[Top 15] R6 Best Attackers, Ranked (Current Meta)

R6 Siege Top 15 Best Attackers In The Current Meta
The fifteen best attacker operators for the current meta in Rainbow Six Siege

15. Glaz

Attacker Score: 91/100

Glaz was very rarely seen in ranked games a few seasons ago but he’s now a very viable operator again since the addition of Sens in Team Rainbow and the rework on his loadouts. The devs brought back his claymores which are really great support for him when he’s rappelling and sniping through windows, and the big thing that really increased his pick rate again is the addition of the bearing 9 machine pistol in his loadout.

With the bearing 9 machine pistol, Glaz players do not have a reason anymore to fear going in close quarters. That’s because the bearing 9 is basically a submachine gun and is a headshot machine at that. It has a very fast rate of fire and can take enemies out very quickly, especially at close range. Of course, what makes Glaz really a part of the current meta is his combo with operator Sens which allows him to snipe opponents behind the cover of Sens’ special gadget.

What Makes Glaz a Great Attacker:

  • His OTs-03 DMR is the only gun in Siege that has a scope 4.0x and this allows Glaz to target enemies really well
  • His special gadget, the OTs-03's thermal sight allows him to very easily see an enemy against all the backdrops in the maps
  • He now has a bearing 9 machine pistol which he can use very effectively in close quarters combat
  • His OTs-03's thermal sight allows him to see enemies behind a smoke grenade or Sens’ special gadget
  • The claymores are now back in his arsenal and he can use them to counter runouts while rappelling by the windows
  • He now has a gonne-6 which gives him the ability to destroy a pesky bulletproof enemy gadget

Choose Glaz if:

  • You have a Sens in your team
  • The map has a lot of long-range angles like Coastline or Villa
  • Your team is going for a smoke + plant rush
  • You're confident with your long-range sniping skills

Best Loadout for Glaz:



14. Jackal

Attacker Score: 92/100

Jackal has always been a very strong operator and he’s only become more viable now because he’s not the most banned operator anymore. That means players can actually use him most of the time now, and when they do, then the attacking team has a really valuable member on their side. That’s because before pushing into the objective spot, the most basic thing to do is to clear out roamers first, and when it comes to clearing out roamers, Jackal is the best.

That’s because he can see the footprints left by defenders and scan them. Once the scan is successful, it will generate a ping on the current location of that particular defender and that ping will be visible to the whole attacking team and it will last for several seconds. Jackal’s tracking ability can basically render a roamer useless even if he or she doesn’t get killed by attackers, because they will be forced to be on the defensive rather than play the aggressive roamer.

What Makes Jackal a Great Attacker:

  • Able to track a defender’s footprints and ping his or her current location for the whole attacking team to see
  • Has two claymores in his arsenal to protect himself while tracking defender footprints and scanning them
  • Has a shotgun available as his secondary weapon which is a great utility for him
  • Can perform the scan on footprints from a distance of eight meters
  • Can basically render a roamer useless for most of the round because he or she will have to be on the defensive
  • Both his assault rifle and submachine gun are great with suppressors which is the current meta for barrel attachments

Choose Jackal if:

  • You want to perform a vertical attack
  • Your team needs a soft breacher
  • You need an operator who can use a gonne-6 hand cannon

Best Loadout for Jackal:



13. Buck

Attacker Score: 93/100

Vertical plays are basically the meta when the objective spot is on the lower floor. That’s because most objective spots on a lower story are below wooden floors, and all the attackers have to do is destroy those wooden floors to expose the objective spot from above. But in Buck’s case, he’s also very effective in doing this from below. That’s because his under-barrel shotgun which he can access using his special gadget, the Skeleton Key, is rapid-firing and the most destructive shotgun in the game.

With Buck’s Skeleton Key shotgun, he can keep destroying the wooden floor of an objective spot from below and harass the defenders from there. This is why Buck is very dangerous in Villa for example, especially when the objective spot is on the games and aviator room. But Buck doesn’t only excel in vertical play. He also excels at quick soft breaching because he can make a hole on an unreinforced wall that is big enough for him and his teammates to enter with just one shot of his Skeleton Key shotgun.

