R6 Lion Guide: How To Play Lion Like A Pro [25 Useful Lion Tips You Should Know]

Lion Guide For R6 Siege: 25 Useful Tips Lion Players Should Know
The best tips that you can get for upping your game with one of the best anti-roam operators in Siege

25. Don’t Scan Too Early


Lion came to Siege alongside Finka during Operation Chimera, and that was four years ago. And to this day, I still see a lot of players use Lion’s scan right after they spawn, which doesn’t really make sense because the purpose of Lion’s EE-ONE-D is to make defenders stop on their tracks or gather intel on their locations. Scanning right from the get-go will achieve not anything because the defenders might stop but you and your team will be nowhere near them to capitalize on that.

As for gathering intel, yes, you might be able to ping some defenders and have an idea where they are, but then again, you’ll be no way near them to take advantage of that. Even if you ping their locations right from the start, those positions will change when you get in the mission area. So, when you’re playing Lion, always remember that the best time to use the scan is when you want your opponents to stop moving, or you want to know their locations when they do move.


24. Know When to Use the Flashes


Now that Lion can carry two claymores in his arsenal, it would be too hard to pass up on them, because having two claymores can do a lot. With two claymores, the Lion player can rappel by a window and not worry too much about runouts. He would also be able to penetrate the mission area while not having to worry so much about roamers because he can cover his back with his second claymore. However, there are times when stun grenades would be a lot more valuable.

Carrying stun grenades would be very beneficial to Lion when the path of attack that you’re planning to take will not have a spot where claymores would be effective. One example of this is when you’re attacking Oregon second floor and the path of attack that you plan to take is the attic and you’ll go through there from the meeting hall roof. With your stun grenades, you’ll be able to blind the defenders guarding the attic and you’ll be able to vault on the window and push from the attic area.


23. Know the EE-ONE-D's Timing


Once Lion presses the special gadget button which is by default assigned to the middle-mouse or ‘4’ on the keyboard, a warning that an EE-ONE-D scan will go off will flash on the screen and it will last for around three seconds. Once that warning is over, the EE-ONE-D scan will proceed and its scan will also last for around three seconds. While the three second scan is on-going, any enemy who takes a step to a different location, even just a short one, will get pinged by the system.

And that ping will be visible for all the attackers. But it’s important to remember that that ping isn’t going to be live. What I mean is, there will be a one second delay per ping so you should take it as a general guide on where the enemy is, but you shouldn’t think that the enemy will always be exactly where he was last pinged by the EE-ONE-D, especially after the scan is over.


22. Scan After Planting


As mentioned in the first entry above, the best time to use Lion’s scan is when you want enemies to stop moving or you want to gather intel on them when they do move. And one of the best times for a Lion scan is after planting the defuser. Once your team has planted the defuser, the defending team would have to push you instead and get to the defuser so that they’ll be able to defuse it. So, it’s a guarantee that they’ll be moving a lot once the attacking team has planted the defuser.

But with Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans, they will be forced to stop for a few seconds or else their current positions will get pinged by the system. Once they’re pinged, the whole attacking team will be able to have an idea about where they are so it will be much easier to predict their movements. So, with the Lion scan for a post-plant play, the defenders will be in a lose-lose situation. If they choose not to move, they won’t be pinged but they’ll be wasting valuable time, but if they choose to move, they’ll give away their positions.


21. Be Mindful of Vigil


Vigil is the only operator that has a direct counter to Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans. Yes, technically Mute’s Signal Jammers can also counter Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans, however, the defender will have to stand within two meters of the Mute’s signal jammer for the defender to not get pinged by Lion’s EE-ONE-D. That’s a very short distance and it’s basically almost as if the defender shouldn’t be moving anyway for it to work.

But Vigil’s special gadget, the ERC-7, is a really dangerous counter to the EE-ONE-D, because when Vigil has it active, the EE-ONE-D scan will not pick him up even if he moves. So, that is really one thing that every Lion player should keep in mind. Most of the time, Vigil won’t get affected by your scan, especially since the duration of his ERC-7 is quite long. 


20. Mess Roamers Up


As I said in the image caption above, Lion is one of the best anti-roam operators in the game. That’s because with his EE-ONE-D scans, he’s able to stop defenders on their tracks. And if they choose to keep moving, they will get pinged by the system and that ping will be visible to all attackers. So, Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans can really mess up roamers’ movements and rhythm, especially when they’re coming in to their teammates’ rescue.

