Rainbow 6 Siege Tier List [R6 Best And Worst Operators Revealed]

Operator Tier List For Rainbow 6 Siege
An up-to-date operator tier list for Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 Season 1

S Tier – Operators who belong in S Tier are the ones who contribute the most to their team and bring a lot to the table when it comes to tactical gameplay. They cause a lot of trouble to their enemies, and it’s very hard to stop them from doing it. Operators in S Tier class aren’t situational, meaning they will excel regardless of the map, distance, or situation. That’s because S Tier operators aren’t only powerful because of their special gadgets. They’re great operators because they also have access to excellent weapons and utilities.

Brava: 99/100

Solis: 97/100

Smoke: 97/100

Azami: 98/100

Kaid: 96/100

Wamai: 95/100

Valkyrie: 98/100

Alibi: 94/100

Capitao: 95/100

Ace: 93/100

Dokkaebi: 97/100

Lion: 96/100

Finka: 95/100

Flores: 94/100

Fuze: 93/100


A Tier – A Tier operators are only a step below S Tier. A lot of them are almost great enough to be in S Tier but they are more situational than the ones in that class. Take Thatcher for example. The way he enables hard breaching with his EMP Grenades can be considered S Tier, however, there are areas in the game where hard breaching isn’t that important to the attackers, like the top floor of the Consulate map for example. That’s why it’s hard for me to put them in S Tier, because there are situations where their special gadgets would be pretty mid. But don’t get the wrong idea, these operators are also very powerful.

Ash: 85/100

Kapkan: 86/100

Lesion: 85/100

Maestro: 88/100

Thatcher: 89/100

Mute: 86/100

Rook: 88/100

Mira: 85/100

Jager:  87/100

Doc: 85/100

Nomad: 85/100

Castle: 85/100

Iana: 85/100

Gridlock: 85/100

Goyo: 87/100

Melusi: 88/100

Twitch: 87/100

Buck: 85/100

Sens: 85/100

Thermite: 85/100

Zofia: 85/100

Aruni: 85/100


B Tier – The operators in B Tier are also excellent operators and some of them are my favorite so it’s hard for me to put them at a lower tier like B. However, they’re even more situational than the operators in A Tier. It’s also easier to counter them than the operators in S Tier and A Tier. Take Glaz for example. Definitely a powerful operator, but it’s easy to counter him with a Warden, and once the defending team knows that there’s a Glaz in the attacking team, all they really need to do is to avoid engaging him at long-range.

Thorn: 82/100

Oryx: 84/100

Tachanka: 84/100

Pulse: 84/100

Osa: 83/100

Thunderbird: 82/100

Mozie: 84/100

Sledge: 81/100

Zero: 82/100

Glaz: 81/100

Ela: 81/100

Ying: 80/100

Vigil: 80/100

Frost: 81/100

Hibana: 84/100

Nokk: 80/100

Maverick: 84/100

Jackal: 83/100


C Tier – Even more situational and easier to counter than the operators in the previous three tiers. Contrary to a lot of noisy players in social media, Siege is actually a really well-balanced game, so there’s really no trash operators, so don’t mistake these operators in C Tier as being trash. However, they’re really strong when the player using them really knows what they’re doing. And what I mean by that is the operators from the previous three tiers can be used by average players and they’ll be able to perform well. But with operators in C Tier, for them to perform well, the player must be really good.

Clash: 76/100

Amaru: 75/100

Caveira: 77/100

Warden: 78/100

Grim: 79/100

Montagne: 77/100

Blitz: 78/100

Kali: 79/100

Bandit: 79/100

Blackbeard: 76/100

Echo: 76/100

IQ: 79/100


Brava (S Tier Intel Gather & Anti-gadget)

Brava is the newest addition to Team Rainbow and is definitely in S tier because she brings so much to the table in terms of gameplay. Her special gadget, the Kludge Drone, brings a lot of depth to the game that makes it even more intense and tactical. That’s because it’s an attacker drone that has the capability to switch many of the defender gadgets’ allegiances, and those that cannot be turned will get disabled instead. Simply put, there’s no doubt that Brava is at S tier because she’s one of the most powerful gadget disablers in the game, and those utilities play a major role in determining who wins the round.

