[Top 10] R6 Best Attacker Operators For Ranked Games

R6 Siege Top 10 Best Attackers For Ranked Games
The ten best attackers that will give players the best experience when playing competitive matches in Rainbow Six Siege

10. Hibana (Breacher, Front Line)

Siege is different from most multiplayer shooters out there in so many ways, and a couple of those are Siege’s verticality and destructible environment. Hibana is one of the best attackers that you could use in ranked because her gameplay takes advantage of those two aspects of Siege. With her special gadget, the X-Kairos, she can breach reinforced walls and reinforced hatches. Though for breaching reinforced walls, Ace and Thermite are more efficient, so I recommend using Hibana when the objective spot is on a lower floor and there are reinforced hatches to breach.

Especially now that she has more control over how many X-Kairos pellets she’s going to deploy, even when the objective spot has three to four reinforced hatches, she can breach them all and still have some X-Kairos pellets remaining. And when it comes to a vertical play, Hibana has access to three breach charges which she can use to destroy large portions of the wooden floor above the objective spot. That will expose defenders from above and even if they find cover in time, this tactic will greatly unsettle them. As for her weapon, Hibana’s unique gun, the Type-89, is a powerful primary weapon with high stopping power and fast rate of fire.

What Makes Hibana a Great Attacker:

  • She now has more control over the number of X-Kairos pellets that she wants to deploy by dividing their deployment numbers into six, four, and two pellets
  • Since she can fire a total of eighteen X-Kairos pellets, she can really breach a lot of hatches as well as other surfaces that needs to be breached like Castle’s Armor Panels
  • Her Type-89 unique assault rifle is a powerful primary weapon with high stopping power and fast rate of fire, allowing Hibana to make quick work of her enemies, especially at close to medium range
  • For vertical plays, not only can Hibana destroy the hatches above the objective spot, she can also destroy large portions of the wooden floor above it with her breach charges

Best Loadout for Hibana:



9. Finka (Front Line, Support)

Finka is always a great operator to have in ranked games because she excels in any situation or in any map. She’s honestly quite an OP attacker despite the huge nerf on her 6P41 light machine gun. That’s because she’s still an offensive powerhouse with her Spear .308 assault rifle or the SASG-12 shotgun. And despite bringing in heavy firepower, she also provides a lot of defensive capabilities to herself and the whole attacking team. That’s because her special gadget, the Adrenal Surge, adds more health points to all members of the attacking team every time it’s activated, and she can activate it three times per round.

The Adrenal Surge will add health points even when the operator’s health is full, so Finka can effectively make the whole attacking team tougher. Those who were damaged before the activation of the Adrenal Surge will be healed with twenty health points per activation of the Adrenal Surge. Another great thing about Finka’s Adrenal Surge is that it allows her to self-revive from a down-but-not-out state, and any other attackers who are in a similar state will be revived as well. The Adrenal Surge is one of the most fearsome attacker gadgets in the game, because when it’s active, it can be very hard to beat the attackers in a straight up gunfight.

What Makes Finka a Great Attacker:

  • Her Adrenal Surge special gadget adds twenty health points to the whole attacking team per activation and she can activate it three times per round
  • The effects of her Adrenal Surge is global, meaning that no matter how far Finka is with her teammates, they’ll benefit from its active effects
  • Any attacker including Finka will be revived from a down-but-not-out state upon activation of the Adrenal Surge, and this is a really good way to surprise enemies
  • The Adrenal Surge adds a lot of buffs to the whole attacking team like more resistance to tinnitus and blind effects, ability to walk over barbed wires faster, faster reload, and more resistance to Fenrir’s Dread Mines

Best Loadout for Finka:



8. Maverick (Breacher, Front Line)

You’ll often see Maverick in ranked games because most of the time, Thatcher is banned, and without Thatcher’s EMP Grenades, Maverick’s Breaching Torch is one of the best alternatives to enabling hard breaching. The great thing about Maverick’s Breaching Torch is that by itself, it’s already a hard breaching device, and it cannot be stopped by Kaid’s Electroclaw, Bandit’s Shock Wire, or Mute’s Signal Jammer. That’s because the Breaching Torch blows a very hot fire that is enough to melt the steel of reinforced walls or hatches.