Another thing that’s great about Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans is the sound that they produce. It’s a loud sound and it can also mask the sound cues that attackers make, which can make it harder for roamers, or just defenders in general to anticipate where the attackers will be coming from. The loud sound from Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans can also instill panic to enemies, especially when it’s being used in conjunction with a rush.


19. When to Use the Angled Grip


Even with the recent overhaul on the recoil progression of weapons across the board, the recoil of the V308 remains to be very manageable. However, I would be lying if I say that its recoil would still be easy to control even without any recoil attachment that provides recoil benefits. That is why I would only recommend using the angled grip for the V308 if the player is using the flash hider, compensator, or the muzzle brake for its barrel attachment.

With any of the three barrel attachments mentioned above, you’d be able to handle the recoil of the V308 really well even without the vertical grip. This way, you’d be able to enjoy the benefit that the angled grip brings which allows the user to go into aim-down-sights position faster than normal. This is great especially for Lion who has to unready his weapon for a short time in order to perform his EE-ONE-D scan.


18. Use the Suppressor

The suppressor is the best barrel attachment for Lion’s V308. That was the case for me long ago, but that should be the case for most players now that the devs removed the suppressor’s damage penalty on weapons. With the damage penalty gone, the only downside to using suppressors is that they do not provide any recoil control benefits to the user. However, because of the V308’s inherently low recoil, the Lion player is really free to equip a suppressor to the V308 assault rifle.

That is as long as he also equips the vertical grip alongside the suppressor. That’s because the V308’s recoil could get tricky to control without any recoil-benefit providing attachment. However, even though this attachment set up won’t give the user a speed bonus when it comes to going into aim-down-sights position, the stealth benefits from the suppressor will still be more beneficial in most situations.


17. When to Use the Impact EMP Grenade

The impact EMP grenades are the newest secondary gadgets in Siege, and the devs obviously added it to the game in order to lower the ban rate on Thatcher. It kind of makes sense, since with some Attackers having an Impact EMP grenade, there will be more “thatcher alternatives”, however, the reality is, even after the impact EMP grenade have been added to the game, Thatcher is still always banned in ranked, especially in lower elos.

That is why even though I would generally recommend Lion players to always run with stun grenades or claymores, there will come a time when the impact EMP grenade on Lion’s arsenal would give the attacking team more benefits. Obviously, that’s when no other member of the team picked an operator that can disable hard-breach preventing gadgets. And this scenario happens a lot when you’re solo queuing in the lower elos.


16. Attach the Laser on the 417


The reason why a lot of Lion players opt to use the 417 designated marksman rifle as their primary weapon instead of Lion’s unique gun, the V308 assault rifle, is because the 417 is very unique compared to other designated marksman rifles. That is because the 417 has a very tight hip fire, making it extremely effective even at close range, unlike most marksman rifles.

And the laser would be an excellent addition to the 417 DMR, because that’s exactly the purpose of the laser attachment; it tightens the hip fire of weapons. So, with a 417 DMR equipped with a laser, you will be hitting enemies at close range with good accuracy even without having to go to aim-down-sights position, which will give you a great advantage over your enemies.


15. Don’t Sleep on his SG-CQB

The SG-CQB may be the least used primary weapon for Lion. Most players just generally prefer the fully automatic V308 assault rifle because it’s so much easier to use, and the 417 designated marksman rifle has a really high damage with a very tight hip fire. However, the SG-CQB shotgun shouldn’t really be slept on, especially by players who are great at using shotguns.

That’s because the SG-CQB shotgun is a really powerful weapon at close range and takes out a defender with just one shot at its optimal range, especially with a laser. It can also provide more versatility to Lion, allowing him to attack vertically by destroying wooden floors. Lion also has some great handguns which are great partners for the SG-CQB shotgun.


14. Use the Scans to Prevent Enemies from Going Away


The clip above is a perfect example of using EE-ONE-D scan to force defenders to stay in their position. Just like what the player above did, he scanned the area with his drone, and when he found a defender waiting for an ambush, he quickly got out of the observation tool view and started the EE-ONE-D scan. Now, with the EE-ONE-D scan, that particular defender only has two choices, either to run and get pinged, or to stay in his current position.

The defender chose to stay at his current position and because of that, the player was able to easily kill him because he’s already expecting where he’s going to be. That is why Lion is such a powerful operator and his EE-ONE-D scans are actually more helpful to the whole team than what’s believed by many, because even a random EE-ONE-D scan will mess up the enemies’ rhythm and will always hide some sound cues that the attackers make.


