[Top 15] Rainbow Six Siege Best Looking Operators

Top 15 Best Looking Operators in Rainbow Six Siege
R6 operators flexing their swag

Rainbow Six Siege came out 7 years ago but its operators won’t be left behind when it comes to looks. Until now, Siege features some of the most aesthetically pleasing characters in the fps world. Some of them look badass because of their drip, some because of their pretty faces. And some get a boost of aesthetic appeal whenever Ubisoft releases a new elite skin. Here are some of the best-looking operators in Rainbow Six Siege.


15. Sledge

Seamus “Sledge” Cowden was born in Scotland to a father who’s a military man and a mother who’s a nurse. After five years of military service, he was recruited to the SAS. He is known in the game for his massive breaching hammer, which he uses to perform soft breaching in order to make entry holes for him and his teammates. Another popular tactic when playing Sledge is going for a vertical attack, wherein Sledge keeps breaking the floor above the enemies' objective area in order to harass them from above.

Best loadouts for Sledge:



14. Thatcher

Another operator from the British Army’s SAS. Although we have seen both Sledge’s and Thatcher’s face, the two of them, along with the other SAS members, always wear masks. Which gives them their distinct look. I think we can all agree that their masks make them look badass and adds to their appeal. It's no surprise that until now, despite being one of the earliest operators, they’re still so popular.

Best loadouts for Thatcher:



13. Ash

Ash and her auburn braided hair. Such a distinct feature in R6 that everybody’s familiar with. Of course, she’s one of the most popular operators in Siege. Her good looks have graced many R6 cinematics including some of the cinematics for the Operation Chimera Outbreak scenes, as well as the very popular The Playbook cinematic where her rivalry with Kali escalates. 

Best loadouts for Ash:



12. Thermite

Thermite is one of the most badass looking operators in Siege, and we saw more of how badass he looks in the trailer for The Program. Some of his in-game skins are my personal favorite, and his gun skins compliment his looks. No wonder why Aruni seems to flirt with this guy. Well, a neck chop before a finish with a pistol is considered romantic in Siege anyway, just ask Hibana and Pulse.

Best loadouts for Thermite:



11. Tachanka

I feel like I’m about to get punished for putting Lord Tachanka in no. 11, but I hope he understands that as a man I have certain preferences towards the female operators. Regardless, there’s no denying how badass Lord Tachanka’s elite skin is. And my goodness that trailer for it is epic. 

Best loadouts for Tachanka:



10. Kali

Kali may have been a bit of a prick to Ash in The Playbook, but since we’re talking about looks here, there’s no denying that she’s one of the most badass looking females in Siege. She gives off an aura of someone you don’t wanna cross with it. Makes sense since she’s the leader of Nighthaven, a private military company.

Best loadouts for Kali:



9. Iana

One of the prettiest looking girls in Siege. One of the hottest too, just look up her old MVP screen. Sadly, Ubisoft decided to change it because everybody was going crazy about it. I still think that was a bad decision on Ubisoft’s part. Regardless, her white hair gives her a very distinct look and her pretty face makes her one of the favorites, even among female players.

Best loadouts for Iana:



8. Melusi

I’m not exactly a fan of her default in-game hairstyle, but they truly made her one of the best-looking operators with the release of her elite skin. It’s one of the elite skins that I didn’t mind spending my money on, because my god, just look at the image above, she looks very pretty and cool. I love the cultural callback as well.

Best loadouts for Melusi:



7. Zero

Now I did say above that I’m biased for female operators when it comes to looks, but there’s no denying that Zero deserves to be high up in the ranks. Just look at this image from his operator trailer. He straight up looks like The Punisher, while still retaining his old Splinter Cell vibes. The man has aged, but he truly aged like fine wine. 

Best loadouts for Zero:



6. Aruni

Aruni with her cute Asian smile. The Thai operator lost none of her beauty even after that operation with Thermite in Bangkok which resulted in an explosion that severely injured her. Her character design fits her feminine but badass personality. She even has what looks like a cybernetic arm, which is a nice coincidence because she was released to Siege around the time that Cyberpunk 2077 was released was well.

Best Aruni loadouts:



5. Hibana

Well, our boy Pulse wouldn’t be in love with her if she didn’t have good looks am I right? But I wonder if I’m the only one here who thinks that her previous model was better. In any case, she’s one of the prettiest faces in Siege. Ubisoft knows that, and that’s why she’s been in a lot of R6 cinematics and was one of the featured faces in Rainbow Six Siege: Extraction.

Best loadouts for Hibana:



4. Caveira

Alright, she might have a very intense personality and a very short temper, but there’s no denying that Cav looks beautiful. Especially when she’s calm and smiling. Just look at The Tournament of Champions cinematic. She kind of stole the show at one point, and again at the end when she accepted defeat. She’s truly one of the most enigmatic operators in Siege.

Best loadouts for Caveira:



3. Mira

Our Spanish beauty. The community could tell that she’s cute and pretty even with her default model where she’s wearing a helmet, but we saw her beauty a lot more during the cinematic for The Tournament of Champions. And nowadays in the Rainbow Six Siege: Extraction cinematics. I personally prefer her hair in The Tournament of Champions though.

Best loadouts for Mira:



2. Ela

Watch where your drone is looking will you? Ela, for years has been the “R6 babe” and is one of the favorites in cosplay events. She’s one of the youngest operators in the game, and she does give off that young college chick vibe, with the green her and hip outfit. I wonder if her big sister approves. Regardless, she’s her own woman and we know that she’s feisty.

Best loadouts for Ela:



1. Dokkaebi

One of the youngest operators in the game. This Korean female techie has appeared in a number of R6 cinematics. Ubisoft knows that she’s a crowd favorite. If you haven’t seen it, you should really check out the Hammer & Scalpel short cinematic movie featuring her and Thatcher. The “old and the new” blood of Team Rainbow. 

Best Dokkaebi loadouts:



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