[Top 5] Rainbow Six Siege Best Iron Sights

Top 5 Best Iron Sights in Rainbow Six Siege
Dokkaebi using iron sights for her SMG-12

While I wouldn’t really recommend going for iron sights on an SMG-12, there are guns in Siege that benefit more from their default iron sights. Shotguns, unlike most of the other guns in the game, can excel even with hip firing. And for many shotguns, their default iron sights are already better than any of the other sight attachments available.


5. SPAS-12

The shotgun issued for Oryx and Valkyrie. Its iron sights don’t take a lot of screen space even when on aim-down-sights (ads) position, so you’ll be able to see your targets clearly. It also doesn’t take much space when hip firing, allowing you to spot if there are enemies on your right side.


4. M870

The most popular shotgun in Siege. Available to the Jager, Bandit, Thorn, and recruit. It has a slim frame so its ads position doesn’t take much screen space. And its box-type iron sights allow you to focus more on your target. It's no wonder why the M870 is considered by many, not just as a powerful shotgun, but also one of the most accurate ones.


3. SIX12 SD

Its iron sight is very similar to the M870 above, and is even more suited for the roles of the operators issued with this shotgun. Nokk, Ying, and Lesion. Both Nokk and Ying’s gameplay revolves around surprising the enemies, and a shotgun with good iron sights are perfect for them. Same with Lesion who’s a defender. Because of the sound and the slow down effects of his gu mines, he’ll know where the enemy is and will most likely be able to get near him. Near enough for the shotgun’s close-range superiority.


2. M590A1

While the frame of the gun is pretty big, the sight itself is small, and this allows for a more precise shooting. Its iron sights almost look like a red dot sight, only this one has a green default reticle. This shotgun with its iron sights is perfect for Sledge, Smoke, and Warden who can effectively get close to their enemies and surprise them with a big punch from this shotgun.


1. ACS12

Maestro and Alibi’s unique shotgun. It has a tight pellet spread even at mid-range, making it one of the most precise shotguns in the game. And its default iron sight reflects that quality. Its upper frame doesn’t take a lot of screen space, allowing players to target their enemies with deadly accuracy. Its hip fire position is also great for spotting enemies on your peripheral vision.


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