[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Thunderbird Loadouts

Rainbow Six Siege Thunderbird Loadouts
Thunderbird? More like a guardian angel.

In so many ways, Thunderbird is a more effective healer than Doc, well, especially when the Doc in your team is a spawn-killer/roamer who only has the intention to heal himself. Yep, we’ve all grown accustomed to that, sadly. That’s why the addition of Thunderbird to Team Rainbow is significant. But she’s not just a defense-oriented operator. With her 3-speed rating and the weaponry available to her, she can be a deadly roamer and flanker as well.


5. SPAS-15 + Bearing 9 with Holographic, Flash Hider, and Laser + Nitro Cell

Great for making rotation holes and creating angles

With this loadout, you’ll be effective in anchoring the objective area. The SPAS-15 is a highly destructive shotgun that can be used to make rotation holes easily as well as punch holes on enemies’ bodies during close range encounters. And because of the Bearing 9’s very high fire rate, its recoil is strong as well, but the flash hider will help you hold it down and the laser will make it more effective with flick shots.

And when anchoring, the nitro cell, more popularly known as the c4, can be thrown over to the enemies in creative ways, like over holes on the soft wall part of your reinforced walls. And when it comes to making holes. The SPAS-15 will really come in handy.

Excels in:

  • Close range
  • Anchoring


4. Spear .308 with Red Dot, Flash Hider, and Vertical Grip + Q-929 with Suppressor + Nitro Cell

Thunderbird. A healer that can justifiably roam.

Yes, after putting up the kona stations in strategic positions, Thunderbird is free to roam, and justifiably so, because she’s a 3-speed operator. When it comes to roaming with Thunderbird, it would be a good idea to reserve one kona station for yourself while roaming. That way you can employ a hit and run tactic on your enemies while also having a spot to come back to for healing.

And for roaming, it is important to shoot attacker drones quietly. That’s what the suppressed Q-929 handgun is for. The Spear.308 with red dot for accuracy, vertical grip for holding down the recoil, and flash hider. You’ll be effective in dealing damage from close to medium range. So even when the enemies are pretty far from you, you can inflict death or at least heavy damage on them and continue harassing them with a hit and run tactic.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


3. SPAS-15 with Laser + Bearing 9 with Holographic and Flash Hider + Nitro Cell

A roamer with a shotgun is always something to be mindful about

With 2-3 shots from the SPAS-15, you can make escape holes and destroy hatches when you’re roaming, and that would make it very difficult for attackers to hunt you. It would also allow you to change positions very quickly. And with the laser attached to this highly destructive shotgun, you’ll be adding accuracy to its hip fire because the laser will tighten its pellet spread. 

For this loadout, you’re going to treat your Bearing 9 as your primary because the laser on your shotgun can give away your position, and the Bearing 9 can strafe at enemies even up to medium range. And with the C4 you’re carrying around while roaming, you can get extra kills with the classic c4 under the floor strat.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range
  • Roaming


2. Spear .308 with Red Dot, Suppressor, and Vertical Grip + Bearing 9 with Holographic, Flash Hider, and Laser + Impact Grenades

Stealth is a key aspect in special operations after all

With the Spear .308 equipped with a suppressor for stealth, red dot for accuracy, and vertical grip for recoil benefits, you’ll be effective at any range. Yes, including long range, even with the reduced damage from the suppressor and range damage penalty. And that’s because with the suppressor, when strafing enemies at long range, the lack of directional threat indicator and muzzle flash will create significant delay before your enemies figure out where they’re being shot from. And with the red dot giving you more sense of accuracy, and the vertical grip making your gunshots more stable, you’ll be strafing your enemies at any distance with great precision.

With the impact grenades, you can make rotation holes for your team and escape holes for yourself when you’re roaming.

Excels in:

  • Any range
  • Stealth


1. Spear .308 with Red Dot, Flash Hider, and Vertical Grip + Bearing 9 with Holographic and Suppressor + Impact Grenades

The bearing 9 with a suppressor might look cute, but it's just as deadly as any gun.

The most balanced Thunderbird loadout. It can be effectively used for roaming and anchoring. The bearing 9 even when suppressed can still deal quick deaths to your enemies because of its high fire-rate, while you can also use it for shooting attacker drones quietly. And the Spear .308 will even be more precise with the addition of the flash hider which greatly reduces the vertical recoil of guns, as well as hide the muzzle flash which will also create delay for your enemies to figure out where the shots are coming from.

Eliminating the muzzle flash will also give you clearer vision of your targets while firing because your barrel won’t light up. And in Siege, clear vision is essential. While the impact grenades aren’t just good for making rotation holes. It is also the best counter to Osa.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range


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