[Top 3] Rainbow Six Siege Best Keybinds for PC

Top 3 R6 Keybinds for PC
Keybinds are something to take seriously when it come to a highly competitive game like Siege

3. Easy

This keybind setting focuses on reaching other keys from the wasd keys. The advantage of this is that you won’t be needing to remove your fingers from the wasd keys when you’re trying to perform other actions, and this prevents you from leaving yourself in a vulnerable position. The most important takeaway from the guide above is that the X button is used for secondary gadgets. Q is for deploying drones. F is for entering observation tools. And leaning left and right are assigned to the gaming mouse’s extra buttons. This keybind setting is labeled easy because it’s easier for your fingers to reach other keys from the wasd key, and it’s very efficient.

Keybind details:

  • Lean – Extra mouse buttons (Toggle)
  • Aim – Hold
  • Crouch – Toggle
  • Prone – Toggle
  • Walk - Hold
  • Secondary Gadget – X
  • Deploy Drone – Q
  • Enter Observation Tools – F
  • Push to Talk – N
  • Crouch – C
  • Prone - Ctrl


2. Intermediate

This author’s personal keybind settings. It has worked well for me throughout the years and has helped me stay in Gold to low Platinum even as a mostly solo queue player. It’s a balance between #3 and #1. The first thing that I did was to put the secondary gadget button on the back side button of my gaming mouse. That way, it’ll be easier to throw grenades, and it’ll be more accurate. I’ve also put unnecessary (for gun fights) keys away from the wasd buttons like the team chat and all chat to prevent myself from accidentally pressing them during gunfights. This setting puts non-combat buttons away from the ones that are needed during gunfights. 

Keybind details:

  • Lean – Toggle
  • Aim – Hold
  • Crouch – Toggle
  • Prone – Toggle
  • Open Chat All – O
  • Team Chat – P
  • Push to Talk - `
  • Crouch – Ctrl
  • Prone – C
  • Secondary - ‘Back’ side mouse button
  • Switch Ability Mode – E.g. switching Capitao’s bolts. I put it to 3 so that I can quickly switch between bolts.
  • Deploy drone – Z to prevent it from being accidentally pressed


1. Pro Settings

What many pros and higher rank players have. The main thing that separates this key bind setting to others is putting the lean on Hold. By putting the lean on Hold, players with fast fingers can quickly peak through corners and shoot at the same time, and when the first shot fails, it ensures the player that the next peak’s shot will go to the exact same place. This allows players to fire rapid shots while also protecting themselves from enemy counter fire.

Keybind details:

  • Lean – Hold
  • Aim – Hold
  • Crouch – Toggle
  • Prone – Toggle
  • Walk – hold
  • Controls - Default

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