What Makes Buck a Great Attacker:

  • Able to perform vertical plays fast and effective be it on top of the objective spot or from the bottom
  • His under-barrel shotgun can open up an entry point with just one shot
  • His C8-SFW assault rifle is one of the most powerful guns in the game with heavy damage and fast rate of fire
  • His CAMRS designated marksman rifle has a tight hip fire spread so it’s effective at close range too
  • Has a gonne-6 hand cannon which he can use to destroy a bulletproof enemy gadget

Choose Buck if:

  • The objective spot’s floor or ceiling is made up of wood
  • Your team needs a soft breacher
  • You need to harass enemies from below or from above

Best Loadout for Buck:



12. Maverick

Attacker Score: 94/100

Since Thatcher is still one of the most banned operators in Siege, Maverick’s high pick rate has been maintained. That’s because he’s one of the best, if not the best alternative to Thatcher when it comes to enabling hard breaching. That’s because his special gadget, the Breaching Torch, can melt portions of reinforced walls and expose the defender gadgets that are preventing hard breaching. Gadgets like Mute’s Signal Jammers, Bandit’s Shock Wires, or Kaid’s Electroclaw. 

They’ve recently removed his frag grenades so it’s harder now to destroy Kaid’s Electroclaw by himself, but he can still make holes on reinforced walls and have his teammates frag grenade the Electroclaw instead. And even when he’s not trying to disable hard-breach preventing gadgets, Maverick’s presence alone deeply unsettles the defenders because they know that they could easily get fragged if they stray on an angle that is exposed by the hole that his Breaching Torch made.

What Makes Maverick a Great Attacker:

  • One of the best alternatives to Thatcher right now when it comes to enabling hard breaching
  • Able to make murder holes on reinforced holes with his Breaching Torch
  • Has two claymores which he uses to protect himself while melting portions of reinforced walls
  • Has a very powerful AR-15.50 which does heavy damage per shot and is more akin to a DMR than an AR
  • His M4 can finish enemies off very quickly due to its high damage and fast rate of fire

Choose Maverick if:

  • Your team needs someone that can enable hard breaching
  • You need someone who can destroy reinforced hatches
  • You plan on surprising defenders with a silent rush

Best Loadout for Maverick:



11. Gridlock

Attacker Score: 95/100

The light machine guns may have been nerfed by a lot due to the recent across the board recoil progression overhaul which basically made it harder to control the recoil of longer sprays, but Gridlock’s M249 Saw LMG is still a very powerful LMG because unlike most light machine guns in the game, this one can be reloaded quickly. Basically, the user can treat it as an assault rifle or submachine gun that has a huge magazine capacity.

Her M249 Saw is one of the things that keeps her in the current meta, but of course, what makes Gridlock a really powerful operator is her special gadget, the Trax Stinger. When deployed, the Trax Stinger covers a large area with nineteen barbed mats that heavily damages opponents that step on them. What’s scary is that Gridlock has four of these Trax Stingers in her arsenal and it makes her one of the best area-denial attackers in the game.

What Makes Gridlock a Great Attacker:

  • Able to deny large areas to defenders using her Trax Stinger special gadgets
  • Her area denial device can block flanking spots or the paths that roamers take to get behind attackers
  • Has 3-health rating so it takes more shots to take her down as long as she doesn’t get hit in the head
  • Her M249 Saw LMG is unique in that compared to other LMGs, it can be reloaded quickly.
  • Has the super shorty shotgun as her secondary which allows her to create entry points
  • Has a gonne-6 hand cannon as one of her choices for secondary weapon
  • She has two smoke grenades which is a great combo for her area-denial device
  • She is among the few operators that has an impact EMP grenade on their arsenal

Choose Gridlock if:

  • Your team is going for a smoke + plant rush
  • You want to prevent roamers from getting you from behind
  • You need to prevent defenders from flanking

Best Loadout for Gridlock:



10. Osa

Attacker Score: 95/100

Osa is one of the most powerful attackers in the game and has somewhat become underrated due to how easily her Clear Shield can be countered by impact grenades. At least that’s what most players believe. In truth, if the Osa player knows what she’s doing, impact grenades won’t easily kill her. That's because unbeknownst to many players, her Clear shield actually doesn’t shatter from impact grenades while she’s still holding it. 

