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Entry fraggers specializes in being first. As the name implies, they’re the first in the scene of action, first to get kills, and first to assert room control. Being an effective entry fragger requires dynamic gameplay, quick reaction time, and high-level game sense. And because of that, you as the player should know the ins and outs of the entry fragger you’re using to be able to utilize the operator to its full potential.


10. Amaru

Speed always kills

If it comes to speed and surprise factor, Amaru is second to none. Her Garra Hook allows her to come through second or third story windows just a few seconds after the start of the round and kill defenders especially those who are caught unawares because they are reinforcing or deploying their gadgets late. She also comes with loadout choices that complement her Garra Hook surprise at the start of the round. With her, you can choose to come with the Supernova shotgun which packs a big punch, guaranteed to one hit any opponent that is close to you, or the G8A1 LMG so that you can strafe at opponents that are in medium to long range.

Excels in:

  • Rushing
  • Close to Medium-range
  • Taking out enemies who are not prepared

Best loadout for Amaru:



9. Buck

Quick and efficient

Buck can create entry holes or destroy barricaded doors with just 2-3 shots of his under-barrel shotgun. It is the most destructive shotgun in the game and can cause fatal damage in close range. The scary thing about Buck is the speed at which he can switch from his under-barrel shotgun to assault rifle mode or vice versa using his skeleton key. Or if the player is in the mood for some long-range strafing, he can choose to come with the CAMRS as well. This makes buck effective at any range or gameplay that he chooses to play, be it for rushing with teammates initiated with his under barrel shotgun, or long-range support with his CAMRS.

Excels in:

  • Any range
  • Quick creation of entry holes
  • High firepower

Best loadout for Buck:



8. Lion

That ominous scan

He can halt enemy movement with his EE-ONE-D, and those who refuse to stop moving will have their location known. That’s what makes Lion a powerful entry fragger. The sound of his scan can also instill panic to defenders and mask the sound of you and your teammates going for the attack. And with his updated loadout, Lion can easily initiate a rush with his teammates using his Gonne-6 hand cannon which can take down barricaded doors or hatches with one hit. Combining that with his EE-ONE-D scan, will make a rush with Lion very hard to stop.

Excels in:

  • Halting enemy movements
  • Intel gathering
  • Rushing

Best loadout for Lion:



7. Ash

Still one of the most feared entry fraggers in the game

Perhaps the most popular entry fragger in the history of Siege, Ash remains one of the most highly picked operators in the game despite the nerfs. Her Breaching Rounds can punch large holes on unreinforced walls, allowing her and her team to enter and quickly take control of the room. Her 3-speed rating combined with her firepower courtesy of the G36C and R4-C assault rifles is what really makes her terrifying as an entry fragger because it makes her hard to hit and at the same time she’s hitting back harder.

Excels in:

  • Rushing
  • Creating entry points
  • Destroying gadgets

Best Loadout for Ash:



6. Iana

Specializes in confusing her enemies

There is a reason why this 2-speed 2-armor operator currently has the title of most picked attacker in the game. Her Gemini Replicator allows her to send a holographic copy of herself to scout ahead and gather intel for her and her team. While she excels in gathering information on enemy positions, she’s also one of the best entry fraggers because she can initiate a rush or a push with her Gonne-6, send a holographic copy to confuse the enemy and know their positions, and then she and her team can come in and wreak havoc.

Excels in:

  • Intel gathering
  • Confusing enemies
  • Teamplays

Best loadout for Iana:



5. Sledge

Simple and straightforward. Because of that, he's troublesome.

His Tactical Breaching Hammer allows him to create entry holes with relative silence, allowing him to conduct a silent rush or push with his team. And if he and his team choose a more direct manner, one hit with the Tactical Breaching Hammer can instantly take down barricaded doors or windows close to the defenders’ objective area. With his M590A1 shotgun, he can instantly kill defenders who are unfortunate enough to be close to the entry point that the Breaching Hammer made. And if the player chooses a more conventional way, Sledge also has the powerful L85A2 assault rifle available to him. 

Excels in:

  • Rushing
  • Breaching unreinforced walls and doors
  • High firepower

Best loadout for Sledge:



4. Flores

Forcing defenders to run away

What makes Flores such a dangerous entry fragger is that he can send his exploding drones to start the push, force a defender away from his hiding spot, or destroy barricaded doors and unreinforced walls with it. Each exploding drone has the same power as a nitro cell so the defenders have no choice but to get away from it once it initiates its exploding mode. His exploding drones provide a lot of destruction and distraction for Flores and his team to capitalize on. On top of that, once deployed, Flores doesn’t need to keep controlling them, because they will automatically keep moving forward, that means Flores can deploy a drone ahead while he goes back to his loadout to kill defenders running away from the exploding drone.

Excels in:

  • Pushing
  • Distraction
  • Destruction
  • Area denial

Best loadout for Flores:



3. Finka

Very hard to stop

With Operation High Calibre, Finka became even more powerful because she can now use her Adrenal Surge even when she’s in a down-but-not-out (dbno) state. Ubisoft removed the Adrenal Surge’s recoil benefits but it’s still a very powerful ability because it adds 20 health per surge, and she has three. Almost removes the slow effect of barbed wires. Lessens the effectiveness of stun grenades for her and her teammates. And it makes reload times faster. This makes her one of the best entry fraggers in the game. Not to mention that she has one of the most powerful shotguns available.

Excels in:

  • Overwhelming the enemies with firepower
  • Supporting her teammates by buffing them

Best loadout for Finka:



2. Ying

Turning defender screens into white

Once her Candelas detonate near you, it’s very hard to avoid being blinded. This is what makes Ying one of the best entry fraggers in the game. In a rush or even in a conventional push, she can send out her three candelas around the defenders’ objective area or in the direction where the player suspects the defenders are holding. The tendency of defenders once they hear Ying’s Candelas pop off is to get to cover, but that usually still blinds them, and this will allow Ying and her teammates the opportunity to kill blinded or running defenders and take control of the area.

Excels in:

  • Blinding enemies
  • Room clearing

Best loadout for Ying:



1. Zofia

Offensive superiority

She's a very balanced operator, and that’s what makes her formidable. Her 2-speed 2-armor rating greatly complements her heavy firepower provided by her unique guns, the LMG-E and the M762. Both guns have high damage and heavy stopping power. In a one-on-one engagement with a Zofia vs a defender with the same skill level, that defender would still most likely lose because of Zofia’s inherent capabilities and her guns. On top of that, her special ability to quickly launch two impact grenades and two concussion grenades from the under barrel of her primary guns make her the most superior operator when it comes to offense.

Excels in:

  • Heavy firepower
  • Balanced gameplay
  • Straightforward and easy to use

Best loadout for Zofia:



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