[Top 25] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Kills Compilation You Need to Watch (2022)

Top  25 Best Kills Compilation In Rainbow 6 Siege That You Need To Watch
Nothing like some good kill highlights to start the game and score some kills yourself

25. High IQ Claymore Kills

This is a great time in 2022 to watch this video because now, Attackers who have claymores in their loadout have two of them. So, to see this high IQ claymore trick will allow players to get more creative when it comes to using their claymores. Right from the start, we see Macie Jay, using Osa’s broken Clear Shield to hide his claymore’s laser. That is seriously one of the best claymore plays I’ve ever seen. Following that shows a clip of Macie Jay using the Gonne-6 to punch a hole on the wall and he used that hole for throwing a frag grenade over to an enemy on the other side, allowing him to score an easy kill.

A funny moment in these kills highlights is when Macie Jay was forced into an awkward position but it turned out as a lucky break for him when Oryx destroyed a hatch in front of him with his Bailiff 410, and Macie with his extensive knowledge of game immediately knew it was Oryx, and he expected him to come up. And truth be told, Oryx’s head popped up, somewhat in a cute way, only to be popped by Macie Jay’s LMG.


24. The Most Incredible Aces in Siege

An ace in Siege, for those who are very new to the game and do not know yet, is when a player manages to kill all five of his opponents. It can be incredibly hard to pull off in a normal quick match round or a round in Ranked, and that goes double in pro-league where players face off against other great players. So, the 10 aces in this video are really epic and every Siege player should see them. The first entry in this video shows AceeZ.Rogue going into a tear, utilizing every weapon in his arsenal, including his c4 to score one of the most epic aces in Siege esports history.

It was followed by Mint.DZ’s ace using a Blitz no less in an absolutely nasty way. And mind you, this is against some really legendary players. Mint.DZ was able to mow some of them down and then had to go tactical with his pistol after planting the defuser. That moment when he finally scored the ace is definitely one of the most hyped moments in this vid. Tactiss.Sy’s Ace was really epic as well, because it shows how great Smokes’ shotgun and SMG-11 loadout is and he was able to kill all 5 of his enemies using both guns.


23. Best Plays and Kills in Pro League

This highlight reel features a lot of great pros performing epic plays which resulted in some of the most memorable kills in Siege history. Even the clip of LaXinG.C9 at #10 is already really epic, so anyone who’s just starting the video can already expect great things later on. It’s followed by a really wild 4 kill streak from Acez.FNG who killed his last opponent with an epic wall bang. That just reminded us how great Fnatic members really are. At #8 we see Yung clutching a 1v4 against FaZe Clan which is one of the top teams in Siege esports. 

That clip just reminded everyone that a shotgun really has superiority in close range, especially in the hands of a great player like Yung. #6 could very well be at #1 because it shows how patience is really a big factor when it comes to Siege. Spark.Vitality was hiding in a corner and he saw an enemy walk right past him, but he didn’t shoot him, instead, he used that enemy to lure other enemies into thinking that the area is clear, and that resulted into Spark.Vitality’s patience being rewarded big time with 4 kills in a 1v4 clutch.


22. When Beaulo Plays Azami

Seeing Beaulo play Azami, one of my favorite operators, is really epic. Beaulo is known for his great aim and reflexes, so him playing a very tactical operator like Azami allows us to see more of his tactical plays, which of course he can do really well. Many times, his tactical skills are overshadowed by his impeccable reflexes, and one taps. But this video shows us that Beaulo is a lot more than that. No wonder why he’s one of the top Siege players in the world right now.

Right from the start of the video, we see him take down 3 enemies that are practically in the same angle. Beaulo was outnumbered, but clearly, his superior reflexes got the better of them since he was able to kill them in a heartbeat. At 1:05, we see him force Wamai out of his hiding spot using a frag grenade and that left him vulnerable to Beaulo’s gunfire. It’s always incredible to see tactical plays like that.


