R6 Valkyrie Guide: How To Play Valkyrie Like A Pro [25 Useful Valkyrie Tips You Should Know]

Valkyrie Guide For R6 Siege: 25 Useful Tips Valkyrie Players Should Know
Twenty-five great tips for effectively playing the most powerful intel-gathering Defender in Rainbow Six Siege

25. You Can Pick Them Up Again


This is one of the reasons why I like deploying Valkyrie’s black eye cameras on lower places as long as I can find a hiding spot for them or a surface where they could look inconspicuous. That is because the enemies sometimes wouldn’t use the area where a black eye camera is deployed to and later on in the round, that camera may end up being wasted. And when that happens and if there’s a chance, it would be nice to pick up that camera and redeploy it.

Obviously, there are many spots in Siege’s maps that are on very high angles and they’re some of the best placements for Valkyrie’s black eye cameras. But typically in a round, you’d only have to place one or two cameras on those high angles, so what I would suggest is to place at least on a lower angle. That camera you can retrieve later on in the round if you think it’d be more useful to reposition it.


24. Don’t Waste a Black Eye Outside


It used to be that the meta for Valkyrie is to deploy one of her cams outside on a very inconspicuous spot, and that will give her and the whole defending team ample intel on enemy positions outside and they can use that for run outs, or Valkyrie can keep distracting and stressing out the attackers by continuously scanning them. However, a few seasons ago, the devs decided to remove this meta by only allowing Valkyrie’s black eyes to work outside the mission building for ten seconds.

Now, some Valkyrie players may be thinking that they can still use this for effective run outs, but my advice is, just deploy all three of your cameras inside the mission building. That way, your whole team will benefit more with the intel that the three black eye cameras inside will gather, and you won’t have to waste a black eye camera outside, especially because it’ll be very risky to retrieve it, and since attackers that have claymores can now carry two of them, run outs have become very dangerous anyway.


23. Camera Placements on Clubhouse


Clubhouse is one of the most common maps in ranked mode and when defending the cash and cctv rooms, the usual path of attack that attackers use is the garage. So, as the Valkyrie player, it’s very important for you to place one of your cameras there. One neat spot for placing a black eye camera in the garage is on the left side of the big fuse box right above the stairs. That will give you a good view of the attackers using the catwalk all the way through the window of the CCTV room.

Another default push site is the construction area so it’s important to have a Valkyrie camera there. Now from the entryway that connects the cash room and construction, you will see a spotlight on the ceiling when you look at the direction of the door towards the master bedroom. Put one of your black eye cameras right on the bright spot and guaranteed that it will be hard for attackers to see it.


22. Learn Your Verticals


Map knowledge is really important in Siege especially if you’re going to play Valkyrie who is first and foremost an intel gatherer. Yes, she’s great at roaming, flanking, and inflicting fatalities with her pre-placed nitro cells, but every player who plays Valkyrie should remember that her main role is to gather intel on any positions and issue callouts to her teammates. That way they would be able to respond to the attackers and won’t be caught by surprise.

You won’t really be able to do that job well though if you haven’t familiarized yourself with the maps, and aside from familiarizing yourself with the maps, as the Valkyrie player, you should be familiar with your verticals as well. That means you should know which spot is above or below the spot you’re looking at. That’s also the only way you would be able to effectively play c4-under-the-floor strats.


21. Sound Cue to be Mindful About


As mentioned above, Valkyrie is a great roamer and flanker. That’s because she would usually have great intel on enemy positions, so she would know where and how to flank them. She would also usually know how many enemies are present in a spot and that will allow her to frag them from behind effectively. However, Valkyrie has one big weakness that the attackers can exploit and every Valkyrie player should be mindful about.

That is the sound cue that she produces whenever she switches from observation tool view to watch her cameras and to her operator view. It sounds quite loud and it’s very distinct, so experienced attackers would immediately know that a defender is using the camera when he hears that sound. That is why when playing Valkyrie and you’re roaming, you’d want to go as far as you can from the default push spots. That way, you would be able to prevent attackers from hearing you using your cameras.


20. When to Use Her Impacts

The impact grenade isn’t really a popular secondary gadget for Valkyrie because when you’re running with the impact grenade instead of the nitro cell, obviously, you wouldn’t be able to use Valkyrie’s black eye camera plus c4-under-the-floor combo. However, Valkyrie players shouldn’t really sleep on the impact grenades especially when they’ve already played a few rounds against the opposing team and they know that someone in the opposing team loves using IQ.

