Rainbow Six Siege Best Ways To Improve Aim [Top 10 Ways]

R6 Siege Top 10 Ways To Improve Aim
The top ten best ways to have better aim in Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 Season 4

Aim is very important in Siege, probably more so than most mainstream multiplayer shooters out there, because Siege is also very tactical and has a lot of elements of realism in it. That adds a lot to how competitive it can be, and having a great aim contributes a lot to your chances of winning a match.

Thankfully, even though the game has been around for many years, it still keeps improving, and just recently, the devs have added a lot of ways that players can use to improve their aim. With that said, in this article, we’re also going to talk about some of the old school ways on how to improve aim because they still work to this day.


10. Find Your Best Sensitivity


The best sensitivity in Siege is very subjective because it differs from person to person. Just because one sensitivity setting works for one person doesn’t mean it’ll work for everybody else. Sensitivity is something that is very personal, and it’s important to find the best sensitivity setting that’s just right for you because sensitivity very directly affects your aim. With that said though, there are basics to sensitivity in Siege that new players can use as a guideline.

One of the most basic theories in Siege sensitivity is having high horizontal and low vertical sensitivity. That’s because high horizontal sensitivity will allow you to easily pan around the surroundings horizontally, and when adjusting your aim, most of the time, enemies move horizontally. On the other hand, low vertical sensitivity will help you stabilize or hold down your aim and most of the time, you won’t really need to adjust your aim vertically in a big way. Aim-down-sight (ADS) sensitivity is also advised to be lower than normal sensitivity because you won’t need to adjust your aim in a big way usually when you’re in ADS.

How it works:

  • Your sensitivity directly affects your aim, so having the best one for your own mouse or controller grip will help you at the start of improving your aim
  • The most basic thing is to have a high horizontal and low vertical sensitivity because the latter will help you hold down your aim while the former will help you adjust it fast
  • Another basic thing about sensitivity is having a low ADS sensitivity because most of the time, the adjustments in aim that you’ll do while in ADS won’t be that big


9. Get Used to High Powered Scopes

For many players, especially those who don’t have a lot of experience in the game, using high-powered scopes greater than 1.5x can be intimidating. Understandably so, because when you go into aim-down-sights stance, your view will have a lot of zoom, but your peripheral view will be very limited. However, once you get used to high powered scopes, you’ll find that having limited peripheral view is just a small drawback compared to how great your aim could be with high zoom levels.

With a high powered scope, you’ll be able to see your target really well, and what’s great about that is that you’ll find it easier to control your aim and place your shots where you want them to be. That’s a great way to aim at a specific body part, and what you should always be aiming for is the head. That’s because headshots are the fastest way to take down an enemy, and the faster they’re out, the faster you’re taking out the threat that could have taken you out instead.

How it works:

  • High zoom levels will allow you to see your enemies better, and that in turn will help you target their specific body parts better, especially the head which will take them down immediately
  • Practicing using high powered scopes like the scopes 2.0x and 2.5x early on in your time in Siege will help you get used to it fast and allow you to effectively use them even in close range
  • High powered scopes will also allow you to control your recoil better because you’ll see where your shots are going more and that will help with your shots placements more effectively


8. Recoil Lane

Recoil directly affects your aim, and obviously, the lower the recoil is, the more stable your aim would be. The thing is, there are many different guns in Siege and they all differ in recoil. Not only that, but there are also many different attachments that players could slap to their weapon, and most of them will affect that weapon’s recoil. Thankfully, we now have the Recoil Lane in the Shooting Range mode, where we can test the recoil pattern of our weapons and our attachment setups in real time.

The Recoil Lane is a great way to find the best attachment setups for each of your operator’s weapons. Each shot will be highlighted with color so it’ll be very easy to see where your shots are going and you can even change the target’s range. I strongly recommend players to try out different attachment setups in the Recoil Lane in order to find what’ll give them the best shooting experience in Siege, and that doesn’t only apply to the lowest recoil. You can also test if you can handle the recoil of the gun well even with only one or no attachment that adds recoil control. That way, you’ll be able to take advantage of other attachments that provide other benefits.