She has two Kludge Drones in her arsenal and each of them can shoot three lasers, so that means that if things work out perfectly for her, Brava can turn or disable six defender gadgets. On top of that, the Kludge Drones are basically drones, and while their primary purpose is to turn or disable enemy gadgets, they can also gather intel on defender positions while in the process of doing so. And as if her special gadget is not powerful enough, Brava also has access to the PARA-308 assault rifle which is one of the best weapons in the game, a shotgun for her secondary which she can use as utility, and claymores which can protect her while she’s controlling her Kludge Drones.

Brava’s Stats:

  • Speed: 3
  • Health: 1

Best Weapon loadout:

  • Primary weapon - Para-308 with Scope 1.5x, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip
  • Secondary weapon - Super Shorty with Reflex B and Laser
  • Generic gadget - Claymore

Brava’s Strengths:

  • Having the ability to turn defender gadgets into attacker gadgets
  • Having the ability to destroy defender gadgets that cannot be turned into attacker gadgets
  • Has heavy firepower with her primary weapon, utility for her secondary, and claymores for her secondary gadget

Brava’s Weaknesses:

  • Kludge Drones are quite big and easy to see so they can be easy targets
  • Can leave herself vulnerable to Solis or other attackers while on observation tool mode

Best Loadouts for Brava:


Solis (S Tier Intel Gatherer & Support)

Solis is also a very recent addition to Team Rainbow and brings a lot to the table in terms of intel gathering as well as intel-denial. That’s because her Spec-IO Electro-Sensor special gadget allows her to detect enemy electronic devices for a limited time. She’s basically like IQ but on the defender side, and she can also cast her special gadget’s intel to the whole defending team, allowing her to tag the electronics that she has detected for the whole defending team to see and take advantage of. With Solis on the defending team, droning can be very dangerous as an attacker.

Not only because she’ll easily know the position of the attacker drone, but also because the attacker will use his observation tool to control the drone, and that observation tool is of course an electronic gadget. That means Solis can know the exact position of the attacker who’s droning and if that attacker is outside, Solis can run out and frag them easily since she knows their exact position. And if you think that claymores can protect you from her when you’re droning outside, think again, because she can also detect claymores with her special gadget.

Solis’ Stats: 

  • Speed: 2 
  • Health: 1 

Best Weapon loadout: 

  • Primary weapon - P90 with Red Dot A and Suppressor
  • Secondary weapon - SMG-11 with Red Dot A, Flash Hider, and Vertical Grip
  • Generic gadget - Impact Grenade

Solis' Strengths: 

  • Able to detect enemy electronic gadgets in real time
  • Has the ability to tag all the enemy electronic gadget she detected for her whole team to see
  • Has a very balanced loadout setup choices that gives her a lot of versatility

Solis' Weaknesses: 

  • Lacks a primary weapon that deals heavy damage per shot
  • Can’t use any weapon while special gadget is active and that can leave her vulnerable

Best Loadouts for Solis:



Smoke (S Tier Area Denial, Anchor, Are Securer)

Smoke is in S tier because he’s one of the most well-rounded operators in the game. First off, his special gadget, the Remote Gas Grenade, allows him to deny a large area for several seconds. Positioning plays a major role when it comes to Siege gameplay, so having the ability to deny enemies from pushing an area for a long time is a really powerful ability. Plus, since his gas grenades are remotely detonated, he can put one in an area as a trap so that when enemies get into that area, he can simply press the special gadget button and have them damaged by the gas, which could also make them panic.

Secondly, his most powerful loadout setup is that of using the M590A1 shotgun as his primary weapon and the SMG-11 for his secondary. With this loadout setup, Smoke has the superiority when it comes to close quarters combat, while also having a great ability to frag opponents at distances that the M590A1 shotgun cannot reach since the SMG-11 is basically a mini submachine gun. This loadout setup as well as his Remote Gas Grenade special gadget makes Smoke very effective in anchoring, and that’s why he’s at S tier.

Operator Stats:

  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 2

Best Weapon loadout: 

  • Primary Weapon: M590A1 | Sight: Reflex B
  • Secondary Weapon: SMG-11 | Sight: Red Dot A | Barrel: Flash Hider | Grip: Vertical Grip
  • Generic Gadget: Deployable Shield

Smoke's Strengths:

  • Able to deny large areas to enemies for long periods of time
  • Can hold angles really well
  • Excels at medium range due to his SMG-11 and at close range due to his shotgun

Smoke's Weaknesses:

  • Has to anchor most of the time due to his role
  • Generally lacks long-range capabilities.

