[Top 10] Rainbow Six Siege Best Operator Combos

Top 10 Best Operator Combos in Rainbow Six Siege
Imagine a Blitz suddenly rushing while you’re trying to turn off Dokkaebi’s logic bomb

What separates Siege from other fps games is the unique skills or gadgets that each operator possesses. What makes it even more interesting is that a lot of these skills or gadgets work in synergy with others. In this article, we’re going to discuss  these operator combinations and what makes their gadgets so dangerous when combined.


10. Melusi + Maestro

Maestro’s evil eyes and Melusi’s banshees. Both of their special gadgets already sound terrifying in name, but it is their functions that truly inspire fear to attacking operators. Melusi’s banshees are one of the most effective gadgets in slowing down enemies, while Maestro’s evil eyes can inflict heavy damage when they’re allowed to continuously fire on an enemy. And an enemy being slowed down by Melusi’s banshee is basically a fish in a barrel for Maestro’s evil eye.

Excels in:

  • Interrupting enemy rhythm
  • Compromising enemy locations
  • Harassing


9. Jackal + Zofia

Jackal is the best at compromising a roamer’s location, but oftentimes, his vision is also a little bit compromised when using his special gadget, so it doesn’t make him the best when it comes to fragging the enemy that he’s tracking. That’s where Zofia comes in. A Jackal and Zofia combo would be terrifying to any roamer, regardless of experience. Jackal does the tracking, and Zofia, with her superior offensive capabilities, finishes the prey.

Excels in:

  • Room clearing
  • Roamer hunting
  • Intel gathering


8. Flores + Kali

It’s a problem for snipers when defenders are also very patient and won’t come out of their hiding spots. And with Kali’s loud ass CSRX 300, just one shot from it would let defenders know that the attackers have a Kali, and chances are, they’d remain in their hiding spots. That’s until Flores’ exploding drones forces them out. And that’s why Flores and Kali are a very dangerous combination, especially when their players are on Discord and coordinating their attacks.

Excels in:

  • Intel gathering
  • Long range recon
  • Flushing out enemies


7. Capitao + Gridlock

The ability to have some form of control over your enemies’ movements is very powerful, and both Capitao and Gridlock excels at that. With these two combined, they can create choke points and deny area to their enemies or direct them to where they’ll be more vulnerable to their gunfire. Capitao’s smoke bombs can also cover Gridlock’s trax stingers, making it possible for enemies to accidentally step on them, get slowed, and damaged.

Excels in:

  • Area denial
  • Rushing
  • Creation of choke points


6. Blitz + Buck

Buck is the perfect partner for Blitz, because with just two shots from his under-barrel shotgun, he can open up entry holes big enough for Blitz to get through and rush on enemy players. This tactic will also give Buck some room to frag enemies while they’re busy trying to kill Blitz or running away from him. This combination is really hard to stop and has great balance for close to medium range encounters.

Excels in:

  • Rushing
  • Causing panic to enemies
  • Disrupting enemy rhythm


5. Thatcher + Thermite

Probably the most popular combination in Siege. Except for the fact that Thatcher is almost unusable nowadays because of the ban phase in ranked. With this combination in your team, the chances of winning is high, because these two operators will make sure that a hard breach will be made, and with a successful hard breach, easier paths of attack will be available. And that is why for most attacking rounds, especially in ranked, Thermite and Thatcher are almost always essential.

Excels in:

  • Hard breaching
  • Enemy gadget disabling
  • Back line support


4. Dokkaebi + Lion + Amaru

The deadliest combination of operators when it comes to rushing on the higher floors. Dokkaebi’s logic bomb will make enough noise to mask the sound of Amaru’s gara hook, and it’s not just the noise. Most defenders will also probably be busy trying to turn it off, leaving them vulnerable to an Amaru rush. And the Lion scan would compromise the locations of defenders who will try to respond to the Amaru rush, if not, they’d be immobile for a few seconds. Either way, it's bad for the defenders.

Excels in:

  • Rushing
  • Compromising enemy locations
  • Causing panic


3. Melusi + Thorn

An enemy caught in Melusi’s banshee’s slow effect is like an insect caught in a spider web. And if the banshee is placed in an awkward angle; it’ll be hard for the enemy to shoot it. It’s the perfect time for Thorn to throw a razorbloom shell at the encumbered enemy. This combination is very deadly and hard to counter, so when you’re an attacker and you scan a Melusi and a thorn on the defending team. You have to really take care not to be slowed down by a Melusi banshee.

Excels in:

  • Disrupting enemy rhythm
  • Inflicting fatality or heavy damage
  • Slowing down opponents


2. Frost + Goyo

Frost traps behind deployable shields have been catching bodies throughout the years since Operation Black Ice was released. And with Goyo joining Team Rainbow, he brought his volcan shields, which are essentially deployable shields that can be exploded. An enemy caught by a frost trap behind a volcan shield will be dead for sure if someone explodes the shield. Better yet, use the trapped attacker as bait and wait for someone to revive him, and when someone takes the bait, detonate the shield and score two easy kills.

Excels in:

  • Trapping
  • Area denial
  • Crowd control


1. Frost + Thorn

Thorn’s razorbloom shell placed near a Frost matt will definitely mean a kill for any unfortunate attacker that gets caught in it. As soon as an attacker steps on a Frost matt, the razorbloom detonation counter will be triggered, resulting in a kill for Frost and Thorn. The great thing about this combo is that Thorn can just simply leave her razorbloom shells on every Frost matt deployed and both her and Frost will be free to do whatever they want to do while waiting for enemies to get trapped. 

Excels in:

  • Trapping enemies
  • Enemy rhythm disruption
  • Anchoring


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