[Top 15] R6 Best Attackers That Are Overpowered, Ranked (July 2022)

Top 15 Best Attackers In R6 Siege Ranked
There’s a rumor that her 6P41 is going to be nerfed in Year 7 Season 3, but we’re not there yet, and right now, Finka is definitely one of the most overpowered operators.

15. Fuze

To be able to force enemies out of the positions they’re holding is a really OP ability in Siege, and no amount of Wamai Mag-Nets can stop it. Three Jager ADS could, but it’s really a waste to put them all in just one area. Only Mute’s signal jammers can really counter it effectively, but only on windows or walls. When Fuze is doing a vertical attack and raining down Cluster Charges on Defenders below, it’ll be very hard to stop and most of the time, the Defenders have to run to a safer place.

And running to a safer place means leaving their cover, making them vulnerable to other Attackers while fleeing. Fuze can also take out a lot of Defender gadgets because of his Cluster Charges, making him a great alternative to Thatcher who is almost unusable in Ranked these days. Fuze also has two hard breach charges in his arsenal which he can use to do a horizontal hard breach, or destroy two reinforced hatches in order to compromise the Defender’s objective area.

What Makes Fuze a Great Attacker:

  • Can take out Defender gadgets en masse
  • Can force enemies out of their hiding places
  • Inflicts panic to Defenders
  • Has two hard breach charges for taking care of reinforced hatches

Best Loadout for Fuze:



14. Sledge

Sledge is one of the very few operators in Siege whose special gadget doesn’t run out of use. And because of that, when it comes to vertical attacks, he’s really OP. With his breaching hammer, he could keep on destroying wooden floors above the Defenders’ objective area and frag them from above. Sledge can also throw his frag grenades on them from above, which is one of the most effective tactics for getting kills with frag grenades.

And even when he doesn’t get kills from above, as long as he breaks the wooden floors, he’s already inflicting some damage to the enemies’ morale by making them uncomfortable and panic stricken. That leaves the Defenders below more vulnerable to Sledge’s teammates. Sledge is also great for rushing because his breaching hammer makes a relatively silent soft breacher. Definitely more silent than Ash, Buck, or other operators with soft breaching devices.

What Makes Sledge a Great Attacker:

  • Great at vertical attacks
  • Can perform quick and relatively silent soft breaching
  • Has frag grenades for scoring kills and flushing out enemies

Best Loadout for Sledge:



13. Capitao

Capitao is one of the most underrated operators in the game. I just don’t see him being picked that much in Ranked games, but in truth, he’s quite OP and is perfect for teamplays. His special gadget allows him to shoot two fire grenades that can deny a large area of the map to the enemies for several seconds. It can also shoot two smoke grenades that are perfect for smoke and plant strats, as well as providing cover for his team’s advance. 

The great thing about his smoke grenades is that, once he shoots them through his Tactical Crossbow, it immediately releases a huge cloud of smoke on an area. That is different from the normal smoke grenades which have a delay before their smoke puffs out, giving some time to the enemies to react. On top of that, his Para-308 is a great assault rifle with high stopping power, good recoil, and good magazine capacity.

What Makes Capitao a Great Attacker:

  • Can deny area to enemies
  • Very effective at smoke + plat strats
  • Has two claymores for countering roamers and runouts

Best Loadout for Capitao:



12. Dokkaebi

Intel plays a very crucial role in Siege gameplay, and Dokkaebi is the queen of intel on the Attacker side. She possesses the ability to both gather and deny intel. On the gathering part, she can hack into Defender mobile phones and make them ring, potentially compromising their current whereabouts. She can also hack a dead Defender’s mobile phone to gain access to every Defender camera, including special gadgets like Valkyrie’s Black Eyes and Maestro’s Evil Eyes.