Best Loadouts for Smoke:



Azami (S Tier Area Denial, Area Securer, Intel Denial)

No one has the ability to rework the map as much as Azami can, and for that reason, she’s in S tier. With her Kiba Barrier special gadget, she can provide extra cover for a previously vulnerable spot. For example, when preventing a hard breach on the basement of the Consulate map, Bandit could be vulnerable from the white stairs spot. But with Azami in the defending team, the handrails between the garage area and the white stairs can be covered by one or two Kiba Barriers, providing a complete cover for Bandit or anyone who’s trying to prevent the garage walls from being breached.

Aside from being able to strengthen vulnerable angles, she can also use her Kiba Barrier to make a temporary repair on destroyed portions of a wall. Of course, she can also use it to cover a destroyed hatch, or to cover the destroyed portions of the wooden floor above the objective spot when attackers are performing a vertical play. It can also be used to quickly deny area to enemies by using them to block entryways. On top of that, Azami also has access to the very powerful ACS12 shotgun and impact grenades, both of which can be used by her to further rework the map to the defending team’s advantage.

Operator Stats:

  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 2

Best Weapon loadout: 

  • Primary Weapon: ACS12 | Sight: Scope 1.5x | Grip: Angled Grip
  • Secondary Weapon: D-50 | Barrel: Muzzle Brake | Under Barrel: Laser
  • Generic Gadget: Impact Grenade

Azami’s Strengths:

  • Fortifies previously vulnerable angles with her Kiba Barriers
  • Able to reshape the map further with her impact grenades
  • Has access to the ACS12 single-slug firing shotgun which is one of the best weapons in the game

Azami’s Weaknesses:

  • Due to her role, she is compelled to remain in the objective spot.
  • She only has one choice for her secondary weapon which is the D-50 handgun

Best Loadouts for Azami:



Kaid (S Tier Anti Hard Breacher, Anchor, Area Securer)

Kaid belongs in S tier class because he’s simply the best when it comes to preventing attackers from hard breaching, and hard breaching is a big factor in Siege’s gameplay when it comes to determining who wins the round. In many spots in the map, if attackers are able to perform hard breaching, it provides them a huge strategic advantage over the defenders, so it’s always in the best interest of defenders to prevent that from happening, and with Kaid, they have the best chance of doing that. To this day, Kaid is also the only defender capable of preventing vertical hard breaching, and that adds a lot to the reason why he’s in S tier.

Kaid prevents hard breaching with the use of his special gadget, the "Rtila" Electroclaw. He has two Electroclaws and each of them has an effective range of 1.4m in radius. That means that if placed right, even the impact EMP grenades could fail to reach them. And of course, when Thatcher is banned in ranked, and there’s a Kaid in the defender side who knows what he’s doing, it could be very hard for attackers to succeed in hard breaching. Kaid can also electrify barbed wires and deployable shields, making it much harder for enemies to walk over them, and by doing so, Kaid could create effective choke points.

Operator Stats:

  • Speed: 1
  • Health: 3

Best Weapon loadout: 

  • Primary Weapon: TCSG12 | Sight: Scope 2.0x | Barrel: Suppressor | Grip: Vertical Grip
  • Secondary Weapon: LFP586 | Under Barrel: Laser
  • Generic Gadget: Nitro Cell

Kaid's Strengths:

  • He’s the best when it comes to preventing hard breaching
  • Still the only operator that can prevent reinforced hatches from being breached
  • Has the TCSG12 single-slug shotgun which is a very powerful weapon

Kaid's Weaknesses:

  • Slow movement speed due to heavy armor rating
  • His every moment makes more noise due to his heavy armor rating

Best Loadouts for Kaid:



Wamai (S Tier Anchor, Area Securer)

Wamai is at S tier because his anti-grenade special gadget is very important in defending the objective spot. Without anti-grenade utilities, the attacking team could easily push and penetrate the objective spot since they’ll be able to soften it up by peppering the defenders inside with all kinds of grenades. And yes, Wamai isn’t the only anti-grenade operator in the game. There’s also Jager, but I put Wamai a step above Jager because his Mag-NETs are more versatile, and because of the weapons and utilities he has access to, he possesses the ability to also rework the map to the defending team’s advantage.

