[Top 5] R6 Best Reticle Color Used by Pros

Top 5 Best Reticle Color Used by Pros in R6
Ash and Dokkaebi. What a terrifying duo.

Five years after release, Rainbow Six Siege finally gave players the option to change their reticle color with the coming of Operation Shadow Legacy. It’s a great addition to the accessibility options of the game, especially since the Siege community has known for a long time that the default red reticle color doesn’t work for everyone. Here are the top five best reticle colors used by the best of the best in the game, and why it’s recommended to use them.


5. White (Used by Elemzje)

Elemzje is no. 15 in the R6 esports rankings when it comes to earnings, and is currently the leader of Team BDS. Now, going with a white reticle may sound like a bad idea at first because there are many white walls and areas in R6 maps and the reticle might blend on them. But you can be at ease. As you can see from the match video above, it doesn’t really blend to the surroundings, even though the Coastline map has a lot of white areas. In fact, white is a great reticle color for aim because most operator skins are dark, therefore; whenever you’re aiming at an enemy, you’ll be sure that you’ll always see your reticle because it’ll be in contrast with the dark sprite of the enemy.

A screenshot to show how white reticle color doesn’t really blend on white environment, even in well-lit white walls.


4. Default (Used by Rampy)

Rampy ranks 3rd in the R6 esports earnings and is a member of the team Spacestation Gaming. Yet he still uses the default red reticle color. And it’s really because the default reticle color is far from bad. Not many areas or objects in Siege maps are red or have the same reddish tone as the default color, and you’ll be able to see it well while targeting enemies because regardless of the skin they choose, they will still appear mostly in a dark shade especially from long distance. And the default red color will be in strong contrast to that usual dark character shade.


3. Green (Used by Bosco)

Bosco is no. 2 in R6 esports earnings and is another member of the esports team Spacestation Gaming where he plays as support. He uses the green reticle color which is what’s used by most pros. Green is what I am using as well, and it’s just great overall because it's very rare to see objects or environments in maps that have the same shade of green. So, with green reticle color, you’re sure that you’ll always have a clear visual on your reticle, and that will allow you to aim more effectively.


2. Turquoise (Used by Pengu)

Pengu is no. 32 in the R6 esports rankings and is one of the most popular Siege youtubers with 615k subscribers. Him and Beaulo, another professional R6 player and also very popular on Youtube, uses the turquoise color for their reticles. It’s kinda just like green but not really. It has a shade of light blue on it, and as you can see from the thumbnail of the video above, you’ll be able to see it very well while targeting enemies because its strong color will be in contrast to most surroundings and player skins.


1. Purple (Used by Static)

Static is a South Korean professional R6 gamer and is ranked #66 in earnings. He uses purple and honestly, watching the video above makes me want to change my reticle color to purple too. It makes a lot of sense to use purple because while red and green objects and areas are quite rare in R6 maps, purple is even rarer. Using a purple reticle will make sure that you always see your reticle well and you’ll always have a clear visual of your aim. Purple color is very rare on operator skins. I can only think of the obnoxious pink koala skin that is closer to purple, but aside from that, you can be sure that using it for your reticle can help you aim better.


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