As for the intel denying part, she blocks out all Defender access to their cameras whenever she forcefully calls their mobile phones through her Logic Bomb. And when she gains access to their cameras by hacking a dead Defender’s phone, the Defenders have no choice but to shoot their own cameras or risk having their position known by the Attackers. The influence Dokkaebi has on intel is very strong and is truly quite an OP ability in Siege.

What Makes Dokkaebi a Great Attacker:

  • Great intel gatherer
  • Can also deny intel to enemies
  • Great support for rushing and pushing
  • Excels at any range

Best Loadout for Dokkaebi:



11. Flores

Like I said in the entry for Fuze, the ability to force Defenders out of the angle they’re holding is really OP. And Flores is capable of that as well, and in a more controlled manner. With his exploding drones, which have the same exploding power as nitro cells, he can forcefully make a Defender leave an area, and he can even gather intel while doing it. And while the Defender is fleeing from Flores’ exploding drone, he leaves himself vulnerable to Flores’ teammates gunfire.

And with the explosion power of his drones, he can also destroy multiple gadgets, and perform a soft breach. He can also destroy bulletproof gadgets like the bulletproof shield, bulletproof camera, Maestro’s Evil Eyes, Azami’s Kiba Barriers, and more. And while he sends his exploding drones to wreak havoc inside the Defenders’ objective area, Flores can protect himself from run outs or roamers with his two claymores. 

What Makes Flores a Great Attacker:

  • Can force Defenders out of their hiding places
  • Great at soft breaching
  • Has more drones for gathering intel

Best Loadout for Flores:



10. Buck

Like Sledge above, Buck is also OP when performing a vertical attack. He may not have the unlimited uses of Sledge’s Tactical Breaching Hammer, but what Buck can do that Sledge cannot is perform a vertical attack from below. This is one of the most troublesome tactics in Siege, especially when your objective area is on wooden floors, like the aviator room in Villa, theater in Coastline, and many others. 

Buck can perform a vertical attack with his under-barrel shotgun from above and below, making the Defenders inside the objective area extremely uncomfortable and vulnerable from a lot more angles. Aside from vertical attacks, Buck also specializes in making quick soft breaches. His under-barrel shotgun is the most destructive shotgun in the game, and can create entry holes in just two shots. On top of that, Buck also has two very powerful unique guns in his arsenal, the CAMRS marksman rifle, and the C8-SFW assault rifle.

What Makes Buck a Great Attacker:

  • Great at vertical attack
  • Can perform quick soft breaching
  • Excels at any range

Best Loadout for Buck:



9. Nomad

A Nomad on the Attacking team basically makes it very dangerous for Defenders to attempt runouts. It also makes it very difficult for roamers to do their job of coming up from behind, because they risk triggering Nomad’s Airjab, and when they do, the Airjab will knock them down and create a loud sound. Loud enough for most Attackers to hear and know that a Defender just got knocked down by an Airjab, and that usually means it’s over for that particular Defender.

With her Airjabs, she and her whole team can comfortably push the objective area without worrying so much about roamers. And when it comes to pushing, Nomad has three stun grenades which are very effective in robbing Defenders of their vision and hearing. She also has the powerful AK-74M assault rifle which has high stopping power, high magazine capacity, and low vertical recoil.

What Makes Nomad a Great Attacker:

  • Great at neutralizing roamers and runouts
  • Her AK-74M is very powerful
  • Great at entry fragging
  • Great utility tools for pushing

Best Loadout for Nomad:



8. Maverick

With Thatcher being banned almost all the time in Ranked, the role of neutralizing Defender gadgets that prevent hard breaching has mainly fallen to Maverick. And the way he does it may not be as fast as Thatcher’s method, but in many ways, it’s more dangerous. With his Breaching Torch, Maverick can melt portions of reinforced walls, allowing him to destroy Mute or Bandit’s special gadgets that are preventing a hard breach.