Wamai starts with one Mag-NET in his possession, and he gains another every forty seconds and for an entire round, he can deploy a total of six. Unlike Jager’s ADS, Wamai’s Mag-NETS are very easy to deploy, so he can just keep them in his possession until he’s more sure on the direction that the enemies are using to push. That way, he avoids wasting Mag-NETS on areas that enemies won’t take.  And since the impact grenades and the Keratos .357 are both available to him, Wamai can use them to create rotation holes or more lines of sight for fragging enemies.

Operator Stats:

  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 2

Best Weapon loadout: 

  • Primary Weapon: AUG A2 | Sight: Red Dot A | Barrel: Suppressor
  • Secondary Weapon: Keratos .357 | Barrel: Muzzle Brake | Under Barrel: Laser
  • Generic Gadget: Impact Grenade

Wamai's Strengths:

  • Can render enemy grenades and projectiles useless
  • Can hold angles really well and for a long time
  • Has excellent utilities in the impact grenades and the Keratos .357

Wamai’s Weaknesses:

  • Lack of scope that can provide higher zoom levels
  • It can take some time for him to be able to deploy another Mag-NET
  • Best Loadouts for Wamai:



Valkyrie (S Tier Intel Gatherer, Roamer)

Siege is a very tactical game and being able to know where your enemies are can give you a lot of advantages. That’s what Valkyrie can provide to her whole team through her special gadget, the Black Eye cameras. Each of her three Black Eye cameras can provide a 180-degree view of an area, and the best thing about them is that they’re quite small and very hard to notice when they’re not in use. So when there’s a Valkyrie in the defending team, it’s almost impossible for the attacking team’s positions to not be compromised.

And since there are a lot of objects, corners, and destructible surfaces in Siege, Valkyrie can use a lot of creative ways to hide her Black Eye cameras while still providing a good view of the surroundings. This extensive intel gathering capabilities makes her an S tier operator because the intel that she can provide will really help the whole defending team. On top of that,her primary submachine gun, the MPX, is a really good weapon with very low recoil, and she has access to utilities like the nitro cell which is a great partner to her Black Eye cameras and the impact grenades which she can use for creating rotation holes.

Operator Stats:

  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 2

Best Weapon loadout: 

  • Primary Weapon: MPX | Sight: Red Dot A | Barrel: Suppressor | Grip: Vertical Grip
  • Secondary Weapon: D-50 | Barrel: Muzzle Brake | Under Barrel: Laser
  • Generic Gadget: Nitro Cell

Valkyrie’s Strengths:

  • Able to gather a lot of intel on enemy positions
  • Best at performing c4-under-the-floor strats
  • Her MPX has a very manageable recoil

Valkyrie’s Weaknesses:

  • Sound cues from switching to observation tool mode could give away her location
  • Her MPX has low damage per shot

Best Loadouts for Valkyrie:



Alibi (S Tier Intel Gatherer & Roamer)

Alibi is in S tier class because she’s one of the most versatile operators in the game. She can perform both roaming and anchoring the objective spot really well and there are a lot of creative uses for her special gadget, the Prisma. With her Prisma holographic clones, she can cause a lot of confusion to her enemies and gather intel on them in the process. That’s because if anything from them touches her Prisma holographic clones, whether that be bullets, gadgets, or their own bodies, they will get pinged for several seconds. And that ping will be visible for the whole defending team to capitalize on.

She also has a wide array of utilities and weapons available to her, and all of them are excellent. For her primary weapon, she can choose between the ACS12 shotgun and the Mx4 Storm. Both of which can make quick work of enemies. For her secondary weapon, she can equip the Bailiff 410 which is a revolver shotgun. It’s an excellent utility for reworking the map. The alternative, the Keratos .357 is a revolver which inflicts massive damage, and also has a high destruction profile per shot. Alibi also has access to impact grenades which she can use for making rotation holes, and the deployable shield which is a great partner for her Prisma.

