[Top 15] Rainbow 6 Siege Most Picked Operators That Are OP

Rainbow 6 Siege Top 15 Most Picked Operators That Are OP
Right now, Finka is the first thing that comes to players’ minds when you ask them about overpowered operators.

15. Alibi

One of the most overpowered roamers in the game. She may not have Cav’s Silent Step, or Vigil’s ability to be invisible to drones, but what she can do is confuse the hell out of enemy Attackers while also gathering crucial intel on them. And what is because her Prisma holographic clones will automatically ping enemies who shoot them. No matter how experienced you are in Siege, it’s a guarantee that you would still make the mistake of shooting her Prisma holographic clones from time to time.

That is because it's our instinct as Siege players to shoot whatever looks like an enemy. And the faster your reaction time, the more likely you are to fall victim to Alibi’s Prismas. But it's not only her Prismas that make her one of the most OP operators in the game. She has the best shotgun in the game which is the ACS12 shotgun. It’s a single-slug firing shotgun capable of strafing enemies at long-range, and unlike most shotguns, it’s capable of inflicting headshots. Her Bailiff 410 which is a pistol shotgun is a great utility tool for destroying hatches, and her impact grenade allows her to quickly make escape holes when the whole enemy team is hunting her.

That makes Alibi a very hard roamer to deal with. Because she has the range, damage, intel gathering capabilities, and a lot of escape mechanisms when the Attacker team is hunting her.

What Makes Alibi Most Picked:

  • Can confuse the hell out of enemies, and in the process, gather intel on them through her Prisma holographic clones.
  • Very hard to catch when roaming because her Bailiff 410 pistol shotgun can destroy hatches, and her impact grenades can make escape holes through walls.
  • Has one of the most powerful guns in the game with the ACS12 which shoots a single-slug per shot. It's fully automatic, high damage, and very easy to control.

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14. Valkyrie

Intel plays a very crucial part in Siege’s gameplay, and Valkyrie is still the queen of intel on the Defender side despite the recent nerf on her Black Eye Cameras that made them almost useless outside the mission building. In fact, one could argue that the nerf just forced Valkyrie players to be more effective inside, and that’s really quite scary if you’re an Attacker, because there would be three Valkyrie cams now scattered around the objective area, and they’re quite hard to find when they’re not being used.

And even while they’re being used, if they’re put into awkward angles and clever hiding spots, it would still be a lot of trouble finding them. The Black Eye Cameras are accessible by the whole Defender team, so anyone, especially the dead ones can contribute so much to the team by watching Valkyrie’s cams and calling out the enemy locations for the whole team. And because of all the intel that her Black Eyes can gather, she and her whole team will know what to expect and where to aim. When roaming, she also knows exactly where to throw her nitro cell because she’ll be equipped with the intel from her Black Eye camera. 

What Makes Valkyrie Most Picked:

  • Can deploy three small cameras around the objective area that provides a 180-degree view of the surroundings
  • Special gadget cameras can be accessed by the whole team and is great for knowing the real time location of enemies
  • Has a nitro cell which works well in conjunction with the intel that her Black Eye cams provide. This makes it perfect for a c4-under-the-floor strat

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13. Zofia

Zofia is one of the most OP Attackers in the game, offensive-wise. This woman is just pure offensive power, with her LMG-E which is one of the most oppressive guns in the game, partnered with her special gadget, the KS79 Lifeline. She also has great secondary gadgets with her two claymores, which are very effective when it comes to countering roamers, or scoring kills on those who would attempt a runout. Heck, even her RG15 handgun is one of the best handguns in the game, featuring good damage, low recoil, and a good red dot sight which provides a lot of accuracy.

There’s no doubt that Zofia is an offensive powerhouse, and it’s very hard to win against her one on one. Her LMG-E has one of the biggest magazine capacities in the game and can rain down 150 bullets on enemies before it needs to be reloaded. On top of that, it has a very manageable recoil, high damage, and wide variety of attachments. Another scary thing about Zofia is that she can make quick entry holes on soft walls using the impact grenades on her KS79 Lifeline, and she can inflict concussion on enemies, even behind cover, with her concussion grenades, which can bounce on surfaces.

