[Top 20] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Operators That Are Overpowered (August 2022)

Top 20 Best Overpowered Operators in R6 Siege
Some of these operators are overwhelming with their firepower, and some of them greatly contribute to their team by providing support through their special gadgets.


20. Buck

No one does a vertical attack like Buck. He’s basically the only operator that can keep harassing Defenders from below a wooden floor. Yes, Ash can do that too, but she only has two of her Breaching Rounds. Buck, on the other hand, can keep destroying wooden floors from above or below with his under-barrel shotgun, which he can so easily switch into with just one click of the special gadget button. Buck’s under-barrel shotgun is the most destructive shotgun in the game, so it can easily and quickly make angles for Buck to score kills. 

And even if he doesn’t get kills, the mere fact that he’s distracting and harassing the Defenders inside the bomb area a lot is already a great help to his team. And when Buck and his team chooses to attack in a more conventional way, he can very quickly make entry holes on unreinforced walls with just two shots of his under-barrel shotgun, and from there, he, along with his teammates, can get on to clearing the room, especially with Buck’s powerful CAMRS or C8-SFW.

What Makes Buck a Great Attacker:

  • Can attack from below or above
  • Able to make quick entry holes
  • Powerful primary guns
  • Under-barrel shotgun is the most destructive shotgun in the game

Best Loadout for Buck:



19. Melusi

Getting caught in the slow effects of Melusi’s Banshees is like being a spider’s prey in its web. Its slow effects are even greater than the barbed wires, and Melusi can put them in awkward angles so that the Attackers will have a hard time shooting them. And they remain bulletproof as long as they’re not activated, so if Attackers don’t have other utility tools for destroying it like Gonne-6 or Ash’s Breaching Rounds, they have no choice but to purposely approach it to activate it in order to shoot it.

The problem with that approach is that the Attacker can leave himself vulnerable to Defender fire while trying to shoot Melusi’s Banshee. And that’s basically what makes Melusi OP. Her special gadgets essentially create a barrier on the Defender’s bomb site’s entrances that will cause anyone that enter its effects to be greatly slowed. The Banshees also emit a very distinct sound when activated, making them great early warning devices as well.

What Makes Melusi a Great Defender:

  • Able to greatly slow enemies
  • Gadgets can act as early warning devices
  • Has great utility tool in her impact grenades

Best Loadout for Melusi:



18. Maestro

After all the nerf that Echo suffered, he’s now replaced by Maestro as the best counter for defuser plant attempts. Maestro’s Evil Eyes has been aptly named because it’s one of the most troublesome special gadgets in the game. They’re bulletproof when they are not shooting their laser, so they can basically serve as bulletproof cameras that can damage Attackers or their gadgets when Goyo decides to switch to its laser mode.

Maestro has two of these Evil Eyes by the way, and they can see through Smoke, that’s why they’re very effective at stopping defuser plant attempts. Each of their laser shots inflict 5 damage, but an Evil Eye can fire consecutive quick laser shots, four shots per second, and if ignored, can shave away a huge portion of an Attacker’s health points before overheating. There have been many times in my Siege career where I saw an Attacker attempt to finish a defuser plant while being shot at by Maestro’s Evil Eye, and most of the time, the Attackers gets into a down-but-not-out (dbno) state before he or she can finish plantingt.

What Makes Maestro a Great Defender:

  • Evil Eyes can see through smoke
  • Able to provide intel with bulletproof camera
  • Able to damage enemies and destroy their gadgets through his Evil Eyes

Best Loadout for Maestro:



17. Smoke

Speaking of countering defuser plant attempts, Smoke is definitely up there when it comes to that. A favorite pick in the pro-league, Smoke is the only operator in Siege that can get inside the effects of their area denial device and not be affected by it. And because of that, Smoke can use his gas grenades to outmaneuver his opponents by denying them area with the gas grenades’ toxic gas and taking back control of said area.

And when it comes to taking control of an area, he can do it very well not just because of his gas grenades, but also because of his loadout choices. Equipping his M590A1 shotgun as his primary is a great way to assert close range superiority, and when Smoke needs to strafe opponents at medium range, he can use his SMG-11 which can really make quick work of Smokes’ enemies due to its very fast rate of fire. Smoke’s gas grenade also works super well with Melusi’s Banshees which we talked about above.

