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Rainbow Six Siege is a game about strategy and tactics. One of the best strategies is called “roaming”. Roaming is where a player roams the map outside the objective to try and pick off or slow down the enemy before they reach the objective. In this list, we will be taking a look at the 5 best operators to roam with. In this list we will be asking, can this operator move around the map fast enough? Is this operator’s ability useful for roaming? Then lastly, can this operator set up or utilize choke points throughout the map.

5. Mellusi

Mellusi’s Banshee Sonic Defense gadget allows for her to slow down the enemy team with a placeable gadget. To add the gadget is bulletproof and can only be destroyed by punching it. This allows her to set up choke points that she can utilize. 

Why Mellusi is a Great Roamer:

  • She can set up choke points on stairs that will slow down enemies providing for excellent ambushes. 
  • Both her T-5 SMG and Super 90 shotgun are excellent for taking out slowed down enemies. 
  • Her impact grenades can provide openings to make rotation holes. 
  • Her nitro cell can take out multiple enemies slowed down by her special ability. 
  • She is a 3-speed operator meaning she can move throughout the map fast. 


  • Can adapt a strategy depending on the map. 
  • Every aspect of her loadout can be extremely useful. 
  • A well-rounded operator for roaming.


  • Jackal can track you if you are not careful about where you move on the map.
  • Thatcher can disable her gadget for a limited amount of time.
  • Lion can use his ability to make you stay still or spot you while you are on the move.

4. Vigil

Vigil’s ERC-7 gadget prevents drones from seeing him for a short time. This makes it hard for the attackers to see where you are waiting to ambush them from. He is fast and can run around the map flanking the enemy team with ease. 

Why Vigil is a Great Roamer:

  • He can be waiting around corners or in rooms without the attackers knowing thanks to his special ability. 
  • His impact grenades can create rotation holes allowing him to cover entire floors of some maps. 
  • He is a 3 speed making him great at running away from the enemy and repositioning to a new spot. 
  • His K1A is a great weapon for covering long hallways.
  • SMG-12 is excellent for quick headshots in close quarters combat. 


  • Camping in rooms and covering whole floors of maps. 
  • Rotating between multiple rooms to see where the enemy is breaching in through.


  • Jackal 
  • Lion

3. Pulse

Pulse’s Heartbeat Sensor gadget allows him to see enemies through walls. This makes him the perfect operator to ambush the enemy team. His nitro cell can take out enemies after you see where they are using your heartbeat sensor. 

Why Pulse is a Great Roamer:

  • His sensor provides the opportunity to shoot enemies through walls. 
  • You can warn your team about where they are breaching using your sensor. 
  • His nitro cell can be used as a trap or a way to make holes in walls. 
  • His UMP is easy to control and once you get the hang of it becomes easy to get headshots with.
  • He is a 3 speed allowing him to retreat quickly to the objective when his team needs him.
  • His gadget is useful both inside and outside the objective making him adaptable to benefit your team in multiple ways.


  • Ambushing attackers
  • Covering entrances


  • Jackal can track him after he retreats from a spot.
  • Thatcher can temporarily disable his sensor.
  • Lion can spot him while he is running away.

2. Caviera

Caviera’s Silent Step ability allows her to walk quietly through the map. This allows her to sneak up behind enemies quickly and down them. Her other ability is to interrogate downed enemies to temporarily reveal the location of every enemy on the map. 

Why Caviera is a Great Roamer:

  • Her pistol can down enemies in just 2-3 shots at close range. 
  • She can reveal the location of enemies by interrogating downed enemies. 
  • Her impact grenades are great for creating rotation holes. 
  • Her M12 SMG is a viable option for long-range combat like defending long hallways. 
  • Being a 3 speed and having the ability to run silently she can oftentimes kill multiple attackers before they know it is too late.


  • Revealing the location of the attackers.
  • Popping out of nowhere to kill an attacker and then disappearing.
  • Running around silently without giving away her position.


  • Jackal can track her 
  • Lion causes her to either stay still or get spotted while running

1. Mozzie

Mozzie’s Pest Launcher allows him to capture enemy drones. This allows him to utilize them to spot where the attackers are. If you utilize this ability correctly you can actively seek out the attackers throughout the round while giving their position away to your allies. 

Why Mozzie is a Great Roamer:

  • His nitro cell can be used to kill enemies cornered in a room or create a hole in a wall for a quick getaway.
  • Both his Commando 9 rifle and P10 submachine gun are great to use depending on what the player is comfortable with. 
  • He can spot enemies providing intel for your team and you.
  • You can ambush spotted enemies and take their drones away from them. 
  • He is a 2-speed operator so he is not as fast as the other roamers on this list, but his ability and guns make up for it. 


  • He is an intel operator and roamer at the same time, covering two very crucial roles. 
  • His guns are both great and allow for different types of players to use him with ease.


  • Jackal 
  • Thatcher

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