What Makes Zofia Most Picked:

  • Brings a lot of heavy power with her LMG-E light machine gun which has high damage, low recoil, and a huge magazine capacity.
  • Can concuss enemies hiding in corners with her concussion grenades that can bounce on surfaces
  • Able to create entry holes with the impact grenades from her special gadget
  • Her extra impact grenade can be used to neutralize a bulletproof Defender gadget
  • Has two claymores that are great for countering roamers and flankers

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12. Jackal

There’s a reason why Jackal used to be the #1 banned operator in the game, and that is because his presence essentially neutralizes enemy roamers. A roamer that is being tracked by Jackal will spend most of her or his time trying to avoid capture instead of what roamers are supposed to do, which is to pick off enemies one by one before escaping. When there’s a Jackal, it’ll be very hard for a roamer to perform that role, especially when Jackal is with a coordinated team.

And that is because when Jackal scans a Defender’s footprints, it produces a ping on the current location of that Defender, and that ping will last for 20 seconds, and it will be visible to the whole Attacking team. This allows Jackal and his teammates to surround the pinged Defender, and neutralize him or her. What’s scary is that Jackal can scan a set of Defender’s footprints from a distance of 8 meters. That means he can hide behind a cover, and still be able to track footprints. And if there’s a roamer that he wasn’t able to track and is attempting to get behind him, Jackal can protect his back using his two claymores.

What Makes Jackal Most Picked:

  • Ability to track roamers is quite overpowered, and with Jackal tracking them, they’d be spending most of their time trying to escape.
  • Has two claymores for protecting his back while he’s performing his role as a roamer tracker
  • Has great choices of guns for his primary with the C7E assault rifle which has good damage and low recoil, and the PDW9 submachine gun which has a great magazine capacity, fast rate of fire, and low recoil.

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11. Thatcher

His pick rate is still high, even though he’s the most banned operator right now, and that’s because during those rare times that he’s not banned, he will surely be picked each round. And that is of course, because of his ability to disable enemy gadgets en masse. Most gadgets in Siege are electronics or at least have electronics in them to make them function properly. Thatcher’s EMP grenades disables that, rendering them useless. And Thatcher has three EMP grenades, which has a blast radius of 5.2 meters.

That makes him the best and fastest hard-breach enabler. So, if the Attacker side has a Thatcher, there’s a high chance that they will be able to perform hard breaching, even when you have a teammate that is great at Bandit tricking. That is because it’s quite hard to time Thatcher’s EMP blast, especially when he sends out three of them consecutively. Once a hard breach has been performed, Thatcher can perform the role of backline support really well, with his two claymores, and L85A2 assault rifle which has a high damage and very manageable recoil.

What Makes Thatcher Most Picked:

  • Can disable a lot of enemy gadgets with just one EMP grenade, and it can be done even from the other side of the wall.
  • Can perform the role of backline support really well with his L85A2 assault rifle and two claymores for protecting himself and his team from roamers and runouts.
  • EMP grenades are also great for pushing enemies because it disables the Defenders’ reticles temporarily, effectively messing up their aim.

Watch Operator In Action:


10. Thunderbird

The best support on the Defender side when it comes to healing, Thunderbird has three Kona Stations and each one of them can heal 30 health points before going into a cooldown. They can also revive players who are in a down-but-not-out (dbno) status as long as they’re able to reach the Kona Station’s radius. Be careful though, because a Kona Station will automatically activate and add 30 health points whenever an operator goes near it, even if that operator is in full health. This leads to a lot of cases of Kona Stations going into their cooldown unnecessarily.

Which is why when playing Thunderbird, it is generally better to put all three Kona Stations in one spot inside your objective area. A spot that isn’t used as a frequent path of Defenders. That way, that spot can be the healing area and the Kona Stations will only activate when a Defender that needs healing intentionally goes to them. Aside from her Kona Stations, Thunderbird also has the very powerful Spear .308 assault rifle for fragging enemies with, as well as the very deadly nitro cell which is perfect for countering enemies who are pushing, especially Osa.