Alibi's Stats: 

  • Speed: 3 
  • Health: 1 

Best Weapon loadout: 

  • Primary weapon - Mx4 Storm with Red Dot A, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip
  • Secondary weapon - Bailiff 410 with Laser
  • Generic gadget - Impact Grenade

Alibi’s Strengths: 

  • Can really confuse enemies and gather intel in the process with her Prisma holographic clones
  • Has a wide variety of excellent weapons and utilities to choose from
  • Can perform the role of a roamer or anchor really well

Alibi’s Weaknesses: 

  • Having only one health rating can make her very susceptible in close range
  • Her Prisma holographic clones only reflect her default skin

Best Loadouts for Alibi:



Capitao (S Tier Area Denial, Front Liner, Flanker)

Capitao is easily one of the most underrated operators in the game, and that’s why it’s no surprise that some players would disagree with him being in the S tier. But I would maintain that Capitao is a top tier operator because he brings heavy firepower with his weapons and great teamplay with his special gadget. His special gadget, the Tactical Crossbow, can shoot two smoke grenades and two fire grenades. That alone is enough for Capitao to be in S tier, but he also has the PARA-308 which is one of the best assault rifles in the game, and he can bring two claymores which are great for protecting the whole attacking team.

With the two smoke grenades from his Tactical Crossbow, Capitao can provide cover for the attacking team’s push and defuser plant attempt, and his two fire grenades are excellent for post-plant plays. That’s because those two fire grenades which he can shoot from his Tactical Crossbow can cover large areas in fire, so he can either use them to prevent enemies from responding to the defuser plant attempt, or he can use them to suddenly cover in fire the spot where the defuser was planted once defenders attempt to cancel it. The latter part is usually done with a vertical play, which is always great for a highlight clip.

Operator Stats:

  • Speed: 3
  • Health: 1

Best Weapon loadout: 

  • Primary Weapon: Para-308 | Sight: Scope 2.0x | Barrel: Suppressor | Grip: Vertical Grip
  • Secondary Weapon: Gonne-6
  • Generic Gadget: Claymore

Capitao’s Strengths:

  • Able to provide cover with his smoke grenades
  • Able to deny large areas to enemies due to his asphyxiating bolts
  • His Para-308 is a powerful weapon with very manageable recoil and a wide variety of attachments

Capitao’s Weaknesses:

  • Could be hard to use for beginners
  • A mistake in using his asphyxiating bolts can damage teammates

Best Loadouts for Capitao:



Ace (S Tier Hard Breacher, Front Liner)

Ace is at the S tier class because he’s simply the best hard breacher in the game at the moment. While both Thermite and Hibana are great, and there are things that they can do that Ace cannot, Ace can still do most of what they can do. His S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher can be deployed at a distance, and they can create huge holes on reinforced walls. He has three of these Aqua Breachers, and of course, he can also use them to destroy reinforced hatches. What makes Ace a step above Hibana and Thermite is that his special gadget for hard breaching is more versatile, and his utilities are better.

That’s because Ace has access to the claymores as his generic gadget, and neither Hibana nor Thermite does. The claymores are very important for hard breaching because when trying to perform a hard breach, a lot of defenders would attempt to run out or flank the attacking team. With the claymores, Ace can protect himself and his teammates while they concentrate on breaching walls or hatches. Ace can also equip the AK-12 assault rifle which inflicts heavy damage per shot and has a fast rate of fire, so it can make quick work of Ace’s enemies.

Operator Stats:

  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 2

Best Weapon loadout: 

  • Primary Weapon: AK-12 | Sight: Scope 1.5x | Barrel: Suppressor | Grip: Vertical Grip
  • Secondary Weapon: P9 | Barrel: Muzzle Brake | Under Barrel: Laser
  • Generic Gadget: Claymore

Ace's Strengths:

  • Very versatile when it comes to hard breaching
  • Has two claymores for protecting himself and teammates from roamers and run outs
  • His AK-12's recoil is manageable enough for a suppressor

Ace's Weaknesses:

  • The hard breaches that he makes are usually not perfect (operators will need to vault or crouch to enter)
  • His hard breach devices are quite slow

Best Loadouts for Ace:



Dokkaebi (S Tier Intel Gatherer, Intel Denial, Anti-Roamer, Flanker)

We’ve talked about the importance of intel in the entry above about Valkyrie, and while Valkyrie is the queen of intel in the defending side, Dokkaebi takes that crown in the attacking side. That’s because with her special gadget, the Logic Bomb, she can hack into the defenders’ mobile phones and make them ring. That loud ringing is great for compromising their current locations and it also masks the sound cues that Dokkaebi and her team makes. And that’s why her Logic Bomb is a great utility for rushing or for a synchronized push.