21. Pigeon's Incredible Kills VS Pros

Pigeon has been accused of stream sniping many times, but no evidence has been produced, and I personally don’t believe that, because many of the pros and big streamers in this video have at least a 20 seconds delay on their streams, just like Beaulo’s streams. And as all experienced Siege players know, 20 seconds is a very long time in Siege, so stream sniping a streamer with 20 seconds delay won’t benefit the one doing it at all.

This video is great because we get to see great players like Beaulo and KingGeorge get murked for a change. Not that I have anything against them, in fact, I look up to them, but it’s also a breath of air to see them get killed, because most of the time, we only see them score kills after kills on their enemies. So, to see them get killed like most normal players experience, humanizes them. Of course, to be able to hang around them in a match says a lot about how great a player Pigeon is as well.


20. Pros and Streamers Thought He was Cheating

It’s honestly a real compliment when people accuse you of cheating when you’re not actually cheating. That goes double when Pros and popular Siege content creators are the ones accusing you. In this Siege kills highlight reel, we can see Freq causing a lot of disappointed faces among pros and streamers, many of them I look up to, and I’ve gotten used to watching them do the owning. So, to see them getting owned instead, is a very different experience.

It’s a reminder that they may have godlike skills in the game, but they’re still human, capable of losing. To be fair, some of the clips in this video do seem suspect, so I personally reserve my judgment on whether he’s really cheating or not. But one thing’s for sure, if he isn’t, then this is definitely one of the best kill montages there is. The editing is pretty goated too.


19. Shaiiko's Return

Shaiiko’s most recent upload on his own Youtube channel. He didn’t upload for a long time, and now one of the kings in Siege is back. And even though he hasn’t been uploading in his own Youtube channel, he’s been quite active in his Twitch channel. As the video title says, these may be old ranked clips, but the lessons that players can learn from them can be very well applied today. 

As one would expect from one of the best pros, this video shows us a lot of great kills due to Shaiiko’s impeccable aim and reflexes. Most result in headshots right after Shaiiko sees an enemy. He’s just mowing down enemy after enemy with headshots, which is beautiful to watch for any players who are aspiring to be great at the game.


18. Pengu Dominating with Kali

Now is the best time to watch this video especially because Kali is one of the best alternatives to Thatcher, and as we all know, Thatcher is almost unusable in Ranked right now, so a lot of players would really benefit from knowing how to play Kali well. And this video will help a lot of players with that. In this Kali kills highlights, Pengu shows us how to play Kali, especially the angles where her marksman rifle is very effective at.

And Pengu doesn’t just show us how powerful Kali’s marksman rifle is, there are many clips in this video where he also scores some great kills using Kali’s best secondary weapon, the SPSMG9 which is also one of the best machine pistols in the game. It has great recoil control while also having a very fast rate of fire. That’s why it’s really not very far-fetched to say that Kali is the best operator in Siege. Most of the time, her marksman rifle will down if not kill an opponent. And that’s really quite OP.


17. Patience in Siege Results into More Kills

Macie Jay is the favorite Siege content creator of many in the Siege community, myself included, because he’s so different from others who play very fast and aggressively. Although Macie Jay can also perform nasty quick leans and shift the direction of his aim very fast, he doesn’t do so often. He favors a slow, tactical, and methodical approach to the game, which I believe is how Siege should be played and was intended to be played.

And it’s also possible for any player to do as long as they use their heads. That’s why watching Macie Jay play Siege gives a lot of players who don't have the super quick reaction and sensitivity that many pros have, a lot of inspiration to keep playing the game and be better. Just as this video shows, even if you don’t have the natural talent of Spoit, Beaulo, or Shaiiko, you can do well in Siege if you play it with patience and intelligence.


16. Spoit's Godlike One Taps

Just like the video title says, Spoit says that he’s the best one tapper in Siege, and you know what, I believe him. Spoit has mastered the art of one tapping and we can see that from this video, along with many other videos in his Youtube channel. Spoit is a newly inducted member of top tier Siege esports team, Rouge. And with the godlike aim and reflexes that he’s shown us through all his vids and streams, one could expect great things from Spoit in the pro-league.