What Makes Thunderbird Most Picked:

  • Able to provide great support to her team because of her Kona stations that can heal or add health points
  • Kona stations can also revive injured teammates who gets near them
  • Has a great utility tool in the impact grenades which she can use to create rotation holes or counter Osa’s Clear Shield
  • Can perform a nasty c4-under-the-floor strat with one of her Kona stations as enemy detector

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9. Kaid

Well, now that Thatcher is banned most of the time, Kaid has become the most powerful anti-breach operator, and that is because his Rtilas can prevent walls 1.4meters away from it from being breached. In many cases, that distance allows the Rtila to be safe from Kali’s LV Explosive Lance, or even Maverick’s frag grenade, especially when Kaid is being supported by Jager or Wamai. That could even make it hard for Twitch to shoot, especially when she’s worried about her Shock Drone being destroyed.

Aside from being able to deploy it to the walls that need to be protected from hard breaching, there are also many other tricks that can be performed using Kaid’s Rtilas to prevent them from being destroyed, such as deploying them under the walls instead when the flooring is made of wood. That would still electrocute the walls and prevent them from being breached, unless the Attackers figure out that the Rtila is actually under them. Kaid also possesses one of the most powerful weapons in the game. The TCSG12 which is basically a sniper rifle for the Defender side, even though it's technically a shotgun.

What Makes Kaid Most Picked:

  • The best Defender for preventing hard breaching from the Attackers because his Rtilas can electrocute reinforced walls within a 1.4-meter radius from the Rtilla.
  • Has a primary weapon which is a single slug shotgun and is basically marksman rifle for the Defender side
  • Has a nitro cell which is great for countering pushing enemies, especially Osa or those who are hiding behind a smoke grenade.
  • Has 3-armor rating so he can be very tough to take down

Watch Operator In Action:


8. Mute

Mute’s Signal Jammers are one of the most versatile special gadgets in the game because they have more than just one purpose. First off, Mute’s Signal Jammers are one of the special gadgets in the game that can prevent hard breaching. It’s done by simply placing a Signal Jammer in the middle of two reinforced walls, and those two walls will be protected from being breached as long as Mute’s Signal Jammer is functional. 

Another thing that Mute is great at doing with his Signal Jammers is intel denial. He can deploy his Signal Jammers on top of stairs, beside entrances, or beside drone holes to prevent drones from gathering intel. This is one of the best ways to not let the enemies know how you are set up inside. It also unsettles them a lot when they don’t have intel on Defender positions before they push the area. On top of that, one of the best things about Smoke is that he can excel at any range. And that is because he can use the M590A1 shotgun as his primary and equip the SMG-11 machine pistol as his secondary.

What Makes Mute Most Picked:

  • Can perform the role of main hard-breach denial by putting his Signal Jammer on the walls that needs to be protected
  • Can deny a lot of intel to the enemies by preventing their drones from entering the objective spot
  • Excels at close to medium range because he can equip a shotgun as his primary and an SMG-11 for his secondary
  • Has a nitro cell that is great for countering defuser plant attempts and Osa’s clear shield.

Watch Operator In Action:


7. Ace

Ace is the most versatile hard breacher in the game right now, and generally just a better version of Hibana and Thermite. Ace can open up three large holes on walls with his special gadget, the S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher, and conversely, he can use it to breach three reinforced hatches, if there’s already a Thermite in the team that can perform horizontal hard breaching. With Ace, however, the Attacking team wouldn’t really need a Thermite anymore, because Ace can just breach two walls and reserve his remaining hard breach charge for a reinforced hatch.

The hard breaches from his special gadget aren’t as big as what Thermite’s Exothermic charges can create, but because Ace has three hard breach charges and Thermite only has two, Ace is just simply more versatile and a better pick for most situations. He’s even more powerful now since the update that made operators who have a claymore in their arsenal can now carry two. So, Ace can now cover more area with his claymores and score some easy kills from roamers and those who are attempting to run out while he and his teammates are hard breaching.

What Makes Ace Most Picked:

  • The best hard breacher in the game right now because he can do what both Hibana and Thermite can do, and better.
  • Has three hard breach devices that can open up walls or hatches, exposing the Defenders inside the objective area.
  • Has two claymores that are great for countering roamers and Defenders who will attempt a runout

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6. Sledge

Sledge is one of the most overpowered vertical attackers in the game, and that’s precisely why his pick rate is so high. Especially now with Attacker repick, whenever the Defenders’ objective spot is under a wooden floor, it’s always great to harass them with Sledge, who, with his Tactical Breaching Hammer, can keep destroying that wooden floor again and again, exposing the Defenders from above. And because the Defenders know that they’re exposed from above, they become uncomfortable and their tendency is to make mistakes.