On top of that, Dokkaebi also has the ability to hack into a dead defender’s mobile device. Once successful, she can grant herself and the whole attacking team access to all of the defenders’ cameras including special gadgets like Valkyrie and Maestro. For her weapons, Dokkaebi can choose between the Mk 14 EBR marksman rifle and the BOSG.12.2 shotgun, both of which pack heavy fire power per shot. As for her secondary weapons, she has a choice between two very powerful machine pistols in the SMG-12 and the C75 Auto, as well as the Gonne-6 hand cannon which would allow her to disable a troublesome bulletproof defender gadget.

Operator Stats:

  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 2

Best Weapon loadout: 

  • Primary Weapon: Mk 14 EBR | Sight: Scope 3.0x | Barrel: Suppressor | Grip: Vertical Grip
  • Secondary Weapon: Gonne-6
  • Generic Gadget: Stun Grenade

Dokkkaebi’s Strengths:

  • Compromises enemy locations through her Logic Bomb
  • Able to hack and gain access to defender cameras
  • Has a very powerful weapon in the Mk 14 EBR

Dokkkaebi’s Weaknesses:

  • May leave herself vulnerable while hacking defender cameras
  • Doesn’t have fully automatic weapons for her primary

Best Loadouts for Dokkkaebi:



Lion (S Tier Intel Gatherer & Crowd Control)

Lion is easily one of the most well-rounded operators in Siege, and this time it’s not because of the special gadget that’s available to him. He’s well-rounded because of the weapon and utility choices that he has. For his primary weapon, he has three choices. First is the V308 assault rifle which is close to a perfect weapon due to its wide variety of attachments, heavy damage, low recoil, and huge magazine capacity. Second is the 417-marksman rifle which is the most unique marksman rifle in the game due to its very tight hip fire, making it great for close quarters combat as well as long-distance shooting.

His third choice for his primary weapon is the SG-CQB shotgun which packs a heavy punch per shot. These choices allow Lion to switch primary weapons according to the situation. He also has access to the Gonne-6 hand cannon which provides a lot of versatility because he can use it to either destroy a pesky bulletproof defender gadget or create an entry point from a hatch. On top of all of these, Lion has access to claymores and stun grenades. The former is great for countering runouts, roamers, and flankers, while the latter is great for pushing.

Lion's Stats: 

  • Speed: 2 
  • Health: 2 

Best Weapon loadout: 

  • Primary weapon - V308 with Scope 2.0x, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip
  • Secondary weapon - Gonne-6
  • Generic gadget - Stun Grenade

Lion's Strengths: 

  • Has the ability to force defenders to stop moving, otherwise they’ll get pinged.
  • Has a wide array of excellent weapons and utilities to choose from
  • His special gadget are great partners for Dokkaebi and Jackal’s special gadgets

Lion's Weaknesses: 

  • Can leave himself vulnerable for a few seconds when performing his EE-ONE-D scan
  • Has a default yellow skin which makes him very visible

Best Loadouts for Lion:



Finka (S Tier Buffer, Back Line Support)

Finka is an offensive powerhouse because with her in the attacking team, their survivability increases by a lot. That’s because her special gadget, the Adrenal Surge, provides a lot of buffs to the whole attacking team as well as revive any attacker, including herself, who’s in a down-but-not-out state, upon activation. The buffs consist of a health buff, which can also be considered healing, being able to walk over barbed fires faster, quicker reload, stronger resistance to blinding effects and tinnitus, and the removal of concussion effects upon activation.

In simpler terms, while her Adrenal Surge is active, the defender team will be facing tougher opponents. On top of all the support that she provides the whole attacking team, she’s also an excellent fragger by herself. That’s because her Spear .308 is a great assault rifle with heavy damage and very manageable recoil. If she chooses to, she can also run with the SASG-12 shotgun which packs a heavy punch per shot and can be equipped with a suppressor, making it harder for defenders to hear where she’s shooting from.