That’s why it’s easy to bait a lot of defenders from wasting their impact grenades while Osa is still holding the Clear Shield. Osa remains to be in the current meta because as long as the player knows what she’s doing, she’s really one of the most tactical pushers and defuser planters around. She can even completely block a window from being used as a runout spot, and when it comes to killing, she can actually pretty quickly switch from shield to her weapon which catches a lot of enemies by surprise.

What Makes Osa a Great Attacker:

  • Has a Clear Shield which allows her to have a clear view of the surroundings while protecting herself
  • Her Clear Shield doesn’t break from impact grenades or nitro cells when she’s still carrying it
  • Has two claymores that protect her from roamers, flankers, and it’s a good combo for her Clear Shield.
  • She has two smoke grenades which are also a great combination to her Clear Shield when it comes to planting the defuser
  • She is among the few attackers that have access to the impact EMP grenades in their arsenal

Choose Osa if:

  • You’re confident about being the defuser carrier
  • You're great at coordinating with your team
  • Your team is going in for a rush and defuser plant strat

Best Loadout for Osa:



9. Sens

Attacker Score: 95/100

Just like Osa, Sens is part of the current meta because she’s one of the most powerful pushers and defuser planters around. With her special gadget, the R.O.U. Projector System, she can deploy huge walls of light that can provide cover for the defuser plant attempt. And as mentioned above, this is a really powerful combo for Glaz because his OTs-03 can see enemies through Sens’ walls of light, just like with smoke grenades.

With four R.O.U. Projector Systems, Sens can really make it hard for defenders to stop a defuser plant attempt because they can cover a really wide area. On top of that, Sens also has the newest gun in Siege which is the POF-9. Its recoil may be rough, but as long as you apply your own recoil control on it and equip it with a vertical grip, you can even attach a suppressor to its barrel and it’ll still be manageable as long as you stick to short burst firing.

What Makes Sens a Great Attacker:

  • Able to provide a lot of cover for her and the whole attacking team through her R.O.U. Projector Systems
  • Has a great weapon in the POF-9 assault rifle which has really good damage and fast rate of fire
  • Has two claymores which can be used as a combo to their R.O.U. Projector Systems
  • Has access to the gonne-6 hand cannon which she can use to disable a pesky bulletproof enemy gadget
  • Can also use the 417 designated marksman rifle which has a really tight hip fire
  • Is one of the best defuser carriers since she can time the plant well with the deployment of her special gadget

Choose Sens if:

  • You’re confident in being the defuser carrier and planter
  • You want to be able to provide cover to your teammates while pushing
  • Your team is going in for a rush and defuser plant strat

Best Loadout for Sens:



8. Lion

Attacker Score: 96/100

Lion is one of the best attackers in the game because his special gadget, the EE-ONE-D, forces enemies to stop on their tracks, and those who choose to still move will get pinged and have their current locations exposed to the whole attacking team for several seconds. This is one of the best abilities in the game because it’s not only a great intel gathering utility, it’s also great at messing up the opponents’ rhythms, which is very important during the flow of the game.

And because Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans are quite loud, they can mask some of the sound cues that attackers make, and this can help them catch defenders off-guard. This is why Lion is one of the best to have in the team when it comes to rushing, especially when partnered with a Dokkaebi. Lion also has one of the best weapons in the game, the V308 assault rifle which honestly doesn’t have a drawback. It has a very manageable stock recoil, huge magazine capacity, high damage, and a wide variety of attachments available to it.