I for one am excited to see him face off against Beaulo in pro-league. I think that would definitely be an epic match. They’re both known for their nasty one taps while quick leaning without overextending themselves for the enemies to see them. And both of them, as evidenced by their videos, almost never waste any movement. Everything is calculated.


15. Why Players Should Play Warden More

Now is the best time to watch this Warden kills and plays highlight reel because of the newest operator, Sens. As we all know, Sens’ special gadget, the R.O.U. Projector provides huge covers for Attackers, and the best way to counter that is through Warden, who, with his Smart Glasses, can see through Sens’ R.O.U. Projector. Imagine this, you’re up against Attackers who have Sens and they think they’re so safe behind the cover of the R.O.U. Projector, not knowing that you’re actually using a Warden.

In that scenario, you’d be able to take down a lot of unsuspecting opponents. And as BikiniBodhi shows us in this video, Warden is also great at countering smoke + defuser plant attempts, especially Attackers who initiate a push with their stun grenades. Just like in Sens’ R.O.U. Projector’s case, Warden’s Smart Glasses allows him to see through smoke, and activating it removes the blinding effects of stun grenades, Blitz’s flash shield, and Ying’s Candelas.


14. When Shaiiko Gets into God Mode

I’m sure that a lot of old players know who Shaiiko is and that’s because of his godlike plays and kills. He’s one of the legendary pro Siege players and like a lot of the tier 1 pros, Shaiiko has great quick lean skills and his aim almost always goes to the opponent's head, resulting in a lot of nasty one taps. Shaiiko currently plays for Team BDS as their entry fragger, which is perfect for his game style of quick entry and clearing the room with his great aim.

He also has one of the highest kds I’ve seen from a pro which is 1.6 in ranked, which is very impressive considering that he’s been playing in diamond and champion rank for the most part since Operation Blood Orchid which came out five years ago. So, that’s a great long time to maintain a 1.6 kd against players who are undoubtedly great at the game as well.


13. Smooth Kills in Emerald Plains

Another Macie Jay clip showing us what he’s known for. Slow, but smooth and methodical plays and kills. What makes this special in 2022 is that this video is dedicated to Emerald Plains, the newest map in the game. Sadly, a lot of players ban this map in Ranked, but as Macie has shown in this video, it is an amazing map which promotes a lot of tactical approach to the game. Players should really take their time to get to know the map.

Trust me, and of course, Macie Jay, that familiarizing yourself with this map goes a long way, especially since it seems like many players didn’t practice on it when there was a dedicated playlist for it. So, learning the ins and outs of this map will give you the advantage against many players in the game right now. Going back to the video, perhaps the best moment is when Macie uses two of his smoke grenades as a distraction to lure the enemies in a different direction while he goes to another side and plants the defuser away from those smoke grenades.


12. Best Spawn Peeks

To be able to execute effective spawn peeks takes courage, great game sense, and of course map knowledge. So, I highly recommend players who are new to this game to familiarize themselves with the maps first and then come back to watch this video, so that they’ll be able to better understand the context of Astralis R6’s tips. I’ve played Siege for a number of years and I’ve killed and gotten killed from so many angles but I haven’t seen many of the angles that were shown in this video.

Like the spawn peek angle at Clubhouse through the garage door. Usually, spawn peekers who use the door stand right beside it, and it does give them a good view of the spawn site, but it makes them very vulnerable to a counter fire as well. With the clip that Astralis R6 showed, you can use the stairs to still have a good view of the outside and you won’t be so vulnerable to Attacker fire.


11. Devilish Aim

This kill highlight reel is so exciting to watch because this player goes into something like a demon frenzy and proceeds on clapping everybody on his way. Just from watching the video, one could tell that this player has really good instincts, reflexes, and aim for this game. Once he sees an enemy, it’s like his sights automatically go into the opponents’ head. The great editing from this video makes it even more epic.