What Makes Smoke a Great Defender:

  • Able to deny area to the enemies for long periods of time
  • Able to go inside the effects of his area denial device
  • Has close range superiority with his shotgun
  • Has close to medium range superiority with his SMG-11

Best Loadout for Smoke:



16. Doc

Doc’s place as the top spawn killer remains, especially after the nerf that Valkyire’s Black Eyes suffered recently. And Doc’s spawn peeks are very hard to counter because he can boost his health with his special gadget, in order to basically add armor to himself, making him much harder to take down. And when he does go down into a dbno state, he can self-revive using his Stim Pistol. Really, the only way to effectively counter his spawn peeks is to score a headshot on him.

Doc is also a great anchor, especially when partnered with a Rook. Again, unless the Attackers hit him on the head, it’ll be very hard to take him down. He’s like a tank that can dish out damage very fast with his MP5 or P90, and if the user chooses to, Doc could also be a very effective anchor with his SG-CQB shotgun, because with a shotgun and his armor rating, it’s almost a guarantee that Doc would win a close-range encounter. Of course, Doc can also restore the health of his teammates and revive them from a distance.

What Makes Doc a Great Defender:

  • Best at spawn peeking
  • Able to self-revive
  • Able to revive teammates from a distance
  • Able to heal himself and teammates
  • Three armor rating

Best Loadout for Doc:



15. Dokkaebi

Intel plays a very crucial part in Siege gameplay. It’s just honestly very hard to win against skillful players without intel. Especially since Siege is a tactical game where aim and reflexes alone aren’t enough. And when it comes to intel, Dokkaebi is the best in the Attacker side. With her hacking skills, she has the ability to both deny and gather intel. And she has the perfect guns, as well as the utility tools to aid her in fulfilling her role as an anti-roam and flanker operator.

With her Logic Bomb which forcefully rings the Defenders’ mobile phones, she can compromise their current whereabouts. The loud ringing on their phone can also mask other sound cues from the Attackers, preventing Defenders from effectively hearing where they’re coming from. Dokkaebi can also hack a dead Defender’s mobile phone and gain access to all their cameras, including gadgets like their bulletproof cameras, Valkyrie’s Black Eyes, and Maestro’s Evil Eyes. This makes Dokkaebi one of the most powerful Attacker operators in the game.

What Makes Dokkaebi a Great Attacker:

  • Able to gather intel
  • Able to deny intel
  • Can mask the sound cues from her and her teammates
  • Can still panic on Defenders

Best Loadout for Dokkaebi:



14. Flores

Flores is one of the most underrated operators in the game and is actually quite overpowered. The reason why he’s not being used that much is probably because most players don’t like multitasking a lot. But if one takes advantage of all that Flores can do, it’ll be very hard to stop their team’s push. To start with, Flores has four exploding drones, and their explosions have the same power as nitro cells. These drones can jump and attach themself on unreinforced or barricaded doors. Making them great entry hole creation devices.

They can also be used to force Defenders out of their strong angles, or to push them out of one of the bomb sites. It’s one of the best ways for Attackers to push and take control of an area. Flores’ exploding drones can create a lot of panic to the Defenders’ side and mess up their rhythm and angles. Not only that, Flores can protect himself from run outs and roamers with his two claymores. And when he decides to finally engage his enemies, he has some of the most powerful guns in the game in the AR33 assault rifle and the SR-25 marksman rifle.

What Makes Flores a Great Attacker:

  • Able force enemies out of their strong angles
  • Can make entry holes
  • Able to destroy bulletproof gadgets
  • Can counter runouts and roamers with his claymores

Best Loadout for Flores:



13. Capitao

Speaking of underrated operators, Capitao is definitely up there in the list. So, it is a shame that he’s not being used that much, because in truth, he’s quite overpowered. His only weakness is probably the slow rate of fire of his Para-308, but all his strengths greatly outweigh that single weakness. Capitao can provide cover with his smoke grenades, and his smoke puffs out immediately, which can surprise Defenders. 

Capitao can also deny them area with his fire grenades, which covers a large area in fire. His smoke and fire grenades which are shot from his crossbow are some of the most effective gadgets when it comes to pushing and defuser planting. He can also cover his or his teammates’ back with his two claymores. And if the user decides that the Para-308 isn’t his ideal weapon and wants to oppress the Defenders with continuous firing instead, Capitao also has his M249 which is one of the best LMGs in the game, featuring high damage, huge magazine capacity, and low recoil.