What Makes Lion a Great Attacker:

  • His EE-ONE-D scans forces enemies to stop moving or else their current position will be compromised
  • Has the V308 assault rifle which is unique to him and is close to a perfect gun in Siege
  • Also has access to the 417 designated marksman rifle which is unique due to its very tight hip fire
  • Has access to two claymores which he can use to counter roamers and flankers
  • Can use the gonne-6 hand cannon for destroying a pesky bulletproof enemy gadget or a soft hatch
  • His stun grenades are great for softening up the objective area before pushing

Choose Lion if:

  • You want to play an easy to use but very effective operator
  • You want to play an operator that can gather intel
  • Your team needs an operator that is very effective when it comes to rushing

Best Loadout for Lion:



7. Dokkaebi

Attacker Score: 96/100

Intel plays a huge part in Siege’s gameplay and on the attacker side, Dokkaebi is the queen of intel, so of course she’s part of the current meta, and has been part of it for many years. She’s one of the few operators who actually has two special abilities. One is her Logic Bomb which hacks defenders’ mobile phones and make them ring loudly. And for it to stop ringing, the defenders would have to stop everything that they’re doing and deactivate it which takes around five seconds.

Her second ability is hacking a dead defender’s mobile phone. Once successful, it will give the whole attacking team access to all defender cameras, including special gadgets like Valkyrie’s Black Eyes and Maestro’s Evil Eyes. So, not only Dokkaebi is a master at gathering intel, she’s also great at intel denial because once the defender cameras have been hacked, most of the time, the defenders feel compelled to destroy their own cameras so that their positions won’t get compromised.

What Makes Dokkaebi a Great Attacker:

  • Her Logic Bomb forcefully rings defender phones and that loud ringing compromises their locations
  • The loud ringing from the defenders’ mobile phones can also mask the sound cues from attackers
  • When defenders are trying to disable the Logic Bomb, they won’t be able to move, fire, or view their surroundings for about five seconds.
  • She can also hack defender cameras and make them accessible to the whole defending team
  • She’s a great operator for rushing because while her Logic Bomb is going off it’ll be harder for defenders to respond to the rushing attackers
  • Has a gonne-6 hand cannon in her arsenal which she can use to neutralize a bulletproof defender gadget
  • She’s one of the few operators that has access to impact EMP grenades

Choose Dokkaebi if:

  • You need to clear out roamers before pushing
  • Your team plans on rushing
  • Your team needs more intel on enemies

Best Loadout for Dokkaebi:



6. Finka

Attacker Score: 96/100

Finka became one of the most OP operators just a few seasons ago because the devs gave her the ability to revive herself through her Adrenal Surge, and one of the effects of her Adrenal Surge is that it increases the reload speed of the whole team. This lessens the drawback of her 6P41 LMG which also became one of the most oppressive weapons in the game due to the fact that it can be fired for a long time while still having a very manageable recoil.

Of course, as mentioned in one of the above entries, the LMGs have now been nerfed and their recoil will become really rough to control when it comes to long sprays. However, that doesn’t really decrease Finka’s effectiveness because her other weapons like the Spear .308 are still very powerful and of course, her Adrenal Surge still has all its great buff effects such as added health points, revival from being in a down-but-not-out state, reduction of tinnitus, faster walking over barbed wires, removal of concussion effects, and others.

What Makes Finka a Great Attacker:

  • Has the ability to revive herself or any other teammate who are in a down-but-not-out state from anywhere in the map
  • Adds health points to the whole attacking team essentially making them tougher
  • Provides the whole attacking team with better tolerance against being blinded and tinnitus
  • While her Adrenal Surge is active, the whole attacking team will be able to walk over barbed wires faster
  • Any concussion effects will be removed from anyone in the attacking team upon activation of the Adrenal Surge
  • Also has a gonne-6 which can be used to disable one troublesome bulletproof defender gadget

Choose Finka if:

  • Your team needs more support and buffs
  • The attacking team is planning on rushing
  • You love to overwhelm your enemies while also supporting your teammates

Best Loadout for Finka:



5. Fuze

Attacker Score: 96/100

It has been mentioned in Buck’s entry that performing a vertical play is the meta when the objective spot is below a wooden floor, and that’s especially the case when your team has a Fuze. Fuze is the most destructive vertical attacker in the game. That’s because with his special gadget, the Cluster Charge, he releases several explosives into a large area. Each Cluster Charge releases five sub-grenades and each sub grenades have an explosion radius of 4.2m meters.