He can also use the holes he makes on reinforced walls to throw over his frag grenades to the enemies inside and score some easy kills. And that’s why, in many ways, he’s more dangerous than Thatcher, because in the process of enabling a hard breach. He also makes Defenders inside very uncomfortable, because they know that they can be fragged anytime through the holes that Mav has made. And when it’s time to frag some enemies inside, he goes to work with some of the most powerful guns in the game.

What Makes Maverick a Great Attacker:

  • Great hard breach enabler
  • Good hard breacher himself
  • Can make Defenders inside uncomfortable
  • Can score kills with his frag grenades

Best Loadout for Maverick:



7. Ace

Ace is the best hard breacher that we have right now. Mostly because he has three hard breaching devices, and he can deploy them from a distance. So, when two of them successfully make a horizontal hard breach, he can use the other one for a reinforced hatch. His hard breach charges are just simply more versatile than Thermite’s or Hibana’s, so it’s no wonder why players pick him more when they need a hard breacher.

Ace is also a great backline support once he has done his role as a hard breacher. His AK-12 has high damage and fast rate of fire, and it can be equipped with a 2.0x scope, allowing Ace to provide excellent fire support from medium range to his teammates. And one of the biggest reasons why I pick Ace over Thermite or Hibana is because he now has two claymores, which is perfect for scoring easy kills from Defenders who attempt a runout or come up behind.

What Makes Ace a Great Attacker:

  • Very versatile hard breach operator
  • Great backline support
  • Has two claymores for countering roamers and runouts

Best Loadout for Ace:



6. Lion

To be able to mess up your enemies’ rhythm is a pretty OP ability, and that’s exactly what Lion does. His EE-ONE-D scans force enemies to stop moving, otherwise they’ll be pinged by it and their positions will be compromised. This is a great tool for starting out a rush, or even just pushing in general, because you know that during the scan, your enemies aren’t moving, and if they do move, you’ll know where they are.

Another great thing about Lion is the availability of an assault rifle, marksman rifle, and a shotgun in his arsenal. That means, any type of player can play him well, and he can excel at any range, depending on which loadout that player chose for him. He also has a great utility tool in the Gonne-6 which he can use to break unreinforced hatches, or destroy bulletproof Defender gadgets. And of course, he also has two claymores which are excellent in getting extra kills from roamers.

What Makes Lion a Great Attacker:

  • Can disrupt enemy rhythm
  • His V308 is a really powerful gun
  • His Gonne-6 is a great utility tool
  • Has two claymores now

Best Loadout for Lion:



5. Thatcher

There is a reason why he’s the most banned Attacker right now, and that’s because the way he enables hard breaching is really OP. He doesn’t just take out anti-hard breach gadgets, he also takes out all other Defender gadgets that are near the blast of his EMP grenade. And its radius is quite wide. When there is a Thatcher, it’s almost a guarantee that the Attackers would be able to perform a hard breach, and that’s why it’s in the best interest of players to ban him if they’re starting out as Defenders.

Thatcher is also a great backline support for when a hard breach has been performed and Attackers are ready to push. He can put his two claymores on runout and flanking spots, and he can take out more Defender gadgets with another EMP grenade, because it usually only takes two EMP Grenades to ensure a hard breach, and Thatcher has three. 

What Makes Thatcher a Great Attacker:

  • Can neutralize Defender gadgets en masse
  • Excellent backline support
  • Has two claymores for countering roamers and runouts

Best Loadout for Thatcher:



 4. Ying

Another very underrated Attacker. In the hands of a well-coordinated team, Ying is a beast of an operator. Through her Candelas, she’s the most effective at blinding enemies. It’s honestly just hard to avoid being blinded by them. And they can be deployed through soft walls or barricaded windows, and they will release their flash charges on the other side, similar to how Fuze’s Cluster Charges work.

Ying can easily soften up a Defenders’ objective area by deploying her Candelas from above, and when they pop off and blind Defenders below, she and her team can push and clear the room. She also has two hard breach charges, making her an excellent vertical attacker, because she can use them to destroy reinforced hatches above Defenders’ objective area. 