What Makes Capitao a Great Attacker:

  • Able to deny a large area to the enemies
  • Able to quickly make a smoke cover
  • Can counter roamers and run outs with his claymores
  • Powerful primary guns

Best Loadout for Capitao:



12. Fuze

We talked about vertical attacks and forcing Defenders out of their positions above in Buck and Flores’ entries. Fuze can do both. Actually, he can do a lot more, because he’s also a great alternative to Thatcher when it comes to destroying Defender gadgets. When it comes to a vertical attack from above, Fuze is the most destructive, because he can basically rain down explosives on the Defenders below with his Cluster Charges. 

Not only can his Cluster Charges instill panic on the Defenders and make them run for their lives, leaving them vulnerable to Attacker fire, he also destroys a lot of Defender gadgets in the process. His Cluster Charges also make a lot of noise and screen shaking, and this can aid Fuze and his teammates in pushing the Defenders’ objective area, because they wouldn’t hear the other sound cues from the Attackers. Fuze can really soften up the Defenders’ objective area, making them so much less effective in countering the Attackers.

What Makes Fuze a Great Attacker:

  • Can instill panic on the Defenders
  • Able to force Defenders out of their strong angles
  • Can destroy a lot of Defender gadgets
  • Great alternative to Thatcher when it comes to enabling a hard breach

Best Loadout for Fuze:



11. Kaid

Kaid is pretty OP in the sense that he’s the best hard breach denial operator right now, especially since Thatcher is always banned in Ranked. Kaid can place his Rtillas in awkward, hard to reach angles, hard enough to prevent it from being reached by Maverick’s Breaching Torch, Kali’s LV Explosive Lance, Twitch’s Shock Drone, and even Fuze’s Cluster Charges. Especially when he’s supported by Mute and anti-grenade operators like Wamai or Jager.

Not only is Kaid very effective when it comes to preventing a hard breach, he’s also a very effective anchor. His TCSG12 is basically a Defender sniper rifle, and that’s really deadly in the hands of an anchoring Defender who can hide and camp behind so many other items inside the objective area, and those items and backdrops could help Kaid avoid being seen while he’s sniping away at Attackers. He also has a nitro cell which he can use with devastating effect, or the Kaid user can also choose the barbed wires, which Kaid can electrocute with his Rtillas.

What Makes Kaid a Great Defender:

  • The best at denying a hard breach
  • Can perform the role of a defending sniper
  • Has a nitro cell
  • His TCSG12 can also be used for creating rotation holes

Best Loadout for Kaid:



10. Mira

While it’s true that Mira is situational, she still deserves a spot in this list because in those situations or areas that she excels in, she really is quite OP. That’s essentially the reason why she’s one of the most banned operators in rank platinum and above. In many areas like the aviator and games room in Villa, and the basement in Oregon, a Mira can make it very hard for Attackers to push. And she’s even more powerful now that Azami is in the game because of her Black Mirror + Azami Kiba Barrier combo.

With her combo or synergy with Azami, Mira can attach her Black Mirror on an unreinforced wall and have Azami protect its lower part with her Kiba Barrier. That way, Mira can easily strafe Attackers on the sides of her Black Mirror, or throw a nitro cell over them from above. And for that to be possible, one of the great things about Mira is that she can choose a shotgun as her secondary. Her secondary shotgun is a great utility tool for creating rotation holes or destroying the upper part of unreinforced walls in order for Mira or the other Defenders to throw their nitro cells at the Attackers.

What Makes Mira a Great Defender:

  • Able to make certain angles very hard to push for Attackers
  • Has a great synergy with Azami
  • Has a great utility tool with her secondary shotgun for creating entry holes or murder holes
  • Has a nitro cell

Best Loadout for Mira:



9. Goyo

Goyo is one of the best area denial Defenders now in Siege. His special gadget was changed from the Volcan Shield to the Volcan Canister, and some characterized it as a nerf, but in reality, it was an upgrade. Because now his special gadget is more versatile and he has four of them. It is now more versatile because Goyo can attach them into most surfaces, be it floors, walls, or even barricades. That means that Goyo can attach it to barricaded windows.

And it may not sound like a lot, but attaching a Volcan Canister on a barricade window that is often used by Attackers to push is a great way of preventing them from pushing. A Volcan Canister can be detonated by shooting at them, throwing explosives at them, or hitting them with a melee attack. So, when it’s attached to a barricaded window, the Attacker practically has no choice but to detonate it. And that will result in that spot being covered in fire for 20 seconds. And in Siege, 20 seconds is a hell of a long time. 