How it works:

  • Just go to the Shooting Range playlist and once you’re inside there, the first stage would automatically be the Recoil Lane where you’d get to try many things about recoil and aim
  • The target board will highlight your shots with a color so that after your burst of fire, you’ll see how the recoil pattern went and that’ll help you experiment with weapons and attachments
  • You can adjust the target board’s distance and you can easily switch operators and loadout options by pressing F7 without having to go back to the Main Menu


7. Quick Leaning


Siege is one of the few first-person shooters out there that has leaning mechanics, and it’s really something that I personally look for in any shooter that I play. That’s because leaning allows you to peak around a corner without risking too much exposure. And that’s very important in Siege because even a few milliseconds of exposure could be fatal in this game. As you play the game, especially in ranked matches, you’ll often see experienced players peek around a corner and very quickly hide themselves back repeatedly.

That skill is called quick leaning and it’s something that players should practice early on in their time in Siege. Though it’s mostly for gathering intel, experienced players are able to frag enemies while coming from a quick lean. It can take a lot of practice, but anyone is capable of this. All you need to do is follow some guides on Youtube showing how to do it, and there are more than one way. I personally rebinded my lean keys to C and V so that it would be easier for me to perform it.

How it works:

  • Quick leaning is mainly used for peeking around corners very quickly to see if the a certain angle is clear from enemies, so its main purpose is for intel gathering
  • Even though it's mainly for intel gathering, experienced players are able to use it for fragging while avoiding being fragged themselves during the short time that they peek around a corner
  • It’s easy to find Youtube videos on how to perform quick leaning but there are different ways to do it. I personally use C and V for leaning and that way my fingers won’t have to go away from the WASD keys


6. Proper Crosshair Placement


Practicing proper crosshair placement is easily one of the best ways to improve your aim. Many Siege players, especially in the higher ranks, have ridiculous reflexes and a lot of times, the moment you see them, you’d get killed soon after. The best way to combat players with great reflexes is to have proper crosshair placement, because ideally, you want your shots to go to your enemy’s head. That way, you can kill them as fast as possible and you’d have eliminated a threat to you and your teammates.

Ideally, what you want is to have your aim at the ready always at around neck or shoulder level. That way, when an enemy appears in your line of sight, your first shot or at least the few subsequent ones will go straight to the head. Proper crosshair placement should be practiced by players as early as they can so that they won’t develop the bad habit of always having their “resting aim” at the floor. Many players do that instinctively because it feels like you’ll be able to see the surroundings more when your weapon is pointed down, but bringing your aim up is always harder than bringing it down, so always practice proper crosshair placement.

How it works:

  • The gist is that you always have your aim at the ready around shoulder or neck height. That way, when you fire your weapon at an enemy, the shot or recoil will go straight to their head.
  • It’s best to practice proper crosshair placement as early as you can because a lot of Siege players or even FPS players in general develop a bad habit of always looking down on the floor
  • Proper crosshair placement is one of the best ways to combat really good players who have great reaction time because with headshots, all it takes is one shot to take down an enemy.


5. Damage Lane

As its name implies, the damage lane’s purpose is mainly for testing the damage that you make on each body part depending on your weapon, distance, and the body part that you hit. You can also bring up a destructible wall between you and your target. That way, you’d know how much damage you can inflict on your opponents through wall banging. But even though its purpose is for testing damage, the Damage Lane in the Shooting Range is also a great tool for improving your aim.

That’s because the target dummy is very similar to most operators’ height. You can also make it face different directions as well as change its distance from you. With this lane in the Shooting Range, you can practice, not just your recoil, but how you control your aim as well. The screen on the left side will also tell you how many of your shots connected to the training dummy’s body, and which body parts they landed. That way, you can really concentrate on training for headshots.

How it works:

  • Damage Lane is primarily to test the damage of your weapons on specific body parts as well as depending on the distance and if the shots are going through a destructible wall
  • Even though the Damage Lane in the Shooting Range is primarily for testing damage, it’s also a great tool for improving aim because the training dummy resembles normal operators
  • You can adjust where the training dummy will be facing and how far it’s going to be from you. You can also adjust its stances whether you want it to be standing up, crouching, or prone.


4. Versus AI


Versus AI is one of the newest game modes in Siege. It’s perfect for training your aim without losing anything because, as the name implies, what you’ll be fighting with are AIs. This mode basically replaces the Training Grounds mode where players could fight AI terrorists. With the new Versus AI mode, you’ll be fighting in a normal Siege match, against normal Siege operators, but instead of other players, they’d be controlled by AI. But don’t make the mistake of underestimating them.