That’s because IQ is the best counter to Valkyrie’s pre-placed nitro cells under the wooden floor. With the impact grenades, however, you’ll be able to use the intel from your black eye camera to peep if there are enemies on the other side of an unreinforced wall and surprise them by suddenly destroying that soft wall and fragging them. This works kind of similar to Melusi gathering intel through soft walls using her banshee and suddenly bursting out of an unreinforced wall using her impact grenade.


19. Kanal C4 Placement from Basement


When you are defending the basement area in Kanal, nine times out of ten, attackers will use the reception area and go to the archives in order to enter and take control of the coastguard area. The reason for that is almost the whole coastguard area is made of wooden floor and it’s great for vertical attacks. That is why, one of the best things you can do with your nitro cell is to put it under the wooden floor of the archives area.

What you’d want to do is to go to the pipes area inside the objective spot and place your nitro cell under the wooden floor which is near the top of the item rack on the left. Of course, this will only work if you’ve got a Valkyrie camera in the archives area, so monitor that camera and wait for the enemy to get on the same level as the file cabinet in archives. Once the enemy is there, quickly switch to operator view mode and press your secondary gadget button.


18. Pre-placed C4 on Chalet Top


When defending the CEO and bedroom area of the second-floor in Chalet, one of the most common paths of attack for attackers is the library area. And usually, the entryway that they will use is the big window on the west side. Now, all you have to do in order to c4 the enemies that are entering through that window is to go down to the gaming room area and place your nitro cell on the wooden floor that is almost right above the big window of the gaming room.

Obviously, this will only work if you’ve got a black eye camera for monitoring the library, and the best spot for that is its southeast corner right behind the wooden beam on its ceiling. As shown in the clip above, it will allow you to see if enemies have vaulted through the west window of the library, and if they have, of course, the only thing you’ll need to do is to switch back to operator view and hit the nitro cell button.


17. Don’t Sleep on Her SPAS-12

Obviously, the most popular primary weapon for Valkyrie is the MPX submachine gun, because it’s a lot easier to use since it’s fully automatic. And most players, including me, aren’t really that great with using typical shotguns in the game. However, that doesn’t mean that Valkyrie’s SPAS-12 shotgun doesn’t deserve an entry in this article. That’s because it’s a really powerful weapon for Valkyrie, and one that players shouldn’t sleep on.

The SPAS-12 shotgun can be fired rapidly and it has a very manageable recoil. Its hip fire is also tighter than most shotguns, especially when you attach a laser to it. If you’re going to run with the impact grenades instead of the nitro cell and you plan on surprising enemies behind soft walls, then the SPAS-12 shotgun will be a really great weapon for you because that encounter will most likely be at close distances, and at that range, the shotgun has the superiority.


16. Top Bank Camera Placements


The top floor in the bank is full of tight angles except for the lobby area, so it could be quite hard to hide your cameras. However, it’s still important to deploy your Valkyrie black eyes on the default push sites because intel from those sites will always be valuable. Now, on the hallway facing east, you will see an American flag beside a snake plant pot. What you’d want to do is place a black eye cam between them and it should remain inconspicuous as long as it’s not turned on.

After that, you should go down to the square area and face the plant that is on the south. What you’d want to do is place a black eye camera on its right side and under the handrails. That camera placement should be very hard for attackers to see and it will also inform you if attackers are on the top square wooden floor, and if you’ve got a nitro cell before there, that would be some easy kills for you.


15. Not from Observation Tool View

This is something that is very basic, and is something very obvious to long-time Valkyrie players. However, for those who are new to playing Valkyrie, this is very important to keep in mind. That is, you cannot activate your secondary gadget, I.e., your nitro cell while you are in observation tool view mode. This is important to keep in mind because some players might attempt it and end up wasting the chance to get a kill from a pre-placed c4 under the floor. So, when trying to kill enemies using the c4-under-the-floor strat, be sure to take into account the delay from going from the observation tool mode and into operator view mode and hitting the secondary button. All in all, it should take only around one second.


14. Vertical Grip on the MPX

The MPX used to be one of those guns in Siege whose recoil you can easily control even without any attachment that provides recoil control benefits to it. I used to run it with an angled grip and a suppressor and I could control it just fine. However, due to the recent recoil progression overhaul that dropped with Operation Brutal Swarm, most weapons’ recoils have become harder to control, especially when it comes to longer sprays.

That is why I now recommend the use of the vertical grip on Valkyrie’s MPX submachine gun. With the vertical grip, you’ll be able to perform long sprays with the MPX no problem, even when you’re using a barrel attachment that doesn’t provide any recoil control benefits such as the suppressor, which I highly recommend for MPX users. 


13. C4 Placement in Kanal Top Floor


When defending the top floor of Kanal, the default breach and push site for attackers would be the renovation area. From there, the default site for planting the defuser is right behind the radar desks with chairs. Luckily for defenders, the whole area is made up of wooden floors, so Valkyrie can pre-place a nitro cell under the default site and it will score kills for her most of the time.

