[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Caveira Loadouts

Rainbow Six Siege Caveira Loadouts
This woman has no chill

Team Rainbow’s master interrogator. She’s the definition of intense. Every attacking team should be wary when they detect a Cav in the opposing team, because that means that it’ll be too dangerous for some of them to flank, not to mention go solo hunting. When Cav is around, more often than not, the hunter becomes the hunted. Her loadouts, especially her unique handgun, the ‘Luison’, partnered with her predatory skill ‘silent step’ and interrogation, makes her one of the most feared defenders in Rainbow Six Siege.


5. SPAS-15 with Laser + Luison + Proximity Alarms

A hunter must be very mindful of the surroundings

With Caveira, you’re going to treat your handgun as your primary weapon because only while having the Luison at the ready can you activate and keep the silent step mode. Even with a suppressor, the Lusion does 65 damage, making it one of the most high-powered handguns in the game. The thing is, it’ll only put your opponents on down-but-not-out (dbno) status most of the time. Which is just perfect for Cav’s interrogation skill anyway. 

The SPAS-15 is a highly destructive shotgun which you can use to aid your team in making rotation holes. It’ll also come in handy when you’re roaming because you can quickly make escape holes through walls and hatches when attackers begin hunting you. And with the proximity alarm placed on strategic areas of the map. You’ll have a good handle on your preys’ positions.

Excels in:

  • Close range
  • Roaming


4. M12 with Red Dot and Extended Barrel + Luison + Impact Grenades

Most players forget that Cav can also be deadly at long range

With 40 damage and low recoil. The M12 can make kills quickly despite its low fire rate, especially when partnered with good crosshair placement. And with the extended barrel, this gun will allow you to keep dealing heavy damage at any distance. This loadout specializes in eliminating Cav’s ineffectiveness in long range.

The impact grenades will play the SPAS-15's role of making rotation and escape holes. And with the addition of Operator Osa to the game, it’s always a good idea to carry around at least 1 impact grenade because it’s the most effective counter to her shield.

Excels in:

  • Any range
  • Roaming


3. M12 with Red Dot and Suppressor + Luison + Impact Grenades

Staying true to Cav’s silent predator nature

Even with the reduced damage from the suppressor. The M12 in this loadout will still be effective in long range because of its stealth benefits. With the suppressor, you can strafe at enemies without them getting the directional threat indicator telling them where the shots are coming from. It also hides the muzzle flash, and practically eliminates the sound of your gunshots. In most cases, this will cause substantial delay for your enemies to figure out where they’re being shot from. And with good aim, chances are, they’ll already be dead once they figure it out.

Excels in:

  • Any range
  • Stealth
  • Roaming


2. M12 with Holographic and Flash Hider + Luison + Impact Grenade

Bringing some balance into Cav’s extremes

The flash hider’s addition to the M12 will give you the best recoil benefit when it comes to small bursts of shots, but with the M12’s inherent low recoil, it’ll work well even with long sustained fire. Another benefit of the flash hider is that it hides the muzzle flash, and that can help in creating some delay for your enemies to notice where they’re being shot at. And because it hides the muzzle flash, that also means a clearer screen for you as you keep firing. Allowing you to see your enemies more clearly while you’re killing them.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range
  • Roaming


1. SPAS-15 with Laser + Luison + Impact Grenades

With this loadout, you’ll be very hard to catch.

This author’s most preferred Cav loadout. While you won’t be very effective at long range, this loadout is going to be the best when it comes to harassing your enemies. With the SPAS-15, you can help your team in making rotation holes at the start of the round, and you can also use it for making escape holes on hatches and walls, as well as killing enemies in close range. And with a shotgun, you can reserve two impact grenades for countering Osa, or for making emergency escape holes when your shotgun is reloading.. 

Impact grenades are also very effective at making kills when you down an enemy with your Luison but can’t perform an interrogation because you’re sensing other enemies nearby.

Excels in:

  • Close range
  • Hit and run harassing tactic
  • Roaming


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