The editing style reminds me a lot of Marley’s videos where a lot of the kills are slowed down so that the audience can really see the death of the enemy and how well it was executed, followed by some badass sound effects. Players, especially new ones, should really watch this video and learn how proper crosshair placement and peeking will help them get a lot of kills and possibly allow them to create their own badass highlight reel someday.


10. Nasty Pistol One Taps

Right from the beginning of the video we see Siege player Freq doing what he’s known for, inflicting rage on his enemies with his nasty one taps and wall bangs. One could really tell that he has great instincts for the game. This is followed by another one tap with a pistol no less and it was done from an extreme long range. Freq’s gameplay reminds me of how pros like Beaulo and Spoit play. A lot of high-speed maneuvers and quick leans.

He also doesn’t overextend which a lot of players should really  learn from, including me. Because as we all know, in Siege, especially in the higher ranks, you can get killed even if you just expose a few pixels of your operator. The video proceeds on showing us Freq basically going God mode and murking everybody on sight. 


9. Canadian's Competitive highlights

This is one of the few kills montages that Canadian himself uploaded in his Youtube channel. And although this video is quite old, it is still worth a watch in 2022 because anyone can learn a lot just by watching Canadian, one of Siege’s top pros, play the game. He used Pulse a lot in this video and it's clear that he enjoyed gathering intel a lot using Pulse’s Heartbeat Sensor and oftentimes throwing a c4 right under the enemies he’s detected, quickly taking them down with the c4’s explosion.

0:20 is a great example of a really good nitro cell kill. It’s kind of becoming a lost art nowadays, but just like Canadian and his team did in this video, they left some holes on top of the reinforced walls and Pulse was able to throw the c4 at the unsuspecting enemies on the other side.  Clearly a man that enjoys killing opponents with a nitro cell, Canadian, on another Siege badass moment took the life of an enemy that is rappelling by throwing a nitro cell on him or her.


8. Legendary Caster's Highlights

Zironic is one of the most known faces in the Siege community, and one of the biggest Siege channels in Twitch. He’s a former esports caster, and has a very impressive kd of 1.36. And that’s mostly in champion and diamond, so that’s doubly impressive. Of course, because he has a high kd, whenever he uploads his highlights, we are treated to some really great kill reels. 

At the 2:06 mark his MPX went brrrr, resulting in a hilarious, but effective prefire. And perhaps sensing that the audience would find what happened in 2:06 hilarious, he decided to give us a proper and badass pre-fire at 2:47. At 4:10 he scored a double kill with a nasty c4 under the floor strat, and my favorite kill in the video, a long range one top shot from a handgun at 4:30 mark.


7. A Pro's Dominance

This is a great kill highlight reel, not just by Pengu, but by his teammates as well. For the whole video, you could see and hear them coordinating really well, which is what Siege is all about. Team coordination and tactical plays. Of course, when you combine those with Pengu’s game sense and aim, then you can probably become a pro just like him as well. And while that’s very hard for most players to do, this video is still a great watch because new and old players alike will be able to learn more about the game from it.

And speaking of learning from this video, at the 6:30 mark they show us that we could actually rappel back to the rooftop from the bar if you’re facing the bomb. All my years in Siege and I never would have learned that if I didn’t watch this video. There was a funny bit in this video at 7:35 where we can see that even a pro, when his mind is distracted, can easily get owned too.


6. Smooth Azami Plays

I honestly agree with the title that Macie Jay chose for this video. Azami could very well be the coolest operator that Rainbow Six Siege has ever produced. Not only is her character design really cool, her special gadget is also perfect for players like Macie Jay who’s looking for a more tactical gameplay with teams battling it out with their gadgets. And most Siege players are in Siege rather than in different games because of its tactical aspects. 

Right from the start of the video, we can see Macie Jay using Azami’s Kiba Barrier to fortify an angle at the bar on the second floor of Kafe. That strat protects him and his teammates from the Attackers on the roof. That angle is very weak and without the Kiba Barrier there, that area is essentially off limits because it’s a kill zone in favor of the Attackers. But Macie Jay with his high IQ knows exactly what to do with Azami’s Kiba Barriers.


