R6 Kaid Guide: How To Play Kaid Like A Pro [25 Useful Kaid Tips You Should Know]

Kaid Guide For R6 Siege: 25 Useful Tips Kaid Players Should Know
The best tips to remember when playing Siege’s best anti-hard breach operator

25. Use His Barbed Wires in Certain Situations


Most players will opt for the nitro cell as his secondary gadget, and I would also recommend it in most situations, but in certain situations, especially when you need to create choke points or prevent Twitch’s Shock Drones from neutralizing your Electroclaws, it is better to go with the barbed wires. That is because you can electrocute them with your other Electroclaw and when placed well, that will prevent drones from entering the room.

That will also make it harder for Attackers to push through certain areas because the Electroclaw can be deployed at awkward angles, making it hard for Attackers to see and shoot it. Yes, they can melee the barbed wires, but that will damage them and their locations will be compromised. This is why I don’t go for the nitro cell 100% of the time, because it’s just fun to prevent drones and Attackers from going inside the objective area with impunity.


24. The Suppressed TCSG12 Is Great

The TCSG12 is one of the most powerful shotguns in the game, and luckily for Kaid players, it's one of his choices for his primary weapon. I personally go for this most of the time and it usually yields great results. That’s because the TCSG12, even though technically a shotgun, is more of a marksman rifle, because it fires a single-slug per shot. That means unlike most shotguns, it is capable of headshots and strafing opponents at long range.

And for sniper-like weapons like this, it’s always great to equip them with a suppressor. Well, especially now that the damage penalty from them has been removed. With a suppressor, you can strafe at your opponents at medium to long-range and they won’t immediately know from which direction they’re being shot at because the shots from a suppressed weapon won’t create a directional threat indicator. It also won’t have a muzzle flash, and of course, the weapon’s gunshots will be silenced.


23. Place Your Electroclaw Underneath


This is a trick that every Kaid player should know, especially now that there are many ways for Attackers to enable hard breaching. The gist of it is basically you have to get creative when playing Kaid and know which areas are frequented by Attackers and those that aren’t. Because you may put your Electroclaw below reinforced walls and feel clever about what you did, but because that area where you placed it is frequented by the Attackers, they’ll just notice it and destroy it anyway.

A good example of a wall that you can definitely electrocute from below is the wall on the bedroom hallway. That’s because the area below it for deploying the Electroclaw is the toilets and most Attackers do not really go there. And even when they do, because of the structure of the spot itself and its colors, it’ll be hard to notice the Electroclaw and it's unlikely that they’ll be able to shoot it.


22. The 'Kaid Trick'


The ‘Bandit trick’ is one of the most popular tricks for preventing Attackers from hard breaching, and as long as the Bandit player knows what he’s doing, he can prevent hard breaching even when there’s a Thatcher. But now that impact emp grenades exist, and their emp blast is almost instant. The usual ‘Bandit trick’ will be hard to perform. Luckily, because of the range of Kaid’s Electroclaws, the ‘Kaid trick’ will be a really good alternative.

The ‘Kaid trick’ is performed to counter Kali’s special gadget and even Thatcher’s EMP Grenade. It’s done by immediately pulling back the Electroclaw right after the sound that Kali’s LV Explosive Lance makes, or the light from Thatcher’s EMP Grenade shows, and then putting the Electroclaw back on the wall again. With two Electroclaws, you can also immediately deploy the other one right after pulling back the first Electroclaw.


21. Electroclaw Clubhouse Placements


For preventing Attackers from breaching the CCTV Room, the best thing to do is place one Electroclaw on the corner adjacent to the left wall on the Eastern Stairs area. For the second electroclaw, you should shoot the TV under the white machine and place it on that particular TV’s spot. You can also go down to the Garage area and shoot the soft floor under those TV racks and deploy the Electroclaw there. This way the Electroclaws will be safe from Kali or Maverick’s frag grenades.

As for the wall on the Bedroom Hallway when your objective spot is on the Gym and Bedroom, the best way to prevent it from being breached by the Attackers is by placing Kaid’s Electroclaw directly underneath it. All you have to do is ping the middle of the base of the reinforced wall and go to the Toilets area and look for the ping. Simply deploy the Electroclaw where the ping is and that should electrocute the two walls. That will also keep the Electroclaw safe from Kali or Maverick’s frag grenades.


20. Consulate Electroclaw Placements


The consulate garage walls are really important for the Defenders because if it gets breached, the area will be really hard to defend against defuser plant attempts. So, it’s important for Kaid to place his Electroclaws on spots where it’ll be hard for the Attackers to disable them. For this, it’s best to put an Electroclaw on the middle of the base of the three walls. That way, you’ll be able to electrocute all three walls.

