[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Youtubers That Are Great

Top 10 Best R6 Siege Youtubers
The Siege community has gained a lot of knowledge and entertainment because of these legends


10. KingGeorge

KingGeorge has been creating Siege content since late 2016, and to this day is still one of the most active content creators around. He became a professional Siege player and had a successful career which saw him and his team, Continuum, winning the 2017 Six Invitational. He retired from the pro-league scene in order to become a full time Siege Youtuber and Twitch Streamer.

Just like in the video above, KingGeorge provides a lot of tips and tricks in the videos that he uploads. He’s only 8k shy from having 1 million followers in Twitch, and in Youtube he also has a very successful following of 355k subscribers. And while many of his Youtube vids focus on showing the community new tricks and strats, there are also a lot of moments where he shows us his insane aim and flicks, reminding us that he was once a successful professional player.

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9. Basically Homeless

He may not be making Siege videos nowadays, but he deserves a special place in Siege history. This man brought the Siege community a lot of entertainment with his technical skills, and was half-way to being sponsored by Ubisoft to do a promotional video for Siege, but it’s as if the gods, well really, it’s just BattlEye, were playing games with their timing, and decided to have his account banned right while shooting the promotional video.

That ban led to Ubisoft finding out that Basically Homeless used some hacks in the game before. But even though it was only for entertainment and educational purposes, Ubisoft decided to end the partnership with him. That doesn’t change the fact that this man has brought us a lot of legendary Siege videos. These are just some of the items that he’s used to play Siege in ranked- Wii remote, steering wheel, Nintendo power glove, Donkey Kong bongos, Wii balance board, and so many others.

Go check his channel, his legendary Siege vids are still up. And his Siege vids aren’t just for entertainment. If you check his old videos, he actually gave out a lot of good advice for playing the game, and they hold up to this day.

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8. TheGodlyNoob

We gotta be really thankful for Siege Youtubers like TheGodlyNoob for videos like the one above for giving us some much-needed intel on sneaky hiding spots and angles that I personally would probably not have discovered if I didn’t watch their channels. TheGodlyNoob is known for his crazy Caveira plays, just like in the video above. He likes playing aggressively on defense, which leads to a lot of awesome content for his channel.

TheGodlyNoob has 1.1 million subscribers and has built his channel with Siege gameplay videos that features a lot of tricks, strats, and some good sense of humor. But just by watching his videos, one will immediately know that he’s not just great with high IQ plays. He’s also got an insane aim, even with the iron sights of Cav’s Luison. His great game sense and fun gameplay made his channel huge, and is definitely worth checking out.

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7. BikiniBodhi

You can tell just by his channel name that his videos are going to be funny, and you would be right. Just click on any of his vids and you won’t be disappointed. Bikini has built his channel on comedic Siege gameplay vids, but even though he’s mostly just playing around. There’s actually a lot that one can learn from his gameplay videos, especially because this man has been playing Siege since 2016 and therefore, has a lot of experience.

You can tell that from his stats in R6tracker. In all of the seasons since Operation Health, he’s mostly either platinum or diamond in rank. That means when he’s playing seriously, he’s a really great player. Actually, he is a great player even when he’s just casually playing and having some funny moments with his team, as shown in many of his vids. He currently has 1.6 million subscribers in Youtube and is still actively uploading new videos.

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6. Beaulo

Beaulo is the god of Siege. Well, his name literally means ‘God of Siege’ in Greek. But even without knowing that, I’m sure a lot of people in the Siege community think he deserves the God of Siege title. He has insane reflexes and aim. It’s no wonder at all that his team, TSM, won first place in the most recent Six Invitational. Honestly, sometimes when I watch Beaulo clips, I lose confidence in my own gameplay. He’s just that good.

But I’m sure that to most of his 1.3 million subscribers, his clips in Youtube are a source of great inspiration. I won’t lie, I do try to play like Beaulo sometimes, especially when I saw the clip of him one tapping other players with Ela’s pistol. Of course, watching a pro murk other players and completely dominate is sometimes just pure fun. 

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5. Marley

Marley has the biggest number of subscribers in this list, with 3.4 million and counting. Watching a Marley vid is just pure chaos, and chaos is fun. This channel is recommended for those in the community who just want to take a break from the sweatiness of Siege and enjoy some funny gameplay while also learning a lot of cool new tricks.

I mean just watch that Azami video above, even though he and his teammates were clearly just having fun, you might actually believe the title that he’s the best Azami player in Siege. Especially that nasty spawn kill angle that is protected by Azami’s barricade. Don’t know why I never thought of that, but I’m glad I watched this vid and found out. And by the way, he’s Basically Homeless’ friend and has helped Mr. Homeless in a lot of his tests.

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4. Pengu

Pengu is one of the most popular Siege professional players and has achieved legendary status in the community. His list of achievements is very impressive, and he’s definitely one of the most lethal players in the game. His R6tracker stats says it all. 2.38KD and ranked diamond 1 in most seasons that he played. Only went down to platinum 1 in one season, and in another season, he reached champion rank.

His dominating gameplay is very fun to watch, and although his channel isn’t focused on giving tips and tricks, anyone can really learn a lot about the game just by watching one of the best professional players play. With that said, he also has some videos that are dedicated to helping players out, especially in their settings, like the one where he talked about which aspect ratio is the best for the game.

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3. VarsityGaming

One of the most consistent Siege Youtubers around. He’s been uploading Siege videos on Youtube since the day it was released. Check his oldest Siege video in his Youtube channel if you don’t believe me. And speaking of consistency, he’s only been either diamond or platinum rank in Siege since Operation Health. That shows you that this man is not just good at making entertaining Siege videos, he’s really good at the game as well.

He has brought us a lot of legendary Siege videos. He’s only one of the four Youtube channels that has shown us a double-overtime in Siege, but what makes his channel even more special is that he has two videos of a double-overtime in Siege. Something that is very rare to happen. Besides entertaining and badass Siege videos, he also has a lot of tips and tricks in his channel for players at any level.

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2. Macie Jay

I gotta say, Macie Jay is my favorite Siege Youtuber in this list when it comes to making high IQ gameplays. He may not be the funniest or hyper Siege Youtuber out there, but it’s such a joy to watch his Siege clips because of how smoothly he executes his gameplan and his enemies. Seriously, I feel like I become three times smarter whenever I watch his vids.

That’s why when new players ask me to recommend a Siege Youtuber that they can learn the game from, Macie Jay is my go-to channel. Siege players at any level would benefit from watching Macie Jay, because he relies more on his big brain rather than high octane movement and reflexes, granted that he has those too. Macie Jay currently has 1.45 million subscribers and he deserves a lot more for his contribution to the game.

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1. Coconut Brah

When a member of the Siege community thinks about Siege on Youtube, one of the channel names that pops up in their head first is Coconut Brah. He's known, not only for his funny videos, but also for showing us some of the wildest and sneakiest tricks in Siege. If you’ve been killed by an opponent using an angle or trick that you’ve never seen before, you can assume that he learned that by watching Coconut Brah.

But the man isn’t all about giving tricks and making people laugh. Make no mistake, CoconutBrah is a great competitive player and he’s ranked Diamond 1 in his main account. Which only makes sense because he’s probably applying a lot of the tricks he’s shown us in his channel to his own gameplay. With 1.69 million subscribers, Coconut Brah is one of the largest Siege channels and one that will surely be helpful to any player.

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