Rainbow 6 Siege Flores Guide: How To Play Flores Like A Pro [25 Useful Flores Tips You Should Know]

Flores Guide For R6 Siege: 25 Useful Tips Flores Players Should Know
Twenty-five tips and tricks for players who want to excel in using one of the most underrated attackers in the game.

25. The Ying and Flores Combo


First, as the Flores player, you should always remember that your primary role is to destroy as many defender gadgets as you can. And when you’ve done that and you still have some exploding drones remaining, you can use them to flush defenders out of their hiding spots or instill panic on them. His exploding drones shouldn’t really be used with the aim of getting kills. But there are a few exceptions to that.

One of those exceptions of course is when a defender is clearly not aware of his surroundings, either because he’s checking the observation tools, or he’s blinded. And the best at blinding enemies is Ying. Just like in the video above, you can see Ying blinding an enemy and he has no idea what’s happening around him. That’s a perfect opportunity for Flores to get a kill with one of his exploding drones.


24. You Can Pick It Up Again


Flores’ special gadget, the RCE-Ratero Charge, is essentially a drone that can also jump and gather intel. Flores can manually press the special gadget button once it’s released and it will go into bulletproof mode and will explode after three seconds. But once it has been released from Flores’ hands, it will automatically go into bulletproof mode and start the three second countdown before it explodes after ten seconds.

The thing is, if you feel like you’ve made a mistake by releasing it too early, you can maneuver it so that it will be stuck in a corner. That will allow you to pick it up again and that will automatically reset its timer. A lot of people who play Flores, especially those who are new to the game do not know this, so this might be very basic but definitely one to remember, because there will definitely come a time when you will need to pick up one of your exploding drones after releasing it.


23. Use Flores for Soft Breaching


Flores is one of the most underrated operators in Siege, and that’s because he’s actually very versatile and powerful. As mentioned above, he can use his RCE-Ratero Charges to destroy a lot of defender utility tools, especially those that are preventing attackers from hard breaching. He can also use it to rework enemy movements, especially for flushing them out of their hiding spots. But another use of the RCE-Ratero Charge is for soft breaching.

That’s why it’s really good to have Flores in the team when there’s a Castle on the defender side. Because Flores has four RCE-Ratero Charges and each one of them can easily break Castle’s Armor Panels. It’s really handy too that the RCE-Ratero Charges can jump and attach themselves into surfaces. That will make sure that the Castle Armor Panel will be destroyed, and of course you can do the same with unreinforced walls.


22. Don’t Sleep on his SR-25


While I would generally recommend the AR33 as Flores’ primary weapon, there are also situations and maps where the SR-25 will be a more effective weapon. And those are the maps that have a lot of long angles like the map in the video which is Plane, or Villa where there are platforms right outside the objective spots, and those platforms can be used for strafing enemies with the SR-25 marksman rifle while Flores remains at a good distance for deploying his RCE-Ratero Charges.

Of course, while the AR33 assault rifle is easier to use in most situations, the SR-25 also provides many advantages to the player. As shown in the video above, the SR-25, like any marksman rifle, has a very high destruction profile per shot. That also means that it has great penetration damage, and just heavy damage overall. And because of its destruction profile per shot, Flores can use it for destroying unreinforced hatches instead of sacrificing one of his exploding drones.


21. Do Not Use the RCE-Ratero Charge for Getting Kills


Now, you may have gone to the r6 wiki page and found out that each of Flores’ exploding drones have the same explosion power as nitro cells, and that is definitely true. Any operator that is near it when it explodes will probably die or at least be in a down-but-not-out state, but Flores’ exploding drones shouldn’t really be used for getting kills. If you do, you’ll likely end up wasting a lot of them, because they’re quite vulnerable.

Granted that you can trigger its bulletproof state by pressing the special gadget button, it’s still vulnerable to enemy gunfire most of the time, so it’s just not wise to aim for kills using the exploding drones. Besides, they will only explode after a three second counter, and that’s usually plenty of time for enemies to get away. So, when playing Flores, remember that your primary role is destroying utility tools and not getting kills.


20. Be Mindful During Hostage Mode


Flores’ RCE-Ratero Charges can do a lot of things that Fuze’s Cluster Charges can do. Like being able to force defenders out of their entrenched positions, and of course, destroy a lot of defender utility tools. That’s because both special gadgets have powerful explosion power, but with great power comes great responsibility, and if Fuze’s Cluster Charges are a no-go during hostage mode, Flores should also be careful of using his special gadgets when there’s a hostage.