And after putting it there, Kaid can just defend the stairs by backing a bit towards the black car. As the video shows, you should destroy the windows of the car so that you’ll have a good view of the stairs. And when you hear the Attackers trying to enable a hard breach through Kali or Thatcher, all you have to do is perform the ‘Kaid trick’ that’s in entry #22. However, if they have a Maverick, it’ll be better to put the Electroclaw on the ceiling instead


19. Electroclaw Placements on Kanal


The walls on the Renovations area in Kanal are one of the easiest to defend against hard breaching, even now that some Attackers have impact emp grenades on them. That’s because Kaid can place his Electroclaw on the floor and is kind of away from the wall itself, so it will be safe from Kali’s special gadget. And as long as you follow the instructions in the video above, you should be able to electrocute three unreinforced walls.

For this to really work, however, you should be supported by a Wamai or Jager, because the Electroclaw could be very susceptible to Maverick’s frag grenades. Now if Maverick melts the bottom portion of the wall, all you have to do is counter him or his teammates by crouching and strafing their legs. Of course, Kaid would also be very useful when you’re defending the kayak area because there is a hatch there that should be prevented from being breached.


18. Oregon Electroclaw Placements


When defending the second-floor area of Oregon, it is very important to prevent Attackers from breaching the walls on the game room. And for this, the player could really be creative, because he can go to the master bedroom, destroy the upper portion of the brown drawer with a TV, and place the first Electroclaw on the destroyed portion. That should electrocute the left reinforced wall.

As for the right reinforced wall, you could prevent it from being breached by destroying portions of the barricaded window on the game room, and once prep phase is over, throw your Electroclaw on the spot of the roof that is closest to the window. That should electrocute the right wall and it would be very unlikely for the Attackers to notice the Electroclaws because those spots are hardly used. And they’ll be protected from most gadgets that enable hard breaching.


17. Do Not Go Roaming

It is generally not recommended for 3-armor operators like Kaid to go roaming. Not only are they prone to creating more sound cues when they move because of their heavy armor, they also wouldn’t be able to escape well when Attackers begin hunting them because of their 1-speed rating. And for Kaid, there’s more reason for him to stay in the objective area, because he will need to manage the prevention of hard breaching from the Attackers.

Especially when you’re using Kaid with the TCSG12, you should really stay in the objective spot, simply because you’ll be more effective there. As mentioned above, the TCSG12 is basically a sniper rifle, and an anchoring sniper can really deter Attackers from pushing. Plus, the TCSG12 wouldn’t be effective at all when it comes to sudden encounters at close range, which you will likely experience if you go roaming.


16. Chalet Placements for Electroclaw


As for Chalet, when the objective spot is on the second-floor bedroom and office, it is very important for the Defenders to prevent a breach on the half wall of the office, and the back walls of the bedroom if you’re facing the office. But generally, the Attackers will mostly try to breach the wall on the half wall of the office, so you should focus your attention there.

What you should do is face the reinforced walls, look up, and place the Electroclaw behind the second wooden bar. That should electrocute the two walls and the Electroclaw should be safe from Kali’s special gadget, and unless the Attackers know that it's there, it’ll also be hard for them to neutralize it with an impact emp grenade. Putting it up there will also keep it safe from Ash’s special gadget and frag grenades from below.


15. Kafe Electroclaw Placements


When defending the top floor of Kafe, you would want to prevent the walls on the cigar lounge from being breached. All you have to do is ping it and go down to the mining room and destroy a bit of the wooden floor. Place the Electroclaw there and that should electrocute the two walls. This will prevent the Attackers from having another path of attack when they’re trying to take control of the lounge area.

And when defending the basement, it’s imperative for the defenders to prevent a hard breach on the freezer, because that will allow the Attackers to easily plant the defuser on the service area. All you have to do is place the Electroclaw on the ceiling as shown in the video and that should electrocute both walls as well as the hatch. 


14. Villa Electroclaw Placements


For Villa, it is important for Defenders to prevent at least the left wall of the aviator room from being breached. That’s because if the walls are completely destroyed, the inside will be completely exposed from the outside, and the Attackers will have a much easier time strafing the Defenders. Now, as a Kaid player, all you have to do is place your Electroclaw on the edge of the green plane’s wing, and that should electrocute both of the walls.

Another neat thing is that for the walls in the games room, you can put your Electroclaw on the left one so that it will still reach the right wall, but if you go back to the aviator room, you’ll see that it will also be affected, so that wall will have double protection. As for the walls on the statuary room adjacent to the master bedroom, you should put each Electroclaw on top of the middle of the reinforced walls and above the wooden bar. That way they will be safe from being destroyed from below and even IQ will have a hard time shooting them.


