[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Defender Guns That Are Powerful

Top 10 R6 Siege Best Defender Guns
Thatcher feeling some stress after a failed attack mission with Dokkaebi. Maybe the defenders were using the guns in this list.

10. DP27

The most destructive LMG in the game. Who else is worthy to wield it other than Lord Tachanka himself? The gun has high damage and due to its destructiveness, can easily create rotation holes through walls. Its only weakness is its lack of attachments and low fire rate, but other than that, this gun is very powerful.

What Makes DP27 great:

  • Highly destructive
  • High stopping power
  • High bullet capacity


9. TCSG12

Kaid and Goyo’s shotgun that is practically used as a marksman rifle in Siege. Basically, the only sniper rifle that is available to defenders and it’s very powerful. Aside from killing your enemies, it can also create rotation holes in case your teammates are stingy with their grenades which those of us who solo queue tend to experience a lot of times. This gun has a whopping 63 damage without a suppressor and with a suppressor, it still does 53 damage which is still very high.

What makes TCSG12 great:

  • High damage
  • Works as a defender sniper rifle
  • Fast reload


8. UZK50GI

Siege’s newest gun. For the longest time now, the Siege community has been asking Ubi to give us a new gun, and the UZK50GI doesn’t disappoint at all. For the moment, it can only be used by Thorn. It is a high-powered submachine gun which does 44 damage with medium fire rate. Its weakness is its low bullet capacity per magazine but what makes it a great gun is the availability of many options when it comes to attachments, so you can really customize the gun according to your own playstyle.

What makes UZK50GI great:

  • Stable recoil pattern
  • High damage
  • Attachment options



Generally considered to be one of the best secondary guns to have in Siege, it basically serves as a primary to clash, and trust me, this machine gun is awesome. It’s very easy to control despite its high fire rate. It’s the reason why even Clash can get a lot of kills, and Kali is still dangerous at close range. It’s really powerful and reliable enough to serve as a primary gun.

What makes SPSMG9:

  • Stable recoil
  • High fire rate


6. FO-12

Considered as one of the most powerful shotguns in Siege, the FO-12 shotgun is unique to Ela and can shave away at enemies lives very fast especially when used in conjunction with Ela’s grzmot mines and 3-speed rating. This is a high damage, high fire-rate shotgun that is truly OP when it comes to long range, and would still be able to do substantial damage even at medium range. Truly one of the most feared shotguns in the game.

What makes FO-12 great:

  • Highly destructive
  • High damage
  • Range of pellet spread


5. Luison

Cav’s unique gun. It will mostly just put enemies first on a down-but-not-out (dbno) state despite its very high damage at 65 per shot. That is so Cav can perform her interrogation skill. It’s also one of the most silent pistols in the game even if suppressors are attached to all of them. Just a few shots of this, especially on a 1 armor attacker is enough to cause a dbno status, and when that happens, Cav is free to do what she wants with her prey.

What makes Luison great:

  • Works perfectly with Cav’s skill
  • High damage
  • Silent


4. UMP45

Probably the most underrated gun in Siege, but I share the opinion that it’s one of the best, that’s why its ranking is so high. It’s not the most damaging gun in the game because of its low fire-rate but it more than makes up for it with its stability. The UMP45 is very easy to control even without the use of attachments that add recoil benefits. And speaking of attachments, the UMP45 has a variety of them available, which allows the player to customize this gun to his or her own playstyle.

What makes UMP45 great:

  • Stable recoil pattern
  • Attachment options
  • Inherent low recoil


3. Mx4 Storm

Alibi’s unique gun. Even its name screams badass. Like the UMP45, what I love most about this gun is the availability of many attachments. That way, the player is free to choose where he or she wants to excel. Be it long-range strafing, recoil benefits, or speed. The gun has an inherent low recoil and its recoil pattern only goes on a straight line. That is why it is very easy to customize this gun or experiment in its attachments until you find the set that is more comfortable for you as the player.

What makes Mx4 Storm great:

  • Attachment options
  • Stable recoil pattern
  • High fire-rate


2. 416-C Carbine

Perhaps the most popular gun in Siege. Jager’s 416-C carbine has suffered a number of nerfs throughout the years, but it remains as one of the most powerful in the game. Its only drawback really is its rough recoil, but it compensates with the availability of recoil benefitting attachments which you can use if you’re having trouble controlling it. And when you feel like your own mouse grip is enough to handle the weapon kick, you can go for its extended barrel to ensure inflicting damage even from long range.

What makes 416-C Carbine great:

  • High damage
  • Attachment options


1. M870

It wouldn’t be the most popular shotgun in Siege if it’s not truly powerful. This shotgun has a very high stopping power, and is an almost one shot kill at close range. Its medium range damage is also enough to inflict heavy damage on your opponents especially when you use flick shots with it. It’s basically the reason why you shouldn’t underestimate a recruit, because it’s probably loaded with an M870. And Thorn, the newest operator in the game has this gun available to her in her loadouts.

What makes M870 great:

  • High stopping power
  • Accuracy
  • Fire rate


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