13. Use the Scan to Mask your Sound Cues


This is also one of the reasons why rushing with a Lion, especially when partnered up with a Dokkaebi, is so effective. That’s because both of their gadgets emit loud noises that can mask the attackers’ sound cues, and therefore, their approach. Lion’s EE-ONE-D scan only lasts for around three seconds, but actually, even the countdown to begin it is quite loud as well, and that countdown also takes around three seconds.

So, with Lion, the attacker team can mask a lot of the sound cues that they make for six seconds when rushing, and of course, this will be much better if it's followed up by a Dokkaebi Logic Bomb. As shown in the video above, Lion players don’t really have to use this ability exclusively for rushing, because it works in general situations as well. Like when you’re trying to push at a certain angle but you know enemies will be waiting for you.


12. Use the Muzzle Brake for the 417

This should be used in conjunction with the laser attachment. That is because without the muzzle brake working hand in hand with the laser attachment, you’ll be wasting the 417 DMR’s unique property which is its very tight hip fire which doesn’t really change no matter how fast you fire it. With the laser alone, even if the 417’s hip fire becomes tightened, the shots from it wouldn’t really be tight because the recoil will be strong. So, for you to really feel the tight hip fire benefits of the 417 equipped with a laser, you should equip it with a muzzle brake as well. 


11. Use Lion for Rushing


Lion is one of the best operators any attacker team could have when they’re planning on rushing. That’s because his EE-ONE-D scan could force defenders to remain in their position, and those who would still move during the scan will have their positions compromised. This is a really great strat for rushing especially when the attacker team managed to gather a lot of intel on the defending team during the prep phase.

And with Lion’s gonne-6, he can really initiate the rush by bringing down a barricaded door near the objective spot with just one shot from it, followed by an EE-ONE-D scan. Though, if there are others in the attacking team that could quickly bring down the barricaded door, let them do it instead and reserve your gonne-6's shot for a pesky bulletproof defender gadget like a Melusi Banshee or a Maestro Evil Eye.


10. Use Lion for Roam Clearing


Lion, especially when partnered with Dokkaebi or Jackal, is a really great roam clearer, because as mentioned in one of the entries above, he can really mess up a roamer’s rhythm and overall movement. Roamers usually have to move a lot and regularly change positions, and to have that interrupted can really mess them up.

And when partnered with the excellent intel gathering abilities that Dokkaebi or Jackal have, enemy roamers are as good as neutralized even before they get hunted down and killed. That’s because most of the time, what they’ll be doing is escaping. But with Lion, it’ll be hard for a roamer to escape, because once the roamer’s location has been identified by Dokkaebi or Jackal, the attackers can begin their hunt, and even if the roamer tries to escape, he or she will get pinged by Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans.


9. When to Use his Handguns

There is no question that in most situations, Lion’s gonne-6 is the best secondary weapon to run with. It just gives Lion a lot more versatility. It can destroy a hatch for Lion when he quickly needs to go down a level, or it can destroy one troublesome bulletproof defender gadget for him. However, there are also times that his handguns, particularly the P9 would be more beneficial to him.

One of those times would be when the Lion player chooses to run with the SG-CQB shotgun for his primary weapon instead of the V308 assault rifle or the 417 DMR. That’s because with a shotgun as Lion’s primary, he will need a secondary weapon that could deal with enemies at longer range. The SG-CQB shotgun would also have to be reloaded more often than the V308 or the 417, so it’s just much handier to have a handgun as a secondary weapon when the primary is a shotgun.


8. Lion is a Great Flanker


The great thing about Lion is, like Finka, the range of his special gadget covers the whole map. That means he doesn’t need to be pushing alongside his teammates in order for him to be helpful. This makes him one of the best flankers around because he can push from another side of the map and hunt defender flankers and roamers, while still being helpful to the team due to his scans while he’s doing his own task. 


7. Go with the Scope 2.0x


While the scope 2.5x is also a really great scope for Lion’s V308 assault rifle, because of the nature of Lion’s gameplay, the scope 2.0x is the best for him. What I mean by that is Lion will generally be engaging the opponents at close to medium range because he’s a great roam clearer, so it’s within his role to always penetrate the mission building early and hunt roamers down.

For that kind of role, the scope 2.0x will provide the best balance between high zoom levels and peripheral view. The scope 2.0x offers the user a really good amount of zoom while also not compromising too much on peripheral view, especially because its thin frame doesn’t take up a lot of screen-space. So, with the scope 2.0x, the user will be able to see enemies from both the front and sides really well.


