Top 10 Rainbow Six Siege Best Plays (2019-2020)

rainbow six siege best plays 2019 2020
These plays will either motivate you to practice, or make you give up on the game entirely

#10. Four Kills Walking Down the Stairs


The blame for this massacre is partly on the defenders who don’t have much of a strategy beyond walk up the stairs, but when you think about the level of play in the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League, none of them should really expect a defender to come charging into the basement all the way from the top floor anyway. All four kills are headshots that come in rapid succession, including the last one from considerable distance down the basement hallway. Oh, and he doesn’t take damage from any of his four victims.

#9. Insane Double Kill Flick


Michael Grzesiek, better known by his streaming alias Shroud, is well known for being incredibly good at multiplayer shooters. This highlight is merely a taste of what he can do. Defending on the Outback map, he is trying to hold an angle on the stairs and simultaneously watch an open window on the opposite wall. He throws a nitro cell unsuccessfully before two enemies, one from the window and the other from the stairs, encroach at the same time. He kills both almost instantly, from very close range, with two headshots, and survives with only two health remaining. 

#8. Quick Ace with Thermite


Summit1g shows off why he’s a massively popular streamer with this play. He jumps into the objective room and injures two defenders quickly. Instead of waiting for the rest of his team, including the defuser carrier who is all the way upstairs, summit1g heads into the second bomb site and kills the remaining three defenders within seconds of each other, all the while staying above half health. Though it’s not necessarily an impressive display of Rainbow Six tactics, it certainly is a showcase of some serious FPS skill. 

#7. 1v4 Clutch and Defuse


This clip is an incredible, time-sensitive play made in the Pro League. The lone defender is roaming outside of the objective room and manages to sneak up on and take out two attackers right as the defuser is planted. Moving into the room, he’s got two more opponents to deal with, and still has to get to the defuser before time runs out. He pops one trying to peek through a destroyed wall, then manages to quickly track down the last one who retreated to kill time and keep an eye on the defuser. 

#6. Shroud Returns from Being AFK


Shroud is really good at shooters, even when he returns to his computer halfway through a round to find his entire team dead and three enemies left alive. “Oh god, what’s happened?” he asks. “You’re running with a shield… and a Glock,” his teammate replies almost solemnly. Shroud doesn’t say another word until he’s won the round. In under a minute. Killing all three enemies with just his pistol. 

#5. Pro League Ace on a Quick Defuser Plant


Just thirty seconds into this round, TSM goes for a quick defuser plant. A race to the objective room ensues and three TSM players are quickly eliminated. Beaulo, playing as IQ, keeps an eye on their defuser from across the hall and manages to kill all five opposing players in the process. He makes his first kill just before the defuser is planted and then moves to take control of the room where the enemy was. From there, he gets the other four kills on players coming from four separate directions. It’s not only an incredible display of awareness, but of pure FPS skill too. 

#4. 1v4 Clutch in Pro League


In-game awareness is a major part of what sets the Pro League apart from the rest of the Rainbow Six player base. With only 40 seconds remaining in the round, this attacker knew they had the four remaining defenders waiting down the hall, and once their position was revealed they’d have to finish out the round quickly before the defenders could snuff out a chance at victory. 

The first kill, which starts off the rapid-fire end to the round, comes because the final attacker, neLo, notices the silhouette of a defender through bullet holes in the wall at the end of the hall. Eliminating the mostly-hidden threat, neLo then moves on to the remaining three, quickly taking them out one after another before they have a chance to all jump on him. 

#3. Hard Breach Denial with Electroclaw in Pro League


Rampy, who just won this year’s Six Invitational last month with Spacestation Gaming, shows off an incredible use of Kaid’s Electroclaw gadget in this clip. It is one of the few plays on this list not primarily focused on kills. 

There’s a lot of moving parts to this clip, so bear with me. When the Pro League stream first switches to Rampy as Kaid, his Electroclaw is powering up on the south wall of the Club House map’s Cash Room objective. Once it powers up, it destroys Hibana’s first batch of X-Kairos before it can blow a hole in the wall. That’s one of Hibana’s three available X-Kairos.

Rampy then notices that Hibana is next trying to breach through the reinforced wall to the south. He grabs one of his Electroclaws off the east wall, then turns and throws an impact grenade at the soft wall above the reinforcement, destroying Hibana’s second X-Kairos. When Hibana tries the south wall again, Rampy throws the Electroclaw he just took from the east wall and electrifies the south wall this time, destroying the final X-Kairos just before it can go off. This forces Hibana to try going through the door, where Rampy is waiting for the kill.

#2. Quad Kill in Less than Ten Seconds


Getting the opposing team down to one player often feels like the round is firmly in your grasp, especially when that last person is trapped in a small room. That was the case in this Pro League match-up, until the final defender stepped out of the Armory Desk room upstairs on the Border map. He turns to the right, gets two kills in a single SMG-11 magazine, switches to the M590A1 shotgun, and gets the final two kills in only two shots, including one just over the edge of a deployable shield.

#1. “Three Billion IQ”


This play exemplifies exactly what makes Siege a great competitive shooter. With no way to kill the attacker upstairs who is watching the defuser, the defender must improvise. They shoot a hole through the wall next to the defuser with their shotgun to gain access and give themselves a chance to disable it. The attacker upstairs realizes what’s going on, tries to shoot through the wall and can’t hit, so they throw a grenade, which goes off less than a second after the round was already won by the defender. 

Rainbow Six is a game that can be decided by fractions of seconds, and this is an exciting clip that shows how tense it can get at the highest level of play. Even Pro League players who know all the strategies can be surprised by a little ingenuity. Three billion IQ indeed, Mr. Commentator.

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