For its deployment, all you have to do is go down to the security room on the first floor and deploy your nitro cell on the wooden floor which is just around the top of the large wall of the projector area. Now, all you need to do is monitor your camera on the radar area and once an opponent attempts to plant behind those radar desks, you’ll most likely get the kill because it’s rare for attackers to check the security area for nitro cells, especially in the lower elos.


12. C4 Placement on Top Bank


When defending the top floor of Bank, most of the time, the attackers will try to take control of the top square area in order to breach the walls of the CEO office. It’ll also be easier for them to take control of the hallway and the stocks from there. But Valkyrie will be able to counter them with a pre-placed nitro cell under the wooden floors of the top square area. Preferably the part to the left from the main entrance, because most of the time attackers will walk on that path. Just be careful not to let attackers hear the sounds cue of you switching from camera to operator view and vice versa.


11. Suppressor on Her D-50


Now this may sound very counterintuitive because the D-50 handgun kicks like crazy for every shot. Heck, it’s even kind of hard to control even with a muzzle brake. However, you wouldn’t really be using your handgun for fragging enemies unless your primary needs to reload in the middle of a gunfight, and that’s quite rare to happen, so what I recommend you to do is to equip a suppressor on your D-50 and it’ll be more useful as a utility.

The reason why it’s important for you to suppress the D-50 is that you might be needing it to drop your nitro cell from a pre-placed location. Mostly, that’s because the opponents didn’t go through the path where your nitro cell is underneath, and if you want to retrieve your nitro cell, you can shoot the wooden floor around it with the D-50. The D-50 has a high destruction profile per shot so it can destroy those wooden parts easily, and you’d want to suppress it so that you won’t be easily giving your position away to enemies whenever you do this.


10. Border Camera Placements


Now, Border is one of the most common maps in ranked, and there are very important angles that you can use for gathering intel on enemies when you’re defending the armory and archives area in the second-floor. One of the default push areas is the cement area where you’ll usually have an attacker guarding the angle from the window and the other attackers using smoke to push from the balcony area. It is usually a high traffic place so it’s important to place at least one Valkyrie black eye there.

What you’d want to do is to stand at the center of the cement, look for the fan on the north east corner and directly deploy your black eye camera towards the fan. The black eye camera should replace the fan and that will give you a good view of the cement area. Another really good spot for a black eye camera is the cylindrical ceiling on top of the main hall. As demonstrated by alyttleton in the video above, it will give you a good view of the long hallway, office, and even the top square.


9. MPX with a Suppressor

Aside from it not having any recoil control benefits, there’s really no reason to not attach a suppressor to your guns anymore, especially when the gun you’re attaching it to doesn’t have a strong recoil at all. And the MPX is one of those weapons with a very manageable recoil. As you can see from its recoil pattern image, its recoil only mostly goes on a straight vertical path, so it’s quite easy to control.

The MPX submachine gun doesn’t just have a very manageable recoil, its gunshot sounds, especially with a suppressor are much quieter than most guns. That means that attackers will really have a hard time figuring out where you’re shooting them from, especially if you’re shooting them from an awkward angle or from behind. That’s also of course because shots from a suppressed weapon won’t provide operators with a directional threat indicator of where the bullets are flying from.


8. You Can make Your Nitro Cell Fall


When you’re in a lower floor and pre-placing your nitro cell under the wooden floor of the story above you, there would be times when you’d make a mistake and accidentally attach your nitro cell on the wrong spot. Thankfully, as long as the surface is made of wood, you can make the nitro cell drop back down by simply destroying the wood around the nitro cell. 

You should do this with your D-50 handgun because it has a really high destruction profile per shot. This is also one of the reasons why you’d want to equip a suppressor on your D-50 handgun. Because whenever you have to do this, you wouldn’t want to give away your position to the enemies due to the loud gunshots from the D-50.


7. Top Chalet Camera Placements


When defending the CEO office and bedroom in the second-floor of Chalet, one of the best spots to deploy one of your black eye cameras is in the solarium area. Particularly on the wooden beams on the ceiling right above the plant area as demonstrated in the video above. With this camera placement, you’ll be able to monitor the solarium stairs and anyone who’s trying to push the bedroom from the solarium area.

Another really good spot is on the first floor. What you’ll want to do is go down to the lobby area and face the south stairs. On the wooden post beside the plant, you’ll see a light. And what you’ll want to do is to crouch and attach one of your black eye cameras directly to the light. That will make it very inconspicuous to attackers and it will allow you to have a good view of the attackers pushing from the lobby short area. This is also a really good placement for defending the basement area.