Operator Stats:

  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 2

Best Weapon loadout: 

  • Primary Weapon: Spear .308 | Sight: Scope 2.0x | Barrel: Suppressor | Grip: Vertical Grip
  • Secondary Weapon: Gonne-6
  • Generic Gadget: Stun Grenade

Finka's Strengths:

  • Provides a lot of buffs to the whole attacking team
  • Able to revive herself and any teammate from down-but-not-out state
  • Has a gonne-6 hand cannon which she can use to destroy a pesky bulletproof gadget

Finka's Weaknesses:

  • The Adrenal Surge’s sound effects may prevent attackers from hearing sound cues from enemies
  • The Adrenal Surge animation could leave her vulnerable for a couple of seconds

Best Loadouts for Finka:



Flores (S Tier Area Denial, Soft Breacher, Back Line Support, Disabler)

Flores may be harder to use than most operators, but he certainly belongs to the S tier. That’s because if the player who’s using him knows what he’s doing, Flores can really cause a lot of trouble for the defending side, and there’s little that they can do about it. That’s because Flores has four exploding drones called the RCE-Ratero Charge, and each of them has the same explosion power as a nitro cell. The only real way to stop them is to shoot them before they go into their bulletproof mode or stop them with Mute’s Signal Jammers. 

Using his four exploding drones, Flores can force defenders out of their hiding spots or entrenched positions, effectively denying them area. His exploding drones can also be used for creating entry points since they can easily destroy unreinforced walls. And of course, since they have high explosion power, they can be used to destroy pesky bulletproof defender gadgets like Maestro’s Evil Eyes, Melusi’s Banshees, or even deployable shields that provide more cover for defenders. Flores also has access to claymores which can protect him while he’s controlling his RCE-Ratero Charges.  

Operator Stats:

  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 2

Best Weapon loadout: 

  • Primary Weapon: AR33 | Sight: Scope 2.0x | Barrel: Suppressor | Grip: Vertical Grip
  • Secondary Weapon: GSH-18 | Barrel: Muzzle Brake | Under Barrel: Laser
  • Generic Gadget: Claymore

Flores' Strengths:

  • Disables a lot of enemy utilities
  • Can force defenders out of their entrenched positions
  • Able to perform soft breaching

Flores' Weaknesses:

  • May leave himself vulnerable while controlling his exploding drones
  • Could be hard to use for inexperienced players

Best Loadouts for Flores:



Fuze (S Tier Gadget Disabler)

Speaking of explosion power and destroying gadgets, no other operator can inflict as much destruction as Fuze does. That’s because he has four Cluster Charges for his special gadget and each of those four Cluster Charges can launch five sub grenades into the other side of the wall or wooden floor where they’re attached. This makes Fuze a great operator to have when the objective spot is on a lower floor, because once the attackers take control of the floor above the objective spot, Fuze can just keep raining down explosives after explosives inside of it.

That will likely destroy a lot of defender gadgets and really soften up the objective spot. Fuze’s Cluster Charges are also great for flushing out enemies from their entrenched positions and making them panic. This usually forces defenders inside the objective spot to commit a lot of mistakes and leave themselves vulnerable to the other attackers’ gunshots. Fuze also has a wide variety of weapons and utility choices to choose from, and he’s the only operator in the game who can choose to run with a shield if he wants to.

Fuze’s Stats: 

  • Speed: 1
  • Health: 3

Best Weapon loadout: 

  • Primary weapon - AK-12 with Scope 2.0x, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip
  • Secondary weapon - PMM with Muzzle Brake and Laser
  • Generic gadget - Breach Charge

Fuze’s Strengths: 

  • His Cluster Charges can destroy a lot of defender gadgets in the objective spot
  • Repeated bombardment from the Cluster Charges can instill a lot of panic to defenders
  • Can now deploy his Cluster Charges on reinforced walls and hatches

Fuze's Weaknesses: 

  • Low speed rating makes him slow and makes a lot of noise when moving
  • His fully automatic weapons have a rough recoil
  • Can leave himself vulnerable when deploying his Cluster Charges

Best Loadouts for Fuze:



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