What Makes Ying a Great Attacker:

  • Best at blinding Defenders
  • Primary unique weapon is very powerful
  • Has two hard breach charges which is great for handling hatches
  • Has smoke grenades that can be a great partner for her Candelas

Best Loadout for Ying:



3. Iana

The way Iana can gather intel is really quite OP, because she can send a holographic copy of her that can perform every action that she can do except shooting and rappelling. Iana can send her holographic copy to safely scout ahead and advise her teammates on enemy positions. And her Gemini Replicator doesn’t just gather intel. It can also inflict panic and confusion to Defenders, who have really no choice but to shoot it, because if they don’t it’ll just keep gathering more intel.

And that’s really troublesome for Defenders, because Iana is basically giving them no choice but to shoot it, and when they do shoot her holographic copy, they’re compromising their location to the Attackers, because that will give them an audio cue unless the shooter is using a suppressor. Iana also has a great utility gadget in the Gonne-6 which she can use to destroy bulletproof gadgets, as well as unreinforced hatches.

And when the time comes to push and clear enemies, she does it armed with the intel she’s gathered with her Gemini Replicator. But not only that, her ARX200 which she can equip a 1.5x scope with, is an excellent weapon for her, as well as her frag grenades which she can use to score easy kills from corners, or flush out enemies from their hiding spots.

What Makes Iana a Great Attacker:

  • Excellent intel gatherer
  • Great at distracting Defenders
  • Can score easy kills with her frag grenades
  • Great primary guns and utility tools

Best Loadout for Iana:



2. Zofia

When it comes to heavy firepower, Zofia has got to be up there. She brings in oppressive firepower with her LMG-E and her special gadget, the KS79 Lifeline. Her LMG-E has great damage, huge magazine capacity, low recoil, and it has excellent attachments available to it, like the 2.5x scope. This is a very powerful weapon, which only has one weakness. It’s slow reload time. On top of that, Zofia can also cover her back with her two claymores.

With her KS79 Lifeline’s impact grenades, she can perform a quick soft breach, providing her and her teammates an entry point. And when there are enemies hiding behind covers, afraid to engage her, she can use the KS79’s concussion grenades to rob them of their senses so that it’ll be safe for Zofia to engage them in their hiding spot and kill them. This is a predatory Attacker operator that is very hard to stop.

What Makes Zofia a Great Attacker:

  • Oppressive fire power
  • Special gadget is great for rushing and room clearing
  • Has two claymores for countering run outs and roamers

Best Loadout for Zofia:



1. Finka

Speaking of oppressive firepower, Finka with her 6P41 LMG should be up there with Zofia as well. That’s why Ubisoft is planning to nerf her, but that’s coming later this year. For now, Finka with her 6P41 LMG is still OP, and that’s why she’s the highest pick rate operator right now. Just like Zofia’s LMG-E, Finka’s 6P41 brings a lot of heat with heavy firepower, low recoil, and huge magazine capacity.

On top of that, Finka is now capable of self-reviving, as well as of course, reviving her teammates from any distance. She can also use her Adrenal Surge to heal herself or her team. But even when they’re not damaged, she can use the Adrenal Surge to buff their hp to make them tougher when they’re pushing. And the cherry on top is that her Adrenal Surge doesn’t just come with an hp boost. It also comes with really strong buffs.

Buffs like the lessening of tinnitus, or the ear-ringing effects from explosions and stun grenades. The Adrenal Surge also removes the concussion effects from Ela’s Grzmot Mines and Echo’s Yokai Drone. It also greatly lessens the slow effects of the barbed wire and increases the reload speed of her whole team. Finka is a truly OP Attacker that brings both heavy firepower and defense.

What Makes Finka a Great Attacker:

  • Heals and adds hp to the whole team
  • Can revive herself and any teammate from any distance
  • Has great buffs that applies to the whole team
  • Can get easy kills with her frag grenades

Best Loadout for Finka:



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