With that, Maverick can create holes on reinforced walls that are usually enough for the attackers to destroy Bandit’s Shock Wires or for throwing frag grenades to destroy Kaid’s Electroclaw. Maverick can also surprise defenders by creating an entry point on another reinforced wall near the objective spot. Even if he fails to enable a complete hard breach on an unreinforced wall, he can still create murder holes on them and he can use them for fragging the defenders on the other side of the wall. And speaking of fragging, both of his choices for his primary weapon are unique guns to him, and they’re both very powerful.

What Makes Maverick a Great Attacker:

  • Through his Breaching Torch, he can melt portions of reinforced walls, either for enabling a hard breach or for creating murder holes that can be used to frag defenders on the other side
  • Maverick can create entry points on reinforced walls that are big enough for attackers to go through and this is usually a great way to surprise defenders
  • He can bring in two claymores per round which are excellent for protecting himself from run outs while he’s performing his role with his Breaching Torch
  • He has very powerful weapons in the AR-15.50 and the M4 assault rifle because both guns have heavy firepower and scopes that provides Maverick with high levels of zoom

Best Loadout for Maverick:



7. Flores (Anti-Gadget, Intel)

While Flores isn’t the easiest operator to play because his gameplay involves him having to switch to and from his observation tool a lot, when the player is experienced at using him, he can really have a high impact on the round. That’s because his special gadget, the RCE-Ratero Charge, is basically a drone that can be controlled by him for ten seconds before it starts to explode. He has four of these exploding drones and each of them can cause great destruction to the defenders. Be it for destroying their utilities, destroying the breakable surfaces around them, or by reworking their movements.

Each of Flores’ exploding drones has an explosion power similar to that of a nitro cell, so anyone caught within its blast radius will get killed. That’s why they’re really effective at forcing defenders out of the angles they’re holding. And since the blast from each exploding drone is really strong, they can also be used to create entry points on unreinforced walls or hatches. When deployed well, they can destroy a lot of defender gadgets, which also makes them an effective utility for enabling hard breaching. Once they begin their explosion countdown, they will enter their bulletproof mode, making it very hard to stop them.

What Makes Flores a Great Attacker:

  • He has four RCE-Ratero Charges and each of them can cause a lot of destruction to defender utilities as well as well as the breakable surfaces around the objective spot
  • Flores’ RCE-Ratero Charges are the perfect utilities for forcing defenders out of the angles they’re holding because Flores can control them before they start their explosion countdown
  • Flores can bring in two claymores per round and they’re the perfect utilities for protecting himself while he’s controlling his RCE-Ratero Charges through his observation tool
  • When not being controlled through the observation tool, the RCE-Ratero Charge will automatically go forward, and Flores can use this to distract opponents

Best Loadout for Flores:



6. Dokkaebi (Intel, Map Control)

There is no one better at handling intel than Dokkaebi on the attacker side, because she has great intel gathering capabilities and she can also deny intel to her enemies. Dokkaebi can hack into defender mobile devices with her special gadget, the Logic Bomb, and what it does is it forcefully turns on all defender mobile devices and have them ring loudly. That loud ringing can really compromise their current positions, and that’s one way for Dokkaebi to gather intel. Another way that she can gather intel on enemies is by hacking a dead defender’s observation tool.

Once that hacking is finished, Dokkaebi and her team will be able to access every defender cameras, even the ones that are special gadgets like Valkyrie’s Black Eyes or Maestro’s Evil Eyes. As for her intel denial abilities, whenever her Logic Bomb is going off, the defender cameras will not work properly. Instead, what the defenders would see when they go into their observation tool is Dokkaebi’s icon in a black background. And when Dokkaebi is successful in hacking into a dead defender’s mobile device, most of the time, defenders will feel the need to shoot their own cameras, and while that will deny the attackers access to those cameras, the same can be said for the defenders.