What Makes Goyo a Great Defender:

  • Able to deny area to enemies for long periods of time
  • Area denial effects are wide
  • Great primary guns
  • Great secondary gadgets that work well with his special gadget

Best Loadout for Goyo:



8. Zofia

Zofia is easily one of the most intimidating and oppressive Attackers in Siege. Her special gadget isn’t even that flashy, but her straightforward, heavy firepower gameplay is what made her get into this list. If we’re just talking about straight up firepower, Zofia is the queen. Her LMG-E is one of the most powerful guns in the game with huge magazine capacity, high damage, and very low recoil. That means, Zofia can keep spraying onto her enemies and not lose much accuracy. 

And when there are opponents hiding in corners and Zofia knows exactly where they are, she can use the KS79 Lifeline to switch to her concussion grenades and concuss the enemy that is hiding. That way, she can go towards her prey and get the kill. Her KS79 Lifeline can also fire two quick impact grenades for creating entry holes, destroying bulletproof gadgets, or destroying wooden floors for a vertical attack. On top of that, she also has two claymores for protecting herself from roamers and runouts.

What Makes Zofia a Great Attacker:

  • Heavy firepower
  • Can quickly make entry holes
  • Has two claymores for countering roamers and runouts
  • Can concuss enemies hiding in corners
  • Has an oppressive LMG-E

Best Loadout for Zofia:



7. Tachanka

When it comes to denying area to the enemies, it’s hard to top Tachanka’s Shumikha Grenade Launcher. It fires a total of fourteen fire grenades and each one of them can cover a large area on fire for seven seconds. That’s a total of ninety-eight seconds which means Tachanka can cover an area on fire for a minute and a half, and that’s a really OP ability considering that a round in Ranked Siege lasts only over two minutes. 

Not only can he keep denying an area to his enemies for a long time, he also has a lot of destructive power with his DP27 LMG. It’s one of the most destructive guns in Siege and is not only good for killing, but also a great utility tool for creating rotation holes or murder holes. It has great penetration power, low recoil, huge magazine capacity, and high damage per shot. He’s even more OP now with the recent update giving him a Bearing 9, which we all know is one of the most powerful machine pistols in the game. Now, truly, our Lord Tachanka has ascended. 

What Makes Tachanka a Great Defender:

  • Able to deny area for long periods of time
  • Has a great utility tool with his DP27 which can make rotation holes due to its destructive shots
  • High damage primary gun
  • Now has the Bearing 9

Best Loadout for Tachanka:



6. Wamai

Wamai is the best anti-grenade and projectile operator that we have right now. It’s sad to say that because I still like Jager, but Wamai’s ability to pull grenades back towards Attackers and occasionally kill them with it, is really OP. Not only because it prevents the effectiveness of Attackers’ grenades or projectiles, but also because it can break their rhythm and positioning, which is important in Siege. On top of that, the loud sound that Wamai’s Mag-NETs make when they’re pulling an enemy projectile can also act as an early warning device telling Defenders about the general location of the Attacker.

Wamai also has a great primary gun in his MP5K which he can use with a 1.5x scope. It has a very decent damage, low recoil, and good magazine size. The best thing that Wamai has that Jager doesn’t is his impact grenades. Wamai’s impact grenades are great utility tools for creating rotation holes, or countering Osa’s Clear shield. His Kerators .357 handgun also does great damage at 78 and can be used for creating murder holes because of its high destructive power. Wamai is one of the most balanced and versatile operators in the game, add that to his special gadget and you have one of the best operators in the game.

What Makes Wamai a Great Defender:

  • Able to counter enemy projectiles
  • Able to use enemy’s projectiles against them
  • Can disrupt enemy rhythm
  • Can compromise enemy locations

Best Loadout for Wamai:



5. Kapkan

Kapkan has become one of the most dangerous Defenders in the game. His mere presence in the game already has an effect on Attackers, because they’re forced to check every entryway for Kapkan traps and that process can slow them down. Besides, peaking on doorways to make sure there are no Kapkan traps can leave them vulnerable to Defender fire. That’s what makes Kapkan so dangerous, his EDDS don’t even need to detonate in order to have a negative effect on Attackers.

But when they do detonate, it’s another story. Kapkan is one of the few operators in Siege that can cause a fatality in one detonation of his special gadget, and that is because he can now put multiple EDDs in one entryway. Heck, he can even put EDDS on both sides now, so the Attackers still have to check the other side even when they’ve already destroyed the EDDS on the other. The detonation of his EDDS can also serve as an early warning device, and of course, the Attackers themselves compromise their location when they destroy the EDDS with an unsuppressed gun. 