Luckily, Flores’ RCE-Ratero Charges are much easier to control and can be more precise than Fuze’s Cluster Charges, so as long as you remain mindful of the hostage while using it, you’d be able to avoid what BikiniBodhi did in the video above. Just remember that each RCE-Ratero Charge has the same explosion power as a nitro cell, while it doesn’t have the same radius, you still wouldn’t want to detonate it near the hostage.


19. Muzzle Brake and Laser for His GSH-18


For most operators I usually go with a suppressor on their handgun, and that’s because I can shoot defender cameras with it or other gadgets with less chance of giving away my position to the enemies. However, because Flores’ exploding drones only have ten seconds before exploding, he usually kind of gives away his direction already through them.

That’s why there’s not a lot of sense to equip a suppressor with his only handgun. So, for Flores, my recommendation is for you to go with the muzzle brake and laser for his GSH-18. You’d rarely use it anyway, and the only times that you’ll have to use it is when your primary needs to reload. And when that happens, you’ll be able to hit your enemy accurately because of the recoil benefits from the muzzle brake and the hip fire benefit from the laser.


18.  Know When to Use his Scope 1.5x


While the best scope for Flores’ AR33 assault rifle is the scope 2.0x because it provides the player with a really good amount of zoom but just enough as to not compromise peripheral view too much, there are also times when the scope 1.5x can give the player a better shooting experience. Those times are mostly when you’re playing in maps with tight angles like Favela or Hereford Base. Maps like those are perfect for the 1.5x because it will provide the player with the most adequate amount of zoom for close to medium range engagements.


17. Go with the Scope 2.0x with His SR-25

The SR-25 is a designated marksman rifle, and just like any marksman rifle in the game, it has the 3.0x scope available to it. And the scope 3.0x is a great scope in general. It provides a great amount of zoom that will make enemies appear bigger, therefore, easier to hit. And its frame or structure doesn't take up a lot of screen space. So, the user will have a really clear front angle view when he’s on aim-down-sights position with a scope 3.0x.

However, Flores’ players should take into consideration his role and gameplay. Because Flores has to control his RCE-Ratero Charges and they only have ten seconds before automatically detonating, he has to at least maintain medium range distance towards the objective area. That means he’s gotta engage enemies at close to medium range, and even with a designated marksman rifle like the SR-25, at those distances, the scope 2.0x would be the best choice.


16. Mind the Timer


Once you deploy one of your RCE-Ratero Charges and you begin controlling it, you’ll be able to see a timer on the left of your screen. Now, most new players could miss this timer because they’re too tense of simply because it’s too translucent, but every Flores player should pay attention to that timer on the left because that timer is what’s going to tell you when your RCE-Ratero Charge is about to automatically enter its bulletproof detonation mode.

It’s important to watch out for that and later on internalize the timing in your head so that you’ll be able to properly time your RCE-Ratero Charges in a way that will be most beneficial to your team, either by destroying enemy gadgets, scoring kills, or by simply flushing out enemies from their hiding spots. You can also use the RCE-Ratero Charge and its timer to basically deny area to enemies for several seconds.


15. Mozie is a Complete Counter to Flores


When you detect a Mozie in the defender team, you must be very careful if you’re Flores. That’s because Mozie is a complete counter to him. Thankfully, unlike with Twitch’s Shock Drones, he can’t hack and control your RCE-Ratero Charges, but once an RCE-Ratero Charge is hacked by a Mozie Pest, it will automatically be destroyed. That will make it so that you have just wasted a valuable utility tool that could have otherwise destroyed a lot of defender utility tools.


14. Be Extra Careful When There’s a Mute


One of the best counters for Flores that you have to watch out for is Mute. Mute’s Signal Jammers can really mess up Flores’ RCE-Ratero Charges because they’re obviously made of electronics and a Signal Jammer can stop them on their tracks. Now, if they’ve been stopped behind the wall of the objective spot, it’ll mostly be safe to just pick it up again, however, if it’s stopped inside and you can’t pick it up, it might spell trouble later on.

That’s because when the Signal Jammer that stopped it gets destroyed later on, the RCE-Ratero Charge that was stopped by it will just automatically go into detonation mode, and if you or your teammates are near when that happens, it could really mean trouble for you. So, what I recommend is to clear out Mute’s Signal Jammers first before deploying your exploding drones inside the objective spot.


13. Oregon Trick from Below


As alyttleton says in the video, this is very tricky to do and you might need some practice, but he demonstrated it perfectly. Now, I would only recommend doing this when there’s no one else in your team that can take out the hard breach preventing defender gadgets on the game room of the second floor in Oregon, simply because it’s very easy to fail doing this and you’d end up wasting a valuable RCE-Ratero Charge.