13. Border Electroclaw Placements


When it comes to defending the second floor of Border, it is very important for Defenders to prevent Attackers from breaching the walls in the armory lockers area. And with Kaid, all he has to do is go down to the supply room area and deploy his Electroclaw on the spot that the video shows. That should electrocute both walls and it’ll be very hard for the Attackers to disable it.

Especially because it will be very rare for Attackers to venture to the supply room area when they know that the Defenders are on the top armory lockers and archives area. And speaking of the archives area, you can prevent it from being breached from the radio spot by putting the Electroclaw right beside the white lockers near the wall. For this, you will need the assistance of Jager or Wamai’s gadget so that your Electroclaw won’t be destroyed by frag grenades.


12. Use Him When You're on the Basement


Kaid is the only operator so far that can prevent reinforced hatches from being breached, and he was originally designed for that purpose. While he’s great at preventing horizontal hard breaches as well, when there are already operators that can prevent it like Mute or Bandit, you should use your Electroclaws for hatches instead.

Because if the reinforced hatches are breached, you and your team will be more exposed from above, and it would just be very uncomfortable for you and your whole team. There’s going to be huge portions of the objective area that you will not be able to go to because you’d know that the hatch will be guarded. And once the hatch above you has been breached, there’s going to be more options for the Attackers on how to finish you off.


11. Play Kaid with Wamai or Jager


When going against Attackers who actually know what they’re doing, just Kaid alone wouldn’t be able to prevent them from performing a hard breach. That’s because they would likely have a Maverick on their side that can melt portions of the reinforced walls and those melted portions can be used by the Attackers for throwing over their frag grenades. And more likely than not, those frag grenades will destroy Kaid’s Electroclaws.

That’s why it’s kind of useless to play Kaid as a horizontal breach denier if you don’t have Wamai or Jager on your side. So, be sure to coordinate with your team via voice comms and tell them that you’re picking Wamai and you will need Jager or Wamai for support. Of course, this will be much easier if you’re in a stack anyway, but even when you’re solo queueing, you should try to always communicate with your teammates.


10. Play Kaid with Mute

An ideal Defender team, especially when you’re in a spot where preventing attackers from hard breaching is very important, has one member that can prevent hard breaching, just like Kaid, another member that can neutralize grenades, and another one that can block drones from entering. Like what was mentioned above, it’s important for Kaid’s Electroclaws to be protected by Jager or Wamai’s special gadgets.

And to make sure that the Electroclaws won’t be destroyed, a Mute will be really good to have on the defending team as well. Because Mute can block drone holes and pathways like the top of stairs from drones, most importantly, Twitch’s shock drones. With Twitch’s shock drones blocked from doing their jobs, the defending team will have a greater chance of preventing the attackers from performing a hard breach.


9. Use the Flash Hider for His Aug A3

While I mostly use his TCSG12 and I personally think it’s Kaid’s best primary weapon, a lot of players prefer the Aug A3, and of course a fully automatic weapon is much easier to use than a single-slug firing shotgun, so it’s hard to blame them. The Aug A3 is a very powerful submachine gun with high damage output, good magazine capacity, and a pretty manageable recoil.

But without recoil-benefit providing attachments, its recoil could be pretty rough, especially its horizontal recoil. That’s why it’s best to use a flash hider for its barrel attachment. Because with a flash hider, its vertical recoil will be a lot lower and the user will be able to strafe his enemies with great accuracy and stability. It will also hide the weapon’s muzzle flash, reducing the visual cues that the enemies could react to.


8. Use the Vertical Grip

This again goes for the Aug A3 submachine gun, especially since they have nerfed the angled grip. Since the recoil pattern of the Aug A3 doesn’t just go in a straight vertical path, it is much better to make its recoil more stable by equipping another attachment that provides recoil benefits to it. And with the vertical grip, the user will be able to hold its recoil down much easier.

Kaid will also mostly just be anchoring the objective spot, so he wouldn’t have a lot of need for the angled grip’s benefit of being able to go into aim-down-sights quicker. When it comes to anchoring, you’re mostly already expecting where your opponents are going to appear, so the speed of going into aim-down-sights doesn’t matter a lot.


7. The Scope 2.0x Is the Best for His TCSG12

For Kaid players like me who prefer his TCSG12 over the Aug A3, I recommend using the scope 2.0x and no other. Most new players might be intimidated by the high zoom that it provides and opt for the 1.5x scope instead, but my suggestion is to get used to the 2.0x scope as soon as you can because it’s one of the most balanced scopes in the game.

It will provide a really good amount of zoom for you to be able to see your enemies clearer and bigger, and it won’t eat up a lot of screen space because its main frame is quite thin. So, apart from the gear-like structure on its upper left side, with the 2.0x scope, you’ll have a really clear view of your screen and you’ll be able to see your enemies very well.