That usually results in them running and exposing themselves further, and when it comes to that, Sledge has a very strong assault rifle in the L85A2, and can make quick work enemies that he can see from above. Sledge also has two frag grenades which he can use to flush opponents out of their entrenched positions, or for straight up scoring kills on them, especially for enemies who are hiding in corners. Of course, when it comes to a more conventional way of attacking, Sledge can quickly make an entry hole on soft walls for him and his whole team and that entry hole will be perfect for rushing the objective area because it will be done in relative silence.

What Makes Sledge Most Picked:

  • Because of his Tactical Breaching Hammer which he can use to continuously break floors, he’s one of the best vertical attackers.
  • Has two impact grenades for inflicting fatalities to Defenders below when going for a vertical attack
  • His special gadget can create entry holes in relative silence, allowing him and his teammates to surprise Defenders with a rush

Watch Operator In Action:


5. Twitch

Twitch is one of the best hard-breach enablers in the game, so no wonder why her pick rate is high. Her two Shock Drones can shoot lasers that neutralize enemy gadgets, and it can be done in a really sneaky way, because the Shock Drones are relatively quiet. They can also jump now, allowing them to access more areas than they previously couldn't. So, now that Thatcher is always banned, Twitch is one of the best operators to rely on when it comes to enabling a hard breach. But apart from enabling a hard breach, Twitch can also disable very troublesome Defender gadgets.

Gadgets like those pesky Maestro Evil Eyes, the annoying Melusi Banshees, and even Clash’s electric shield. Twitch does a great job at slowly softening up the Defenders’ objective spot by disabling those Defender gadgets. Another scary thing about Twitch is that one of her weapons, the F2 assault rifle, has one of the highest DPS in the game. That means it can take down enemies really fast. And when the Twitch player excels at using marksman rifles, he or she can opt for the 417-marksman rifle, which is also pretty OP at close range because it has a very tight hip fire that doesn’t widen even if you keep firing it.

What Makes Twitch Most Picked:

  • One of the best Thatcher alternatives right now because she can disable Defender gadgets that prevents hard breaching
  • Has choices between an assault rifle, marksman rifle, and a shotgun for her primary, meaning she can excel at any range, depending on the player.
  • Has two claymores to protect herself from roamers and runouts while she’s controlling her shock drones
  • Her 417-marksman rifle is also very dangerous at close range because its hip fire, especially when equipped with a laser, is very tight.

Watch Operator In Action:


4. Melusi

Melusi’s special gadget is one of the most troublesome in the game in that they greatly slow opponents down while also emitting a very distinct sound. So, not only do they slow down opponents, they serve as great early warning devices for the Defenders as well. Getting caught in the slow effects of Melusi’s Banshees is worse than being slowed down by a barbed wire. Yes, they can now be destroyed when you shoot at them, but only when they’re activated and its top part opens up. And only that top part is non-bulletproof, meaning, even if it's being activated, if you shoot it on the sides, it still won’t be destroyed.

The fact that you need to activate them first before being able to shoot them almost always means that you’re already compromising your position to the Defenders, because even if you’re a able to disable a Banshee fast, you still had to activate it and shoot it in the process, and the sound of the Banshee activating, plus the sound of your gun, is usually enough for Defenders to know that there’s an Attacker in that direction. This makes Melusi such a great Defender to have. With her around, it’s almost sure that the Defenders wouldn’t get caught off guard in the objective spot.