And of course, when there are others in your team that can enable hard breaching, it’ll be better to use the RCE-Ratero Charges in other ways such as flushing out enemies from their entrenched positions and neutralizing other pesky defender utilities such as the Jager ADS or Wamai Mag-NETS. It’ll also be very important to take out Melusi’s Sonic Banshee Defense or Maestro’s Evil Eyes. And while you have four RCE-Ratero Charges and that’s quite a lot. It’ll be for the best to not waste any of them.


12. You Can’t Detonate Your Way out of Everything


This specially goes for the best counters for Flores which are Mute and Mozie. Mute’s Signal Jammers basically stops Flores’ RCE-Ratero Charges from functioning by cutting off its signal, and Mozie’s Pests can hack the RCE-Ratero Charges and once the hacking is successful, Flores’ exploding drones will automatically be destroyed.

Now, some players might think that they can just charge and then leap towards a Mute Signal Jammer or a Mozie Pest and activate the RCE-Ratero Charge’s detonation mode before it lands on Mute or Mozie’s special gadget and that will destroy them, but no. They’ll just end up wasting a good RCE-Ratero Charge, because the effects of Mute or Mozie’s special gadget will disable Flores’ RCE-Ratero Charge first.


11. Don’t Detonate it Outside a Jammed Wall


Similar to what was discussed about Mute and Mozie’s special gadget above, players who are trying out Flores might think that they can take out Bandit or Kaid’s gadget from the other side of the wall if they make the RCE-Ratero Charge leap and activate its detonation mode because that detonation mode will put the RCE-Ratero Charge in an indestructible state and the power of the explosion might take out Kaid or Bandit’s gadget on the other side.

Unfortunately, that is not the case, and even if you’re able to activate the RCE-Ratero Charge’s bulletproof detonation mode before landing on the wall, it will still get destroyed by the electricity from Bandit or Kaid’s special gadgets. So, be very careful of trying to counter Bandit, Kaid, Mute, or Mozie’s special gadgets because you might just end up wasting valuable RCE-Ratero Charges.


10. When it Comes to Coastline


Coastline is one of the most common ranked maps and it is perfect for Flores because it’s quite small. That means his RCE-Ratero Charges won’t have to travel long angles before arriving at the objective spot. It’s also full of drone holes that Flores can utilize, and those drone holes aren’t only present on the first floor. They’re present on the rooftop as well. Okay, well they’re technically vents, but they’re essentially drone holes.

When the objective spot is on the hookah and billiards, most of the time there’s going to be a defender guarding the cool vibes stair and utilities like a deployable shield, Jager ADS, Melushi Banshee, and others would also be present. Good thing is Flores can easily take those utilities out just by going to the rooftop and deploying one of his RCE-Ratero Charges into the vent on the vent location in the north east area. That vent leads down to the cool vibes stair and the RCE-Ratero Charge will take out the utilities, and sometimes the operator defending that spot.


9. Attack Border from Below


Border is another map where you as the Flores player can attack from below using your RCE-Ratero Charges. That is when the objective spot is on the second-floor area which is usually the archive and armory. When the objective spot is there, there will always be a defender on the half-wall spot who will guard the breach area.

The good thing is, you can flush that defender out from the half-wall area using your RCE-Ratero Charge from below. All you have to do is go to the ventilation room and follow the instructions in the video. This is very important to do especially when you have no one else in your team that can perform a vertical attack from below because having the half-wall area unusable for defenders is a great step into winning the round because that guards the angle for one of the best defuser plant spots in the map.


8. Use His Claymores

Since I’m mostly solo queueing, my go-to secondary gadget is the claymore when I’m playing Flores. It’s also the safest utility tool to carry even when you’re in a 5 stack anyway. It may not have the offensive capabilities of the stun grenades, but the claymore is perfect for Flores’ gameplay, especially since his role makes it so that he would be in observation tool view a lot of times.

And while on observation tool view, you leave yourself vulnerable to attacks from any direction, but mostly from attacks from behind. And that’s why carrying claymores is so important for Flores, especially now that he can carry two of them. He’d be able to use one claymore to counter roamers or flankers, and the other one would be for countering run outs.


7. Use the Scope 2.0x For His AR33


Because of Flores’ role of having to use his exploding drones most of the time, he would mostly be engaging enemies at medium range. Rarely would he be on the front lines unless it’s late in the round and the attackers are doing a final push. And for medium range, the best scope is the 2.0x one, and that’s because it provides a great balance between zoom levels and peripheral view. Its frame is also quite thin, so it doesn’t obstruct the player’s screen that much.

Of course, that’s with the exception of the large gear-like thing on its upper left portion, which is its only drawback, but the scope 2.0x’s benefits far outweighs that. Because with this scope, the player will be able to see enemies very clearly and the high zoom levels will make them appear bigger, therefore, easier to hit.  So, whenever you’re using the AR33 for Flores, make sure that its default scope is the 2.0x.


