[Top 10] R6 Most Expensive Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Top 10 Most Expensive Skins In Rainbow 6 Siege
Zero’s platinized skin bundle may not be one of the most expensive, but it’s definitely one of the most awesome.

10. Bandit's Axle 13

Bandit’s elite skin isn’t just cool and badass. It’s lore-friendly as well. It’s a really nice callback to Bandit’s undercover agent roots wherein he had to penetrate gangs and even sell drugs. His words not mine. So, using this skin can make Bandit players feel that they’re on an undercover mission like a real special operator. And seriously, that sigma male beard partnered with all those tattoos just makes Bandit look a lot more badass.

Aside from completely changing Bandit’s overall uniform and look, this elite set also includes seven more items. Fiery skin design for each of Bandit’s guns. A cheeky Bandit charm looking like it’s ready to electrify something. Fire designs on Bandit’s Shock wires. Golden operator card background. And of course, his famous MVP screen featuring his big bike.

How To Get Bandit's Axle 13:

  • From the Main Menu go to the Operators tab
  • Click on Defenders
  • Select Bandit
  • Click Appearance
  • Select the Axle 13 elite skin and purchase with 1,800 R6 credits


9. IQ's Reunification

Speaking of going undercover, IQ’s Reunification is the perfect skin set for those kind of missions. It makes IQ look like a regular unassuming jogger. Well, not that regular because, damn, she looks really hot in it. This skin set features IQ simply as Monika Weiss in all her glory. It reveals IQ’s full face and hair. It even comes with a cute headset. Surely, the bad guys had no chance of suspecting that this waifu is actually an undercover special operator.

The skin set features eight more items which includes a really cute yellow and black skin for all four of IQ’s guns. A charm of chibi IQ wearing the exact same clothes she’s wearing in this skin set. A cute yellow skin on her Electronics Detector. And a badass MVP screen where everyone can see her doing some shadowboxing.

How To Get IQ's Reunification:

  • From the Main Menu go to the Operators tab
  • Click on Attackers
  • Select IQ
  • Click Appearance
  • Select the Reunification elite skin and purchase with 1,800 R6 credits


8. Melusi's Umvikeli

Since waifus were mentioned, it’s only right to feature Melusi’s Umvikeli which is a great callback to her South African roots. Even though it’s partially hidden by her hood, this black queen’s beauty truly shows when her braided hair is down. This is one of the most beautiful skin sets in the game for one of the prettiest women in Team Rainbow. Oh, and just a trivia, Umvikeli means Protector. A truly appropriate name for Melusi’s role in the game.

This skin set is not just beautiful. It’s lore-friendly as well, because Melusi was born near the Ithala Game Reserve and she’s always been interested in protecting animals from poachers. Which again makes the name ‘Umvikeli’, really appropriate for this skin set. The set also includes skins for all of Melusi’s items, as well as a new skin for her Banshees. Of course, it includes a really cool MVP screen as well.

How To Get Melusi's Umvikeli:

  • From the Main Menu go to the Operators tab
  • Click on Defenders
  • Select Melusi
  • Click Appearance
  • Select the Umvikeli elite skin and purchase with 1,800 R6 credits


7. Lesion's Nano-Tox 32

One of the most futuristic-looking skins in the game. Lesion’s Nano-Tox 32 kinda reminds me of some of China’s future-soldier themed movies. What I love most about this skin is that even though it’s futuristic, it is not too flashy, so it’s great for blending with the surroundings in the game as well, which really helps a lot, especially for Defenders who have anchor roles like Lesion.

This skin set also includes skins for all of Lesion's guns, which again doesn’t look so flashy, but still maintains their futuristic looking design. The brownish color of the weapon skins featured in this skin set could really help Lesion blend to his surroundings. It also includes a cool new design for the Gu Mine. And of course, one of the most iconic and memorable MVP screens in the game.

How To Get Lesion's Nano-Tox 32:

  • From the Main Menu go to the Operators tab
  • Click on Defenders
  • Select Lesion
  • Click Appearance
  • Select the Nano-Tox 32 elite skin and purchase with 1,800 R6 credits


6. Kali's Masterframe Prototype I

This is the uniform that Kali was wearing in Rainbow Six Siege’s short movie: The Playbook. To those who haven’t watched it, I strongly encourage you to do so, along with the other short movies from Siege. This skin set really reminds us that Nighthaven’s tech is really up there with the best. Thanks to the engineering skills of Osa,Kali’s business savvy, as well as of course, Nighthaven’s effectiveness in fulfilling their contracts as a private military contractor.

This skin is the most badass Kali skin that one can have right now, no questions. Like the entry above, this skin set also looks quite futuristic but also not so loud that it could compromise Kali's cover. The set features seven more items, including a really badass skin for Kali’s designated marksman rifle, two secondaries, and her LV Explosive Lance. The MVP screen from this skin set features Kali basically flexing all the glory from this skin.