What Makes Kapkan a Great Defender:

  • Can kill an opponent in one gadget detonation
  • Slows down enemies
  • Gadgets can act as early warning devices
  • Has a great utility tool with his impact grenades

Best Loadout for Kapkan:



4. Sledge

We talked about vertical attacks in some of the previous entries above, and Sledge is one of the best when it comes to it. And the great thing is, he can keep swinging his Breaching Hammer and not run out of its uses. That means he can keep destroying wooden floors to expose the enemies below and strafe them from above. The scary thing is, he also has two frag grenades with him that he can throw over the Defenders below. So really, make sure your Defending team has anti-grenade operators all the time.

But vertical attack isn’t just what makes him very powerful. For a more conventional attack, his Breaching Hammer can make a quick entry hole for him and his teammates, and because it was done by using a huge hammer, it’s much quieter than using Ash’s Breaching Rounds or Buck’s under-barrel shotgun. This leads to a lot of successful rush with Sledge initiating it. For rushing, I would usually go with the stun grenades rather than frags in order to rob enemies of their vision and hearing.

What Makes Sledge a Great Attacker:

  • Can still panic on Attackers
  • Great at vertical attack
  • Has frag grenades for flushing out enemies or scoring easy kills
  • Can make entry holes silently

Best Loadout for Sledge:



3. Thatcher

The most banned operator in Ranked Siege. If you’re lucky enough to be in a ranked game and he’s not banned, and you’re starting out as an Attacker, make sure that this guy is on your team, partnered with hard breachers and you will give the defending team a lot of trouble. Because being able to perform a hard breach and exposing a huge area of the Defenders’ objective site from outside is a big step towards winning the round. And that’s basically why Thatcher is the most banned operator right now, because he makes hard breaching almost too easy.

And that’s why he’s on this list. The way he enables hard breaching is just OP, and much easier compared to the alternatives which are Maverick, Twitch, Kali, or Fuze. Because Thatcher can neutralize Defender gadgets even when he’s outside the objective area, safe and sound, protected by his claymores from runouts. And when he still has an extra EMP grenade after enabling a hard breach, he can use it to wipe out the other Defender gadgets inside, and even rob Defenders of their fookin’ laser sights.

What Makes Thatcher a Great Attacker:

  • Able to neutralize a lot of enemy gadgets
  • Easily enables hard breaching
  • Two claymores for countering roamers and runouts
  • Able to take out even enemy gun sights

Best Loadout for Thatcher:



2. Azami

Azami is my favorite recent addition to Siege because she brought back a lot of the tactical aspects of the game with her Kiba Barriers. Her Kiba Barriers are just so versatile and there are tons of creative ways to use them. Seriously, just watch how the popular Siege youtubers play her and you’ll be amazed at the amount of creative uses for her Kiba Barriers. One of my favorites is protecting a spawn peek window with it. And that’s what makes her one of the most powerful operators in the game right now.

She might not be flashy, but her ability to reshape the geometry of the fight and redirect enemy movements is pretty OP. She also has a great arsenal of weapons that complement her Kiba Barriers. The ACS12 which is the best single slug shotgun in the game, and she has her impact grenades, which she can use to further reshape the ma, according to her and her team’s strategy. The best thing about her is that she can fortify a previously weak spot, and her combo with Mira is just insane.

What Makes Azami a Great Defender:

  • Able to fortify weak angles
  • Great primary guns
  • Great utility tools
  • Able to reshape the map and any movements

Best Loadout for Azami: 



1. Finka

Finka with her recent buff that made her able to activate her Adrenal Surge when she’s down, catapulted her pick rate to the top spot. It basically allows her to self-revive and heal all of her teammates. Of course, it also revives any of her teammates that are also injured. But she can also use it to boost her whole team’s hp even when all of them are in full health. What it does is basically add more toughness to them, and that makes her and her teammates really hard to stop during a push.

But her Adrenal Surge has other buffs that are seldom talked about, even though they also have a huge effect on the game. While the Adrenal Surge is active, it lessens the slow effects of barbed wires, lessens the effects of stun grenades and ear ringing effects of explosions, enables the whole Attacking team to reload faster, and upon activation, it removes all concussion effects from any gadgets. All these buffs, along with her 6P41 LMG and frag grenades, makes Finka a very oppressive force of nature and is truly deserving to be #1 in this list.

What Makes Finka a Great Attacker:

  • Provides a lot of buffs to her whole team
  • Can heal everyone in her team
  • Can revive any injured teammate and herself from any distance
  • Has frag grenades
  • Her LMG is really powerful

Best Loadout for Finka: 



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