6. He has a Nasty Combo with Sledge


Flores’s exploding drones work really well with Sledge, especially when you have good intel on enemy locations. Just like what was shown in the video, you as the Flores player can put one of the exploding drones on top of an unreinforced hatch and if there’s an enemy below, Sledge can hammer down the hatch and the exploding drone will fall on the enemy below and the exploding drone will kill that enemy.

But this trick must be timed right. You can’t just simply attach the exploding drone on the hatch and have Sledge hammer it down immediately. The exploding drone has a three second countdown before exploding, so the Sledge should properly time the use of his Tactical Breaching Hammer. If done too early, the enemy will just escape, and if done too late, Sledge will obviously die from the explosion.


5. Carry his Stun Grenades


While I would normally go with the claymores as my secondary gadgets when playing Flores in order to protect myself from roamers, run outs, and flankers when I’m controlling my exploding drones, it just wouldn’t make much sense anymore if a lot of your teammates already have claymores, and you can just ask them to put their claymores on the spots where you need them to be. So, for that kind of situation, it would be better to just carry Flores’ stun grenades.

Stun grenades on Flores would be extremely useful since he can perform vertical attacks with his RCE-Ratero Charges. He can drop some stun grenades on the defenders below before the other attackers come in to push the objective spot. That’s one of the best ways to soften up an objective spot before a final push. And that’s because stun grenades don’t just blind enemies, they also inflict a loud ear-ringing effect on them so they won’t be able to hear sound cues well.


4. Use Flores for Vertical Attacks


I will say it again and again because it is important, if you’re playing Flores, your first priority is to take out defender utilities. With that said, there are times, even in ranked, when defenders don’t really have a lot of gadgets in their objective spot to destroy. That, or one or two of your RCE-Ratero Charge drones were already enough to take out the important defender gadgets. So, during those situations, Flores can use his exploding drones in other ways.

And one of the most effective uses of Flores’ drones is for destroying wooden floors above objective spots in order to expose the defenders below. Each RCE-Ratero Charge has more than enough power to do this because each one of them has the same explosion power as a nitro cell, so each one of them can destroy big portions of wooden floors. And this tactic can be used for straight up getting kills on the defenders below, or to flush them out of their hiding places.


3. The AR33 is his Best Primary


Players who are interested in playing Flores are lucky because he is blessed with great guns, and I talked about the SR-25 in one of the entries above. It offers the player a lot of advantages, but ultimately the AR33 is his best primary. It inflicts serious damage per shot, has a very manageable recoil, its rate of fire is very decent, and best of all, it has the scope 2.0x available to it. Its only weakness really is its subpar magazine capacity.

With that said, with twenty shots before having to be reloaded, its magazine capacity is actually quite decent. So, it’s a well-rounded gun. Its recoil pattern mostly just goes on a straight vertical trajectory so it’s quite easy to control. All you have to do is to equip it with attachments that provide vertical recoil benefits such as the vertical grip and the flash hider and firing it even with long sprays would be quite easy to do.


2. Flores can Rework Enemy Movements


Because Flores’ exploding drones have the same explosion power as nitro cells, defenders would be very wary of getting into its range. And because of that, you as the Flores player can use the exploding drones to basically rework enemy movements. Just as shown in the video above, BikiniBodhi used the exploding drone to cut off Frost from being able to escape to another room, not only that, the sound from the explosion counter also forced Frost to go away from the door and that led her to Flores’ sights.

This is one of the most effective uses for Flores’ exploding drones, because you can really rework enemy movements with it. You can either cut off angles for them, or flush them out of their entrenched positions, similar to what Fuze’s Cluster Charges can do, only with Flores’ exploding drones, it would be more surgical, because you’ll really be able to see where the enemies are and predict where they’re going.


1. Use the RCE-Ratero Charge as Bait


Flores’ exploding drones have so many uses and they bring a lot to the table for the attacking team. One of them is being one of the best distractions in the game. Yes, even an ordinary drone can distract an enemy, enough for you to frag them while they’re distracted. However, Flores’ exploding drones are much better, because Flores can actually leave observation tool view and the exploding drone will still keep running.

That’s unlike ordinary drones which will automatically stop once you go out of observation tool view. And the exploding drone moving forward will be a much better distraction for enemies because they will always shoot it than just ignore, because they know that Flores’ exploding drones can cause a lot of havoc inside the objective area, so it’s actually in their best interest to shoot any Flores exploding drones that they see. But as shown in the video, you can use that defender mentality to your advantage.


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