How To Get Kali's Masterframe Prototype I:

  • From the Main Menu go to the Operators tab
  • Click on Attackers
  • Select Kali
  • Click Appearance
  • Select the Masterframe Prototype I elite skin and purchase with 1,800 R6 credits


5. Jackal's Rastreador

I just love how the lore-friendly skins are some of the best-looking ones out there. It proves that Rainbow Six Siege devs truly care about this game. Jackal’s Rastreador is a really cool callback to his past in Spain’s national police force. Although his eyewear in this skin looks really futuristic, his uniform keeps this skin grounded to realism. Rastreador by the way, means ‘tracker’ in Spanish, and is a really appropriate name for Jackal.

Purchasing this skin will give the player a really cool MVP screen for Jackal showing how meticulous he is when tracking his enemies. It also includes skins for all of Jackal’s guns and they really suit the overall theme of this skin which is law enforcement and investigation. And of course, one of the coolest features of this is the new skin on Jackal’s Eyenox Model III. 

How To Get Jackal's Rastreador:

  • From the Main Menu go to the Operators tab
  • Click on Attackers
  • Select Jackal
  • Click Appearance
  • Select the Rastreador elite skin and purchase with 1,800 R6 credits


4. Buck's Snowdrift Expert

Easily the best and most badass realistic-looking skin in the game. Buck’s Snowdrift Expert gives us a glimpse of Buck in his natural element, the snowy mountains of Canada. As Harry said, specialist Buck has an adventurous spirit so it’s not surprising that he spends his spare time climbing snowy mountains and in the process, training his body and keeping in shape.

The most striking feature of this skin set is Buck’s headgear. This is one of my favorite realistic-looking skins in the game because even though the skin is quite loud, Buck maintains his special operator-look. The skin set also includes cool skins for all of Buck’s weapons, but damn, imagine how badass it would look with Black Ice skins. The MVP screen for this skin is also one of the coolest, pun intended, and most memorable because it turns the screen into ice and Buck breaks it with a shot from his weapon.

How To Get Buck's Snowdrift Expert:

  • From the Main Menu go to the Operators tab
  • Click on Attackers
  • Select Buck
  • Click Appearance
  • Select the Snowdrift Expert elite skin and purchase with 1,800 R6 credits


3. Maverick's Hotshot Welder

Probably the most operator-appropriate skin in the game. It’s one of the most crude-looking and simplest skins in this list, but it's so high up in the rankings because its simplicity is also what makes it look badass. The mixture of brown, gray, and dark yellow color will help Maverick blend to his surroundings really well, which is important for his role in the game. It also gives a rough and hard look on Mav which is so appropriate because of his travel and work experience.

This skin set also provides the player with skins for Mav’s two unique primary guns as well as his 1911 Tacops handgun which only he and Thorn possess. It also includes a really badass design for Mav’s Breaching Torch and a cute chibi elite Mav charm which is a cool contrast to this hard and badass skin. Its MVP animation screen is also very memorable because it shows Mav coming down using something that looks like an industrial lift and is followed by Mav flexing his welding uniform and the new design on his Breaching Torch.

How To Get Maverick's Hotshot Welder:

  • From the Main Menu go to the Operators tab
  • Click on Attackers
  • Select Maverick
  • Click Appearance
  • Select the Hotshot Welder elite skin and purchase with 1,800 R6 credits


2. Vigil's Zero-Day Threat

Vigil really got the drip on his Zero-Day Threat elite skin set. One would think that Vigil wearing a cool and hip hoodie Jacket would make him less creepy, but nah. It only really added some coolness, but the guy is still intimidating as ever. Nevertheless, the olive color on his Jacket partnered with a mixture of grey, faded blue, and orange colors, doesn’t only add coolness to Vigil’s badassery. It provides a really good camouflage within Siege’s maps that are mostly urban in design.

Seriously, it’ll be hard to spot vigil crouching behind some desk with this skin set. So, it’ll be a big help for the player’s competitive performance as well. Vigil’s Zero-day Threat includes eight more items featuring skins for all of his guns that really fits the theme of this skin set. Its featured chibi vigil charm looks really cool. And the MVP screen shows Vigil creepily break dancing while his special gadget distorts the camera feed. Really reminds me of Nokk’s operator trailer video.

How To Get Vigil's Zero-Day Threat:

  • From the Main Menu go to the Operators tab
  • Click on Defenders
  • Select Vigil
  • Click Appearance
  • Select the Zero-Day Threat elite skin and purchase with 1,800 R6 credits


1. Montagne's MTG MK.II

One of the newest elite skins to come out in Siege. Normally I don’t favor loud and unrealistic skins, but Montagne’s MTG MK.II is one of the few exceptions. Honestly, who could deny the awesomeness of this skin set? As if Montagne isn’t intimidating enough. Ubisoft decided to make him a friggin’ Mecha. Imagine a Montagne with this skin set charging at you. It could induce panic with a mix of admiration.

This is as close as one can get to a Robocop in Siege. Its elite MVP screen animation shows Mecha Monty tanking some very heavy rounds with his Extendable Shield, as well as a laser beam in the end. The skin set also includes futuristic weapon skins for Monty’s handguns and his Extendable shield. And last but not the least, the chibi charm of Mecha Monty is easily one of the coolest and cutest charms in the game.

How To Get Montagne's MTG MK.II:

  • From the Main Menu go to the Operators tab
  • Click on Attackers
  • Select Montagne
  • Click Appearance
  • Select the MTG MK.II elite skin and purchase with 1,800 R6 credits


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