That’s because the AIs in this game mode have machine learning. That means that they can improve and adjust their game style depending on yours. You can take on this game mode alone or with other players, and you can adjust the difficulty of the AI from Beginner to Advanced. This game mode is great for warming up and training your aim before heading into a match with real players. It’s also a good way for beginners to learn the basics of Siege without really losing anything even if they lose the match.

How it works:

  • Versus AI lets you go into a normal Siege match against enemy AI that has a machine learning feature, meaning that it can adjust to your playstyle and behave like a normal player
  • The enemy AI difficulty can be adjusted from Beginner to Advanced, and obviously, Advanced will offer a far more difficult challenge than Beginner, which is great for training your aim.
  • You can enter a match against enemy AIs with normal teammates if you enable matchmaking and you can also go against the enemy AIs alone if you want a far more difficult challenge


3. Target Drill

Target Drill is one of the two modes that you can choose within the new Map Training mode. As its name implies, the aim of Map Training is to help familiarize players on the map layouts because, while Siege’s learning curve is steep, it mostly plateaus once the player have familiarized themselves on the maps. In Target Drill, the game puts training dummies on common spots of the map where players usually position themselves. That way, when the player heads into a real match, they’ll not only be familiar with the map layouts, but also with the common spots that enemies would use.

This is great for aim training because part of improving your aim comes from anticipating where enemies would be. As mentioned before, especially in the higher ranks, the reaction time of Siege players is ridiculous, and one of the best ways to win against an opponent is anticipating where they’d be, being ready with your trigger finger, and even pre-firing in certain situations. With the Target Drill game mode, the player will have training on where to anticipate opponents, and they’d also have a good chance to practice pre-firing as well as their crosshair placement.

How it works:

  • Target Drill is part of the Map Training playlist and its primary purpose is to help familiarize players with the maps as well as the common spots that enemies would be in
  • Even though its primary purpose is to help you in familiarizing yourself with the maps, it’s also great for aim training because the training dummies will be in common positions that normal players use
  • The training dummies will also be behind cover and would use different stances to mimic normal player behavior, so this mode is a great way to train and warm up your aim before a real match.


2. Play Ranked


Ultimately, once you’ve tried out most of the tips in this list, the goal is to try out your improved aim against enemy players. Of course, there are game modes like Standard and Quick Play where you can go against other real players, but if you really want to improve in the game by applying what you’ve learned from the tips in this list, you’ll improve that a lot by playing ranked. That’s because the ranked game mode is the most competitive playlist in the game, and that’s where you’ll meet a lot of really good players.

Good enemies will in turn make you better because they’ll force you to improve. In order to adjust to their gameplay and have any hope of winning against them in the next round, if you lost the previous, you’ll have to be better, or “git gud” so to speak. It’s in ranked that Siege players really get to test their mettle and have the chance to unleash their potential. Ranked matches is where the “real Siege” happens, and most of the time, all the players in the game take the match seriously.

How it works:

  • Ranked is the most competitive game mode in Siege, so it’s basically the game mode where you can really test the improvements on your aim by following the rest of the tips in this article
  • Because it’s the most competitive game mode, it’s where you can really experience going against players who are really doing their best to win the game, and going against good players will contribute a lot to your improvement
  • Practicing your aim against real players is still the best way to improve your aim because their movements are the most difficult to anticipate and obviously, they play more realistically


1. Aiming Lane

As mentioned before, ultimately, you’d want to apply the things you learned in this list on ranked games. The reason why the Aiming Lane is at number one is because it’s really specifically there to train players’ aims. It’s one of the newest game modes in Siege and it's in the Shooting Range. I highly recommend having an Aiming Lane routine before heading out for a real match because it’s really a good way to train and warm up your aim as well as your reflexes.

If you’ve tried Aimlabs before, then you’d be familiar with the concept. It’s basically an Aimlab feature within Siege. You can choose the round duration, target type, target health, number of targets, target’s move speed, target distance, and most importantly, you can toggle headshots-only off or on. That’s very important because as mentioned before, having proper crosshair placement and going for headshots is the best way to fight against really good players, and with headshots-only mode in the Aiming Lane, you can really train your aim to always go towards an enemy’s head.

How it works:

  • It’s one of the lanes that is available in the shooting range and its primary purpose is to really improve your aim as well as reflexes by having you go through different kind of drills
  • You can choose between training dummy targets or balls, and you can also adjust their movement speed as well as their pattern to make the drills more challenging
  • The best mode for training your aim is to enable Headshots Only. That way, you’ll get used to always targeting the head of enemies because the only way to eliminate the targets would be through headshots


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