[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Clash Loadouts

R6 best Clash Loadouts
Still one of the most banned in ranked games. And when an operator is usually banned, it means that they always give the opposing team a lot of problems.

Her CCE Shield doesn’t just protect her. It also deals damage and slows down enemies. Making it a really troublesome weapon for the opposing team, and a great asset for you and your allies. By combining its use to Clash’s loadout options, you’ll be able to maximize her gameplay potential and make the difference in a match.


5. CCE Shield + SPSMG9 with Suppressor + Impact Grenades

Give them a surprise

Stealth and Clash may not really belong together, but this has gotten me many kills with clash. When you’re playing as Clash, most players tend to ignore you and look for your other teammates, and they’d be smart to do so. But when they remove their attention from you, that leaves them vulnerable, and that’s the moment where you can switch to your suppressed SPSMG9.

Even with a suppressor, the SPSMG9 still does 28 damage, and with its fast fire rate, it can shave away at your enemies’ hp quite fast. And because of the suppresor’s stealth benefits, it can cause some delay before they realize that you’ve actually switched to your secondary and are shooting at them.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


4. CCE Shield + Super Shorty with Laser + Impact Grenades

It’s short but packs a big punch

With this loadout, you’ll pack a big punch when you’re doing the turn-around-and-switch-to-secondary strat on Clash. Once you’re able to lure your opponent to close range and have slowed him down with your CCE shield, quickly turn around and switch to your Super Shorty shotgun. At close range this is almost a guaranteed one hit or at least a down.

And with your impact grenades, you can create rotation holes for your team, or use it to quickly finish off a downed opponent.

Excels in:

  • Close range


3. CCE Shield + SPSMG9 with Flash Hider and Laser + Barbed Wire

It’s labeled as a pistol but it’s as good as a submachine gun

Clash’s CCE shield is one of the most troublesome defender special gadgets in Siege because it doesn’t just slow enemies down, it always damages them. With the barbed wire slowing your enemies down, there’s even more chance for you to catch them on your CCE Shield’s range and keep damaging them. And once you feel like you’ve damaged them enough, quickly turn around, as mentioned in #4, to switch to your secondary weapon, and finish them off.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


2. CCE Shield + Super Shorty with Laser + Barbed Wire

Close range superiority

The barbed wire doesn’t just slow your enemies down. It can also serve as an alarm, because most of the time, your enemies will try to destroy it and, in the process, create a lot of sound. It’s a simple tool but creates a lot of hindrances for attackers. And with the barbed wire combined with the effects of your CCE Shield, your enemies will have a hard time avoiding the CCE shield’s damage per second (dps), and the Super Shorty’s big punch once you switch to it.

Excels in:

  • Close range 


1. CCE Shield + SPSMG9 with Flash Hider and Laser + Impact Grenades

1v1 with Osa? She’ll get destroyed

The SPSMG9 partnered with impact grenades greatly increases Clash’s offensive capabilities While the barbed wire offers many defensive benefits, the addition of Osa to Siege made the value of impact grenades even greater. One direct hit from an impact grenade will shatter her shield, leaving her vulnerable to your SPSMG9 or your other teammates. It’s also a quick way to finish your enemies off once you’ve damaged them enough with your CCE Shield.

Excels in:

  • Close range


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