What Makes Dokkaebi a Great Attacker:

  • Her Logic Bomb special gadget is one of the best utilities for gathering intel on enemy positions because the loud ringing from their mobile devices is usually enough to compromise their current locations
  • Dokkaebi can hack into a dead defender’s observation tool and that will grant her and the whole attacking team access to all defender cameras without any exception
  • While her Logic Bomb is active, all the defenders would see when they try to access their cameras is Dokkaebi’s icon with a black background
  • Her Mk 14 EBR is very easy to use in combat because it inflicts high damage per shot, has a very manageable recoil, and is compatible to scopes that provide high levels of zoom

Best Loadout for Dokkaebi:



5. Fuze (Anti-Gadget)

In ranked matches, it’s important to utilize everything in your power to your advantage, including the environment, and Siege maps have a lot of verticality. And when it comes to vertical plays, Fuze is one of the most powerful operators. That’s because from the wooden floor above the objective spot, he can drop explosives after explosives. That usually results in a lot of defender gadgets being destroyed, and defenders being displaced from their entrenched positions. The explosions from Fuze also cause a lot of panic, especially since anyone caught within the blasts will get killed, and they create a lot of screen shaking.

Fuze does this with his special gadget, the Cluster Charge. He can bring four Cluster Charges per round, and each of them releases five sub-grenades when detonated. Fuze’s Cluster Charges can be deployed on breakable surfaces such as barricaded doors and windows, wooden floors, as well as reinforced or unreinforced walls. With a coordinated team, Fuze’s Cluster Charges become even deadlier because through them, he could rework enemy movements and lead them towards the line of sight of his teammates. 

What Makes Fuze a Great Attacker:

  • Each of his four Cluster Charges releases five sub-grenades which causes a lot of defender gadget destruction and kills anyone that gets caught in their blast radius
  • Fuze can use his Cluster Charges to displace defenders from their entrenched positions and force them towards more exposed areas
  • Fuze is a highly versatile operator due to the wide variety of choices he has for his loadout. He can even be a shield operator if the player wants to.
  • Fuze can bring two hard breach charges per round and that further augments his vertical play capabilities since that will allow him to destroy reinforced hatches

Best Loadout for Fuze:



4. Capitao (Front Line, Map Control)

Every attacking team in a ranked match would benefit a lot from Capitao because he’s a very versatile attacker and can do a lot for the team. With his special gadget, the Tactical Crossbow, he can shoot two smoke grenades and two fire grenades. The smoke from his Tactical Crossbow pops off immediately unlike with the normal smoke grenades which gives defenders some warning. So the smoke from Capitao’s Tactical Crossbow is more useful for surprising enemies, especially when the attacking team is rushing. Capitao’s smoke grenades are always great to have for a defuser plant attempt.

As for the two fire grenades from his Tactical Crossbow, they’re great for area-denial so they’re best reserved for post-plant plays. When the defenders are trying to push back and regain control of the area to cancel the defuser, Capitao can fire off his two fire grenades to deny them good positions. If the defuser has been planted on a spot below a wooden floor, Capitao can also go upstairs, destroy a portion of the wooden floor above the defuser, and from there he can shoot his fire grenade at the defuser’s spot when a defender tries to cancel it.

What Makes Capitao a Great Attacker:

  • His special gadget, the Tactical Crossbow, can fire two smoke grenades whose smoke will pop off immediately, and that’s great for surprising enemies and for planting the defuser
  • He can also shoot two fire grenades from his Tactical Crossbow and each of them can cover a large area in fire, making them excellent area-denial utilities
  • Before pushing, Capitao can also deploy two claymores in order to protect himself and the whole attacking team from defenders who will try to rotate
  • Capitao has the very underrated Para-308 assault rifle as his primary weapon, and it has high stopping power, very low recoil, and it can be used with a scope that provide high levels of zoom

Best Loadout for Capitao:



3. Lion (Intel, Map Control)

If we’re talking about versatility, Lion is probably the most versatile among all the attackers, and that’s why he’s a great operator to use in competitive matches and in any map. His versatility comes from the wide variety of choices he has for his loadout. He’s one of the very operators that has three options for his primary weapon, secondary weapon, as well as his generic gadget. For his primary, Lion can run with the V308 assault rifle which is a near perfect weapon in Siege. Alternatively, he can run with the 417-marksman rifle which is a devastating weapon for both long-range and close range.

