[Top 10] R6 Best Operators to Ban

Top 10 Best Operators to Ban in R6
Sad boi Jackal still frequently gets banned. But at least he has more company now.

I remember the days when there was no ban phase in ranked mode. I’m still of the opinion that Ubisoft should remove the ban phase again and only keep it on pro-league, I do recognize however that the ban phase adds more flavor to the game. The only problem is that some operators are almost unusable in ranked anymore, like Jackal, Thatcher, or Clash. What’s interesting is that the usual banned operators also differ per server. It’s like a difference in culture thing. With that said, here are the top 10 best operators to ban in Siege and why it’s a good idea to ban them.


10. Fuze

Well, people are banning Thatcher in almost every ranked match nowadays, but if you think about it, Fuze, in many ways, is actually better than Thatcher when it comes to disabling gadgets. Because he doesn’t just disable them, he destroys them too, along with any operator that is unfortunate enough to be in the blast radius of his cluster charges. If there’s no one in your team that is good with Fuze, and you’re in a map where the basement spot is made for Fuze, you should consider banning this guy instead, because his cluster charges are pretty OP when it comes to destroying gadgets, harassing from the top, and forcing defenders out of hiding places.

What makes Fuze a great operator to ban:

  • Forces defenders out of strong angles
  • Induces a lot of panic
  • Destroys defender gadgets very effectively

Best loadouts for Fuze:



9. Caveira

Caveira on big maps like Villa, Kanal, and Skyscraper, can be a nightmare to deal with. Especially when she’s using her SPAS-15 shotgun, because she can very quickly make escape holes with it, along with her impact grenades. If the Cav player knows what he’s doing, Cav doing a hit-and-run harassing tactic will be a very hard thing to counter unless you and your team coordinate to hunt her, in which case you might waste a lot of time chasing her. This is why it’s understandable why a lot of people want to ban Cav. On top of that, once she interrogates someone, most of the time, it already means a loss to the attackers.

What makes Caveira a great operator to ban:

  • Does so well at harassing attackers
  • Very hard to hunt and chase
  • Has a skill that can practically end the round

Best loadouts for Caveira:



8. Kapkan

After the update that made him capable of putting multiple EDDs in one entryway, Kapkan really has become one of the operators that players should consider banning. Among the defenders who uses traps, his is the only one that can kill in one detonation (if you put 2-3 EDDS in one entryway). That’s a really OP ability especially since even veteran players still get victimized by them even when they know there’s a Kapkan in the enemy team. In fact, sometimes, the more experienced the player is, the more he’s prone to triggering Kapkan’s traps, because experienced players are more prone to rushing.

What makes Kapkan a great operator to ban:

  • Traps that can instantly inflict death in one detonation
  • Disrupts attackers’ rhythm
  • One of the best anti-rush operators

Best loadouts for Kapkan:



7. Echo

Echo has been nerfed. A lot. Nowadays it’s much easier to destroy his Yokai Drone. But you would still see him getting banned a lot in ranked games, and that’s because he’s still one of the best operators when it comes to inducing panic. Even though they’ve basically removed the Yokai’s invisibility and you can shoot it just by staying calm and finding where it is on the ceiling, it is much easier said than done especially when you’re trying to plant but the Yokai stops you and you know that enemies are coming.

What makes Echo a great operator to ban:

  • Can induce a lot of panic
  • Disrupts attackers’ rhythm very well
  • Very annoying gadget

Best loadouts for Echo:



6. Clash

I personally do not mind going against Clash. She’s quite easy to counter and there are many ways to deal with her. However, it’s totally understandable why she remains to be one of the most banned operators in the game. Not only is she really good at compromising your location, she can also slow you down even at medium range, and in ranked, especially in Gold and above, those milliseconds that you were slowed can mean the difference between winning or losing the round.

What makes Clash a great operator to ban:

  • Great at compromising enemy locations
  • Greatly slows down attackers
  • Disrupts attackers’ rhythm really well

Best loadouts for Clash:



5. Finka

Faster reload speed. Faster movement over barbed wires. Less tinnitus time from grenades. Removal of concussion effects. Healing. Reviving. Need any more reason why players should consider banning Finka? She’s even more powerful now that she can revive herself even though they removed the recoil benefits of her adrenal surge. She’s like the Jesus of attackers now, and if you’re starting the match as defenders, you might wanna consider banning Finka, because her buffs for the whole attacking team are crazy strong.

What makes Finka a great operator to ban:

  • Her buffs are very strong
  • Can revive herself
  • Adds a lot of hp to her teammates

Best loadouts for Finka:



4. Dokkaebi

Dokkaebi is one of my favorite operators so it would actually break my heart if she suddenly becomes a popular operator to ban, but she’s one of my favorites for a reason. It’s because her logic bomb, guns, and flash grenades are very versatile and pretty OP when used strategically. It’s very hard to stop a rush when its Dokkaebi who starts it off with her logic bomb. The ringing of defender phones will muffle attacker noises, and chances are that the defenders will be caught off-guard. It’s also very hard to stop an Amaru rush when Dokkaebi starts it off, because the ringing of phones can also mask the sound of Amaru’s Gara Hook. 

What makes Dokkaebi a great operator to ban:

  • Great at compromising defender locations
  • Messes up the rhythm of roamers
  • Muffles attacker noises
  • Can hack cameras so it’ll be really bad if defenders have Valk or Maestro

Best loadouts for Dokkaebi:



3. Jackal

Jackal is probably the operator that has gotten banned the most throughout the years. That’s very understandable though. He basically renders roamers useless, especially if only one or two from the defending team decides to roam. If there’s only one, then you can pretty much expect the screen to show 4v5 fast. Jackal’s ability to notify his whole team on an enemy’s location is one of the most troublesome abilities in the game, so it doesn’t really come off as a surprise that to this day, he’s still one of the most banned operators in the game.

What makes Jackal a great operator to ban:

  • Practically renders roamers useless
  • Can immediately mean a 5v4 in favor of attackers
  • Very annoying gadget

Best loadouts for Jackal:



2. Montagne

Montagne is very hard to kill for obvious reasons, and it seems like that’s the reason why most players ban him nowadays. But the real reason why people should ban Monty is because he’s the only operator in the game who possesses the ability to completely block a doorway. And once he’s blocked a doorway, defenders have no choice but to go around the long way or create a rotation hole. Though if it has gotten to the point where Montagne has been able to block a doorway and his teammates have planted the defuser, it’ll probably be too late in the game.

What makes Montagne a great operator to ban:

  • Possesses the ability to completely block a doorway
  • Smoke + plant with his shield behind him is very hard to stop unless you have a Smoke
  • Very hard to kill even with a nitro cell

Best loadouts for Montagne:



1. Thatcher

Thatcher is one of the most banned operators nowadays and for good reason. It’s kinda sad that it’s almost an auto ban for him and even the players who are starting off as attackers are banning him just because they got used to it. But make no mistake, if your team is starting as defenders and you’re in areas where making a very big effing hole is important, like Consulate’s basement or Clubhouse’s cctv room for example, you should definitely ban Thatcher, that way the attackers will have to exert extra effort if they really want to do a hard breach.

What makes Thatcher a great operator to ban:

  • His emps usually means a fast hard breach
  • He has three emp grenades
  • Disables so many defender gadgets

Best loadouts for Thatcher:



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