6. Kanal Basement Camera Placements


One of the best places to defend in Kanal is the basement area, otherwise known as the kayaks and supplies. Arguably, it’s even easier to defend than the usual first pick which is the radar and server room on the second floor. And it will even be better when you have Valkyrie cams set up for gathering intel on enemy positions. As mentioned in one of the entries above, one of the important spots for placing one of your black eye cameras on the archive is on the first floor.

That way you’ll be able to c4-under-the-floor the attackers who are passing through the archives area. Another spot where you should put one of your black eye cameras is on the gas tanks right beside the yellow stairs. The gas tanks will make the black eye camera there look inconspicuous and the camera will provide you a good view of the scuba area, as well as the enemies that will be coming from the yellow stairs.


5. Helpful Camera Placements in Kanal Top Floor


When defending the top floor of Kanal, the attackers would typically try to breach the renovation area and push the radar area so that they can plant the defuser behind the radar desk. That is why it would be great for Valkyrie to deploy one of her black eye cameras on the southwest corner of the room, high up to the ceiling. Even though a black eye camera there wouldn’t really be hidden, most attackers wouldn’t look at that angle.

That is because they would mostly be worried about defenders who will try to counter them from the red hall, the rotation hole from the server, and the entryway from the control. With a camera placed on the radar room, you’d also be able to do your c4-under-the-floor strat. And even if they disabled your nitro cell beforehand, just the intel alone from the black eye camera will really help your whole team.


4. C4 Placements on Clubhouse


There are a lot of wooden floors in Clubhouse and that makes this map perfect for Valkyrie’s c4-under-the-floor strats. When you’re defending the cctv and cash room area in the second-floor, the default plant spot is usually the behind the bomb in the CCTV area. That is why it’s always good to pre-place a nitro cell under that spot, and you can do that by pinging it and then going down to the lounge area. Simply place your nitro cell where the ping is at and press the secondary gadget button when the attacker attempts to plant the defuser on the default plant spot.

Although this is a common spot for pre-placing a nitro cell, most attackers especially in the lower elos do not really check the lounge area. However, it is always best to leave one black eye camera to monitor the lounge area so that you can engage enemies who will check it. From the cash room, you can easily reach it by dropping down the hatch from the construction area. And as for the black eye camera placement, it would be best to place it inside the black fridge beside the entryway.


3. The Nitro Cell is Best for Her


Ultimately, the nitro cell is the best secondary gadget for Valkyrie. In most cases, c4-under-the-floor strats with her will work, especially during the first round. And even if an opponent picks an IQ to counter the c4-under-the-floor strats that you’ll implement, you can just carry the nitro cell with you and throw them over at your enemies during opportune moments like during a smoke and defuser plant attempt.

The nitro cell is also a really good counter against shield operators like Blitz and Osa. Be mindful though that even a nitro cell won’t destroy an Osa Clear Shield if she’s still carrying it. It could damage her by a lot, but when trying to counter Osa, my advice is to wait until she deploys her Clear Shield to the ground. Of course, you can also throw a nitro cell over at your enemies on the other side of the wall using the intel from one of your black eye cameras and through the high holes on top of walls.


2. Run with the MPX


While the SPAS-12 shotgun is actually a very underrated primary weapon for Valkyrie, it cannot be denied that the MPX submachine gun is just much easier to use for most people because it is fully automatic, reloads fast, and its recoil is very easy to control. Its rate of fire is also pretty fast, so despite its weak damage, it can make quick work of enemies, especially at close range.

If you follow the tips above about equipping the MPX with a vertical grip and a suppressor, it will really be perfect for Valkyrie while roaming. Because with a suppressor, she will be able to strafe enemies at awkward angles without them immediately knowing where the shots are coming from. That is because the suppressed shots from the MPX are very quiet, and its shots with a suppressor wouldn’t provide enemies with a directional threat indicator.


1. The Advantage of the Black Eye’s 180-degree View


While many of the tricky spots for making the black eye cameras inconspicuous require them to be tucked in a corner, thus limiting their view, there are also black eye deployment spots in many areas of the maps where you’d be able to use the full 180-degree view that a Valkyrie black eye camera can offer. One of those spots is the southwest corner of the ceiling on top of the loans area in the Bank. From there, you’d be able to get a really wide view of the lobby area.

The point is, whenever you can, deploy your black eye cameras on surfaces where you would be able to use its full 180-degree view. In most cases, they would remain looking just like dirt on the wall when they’re not being used anyway, and as long as the wall is not a near white wall. So, do not be embarrassed if your black eye camera placements aren’t as tricky or cheeky. The important thing is that you’re able to gather intel on enemy positions.


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