What Makes Melusi Most Picked:

  • Can greatly slow enemies down with her three Banshee Sonic Defense special gadgets
  • Her Banshees are also very effective as early warning devices and can make enemies vulnerable to Defender fire
  • Has Impact grenades for creating rotation holes or suddenly making a hole for flanking Attackers that are slowed down by a Banshee

Watch Operator In Action:


3. Jager

It is actually good to know that despite all the nerf that our boy Jager has endured throughout the years, he still has the highest pick rate in the Defender side, and that is because every smart Defending team knows that they need an anti-grenade operator each round, and Jager is still the best when it comes to neutralizing enemy projectiles. I mean, Wamai is great too, but during the start of the round, Wamai can only deploy a few of his Mag-NETs. As for Jager’s Active Defense System (ADS), he can deploy all three of them during the prep phase and just leave them to do their jobs.

And now that Maverick has become one of the best Thatcher alternatives when it comes to enabling hard breaching, Jager’s value to Defenders has increased even more, because placing one or two ADS on the site that needs to be protected from hard breaching, will ensure that no Maverick frag grenades will be able to destroy the Rtilas that are preventing a hard breach from the Attackers. This makes Jager a really great support for Kaid in ensuring that the Attackers wouldn’t be able to perform hard breaching.

What Makes Jager Most Picked:

  • His special gadgets, the ADS Magpie, are great at immediately neutralizing enemy projectiles.
  • He can just deploy his special gadgets during the prep phase and they will do their work on their own, leaving Jager free to roam and hunt for enemies.
  • Great support for Kaid when it comes to preventing hard breaching because the ADS are great for neutralizing frag grenades

Watch Operator In Action:


2. Iana

Iana is not just one of the most powerful operators in the game, but also one of the most fun to use. That’s why I’m not surprised at all that her pick rate is so high. Her Gemini Replicator, which creates an exact holographic copy of her that can do every action that she can except shooting and rappelling, allows her to scout ahead on the objective area in relative safety. This basically gives Iana an unlimited drone that is limited only by cooldown. And because it’s an exact copy of her, it can be used to confuse enemies, instill panic in them, and to lure them to shoot it.

And by shooting at Iana’s holographic copy, they effectively compromise their location, not just to Iana, but to the other Attackers as well. With the intel that she’s gathered from her Gemini Replicator, Iana can proceed in penetrating the objective area and she’ll have a good idea on enemy positioning. And when it comes to fragging her enemies, Iana has a choice between the versatile G36C which offers good magazine capacity, or the ARX200, which has a smaller magazine capacity, but has a 1.5x scope available to it. She also has two frag grenades which she can effectively score kills with, using the intel that she’s gathered with her special gadget.

What Makes Iana Most Picked:

  • Able to gather intel in relative safety using her Gemini Replicator which sends out a holographic copy of her that can imitate all her movements aside from shooting and rappelling
  • Can confuse enemies and compromise their locations because they’ll likely shoot her Gemini Replicator when they see it
  • Has frag grenades which she can use to kill enemies that she has spotted using her special gadget

Watch Operator In Action:


1. Finka

Finka is just leagues above the rest when it comes to pick rate percentage, and that’s why there’s a lot of calls now to nerf her, or at least her 6P41 LMG. Ever since the update that made her able to use her Adrenal Surge from a dbno position, her pick rate has skyrocketed, and even though the Adrenal Surge lost its recoil benefits in exchange, players don’t seem to mind at all, because even without the recoil benefits of the Adrenal Surge, Finka is already quite OP, and especially more so now that she can essentially revive herself when she gets injured.

On top of that, the other strong buffs that her Adrenal Surge provides have been retained. Such as being able to walk over barbed wires faster, reduced effects of stun grenades, removal of concussion effects from gadgets such as Ela’s Grzmot Mines or Echo’s Yokais, faster reload speed, lesser tinnitus or the ear ringing effects of explosions, and of course, the added health points. This makes Finka an absolute beast especially when she’s using the 6P41 LMG which has a huge magazine capacity, high damage, and low recoil.

What Makes Finka Most Picked:

  • Provides a lot of buffs to her whole team with her special gadget, the Adrenal Surge.
  • Can revive herself or teammates who are in a dbno state with just one click and from any distance
  • Adrenal Surge can also add health points to her whole team, healing damaged Attackers, or making them tougher to take down.
  • The 6P41 LMG becomes even more powerful in her hands because of the added toughness from her Adrenal Surge. 
  • The Adrenal Surge also increases reload speed, which is great for the 6P41 LMG which has its slow reload speed as its weakness.

Watch Operator In Action:


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