The thing is, the sub grenades can sometimes bounce when they hit an object, and that sort of increases the area of effect of Fuze’s Cluster Charge. Of course, any gadget that is hit by these explosives will get destroyed, and that’s why Fuze is one of the best gadget disablers in the game. The continuous bombardment can also cause a lot of panic to defenders, making them run out of cover and therefore, more vulnerable to the other attackers in Fuze’s team.

What Makes Fuze a Great Attacker:

  • Able to destroy defender gadgets en masse due to his Cluster Charges which drops five explosives on an area
  • Able to force defenders to go out of their entrenched positions
  • Repeated explosions from his Cluster Charges can instill a lot of panic on the defenders
  • The repeated explosions from his Cluster Charges can also mask the sound cues from attackers who are pushing
  • His AK-12's stock recoil is manageable enough for a suppressor on its barrel
  • Has a ballistic shield as one of his choices for his primary weapon and with it he’ll be safer while deploying his Cluster Charges

Choose Fuze if:

  • The objective spot is below a large wooden floor
  • You need to destroy a lot of defender gadgets
  • You aim to perform a vertical play
  • You need to flush defenders out of their hiding spots

Best Loadout for Fuze:



4. Capitao

Attacker Score: 97/100

Capitao is certainly one of the most powerful operators in the game especially because of the new suppressor meta. That’s because his Para-308, despite its high damage per shot, actually has a really low stock recoil. That means the user doesn’t have to equip it with a recoil-providing barrel attachment and can therefore benefit more with the suppressor. With a suppressor on Capitao’s assault rifle, he can shoot at enemies behind his smoke grenades and they won’t receive any directional threat indicator.

Of course, the main reason why Capitao is such a powerful operator is because he can deny large areas to his enemies through his asphyxiating bolts which are fired through his special gadget, the Tactical Crossbow. He can also fire smoke grenades which he can use to provide cover for the attacking team’s advance or a defuser plant attempt. Capitao also has two claymores in his arsenal which he can use to cover his team’s behind or counter run outs.

What Makes Capitao a Great Attacker:

  • The smoke from his smoke grenades pops off quickly and this tends to surprise defenders
  • Also has the ability to deny large areas to defenders through his asphyxiating bolts which are basically fire grenades
  • His para-308 is a powerful weapon with low stock recoil, making it perfect to be equipped with a suppressor.
  • Has two claymores which are perfect for countering flankers, roamers, and runouts.
  • He now has a gonne-6 hand cannon in his arsenal and it provides him the ability to destroy a pesky bulletproof defender gadget

Choose Capitao if:

  • You’re confident in your skills as a defuser carrier
  • Your team needs someone who can provide smoke cover
  • Your team needs someone to perform the area-denial role
  • You need an operator with claymores to counter roamers and flankers

Best Loadout for Capitao:



3. Ace

Attacker Score: 97/100

Although Thermite can make perfect hard breaches and Hibana has become more versatile due to the rework on her special gadget, Ace remains to be the meta when it comes to hard breaching. That’s because he gets three hard breach gadgets which open up big holes on reinforced walls and of course, can also be used on reinforced hatches. With an Ace on the attacking team, he can open up two big holes on a wall and will still have a hard breach device left for destroying a reinforced hatch.

On top of that, Ace, unlike both Hibana and Thermite, has access to claymores, which are great for countering run outs while performing hard breaching. His AK-12's stock recoil is also manageable enough for it to be equipped with a suppressor for its barrel attachment as long as it’s partnered up with a vertical grip. This allows Ace to strafe opponents from medium to long range through the breach he just made without providing his enemies with a directional threat indicator of where his shots are coming from.