6. Using the TCSG12 As a Utility Tool


Another great thing about the TCSG12 and why I love it so much is because it has a high destruction profile per shot. So, apart from being a very effective weapon against your enemies, you can also use it as a utility tool for destroying hatches, creating murder holes, and it can even create rotation holes. Of course, that would waste its bullets, so don’t use it for creating murder holes unless you’re solo queueing and your random teammates aren’t creating rotation holes even though they have impact grenades.

High destruction profile per shot also means that the TCSG12 has high penetrating power, so that means its bullets will penetrate walls better than most guns, making it perfect for wall banging enemies. And if you apply tip #24 and equip it with a suppressor, even though you’re successfully damaging them through a wall, your enemies wouldn’t immediately know where the shots are coming from.


5. Destroy the Top Portion of Walls

Luckily for Kaid, both his TCSG12 and LFP586 handgun have high destruction profile per shot, so this should be pretty easy to do for Kaid. Even when the player opts for the Aug A3 as his primary weapon, he would still have the LFP586, for doing this. And it’s important to destroy the top portion of walls because Kaid and his teammates can use that for throwing over their nitro cells at enemies.

Now, you may think that the Attackers can also use that for throwing over their frag grenades. And yes, they can try that, but at least the Defenders, or at least any sensible defending team, will usually have Jager or Wamai that can neutralize enemy grenades. So, when playing as a Kaid, make sure to destroy the top portion of walls like the ones in throne room so you can get easy kills with the nitro cell.


4. You Will Want the Vertical Grip for Kaid's TCSG12


While the angled grip is available for Kaid’s TCSG12 and it will indeed allow you to go into aim-down-sights quicker, it is just not ideal for this weapon and for Kaid’s role in general. That’s because Kaid’s TCSG12 has a pretty strong recoil, and that’s why it’s imperative that you lower it as much as you can. And the only attachment available to it that can lower its strong weapon kick is the vertical grip.

Even with the vertical grip, you will still need to pace your shots well in order for you to be accurate. That tells you how strong the recoil of the TCSG12 is, so it’s not really a good idea to equip it with an angled grip, especially now that it has been nerfed. Kaid will be anchoring most of the time anyway, so he wouldn’t need to do a lot of sudden flick shots, especially not with the TCSG12.


3. The LFP586 As His Secondary Weapon


While the alternative to the LFP58 which is the .44 Mag Semi-Auto, may have a really nice 3.0x scope, but the LFP58 handgun is the better of the two and would just simply be more useful to Kaid, because the LFP58 has a better destruction profile per shot. That means Kaid can use it for creating murder holes or for destroying the top portion of walls. It cannot destroy wooden beams, but the TCSG12 can handle that, and that way, Kaid will be able to save a lot of bullets for his TCSG12.

Besides, Kaid would mostly have his primary weapons at the ready, so unless you’re trying to score some one tap highlights with your handgun, the .44 Mag Semi-Auto's 3.0x scope is pretty useless. So, it’s better to opt for the LFP58 because you can use it as a utility tool, and for close quarters combat when your primary weapon needs to reload, the LFP58 has a better stopping power.


2. Put Your Electroclaw Away from the Wall


Kaid is the best hard breach denial operator right now because his Electroclaws have a pretty good range. That means he doesn’t need to put it too close to the walls in order to prevent them from being breached. That’s the neat thing about Kaid. He can deploy his Electroclaws on awkward angles like what was discussed above, and it’ll be very hard for Attackers to destroy them.

Of course, the Attackers now have a new tool for enabling hard breaching. And that’s the impact emp grenades which releases its emp blast the moment it hits a surface. But it only has a range of two meters. And while preventing a hard breach will be a lot trickier now because of it, it just raises the value of Kaid even more, because Kaid’s Electroclaws are the only gadget right now that has a chance of evading those emp blasts.


1. Use Him for Horizontal Hard Breach Denial


While the original intent for Kaid is for him to be a vertical hard breach denia Defender, and he’s still the only one capable of it, he has since evolved to become the best at denying a horizontal hard breach. And that is because his Electroclaws are very versatile and like I mentioned above, they can be deployed in awkward, tricky spots so that they won’t be destroyed by Attacker gadgets or utility tools.

If you apply all the other tips above, there’s a high chance that you’d be able to prevent horizontal hard breaching, even if the Attackers are experienced players. It may be a bit trickier now to do with the impact emp grenades releasing their emp blast immediately, but the ‘Kaid trick’ would still work in many cases and as long as you try to keep the Electroclaw away from the wall as much as possible.


Attention operator, please be advised. There is a new directive from Six. Read up on these related articles, and prepare for deployment:

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