directive from Six. Read up on these related articles, and prepare for deployment:

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