What Makes Ace a Great Attacker:

  • He’s currently the most versatile hard breacher in the game and can do most of what Thermite and Hibana can do
  • Has three hard breach charges and because of that he can breach walls and hatches
  • Has two claymores that can protect him and his whole team while the hard breach is being performed
  • His AK-12 is great with a suppressor because it has a manageable recoil
  • Has three breach charges for soft surfaces which he can use to expose defenders from above a wooden floor

Choose Ace if:

  • Your team needs to perform hard breaching
  • Your team needs someone who can destroy reinforced hatches
  • You want someone with claymores while also providing a lot of utility support for the team

Best Loadout for Ace:



2. Flores

Attacker Score: 98/100

Like Fuze, Flores excels at disabling enemy gadgets, especially because unlike projectiles, Flores’ exploding drones won’t get disabled by Jager or Wamai’s gadgets which are usually present in the game, especially in the higher elos. His exploding drones can be countered by Mute’s Signal Jammers, yes, but Flores will be able to pick them up and redeploy them later on. Flores is one of the most underrated operators in the game and if you haven’t been using him, you really should practice using him soon.

His exploding drones, the RCE-Ratero Charges, aren’t only great at disabling enemy gadgets. Because they have the same explosion power as a nitro cell, they’re excellent for soft breaching as well. They’re also great for area denial and forcing enemies out of their entrenched positions. With Flores on the attacking team, it’ll be much easier for attackers to take control of an area. His weapons and utilities are also great, especially since he has access to the claymores which can protect him while he’s sending his exploding drones.

What Makes Flores a Great Attacker:

  • One of the few operators in the game that can perform multiple roles
  • He can perform the role of utility disabler through his exploding drones and he can disable a lot of them
  • With his exploding drones, Flores can also play the role of a soft breacher.
  • Like Fuze, he’s also able to force defenders out of their entrenched positions
  • Can use his exploding drones as bait or distraction because they automatically move forward once deployed
  • Has two claymores so he can protect himself from roamers, flankers, or run outs while controlling his exploding drones

Choose Flores if:

  • Your team needs a soft breacher
  • You want to disable a lot of enemy gadgets
  • You want the ability to force defenders out of their hiding spots
  • You want to gather intel while also instilling panic onto the defenders

Best Loadout for Flores:



1. Iana

Attacker Score: 98/100

Iana is a very powerful and versatile attacker and that’s evident from her high pick rate. Players love her because she can do almost everything and she’s also very fun to use. And what I mean by she can do almost everything is that she’s very effective at entry fragging or even just hanging back and gathering intel for her team. She also has excellent utilities that allow her to kill, provide cover, or perform soft breaching. Her weapons also inflict high damage per shot and can take enemies out very quickly.

But of course, what makes her really special is her special gadget, the Gemini Replicator. This special gadget allows her to create a holographic copy of her which she can also control. The holographic copy can perform all of Iana’s movements except for rappelling and attacking, and Iana can monitor what it sees. Basically, Iana has a drone that is an exact copy of her and she can use it to gather intel on enemy positions or to simply confuse them. 

What Makes Iana a Great Attacker:

  • Able to gather intel with her holographic clone that is an exact copy of her and also moves like her
  • Because her Gemini Replicator clone is an exact copy of her, she can also distract and confuse opponents with it.
  • Has two frag grenades which she can use to score some easy kills after gathering intel on enemy positions
  • Has access to the G36C assault rifle which packs heavy damage, fast rate of fire, and has a scope 1.5x for its sight.
  • It’s very hard to catch her in an ambush because she can always send her holographic copy to an area first

Choose Iana if:

  • You enjoy playing the intel gatherer role
  • You love confusing enemies and having them give away their own locations
  • You’re great with scoring kills with frag grenades
  • You’re good at entry fragging after gathering intel with Iana’s holographic clone

Best Loadout for Iana:



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