6. Flashes and Lion Scans


While I would normally run with the claymores when playing Lion, it can’t be denied that the choice between stun grenades and claymores is really hard to make. That’s because both secondary gadgets are extremely useful and while I believe that the claymores are more useful in most situations, there are also a lot of times when stun grenades would be more useful than claymores.

That’s especially the case when you’re rushing or semi-rushing the objective spot. Stun grenades and Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans really work well together as shown in the video because most of the time, defenders will choose not to move when they hear that a Lion scan is about to go off. And the perfect time to throw stun grenades over defenders is when you know that they’re pinned down in one location.


5. Go with the Gonne-6


The Gonne-6 is the secondary weapon that I always run with when I’m playing Lion, and is also what I recommend players to run with most of the time. That’s especially the case when the Lion player is using the V308 assault rifle as his primary. The V308 assault rifle has a huge magazine capacity of fifty bullets per magazine, so compared to most guns, the V308 assault rifle has a much less chance of having to reload while in the middle of a gun fight.

That is why Lion players do not really have to run with any of his handguns when playing him. Because chances are, they won’t be that useful for him due to the V308’s huge magazine capacity. Now, compare that to the gonne-6 hand cannon which will always be useful even though it only has one shot. It can be used to destroy a hatch when Lion needs to go down fast, or he can reserve its one shot for destroying a Maestro Evil Eye or a Melusi Banshee or any other pesky bulletproof defender gadget.


4. Use the EE-ONE-D Scan for Pushing


One of the best times to use Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans is when your team is already pushing hard for the objective area and especially when you and your teammates have used drones to get a better idea on enemy positioning. That’s because when the attacking team is pushing and the defending team sees their drones trying to get intel on them, they know that they will need to reposition themselves in order to counter attack more effectively.

However, with Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans, their attempts at repositioning themselves will fail. Either because they will choose to not move because they don’t want to get pinged, or they will still try to get to another position, however, that new position will be known to the whole attacking team because defenders who will choose to while Lion’s EE-ONE-D scan is going on will get automatically pinged by the system.


3. Know When to Use the Claymores


The claymore is the secondary gadget that I usually run with when I’m playing Lion, except of course when I deem that the path of attack that I will take wouldn’t really be a roamer-prone area. That is because with two claymores, there’s a much higher chance of Lion scoring a kill, and while Siege is first and foremost a team game and should be played with teamwork in mind, reducing the number of enemies is of course always beneficial to the team.

With Lion’s claymores, you’ll be able to counter roamers by putting them on top of stairs. That’s one of the most effective claymore deployment spots because a lot of times, roamers neglect looking on the floor when going up the stairs because they’re looking above for enemies. Claymores are also great for post-plant plays wherein you can put claymores on the enemies’ rotation holes and other possible paths they might take for canceling the defuser.


2. Be Wary of Mute


Like Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb, Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans can be countered by Mute’s Signal Jammers. All the defenders have to do is stand within the area of effect of Mute’s Signal Jammers and they won’t be affected by Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans even when they move. It’ll be quite easy for defenders to know when they’re within the Signal Jammers’ area of effect because there will be an icon indicating that when they’re inside the Signal Jammers’ area of effect.

This is why Lion and his teammates should be wary when dealing with an enemy team that has a Mute. That’s because when there are Mute signal jammers around the objective spot, Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans will not be completely reliable, especially when the attacking team begins to push. However, the loud sound effects from the EE-ONE-D scan will still mask a lot of the sound cues that you and your teammates will make, so it won’t be completely useless.


1. The V308 is his Best Primary


There’s a really good argument for the 417 designated marksman rifle. Its very tight hip fire, especially with a laser and muzzle brake attached to it is a very devastating weapon. Even the SG-CQB is a really good primary weapon for Lion and can add a lot of versatility to him. However, the V308 assault rifle still takes the cake as Lion’s best primary weapon. That is because just as the 417 is a unique designated marksman rifle due to its very tight hip fire, the V308 also has a very unique property.

And that is its very high magazine capacity, which is rare when it comes to assault rifles. And despite the V308’s very high magazine capacity, it also does a great amount of damage per shot, and its recoil is very manageable. This weapon doesn’t really have a weakness, unless you count its 700rpm rate of fire as one, even though it's actually far from slow. The V308 also has a wide variety of attachment choices which makes it even more powerful.


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