And if the player excels at using shotguns, he can go for the SG-CQB as Lion’s primary. Its fire-rate is pretty slow, but it packs a huge punch per shot. As for his special gadget, Lion has the EE-ONE-D which is excellent for gathering intel on enemy positions as well as heavily discouraging them to move. That’s because defenders who will keep moving during the EE-ONE-D scans will be pinged for several seconds for the whole attacking team to see. Another great thing about Lion is that he can run with the gonne-6 hand cannon for his secondary weapon which he can use to destroy a pesky bulletproof defender gadget.

What Makes Lion a Great Attacker:

  • Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans can heavily discourage enemies from moving, because defenders who will move during the EE-ONE-D scans will get pinged for several seconds
  • The EE-ONE-D scans are quite loud and can make it harder for enemies to hear the sound cues coming from the attackers, making it a great gadget for pushing
  • Lion can equip the gonne-6 hand cannon as his secondary weapon and it’s really useful as he can use it to neutralize a pesky bulletproof defender gadget
  • Lion has the near perfect V308 assault rifle which has high damage, huge magazine capacity, very manageable recoil, and is compatible to scopes that provide high levels of zoom

Best Loadout for Lion:



2. Ace (Breach, Anti-Gadget)

Hard breaching is an integral part of attacking in ranked matches, especially when the objective spot has walls that lead to the outside of the map. That’s because if those walls are breached, it’ll be much more convenient for attackers to frag opponents from the outside. That’s due to the fact that most attackers have access to scopes that provide high levels of zoom, and the same cannot be said to most defenders. And for hard breaching in ranked games, Ace is usually the go-to operator. That’s because his hard breaching device, the S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher is very versatile.

Like Hibana’s X-Kairos pellets, the S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher can be deployed from a distance, and like Thermite’s Exothermic Charges, they can punch big holes through reinforced walls. What’s handy is that Ace has three of them, and usually, for breaching reinforced walls, the attackers only need two. That means Ace can reserve his remaining S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher for breaching a reinforced hatch. This versatility makes his pick-rate in ranked very high. Another great thing about Ace is that he can protect himself from runouts while hard breaching because he can bring two claymores per round.

What Makes Ace a Great Attacker:

  • He has three S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher and each of them can punch big holes on reinforced walls and can completely deploy reinforced hatches
  • The S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher device can be deployed from a distance, making it quite convenient for Ace to perform his role as a hard breacher
  • Ace has an excellent assault rifle in the AK-12 due to its heavy stopping power, fast rate of fire, and scopes that provide high levels of zoom
  • Ace can protect himself and his teammates from runouts while performing his duty as a hard breacher because he can bring two claymores per round

Best Loadout for Ace:



1. Brava (Intel, Anti-Gadget)

Brava is fairly new to Siege but she has quickly taken the game by storm because her Kludge Drones have a lot of impact in a round when they’re used properly. Brava can bring in two Kludge Drones per round and each of them can shoot lasers that will either convert or disable defender electronic gadgets. The Kludge Drones act like normal drones in that they can also jump and of course, gather intel on enemy positions. The weakness of the Kludge Drones is that they’re pretty bulky in size, so it’s quite easy for defenders to target and shoot them.

That’s why timing with Brava is very important. It’s best for her to send in her Kludge Drones when the defenders are busy dealing with the other attackers. Each Kludge Drone can convert or disable three electronic defender gadgets, so six in total per round as long as the Kludge Drones themselves aren’t disabled. This makes Brava one of the best operators for enabling attackers to perform hard breaching. It’s also great when Brava is able to convert Kapkan’s EDDs or Maestro’s Evil Eyes, because when that happens, the defenders could get killed or be badly damaged by their own gadgets.

What Makes Brava a Great Attacker:

  • Her two Kludge Drones can convert or disable a total of six defender electronic gadgets as long as they don’t get shot or disabled by Mute’s Signal Jammer
  • Brava’s Kludge Drones are capable of converting defender gadgets like Kapkan’s EDDs and Maestro's Evil Eyes, and when they’re successful in doing that, the defender could get killed with their own gadgets
  • Brava spends a lot of time in observation tool mode controlling her Kludge Drones and it’s a good thing that she has two claymores that can protect her from run outs while she’s doing that
  • Like Capitao, she also has the Para-308 assault rifle which is a great weapon to have due to its high damage, very manageable recoil, and scopes that provide high zoom levels

Best Loadout for Brava:



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