5. A Champion Pro Shows How to Play Finka

Spoit is godlike in Siege, we all know that. And him using the meta right now, which is Finka with her LMG is just the definition of overpowered. Did you see him hitting the c4 high up in the air with a flick at 0:31? Yep, that’s some absurd reaction time and aim. No wonder why Team Rogue, one of the top Siege Esports teams right now, was eager to have him in their team. Spoit only joined recently, but we can really expect him to do a lot of great things in the pro-league.

The hip fire kill with a handgun at the 2:40 mark of the video is one of the nastiest kills I’ve ever seen in the game. And it was from medium range. It was followed by another hip fire kill on Kapkan in an ultimate disrespect fashion. This video is full of quick kills through quick leaning. A skill that everyone who’s aspiring to play well in competitive game modes should learn. So, this video is really recommended, especially to newer players.


4. When a Female Champion Goes into Rampage

Right from the get go, we see Poppy clutching a 1v4 which ends with her using the nitro cell’s explosion as a distraction while flanking on the remaining attacker. This girl definitely has great game sense for Siege and that’s why she’s reached the rank of champion, and she’s been champion for two years now. Every player should really watch her highlights, it’s just very pleasant to watch, not just because her voice is so easy on the ears, but players, new and old can learn a lot from how this girl plays.

She has the right cursor placement which results in headshots in most encounters, and she has great reflexes. Her reaction time is incredible as well. She streams very regularly on Twitch, though I hope she’d start making Youtube content again. She’s possibly the best female Siege player right now and It would be good to see her play in a tournament someday.


3. God of Siege's 20 Kills Against Pros

Beaulo means God of Siege in Greek. I must say, he really chose a badass name, and it’s not just badass, it fits really well to his gameplay too, because there’s no question in the minds of many that he’s one of the best players around. And to be able to score 20 kills against other pros is highly impressive, and I feel that even that is an understatement. Basically, 20 kills in a pro lobby are equivalent to probably 30 kills in gold or platinum elo.

Beaulo’s high intensity and very fast reflexes resulting in kills is always a joy to watch. At 2:28 we can see that Beaulo isn’t just all about aim and reflexes, he’s also a very tactical player who knows how to lead a team and formulate strats right from the get go. He’s great at thinking on his feet, and that’s the reason why he and his team are the top pros in the game right now. 


2. Minkzie Dropping 24 Kills

This is one of the highest kills in Ranked, at least among ones that has a searchable and watchable video proof. And it’s coming from Minkzie, one of the big Siege Youtubers with 107k followers. People don’t get that following in Siege without being good, so one could say that this 24 kill ranked game was quite expected out of Minkzie. He does play with a lot of confidence, and rightfully so, because he pretty much carried his whole team by himself throughout this game.

Right from the beginning of the match, we could see that Minkzie, using his alt Denkzie for this match, has excellent game sense with his team quickly dropping three kills. Round 3 was one of his best rounds where he killed three of the enemies and all of them were headshots. He scored another 3 kill streak at round 7 where he quickly took control of the objective area and established his angles early on. The best round was the last round where they scored a comeback with an ace from Minkzie himself.


1. Beaulo's Record 36 Kills

We all know that Beaulo is one of the best, if not the best, players in the world right now, so him dropping 36 kills in one game is kind of not surprising, even though it’s probably the most kills in a single match in the history of Siege, at least in the case of those which has a video proof to show it. This one isn’t in a ranked match or tournament though, so I couldn’t include it in my article about the record number of kills in a ranked game.

However, that doesn’t make these 36 kills record any less impressive, especially considering that Beaulo is playing against really good players like Fabian and KingGeorge who’s a former pro himself. There are also non-Siege players in each of the teams, and if you’re wondering why that’s the case, it is because this match was a charity match sponsored by Gamers Without Borders. This match helped them raise funds to support their covid pandemic response and to distribute vaccines to those who need it. So, not only is this highlight from the match really fun to watch, it is also very helpful.


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